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Kirby Air Ride Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kirby Air Ride

We have 30 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Kirby Air Ride please send them in here.

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Kirby Air Ride Action Replay Codes

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1. Purple Kirby City Trial Mode: - Destroy an ..

1. Purple Kirby
City Trial Mode: - Destroy an enemy vehicle 5 times
2. Wing Star
Win a race while flying - come in 1st
3. Shadow Star
Use quick Spins to finsih off 10 enemies
4. Green Kirby in City Trial Mode
Use cannon to finish off an enemy 10 times

Wing Star - Complete a race whilst flying - com..

Wing Star - Complete a race whilst flying - come first!
Bulk Star - Complete Celestial Valley in 3 mins 20 secs
Special Stars! - Shadow Star

cheats KAR

Bulk Star:
Beat Celestial Valley in time attack mode under 3:20:00.
Formal Star:
Beat Frozen Hillside in time attack mode under 3:14:00.
Complete 100 laps on any level to unlock him in Air Ride.
King Dedede:
Beast King Dedede in Event Stage 24 to unlock him in City Trial, or beat 1000 opponents to unlock him in Air Ride.
Break 1000 boxes in City Trial to unlock him there, or get 30 minutes of total air time air time to unlock him in Air Ride.
Rex Wheelie:
Beat 100 enemies on Exhaled Stars in Air Ride.
Rocket Star:
Complete one lap on Machine Passage under 1:05:00.
Shadow Star:
Knock out 100 enemies with a quick spin.
Slick Star:

How to get Hydra and Dragoon In Free Run mode

You get the legendary machines by completing items on the checklist. Here's How:
1.) Destroy all of the dipalated houses
2.) Destroy at least 1500 enemies on kirby melee
3.) K.O. Your rivals 150 times on destruction derby
1.) Fly through the rings in the city five times in one game
2.) Jump over 1000 ft. In high jump
3.) Glide farther then 1330 ft. On air glider
Here are some other things to unlock in free run mode:
Meta Knight: Destroy at least 1000 boxes
King Dedede: Defeat king dedede in under a minute in event match 24
Also here might some of the legendary peices in red boxes in city trial be:

Multiple Legendary Vehicles in Free Run

To have more than one Hydra or Dragoon in Free Run, you must play with 2-4 players, and every Player has to to pick the same vehicle. If there are four players and everyone picks Hydra, there will be four Hydras for that Free Run. Same with Dragoon. If there are three players, and all three pick Hydra, or all three pick Dragoon, there will be three legendary vehicles for that free run. Also, if there is two players, and all pick the same legendary vehicle, there will be two for that free run. Plus, if you have four players, and two pick Hydra and two pick Dragoon; you will have two Hydras, and two Dragoons. This cheat can work with any other vehicle, including the hidden vehicle in free run, Flight Warpstar. The only downside to this cheat is that if you destroy a legendary vehicle when ..


In city trial mode, when those boxes appear in different colors they contain only certain types of items. The colors are BLUE, RED, and GREEN. Please see below...
Blue boxes contain power ups for your bike/star
Red boxes contain powers (like when kirby sucks enemies in). Also this is really helpful to noobs! Only red boxes contain the 6 different peices to make the Hydra and Dragoon
Green boxes are much like the red, only no ship parts and only weapons, not abilitys. Red boxes may contain the sword kirby POWER, and the gree may contain a bomb, or cannon of sorts
Hope I helped

Perpetual Collision

You can, in free play of city trial, go into the garage with hydra (once unlocked) and move the air ride stars away from the walls (knocking them around will do the trick). Then you push one air ride star against the wall which faces the exit near where the air ride stars are located on the side where there is a corner, and ram into the air ride star so that it stays against the side of the wall and hits the corner (this will not work if it is not against the wall). Then stay still (like you are charging) in the spot where you hit the air ride star and it will continually flip up the wall, come back and bump into you (although you will not move) and continue until you move, or a player hops into the way; a cool animation will happen on their screen where they flip around with the car unt..

Hidden players etc

Hidden players:
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Hidden course:
Nebula Belt

How to get Meta Knight and King Deedee and other strageties.

To get Meta Knight, glide 30 minutes(in total.) Magma Flows, the desert place, and the rainforest place with the watterfall are good choices for gliding because they have lots of ramps and stuff like that. To get King Deedee, destroy 1,000 enemies. Here are some strageties. NEVER use a wheelie bike on the snow place, or else you`ll go real slow. If you use boost on ice, you won`t slow down so much. Hold A at the start of race when the 1 2 3 is counting down and let go at the word GO! You`ll get a small burst of speed. Hope that helps! Oh yeah, Meta Knight and King Deedee can`t copy powers, but since Meta Knight has a sword, and King Deedee has a hammer they can use that automatticaly. Later!

Weird way to climb up cliff

If you go to the forest area with the lake and huge water wheel, on the left hand side ( when facing wheel) there's a seemingly empty space ( there should be a white fence when near it when you look).
Walk up to the wall or empty space and jump it might take a few trys or only 1 but you'ell land on top of a brown piece of cliff which will allow you to walk up to the cliff behind the water wheel.

Unlock brown kirby

In Stadium, Drag Race 2, finish under 29 seconds on winged star

I spy with my little!

I'm not sure if there are more but there isa purple flower on the top of the white and pink building and a white one on a platform on the mountin next to the valcano if there are any more flowers pleas tell me (put them on hints or cheats ill look at both)

Hidden Game

My cousins and I made up a tag mini game in which one persons it and the others try to aviod them. To play this you must open the volcano's entrance underground and put all air ride satrs on the overhang above the city. Then some hints to stay un-it include running away through the path in volcano one would take on an air ride star until you reach the end where one can pass through and cannot return through. Wait until the it person jumps into the volcano entrance before you go through the passable wall or they can easily catch you. Have fun!

