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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

We have 13 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PlayStation : PC : Nintendo 64 : Gameboy Advance : Xbox : GameBoy

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Extra features and playersTo unlock the differen..

Extra features and players

To unlock the different features, complete all goals and get gold medals in all three competitions in career with a different skater each time. Do this the indicated amount of times for the different features.

1 time: Play as Darth Maul

2 times: Play as Wolverine

3 times: Play as Officer Dick

5 times: Play as Private Carrera

6 times: Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

7 times: Ollie the magic bum

8 times: Play as Kelly Slater

9 times: Roswell level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

10 times: Play as Demoness


Tony Hawk Cheat Codes

Choose "options" from the main menu then go to "cheats" and enter the following:
Unlock all hidden characters - FREAKSHOW
Enable the cheats menu at the pause menu - MARKEDCARDS
Give you all the special features(like moon physics, perfect manuals) - MAXMEOUT
Unlock all movies - POPCORN

All the movies

Go to options then you click on cheats and put 'popcorn'. if you hear a cashier sound your cheat is correct

I found this out when I was fooling around with ..

I found this out when I was fooling around with the cheat option I type in freakshow all one word you will end up with wolverine, ollie the magic bum, the devil woman, the neversoft eye, kelly slater, the hot chick, and the fat policeman. hope you like the cheat


How to get Darth Maul-Go to OPTIONS ,then select..

How to get Darth Maul-Go to OPTIONS ,then select CHEATS.After that type FREAKSHOW in caps.If the code is typed in correctly you will hear a cash regester.

Here are some really Cheap Cheats!!Unlock All Ch..

Here are some really Cheap Cheats!!

Unlock All Characters: FREAKSHOW

Unlock All Movies: POPCORN

Unlock "In-Game Cheats": MARKEDCARDS

Full Stats: MAXMEOUT

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X

Terrain in object glitch

When in create-a-park mode put an object (building, kicker, hp, etc.) in the park. Lower in undergruound, and if you'll notice a slight change in the squares of terrain around it. Select that object and all the boxes around it with the Cut/Copy tool, then paste it in and the terrain should be stuck in the object.

This is just a fun little tip.In career mode go ..

This is just a fun little tip.

In career mode go to the second level (Canada), ride forward past the fat bully kid throwing snowballs at two other kids and keep going straight until you get to a path of wooden planks. Go down the path until you get to a trailer with a guy peeing off of it. Then go to the bottom of the trailer, hit the brakes, and listen. after awhile he should start saying things like, "ha,ha look... it freezes before it hits the lake!" and "woah, this must be a record!" and to knock him off into the lake you ride up the side of the trailer heading right towards him and at the last second to a hand stand o the very edge of the trailer and he should go flying off the side. If it doesn't work the first time try it again.

Ultimate hint

Go to options and put in NONEED2PLAY listen for the cash register
That cheat will clear career mode for the selected skater
I've used it, it works.

How to Get All the People!!!

First, go to the "cheats" menu. Type in the EXACT following (no spaces, fyi):
Note: I don't remember if they are all lower-case or upper-case. Sorry! Hope this helps. Note #2: No quotation marks!!!!! (fyi, these: "")

Hint Hint

Have you ever wanted to get a high scoring combo in this game?well you can.
Have you ever wanted to get the highest combo possible?well you can, and heres how.
The MAXIMUM combo is actually only 251 moves.
Step 1: go to cheats and put in markedcards(if you havent already)
Step 2: go to any level and start skating
Step 3: pause the game-go to cheats on the menu-go to perfect manual-and turn it on
Step 4: go to any FLAT surface and hold down till you stop completely.
Step 5: now that you're standing still, do a manual(he should be doing a manual in place if you did it right)
Step 6: now press R button lots of times and you'll see that your combo gets bigger, keep going till you get to wont be able to ..


What you do is go to park editor put in one pool then go and test it get some tape and tape down y then go to pool go as fast as you can go (put a jump roll back down) then start grinding then leave it all night

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