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One Piece Grand Battle! Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for One Piece Grand Battle!

We have 7 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for One Piece Grand Battle! please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our One Piece Grand Battle! Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to find all the moves

go the the pause menu and choose command chart and there are youre moves!!

Taking off/on Extra items

You can take off items from the following people:
Zolo:HIs bandana. Luffy:his hat usoop:HIs googles
And other people Dothis by Pessing left on the 4 arrow pad.
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Unlock Straw Hat Pirate's 4th Costumes

At the Start Screen hold R and input these codes for the 4th costumes. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation noise.
Unlock Luffy's 4th Costume:
Press Up, X, Up, X, B, A, A, Up.
Unlock Sanji's 4th Costume:
Press Up, X, Down, X, Y, B, Y, X.
Unlock Usopp's 4th Costume:
Press Right, X, Right, X, A, Y, B, X.
UNlock Zolo's 4th Costume:
Press Down, X, Down, X, B, A, A, Y.
Unlock Nami's 4th Costume:
Press Left, X, Left, X, Y, Y, B, Down.
Unlock Chopper's 4th Costume:
Press Left, A, Right, X, Y, Left, Right, B.

Unlock Secret Characters

To be able to enter the following codes you have to clear Story mode using any character on an any difficulty setting. After the last opponent has been defeated and while the credits are scrolling up the screen enter the code to unlock the corresponding character. Only one code can be entered after each time you clear Story mode.
Unlock Arlong:
Hold L and press Down, Down, X, X, A, A, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Down.
Unlock Buggy the Clown:
Hold L and Press A, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, A, A, A, X, X, X.
Unlock Chaser:
Hold L and press B, B, X, X, A, A, Down, Down, Up, Up, B, B, B.
Unlock Chopper:
Hold R and press B, Down, L, Up, A, Right, X, Down, X, Down, Y, Right, A, Left, L, X.
Unlock Don Krieg:
Hold L and press Down, Down, B, B, B, B, B, Right, Right, A, A, A, A.
Unlock Kuro:
Hold L and press X, X, X, X, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Y, Y, Y, Y.
Unlock Mihawk:
Hold R and press Right, L, Up, B, Up, L, Right, Y, Left, X, Left, A, Down, A, Left, L.
Unlock Ms.Sunday:
Hold R and Press Up, Y, Up, A, Down, X, Up, B, Right, B, Left, A, Right, Y, Down, L.
Unlock Shanks:
Hold R and press Right, B, Left, A, Left, L, Right, B, Right, L, Down, A, Left, B, Right, Y.


Unlock Alabasta Stage:
Using Crocodile beat Story mode once.
Unlock Very Hard Mode:
In Event Battle clear Hard mode with more than 10 Characters.
Unlock Groggy Ring:
In Davy Back Fight mode win 3 events 3 times.
Unlock Marine HQ Stage:
Unlock ALL the characters completing their move lists in Training mode and then destroy ALL the pillars in the stage.

Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding characters

Unlock Don Krieg:
Clear Event Battle with Sanji.

Unlock Arlong:
Clear Event Battle with Nami.

Unlock Buggy:
Clear Event Battle with Zoro.

Unlock Kuro:
Clear Event Battle with Usopp.

Unlock Sir Crocodile:
Clear Event Battle with Robin.

Unlock Smoker:
Clear Event Battle with Luffy.
Unlock Bon Clay:
Clear Event Battle with Chopper.
Unlock Foxy:
Clear Event Battle twice with Chopper.

Mihawk: beat very hard with zolo then do it agai..

Mihawk: beat very hard with zolo then do it agai, the 2nd time beat him using the secret attack (it doen't have to be full power secret attack)
Mr. 2 bon clay:get all the characters then beat story with them on every difficulty
Then beat story with sanji again on any difficulty then at the credits don't skip them hold L then press AAXA left AXBAXYXARR left.

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