Building Climbing

My younger brother discovered one day whe we were playing my previously mentioned tag mini game that he could climb to just about any building with no air ride star. To hop to the buildings near the volcano, you need to find the large white building with the yellow onnings. Start at the edge of the yellow onning on the side of the building next to the green building. Then run and jump until you reach the green building. It may take a few tries. You can then hop to the blue building, then to the white building. From there you can hop to the lower or upper half of the adjacent building, but it is tricky to jump from the lower half to the higher half. Then you can hop to the green building, but once there you can't hop back to the previous building (without touching the ground). At the blue..

how to get to the end of air glider

Ok very very very simple first go and choose the bulk star and keep pressing A when you're in the air and it will stay there as long as you keep pressing A itll stay there. I don't know if it works for high jump or not but I've tested it for air glider
Happy gaming

Water Area

Ok this was 100 found by me. Ok so unlock a car like flight warpstar or dragoon or use a already unlocked one like winged star. Go into the volcano and go up to the platform in the sky. Fly strait off it into the water you'll be out of bounds in the water.

Well There, hope this is fun to do bye!!


I found a flower on top of Castle, the sky garden, and the platform by the volcanoe.(To get to the sky garden,you have to fly up high into the sky.)

High Jump Cheat

Use the scooter on the High Jump subgame, and don't press anything at all, and you will go either 899 or 902 ft.

Unlock In City Mode

Just turn on the game, go into City Mode and then you can turn off your tv and go to bed and you'll have a major time built up. Then end the mode and you'll get an unlock for so and so amount of time. It works bye 10 minutes, 20 on and so on. Have fun!

How to unlock dragoon

In City trial, you must complete the following.
1.In the Stadium, you must jump higher that 1000ft in the High Jump
to do this, get a lot of boost and glide symbols, use the jet star and make the stadium options only high jump
2.During one game, fly through the rings in the sky 5 or more times
This is the easiest one. All you have to do is go to the warp in the back between the volcano and the last building and glide through the nearest rings
3.In the Stadium, you have to fly farther than 1300ft in Air glider
Get a lot of glide and boost symbols and pick up the winged star and make the staduim only air glider

How to unlock green kirby for air ride

To unlock green kirby you have to swallow 3 knight. Or you can use a puple box and put the box were it says swallow three knights in one game. If you used the purple I can tell you how to get another one. In Magma Flows go to the fire dragon and let it hit you. Then finish the race and you will have a puple box to choose from what event you want to unlock.

Secret passge

If you go into whispy woods you may find two holes go into the big one you will some models of city bluidings anyway gon into into an oragne path. You will find a grey wall. Go right through it. You will city under gourd go up you will be back at whispy woods

Glitch that makes you go out of bounds

To do this gitch you will need dragoon in free run or city trial. Once you have that go to were you can't go no more, then find a way to fly,then go up a lot of seconds(about 5) and fly out of bounds, one you've done that when other kirby come after you they can't reach you because you're out of bounds.
P.S. Don't go to far in bounds or you will be in bounds and can't go back out of bounds.This might not work cause its complicated for me to say.
P.S.S. Hope it works for you
P.S.S.S. My action replay cheats, don't use unless your horriable at the game and need to cheat


I don't know exactly how but, in city trial mode, my friends car got blown up while he was flying, he fell down and hit the ring that makes you go fast when you fly through it. He kept bouncing up and down on top of it until finally he directed his kirby to move and fell to the ground.

(= Happy Gaming =)

Secret passge

Go into whispy woods find two holes go through the big one you will be undergrond it's awsome

How to Unlock Hydra

Hydra part Z
Stadium:kirby melee (all) KO over 1,500 enemies
Hydra part Y
Stadium: destuction derby (all) KO over 150 enemies
Hydra part X
City Trail: (start game) Destroy all of the dilapidated houses

break-dancing kirby

Ok you need two people for this. So let start off by goin to the city and do free run. Pick the any car you want watever, so first one person gets off their ride and the other goes and rams him with spin attack and soon the kirby will be on it's head spining. To reverse this simply ram it again.
Happy gaming


In free run if you look closely you will see what looks like a black blur and it may just hit your star as far as I know it is impossible to cach even if you use the Hydra

Unlock All Characters & KartsL

Kirby Colors:
Brown: Unlock Sandola (Hydra) and Dragina )Dragoon in ONE BATTLE!
Purple: Face King DeDeDe for ONE HOUR!
Brunette: Unlock Meta Knight with Holy Hydra in 35 Minutes (Bust 1,000 Boxes)
Blonde: Play as PurpleDe (King DeDeDe Purple Costume)
in a race and bumb into the PINK Kirby 46 times before FINISH.
Green: Bust ALL trees in any course that has them.
Unlock MetaKnight:
Bust 1,000 Boxes in an Infinite P1 CityTrial Battle.
Unlock King DeDeDe:
Use Holy Hydra to beat Ms. Cacone.
DeDeDe Colors:
Unlock Alltogether (ALL:
Beat the All of CityTrial's Air Mode.
Unlock Wad'lDee:
Play in AirMode with Holy Hydra or Dragoon and Brake The black stars's Gener..

Unlock Rainbow Kirby

Play in air mode for an hour and 2 min, in the wheelie jr. bike.

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