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Star Wars Roque Squadron 3: Rebel Strike

Star Wars Roque Squadron 3: Rebel Strike Cheats for GameCube

We have 6 cheats on GameCube


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Unlock ships

Millennium falcon-get bronze in all levels
Tie hunter-get gold in all levels
Tie bomber- complete mission raid at bakura with tie bomber part
Slave 1-get silver in all levels
Jedi star fighter- complete relics of geonosis
Naboo starfighter-complete training in morning day evening and night

Cheat codes

Ace Mode-YNMSFY?P then put in YOUDAMAN
Infinite Lives-IIOUAOYE then put in WIMPIAM!
All levels in co-operative mode-SWGRCQPL then put in UCHEATED
All single player levels-HYWSC!WS then put in NONGAMER
All single player missions and bonus missions-EEQQ?YPL then put inCHE!ATER
Art Gallery-!KOOLART
Star wars arcade-RTJPFC!G then put in TIMEWARP
Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game-!H!F?HXS then put in KOOLSTUF
Return of the Jedi Arcade Game-!?ATH!RD then put in GAME?YES
Beggars Canyon Race-FRLL!CSF then put in FARMBOY?
Asteroid Field-RWALPIGC then put in NOWAYOUT
Death Star Escape-YFCEDFRH then put in DSAGAIN?
Endurance-WPX?FGC! Then put in EXCERSIZ
All ships i..


Type in RTWCVBSH and accept it the type BFNAGAIN then you should here r2 sing and your last code should still be there and accept it agian and you should have the naboo starfighter.


Type in EEQQ?YPL and accept it the type in CHE!ATER and you should here r2 sing then you will have all levels after you type in the last code you should see your last cheat stay there that means you got it right

Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike Cheats

Unlimited Lives:
On the password screen enter IIOUAOYE, WIMPIAM!
TIE Hunter:
Obtain a Gold medal on all missions to unlock the TIE Hunter in the hangar.
Unlock Jedi Starfighter:
Obtain a Silver medal on all missions and Bonus missions to unlock the Jedi Starfighter.
Millennium Falcon:
Obtain all Bronze medals in single player missions including the Bonus

Alot of stuff

Get Endurance level
Buy the attack on the Executor and in mission select screen when this is bought and selected go up and you can buy it for 30 points.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter
Finish all Tatooine Training Missions with All objectives, All normal and bonus items in the morning, afternoon, evening and night versions.
Unlock Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Game
Finish all missions using single player mode
Get Star Wars the Arcade Game & Game Credits
Beat the Triumph of the Rebellion Mission
Unlock Jedi Starfighter
Finish all missions in single player mode with Silver medals
Unlock Tie Hunter
Finish all missions in single player mode with Gold medals


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