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Mortal Kombat: Deception Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat: Deception

We have 6 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat: Deception please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox

You can also ask your question on our Mortal Kombat: Deception Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

how to unlock liu kang

liu kang point g8 on edenia 12 am on friday HINT: it's on the back of the first g8. so check your map just in case

Walking on fire

It isnt really a cheat but try it any way, it's a glitch. Uh... I tried this w/ scorpion, and on two player, I have no clue if it will work w/ othe rpeople. O well
Select the stage that is surounded by lave, then select anyone, but kobra has to be playing, go all the way to the edge , kobra on the other side, sandwiching the other player, use grab with kobra, which shoul send you into the lava, but instead youll be walking on it okay bye g2g...

How to win a fight

When your opponet jumps do an uppercut. When they duck do a low attack if they block use a special. If they'r standing use the combanation of techniqes and punches and kicks. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When battling.............

Use your strongest moves first and when you got them weak slow down on the moves!

Other Missions

You know where to find the others missions?
Well here it is all the others missions (complete the game first to unlock the missions)
Dairou: Orderrealm A-3
Darrius: OrderrealmC-8
Jade: Edenia H-8
Kabal:Nethereal G-5
Kira: Chaosrealm A-3
Kobra: Chaosrealm H-7
Liu Kang: Earthrealm H-4
Noob-smoke: Chaosrealm B-8
Raiden:Outworld F-2
Tanya: Edenia E-4
P.s. If you want to unlock all characters e-mail to me so I can give you all the cheats I know [email protected]

Mortal Kombat: Deception cheats

Koffin Effect Cost or location:
AA - Quan Chi Attack art 221 Sapphire
AB - Golden Desert arena E-2 Netherrealm
AC - 297 Gold Koins 63 Sapphire
AD - Edenia Realm Map art 148 Platinum
AE - Unknown amount Jade Koins 137 Platinum
AF - Chou Jaio video Punch Mokap at C-6 Orderrealm
AG - Puzzle Fighter Ladder art 121 Ruby
AH - Torture concept art 159 Ruby
AI - Kabal Storyboard art 201 Gold
AJ - Sindel alternate biography 186 Sapphire
AK - Konquest Layout art 127 Sapphire
AL - Liu Kang Tomb Render art 227 Platinum
AM - Nightwolf alternate costume A-4 Netherrealm
AN - Noob Storyboard art 179 Sapphire
AO - Scorpion Kata Test video 612 Onyx
AP - MK4 Scorpion Render art 202 Platinum
AQ - Jade alternate biography 352 Platinum
AR - Ermac Early concept art 192 Ruby
AS - Sub-Zero alternate biography C-3 Earthrealm
AT - Sindel Storyboard art 155 Platinum
BA - Kira Storyboard art 193 Sapphire
BB - MK4 3D Test video 681 Platinum
BC - Dragon King Render art 108 Sapphire
BD - 602 Sapphire Koins 117 Gold
BE - MK Chess concept art 213 Platinum
BF - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero art 113 Onyx
BG - 297 Sapphire Koins 352 Ruby
BH - Liu Kang's Tomb arena Bridge at H-6 Earthrealm
BI - Liu Kang biography 294 Platinum
BJ - Chamber Death Trap concept art 198 Gold
BK - 4 Player concept art 106 Platinum
BL - Evil Yin Yang concept art 87 Jade
BM - 659 Platinum Koins 97 Gold
BN - Nightwolf concept art 88 Onyx
BO - Bo' Rai Cho alternate biography 269 Ruby
BP - Live at Kuatan music E-5 Netherealm
BQ - Nethership Stern art 227 Sapphire
BR - 461 Gold Koins 129 Ruby
BS - Chess Kombat concept art 56 Jade
BT - Arcade Select music 488 Onyx
CA - 722 Ruby Koins 202 Gold
CB - 374 Gold Koins 338 Platinum
CC - Beetle Lair music A-6 Earthrealm
CD - Beetle Lair concept art 212 Onyx
CE - Dariou alternate biography 422 Jade
CF - Weapon concept art 178 Platinum
CG - Raiden Torpedo Shujinko's Move E-5 Edenia
CH - 254 Sapphire Koins 154 Gold
CI - Li Mei concept art 210 Sapphire
CJ - Falling Cliffs concept art 135 Gold
CK - Chamber of Artifacts Lower Level art 101 Jade
CL - Raiden Lightning Test art 1004 Jade
CM - Undead General art 177 Platinum
CN - Havik alternate costume 1114 Onyx
CO - Dragon King's Throne art 256 Platinum
CP - Carlos Pesina photo 267 Jade
CQ - Ermac Storyboard art 255 Gold
CR - Unknown
CS - Martial Arts Moifah video 521 Platinum
CT - Jim Terdina photo 781 Gold
DA - Kabal alternate costume Fight Kabal at B-1 Chaosrealm
DB - Shujinko biography 331 Onyx
DC - Havik concept art 176 Ruby
DD - Unknown
DE - Ermac alternate concept art 207 Sapphire
DF - Falling Cliffs concept art 205 Ruby
DG - Danny Guitierrez photo 111 Platinum
DH - Chaos Realm concept art 143 Ruby
DI - Tanya unlocked A-3 Outworld
DJ - Sub-Zero Promotional Render art 185 Jade
DK - Outworld Guard House art 137 Sapphire
DL - Shang Tsung's Destroyed Palace art 255 Onyx
DM - Noob-Smoke unlocked 3643 Onyx
DN - Li Mei Storyboard art 177 Gold
DO - Dragon Mountain arena H-8 Outworld
DP - Tanya biography 306 Platinum
DQ - Slaughterhouse Sketch art 66 Onyx
DR - Marketing and Media Team photo 601 Platinum
DS - Living Forest arena 1694 Sapphire
DT - Cinematic Scorpion art 301 Sapphire
EA - Ermac Masked concept art 207 Platinum
EB - Ed Boon photo 144 Sapphire
EC - Portal Arena music 871 Jade
ED - Order Realm City Center art 215 Platinum
EE - Ashrah alternate costume H-4 Netherealm
EF - Shujinko Promo Render art 236 Platinum
EG - Thank You! art 291 Ruby
EH - Nethership Interior map 245 Onyx
EI - Nethership Hanging Bodies art 165 Sapphire
EJ - Noob-Smoke alternate costume 1494 ..

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