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Naruto: Clash of Ninja Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Naruto: Clash of Ninja

We have 31 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto: Clash of Ninja please send them in here.

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Unlock Attack Power 4
Get 1st place in Time Attack mode with any character to unlock the 4th Attack Power.
Unlock Max Difficulty:
Get 1st place in Survival mode with any character.
Unlock Rock Lee:
Complete Story mode without continuing up to the fight with Zabuza. After defeating Zabuza, Rock Lee challenges you, defeat him and the story ends after another scene. You will now be able to select him in the other modes.
Unlock Kyuubi Naruto:
When you have unlocked Rock Lee complete the game twice with every character in the 1-Player mode. When completed a message will to you to press the Z or X button during the character select screen (for ALL modes of play) when the cursor is over Naruto.
Unlock Sharingan Kakashi:

Demon form special move

When you are Demon Naruto in one player mode try using your special move in every round and battle. For some reason every hit in that move gives you at least
10,000 points. I did this and I got over 1,000,000 points.

The two really secret players in this game are d..

The two really secret players in this game are demon naruto and sharingan kakashi. Demon naruto is strong but sharingan kakashi can copy special jutsus.

Stronger lightning blade

I don't know if this is in the manual but when you are kakashi or sharingan kakashi and you do lightning blade instead of just letting go of the x button hold it down until he does lightning blade and it will be more stronger.

All The Characters

Sharingan Kakashi-Beat story mode with Kyuubi, then with Kakashi.Press X or Z over Kakashi when you get him.
Kyuubi-Unlock Rock Lee, then beat story mode with everybody.Press X or Z over Naruto.(You should have everyone except Sharingan Kakashi)
Rock Lee-Beat Zabuza in story mode without using a continue,then beat Rock Lee when he challenges you.(It doesn't matter who you do it with)
No Mask Haku-Beat arcade mode on level 3 with Zabuza.Press X or Z over Haku.
Other Costumes-Press Y over anybody.
Sound Test-Beat story mode with all default characters.(Default characters are characters you had in the beginning of the game)
Hinata may not be in the game

Secret Characters

Rock Lee: Beat story mode without using a continue.
Kyuubi Naruto: Beat the game three (3) times on one player mode with everybody.
Sharningan Kakashi: Beat one player mode with Kyuubi Naruto.
There is no Hinata in this game.

nine tailed demon/sharingan kakashi!!!

nine tailed demon:
beat single player twice with each charecter

sharingan kakashi
after reciving nine tailed demon beat single player with kakashi once more

no hinata is not avalible in this game!!
this works I did it in my game!!

Maskless haku

Highlight him
Press X or Z
No difference
Just no mask
Love you all

Hinata true or false?

Alot of people say you can get hinata alot say you can't.the awnser is you can you need to have the setings in some exact way before you go one one player mode with sakura.hope this clears things up about hinata.
If it doesn't try different setting different time more lives I'm not sure ill try and figure everything out and get back to you all .

Q:How to unlock kuybi Naruto?A:You need to beat ..

Q:How to unlock kuybi Naruto?
A:You need to beat the one player battles with every person including Rock Lee.After you unlock the sound test(thats after you beat the one player battles with every player)You have to beat the one player battles onece again.Then you will unlock kuybi Naruto.Highlight Naruto and press "Z" to use kuybi Naruto.
QHow do you unlock sharingan kakashi?
A:You use the same process, only after unlocking kuybi Naruto you beat the one player battles with kakashi.After that you press "Z" to use sharingan kakashi.
NOTE:kakashi has to be highlighted.

An easy way to beat your opponent is if you real..

An easy way to beat your opponent is if you really good with Sasuke, keep using his jump attacks or his poofing into smoke attack.You can also do these attacks with a combo of kunai after.

The way to get more than 3,000,000 points in one player mode.

To get more than 3,000,000 points in one player mode play with Iruka Umino and use his special move origanal move(thats the name of it)you should get 25 or more combo hits.The best I've got is 3,687,940.

Hinata Fraud

Don't waste your time with that unlock hinata crap hinata will be in clash of ninja two which will realease in october 06

Don't be afraid to charge lightning blade

When youre playing single player mode and the difficulty is 3 or lower charge kakashi's special jutsu your opponent wont move or hit you.

Extra players

What I advise you to do is, go and play story mode to unlock Rock Lee. You have to play story mode with out losing to: Iruka, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Haku, and Zaboza.After you beat Zaboza, you meet Rock Lee. Rock Lee is harder than he looks so if you lose try again. Losing to Rock Lee DOESN'T mean you don't get him.
Then to get Kabi Naruto play everyone TWICE, not three times, not four times, will get the characters profile and voice. It's ok if you lose. Once you are done with your last character, go to Naruto and do him again. Once your done it will say you unlocked Kabi Naruto.
To get Shargan Kakashi all you have to do is use him in one player mode again and then you'll get him!!!
You MUST get them in this order!!!

See chouji at ichiraku ramen shop

Look to your right and you will see chouji eating and pigging out!

Maskless haku(true)

To really get haku maskless hit him in the head "ding" no mask

One player score over 1,000,000

After you earn Demon Fox Naruto, set game to 2nd or 3rd difficulty, no time limit, and 5 rounds. Let his chakra build and keep using his special move, and lose a round or two to help build chakra and your score. You get alot per hit, I earned 28,875,000 with Demon Fox Naruto

Play as secret character sharingan kakashi

Unlock kyuubi naruto first
Beat one player mode with kyuubi naruto
Sharingan kakshi should be now available
Love you all

Sharingan kakashi

Ok first you get demon naruto then you beat beat one player mode with demon naruto at first I dint have sharingan kakashi but then I eventually got him bcause you also have to beat the game yet again with the original kakashi. (i still don't understand sharingan kakashi.)

Kyuubi Naruto (Demon)

To unlock naruto in demon form beat 1 player mode with everyone twice (including lee) and you will unlock demon naruto

How to get the following characters

Rock Lee: beat one player mode. Kyabi Naruto: beat One Player mode with every character including Rock Lee twice.
Sharigan Kakashi: After getting kyabi Naruto, beat One Player with regular Kakashi
I hope that helps!

Unlock level 4 and power 4

Well this is the way I got them: I beat survival mode on level 3 with 19 wins and I played time attack with about 6 mins

quick people

go on the optiop menu go on power 4 and one battle you can get people faster


go on the stage with the big gates go on the right side you will see hianta and if you press pause fast you will see a little boy teleporting

Play as secret character kyuubi naruto

Beat one player mode with every character twice
Then he will be available
Love you all

P.S. An easy way to do this is to lower difficulty and raise your strength at menu

Maximum difficulty

You can increase the computer's intelligence and cheapness factor
Place first in survival
Set it up in options
Love you all

Extra Menu

To get the extra menu beat one-player mode with anybody.

To get Rock lee

Beat stroy mode to get rock lee

For those people who say that you can unlock hin..

For those people who say that you can unlock hinata,it's not true.
I found out what sharingan kakashi does.
How: to unlock kakashi the sharingan you first have to beat the one player mode with kuuibi naruto then you press "Z" when hightlighting kakashi Hatake.
HOW TO USE THE SHARINGAN EYE: If some one like Rock Lee is with alot of taijutsus you're fighting you should use this to play with your apponent a lil bit.Press "back A" and you will appear behind your apponent.
When some one is about to use there special jutsu you press "BACK A" and now you will copy their special jutsu and use it against them.BUT theres only one person in this game that you can't use there special jutsu against them.the reason is that HAKU'S special jutsu is a secret jutsu..


How can I get Rock Lee. in Naruto clash of ninja.

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