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The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..

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Unlock The Legend of Zelda - 2nd Quest:
Enter the password 'ZELDA' without the quotes as your name.

Unlock Majora's Mask Quiver and Wallet Upgrades
Complete the following tasks to unlock better upgrades for your Quiver and Wallet.
Unlock Giant Wallet:
On Day 1 complete the Oceanside Spider House.
Unlock Adult Wallet:
At the West Clock Town Bank deposit 200 Rupees
Large Quiver - 40 Arrows:
In the Swamp Shooting Gallery get a perfect score.
Largest Quiver - 50 Arrows:
In the Town Shooting Gallery get a perfect score.

OOT - How to get Epona

Go to LonLon Ranch as an adult, but make sure you have at least 150 rupees first. Speak to the man in front of the gated area with all the horses. Pay him 10 rupees and he'll let you in the gates. As soon as you get inside, play Epona's Song and then mount onto her. Ride around and jump the gates and after you've rode around a bit, speak to the man. He'll ask you if you want to race for 50 rupees. Agree and you can easily beat him. Just don't use all your carrots at once!! Balance them out and make sure you ride in front of him, so he won't pass you. Once you beat him, he asks you again, but free of charge. He's a lot faster this time, so stay in front of him; and this time you have to make 2 laps. Once you beat him, he closes the ranch gates, but you can easily hop over either of the fe..

ocarina of time hidden holes

If you play the song of storms sometimes a hole will open up in the ground, and sometimes if you throw a bomb a hole will open up. It is hard to do this without the stone of agony( if you havent gotten this yet collect 20 skulltula tokens and visit the house of skulltula in kakoriko village.)

ocarina of time skulltula tokens

Go to the hyrule castle as young link, get in where the moat is and play the song of storms near the tree in the corner (where to get the song of storms is in one of my other submissions, ocarina of time heart piece) a hole will open and there is bomb walls bomb them open until you finsd a gold skulltula ( it should have been killed by the bomb) use your boomerang to bring it to you, while L-targeting and do a backflip onto the teleporter you should get a skulltula token and when you go back down the gold skulltula should be back! Repeat the process untill you have the desired amount of tokens.

Fire/ Ice/ Light Arrows

Fire Arrows-
After completing the Water Temple, aim for the Sun and shoot an arrow at it. Then swim over to the island and collect the fire arrow.
Ice Arrows-
Get the Gerudo Membership card and pass the Gerudo Training Center.
Light Arrows-
Get all the Sages to the temples and then go to the Temple Of Time.

How to beat Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask has 3 forms:
Form 1- Majora's Mask- This boss will fly around attacking you with it's tentacles. Shoot at the back of it to stun it and then attack it with your sword.
Form 2- Majora's Resurection- This boss will run around and stop every once in a while to attack you.When it stops hit it's legs and then carry on hitting it with your sword.
Form 3- Majora's Wrath- This boss will grab you and drag you into it's clutches. Shoot it with a light arrow to stun it and then attack it directly.
However there is an easier way to beat all 3 forms. If you have the Fierce Diety Mask, you can kill all 3 forms in aboout 30 seconds. Just hit them with your shockwaves and then attack them directly!

Unlimited Magic

Get the lonlon mask and go to the milk bar when it's open. Buy a bottle of special milk for something like 100 rupees. When you drink you'll have unlimited magic until you go back in time.

Unlimited gold rupees

Kill 100 golden Skulltullas and collect all their tokens. Then go to the Skulltulla house in Kakariko Village. Go to the man and talk to him. Each time you talk to him he'll give you a gold rupee which is worth 100 rupees.

Slow down and skip time

If you play the song of time backwards you slow down time from 1 hour every minute to 1 hour every 3 minutes (Play it again to speed it up) and to skip time play the song of time but playing every note twice.

Different forms to get a chest.

Majoras Mask: O.k I noticed this the other day and thought i'd write it down. When you are opening the big treasure chests depending on who you are something different happens.
Normal Link: Puts he's hand in, bend's over to get it and pulls something out. Deku Link: Jump's into the treasure chest and jump's back out with the item.
Goron Link: Just easily pulls the item out of the chest.


The things in this disc are
1. The Legend of Zelda
2. The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
5. The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (20min Demo)
6. The Legend of Zelda: Retrospective
7. Setting, Options

ocarina altaring

ok first go to ocarina of time then get out your ocarina, play the ocarina holding are or l see the sound sounds different also use the joy stick to altar sound.

ocarina of time heart piece

Go to the zoras river as young link and in the river you will see a log with a square on it. Go to the log and stand on the square it will say ,"some frogs are staring at you from underwater." take out your ocarina and they will hop out of the river. Play the songof storms(if you havent gotten it yet go to the windmill house in kakorico village and talk to the man.) and they will give you a heart piece. After that every time you go there they will tell you to play their note to let them eat the bugs above their head.

Majora's Mask: Secret, NOT so Secret

Unless that you haven't noticed that secret room in Ikana Canyon behind the waterfall, with a hole in the wall, with a sun symbol above the door, obviously, there is no light in here, so you need to use Light Arrows on the sun symbol, it's all sunlight, isn't it? Each room has different heart ammounts that you need to get in, the first and second shouldn't be too hard, since it's four and eight, the third however, if you hadn't been collecting Heart Peices, you won't be able to get in, it has a tweelve heart requirerment, no kidding neither, the last one, NO one should be able to go in there first time, it's got a eightteen heart lock, no way, (unless you have been collecting every stinking heart peice since the beginning of the game) and this one you'll think, "Oh my god, I've beaten th..

Infinite Sword Glitch

1. To do the sword glitch, you have to be near a sign.
2. Face away from the sign but the "A" button will say "check".
3. Hold "R" and stab repeatedly WHILE pressing "A" at the same time.
4. If done correctly, you'll see a white glow underneath the sword. That means you did it right.
5. DON'T press anything except side jumping/backflip.
6. You can't jump of ledges unless you backflip/side jump.
"Found by others on youtube"

bunny hood wanna be

Go to the milk bar at night and wear the sad mask ingo gives you and then practice for the fish that puts you on stage but before you go in the light take off the sad mask and after the song is done you have bunny hood like speed this only works in the bar and you cant leave without losing this power this cheat is for majoras mask only

Bowser is here

in the ocarina of time game, when link is older go to the lon lon ranch and zoom in on malon's scarf,
the button that holds the scarf in place is bowser's head
so the hard working ingo was working for ganon, while malon was working for bowser.

mario in ocarina of time

If you look into one of the windows in the castle courtyard there's a picture of Mario, Luigi. Peasch and Bowser from mario64.

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