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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

We have 8 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Secret Ending

When you complete the last mission on Agent or 00 Agent difficulty you will see a video of James Bond performing ALL his moves.

secret rocket launcher/grenades

On the first level get out your q-claw and grapple up then walk on the catwalk and fall down the hole then you will see an enemy at the computer with his back to you. Now punch him in the back and he will drop a card now pick it up and go in the door in front of you with the q-decryptor now stay on the right side to avoid the camera now open the door with your card and inside will be a rocket launcher and grenades.

Super Rapid Fire Glitch

NOTE: This Glitch Is Also Applicable For "007: Agent Under Fire For Playstation 2"
I Found This Glitch By Accident One Night While Playing With My Buddies, And It's Really Cool.
Unfortunately, This Glitch Can Only Be Activated In Multiplayer With The Right Conditions. It Will Allow You To Have Rapid Fire For All Multi-Shot Weapons(That Means Weapons That "Dont" Require You To Reload After Each Shot) That It Was Activated For Until You Die, Then You Must Follow Step #3 In Order To Reactivate It.
Another Thing About This Glitch Is That Once You Do Steps #1-2, The Glitch Is Saved In Your Memory File Until You Do Step #3, And Then It Will Reactivate, So You Have No Need To Do THAT Much Work Just For A Little Fun. :P
Anyways, Here Are The Steps Needed In Order To Use The Glitch.
Step #1 - Enter A Multiplayer Match With 2-4 Players, And Set The Following Options:
Auto Switch Weapon: OFF, Q-Claw: ON, Q-Jet: ON, Bionics Powerup: ON
These Options Must Be On, And You Can Set Others Any Way You Want.
Step #2 - When You Are In-game, Pick Up A Bionics Powerup, Go Up To A Wall, And Q-Claw It, Shoot Your P2k, And Reload At The Same Time, And Keep Doing That Until The Bionics Powerup Runs Out. Once You've Done That You've Most Likely Saved The Glitch Into Your Memory File For Useage In Your Game, And You Can Now Use The Glitch! Smile
Step #3 - When You Use The Glitch, You First Need To Pick Up A Bionics Powerup, And Then In Order To Activate The Rapid Fire, You Must Pick The Weapons You Want To Activate The Glitch By Shooting The Gun You've Chosen And Reloading It. If You Want To Activate Another Gun, Just Do The Same Thing. Now, "Every Time You Switch Back To The Gun You've Chosen, It's Firing Rate Will Increase." However, There Is A Limit. If You Exploit This Glitch Too Much, The Game Fires The Gun Too Fast, And It Depletes Your Ammo Faster Than You Actually Shoot It. So Use The Glitch Wisely!
Once Again, If You Didn't Read The First Bit, Once Steps #1-2 Are Done, There Is No Need To Do Them Ever Again, Unless You Delete Your Entire Selection Of "007: Agent Under Fire Data, Profiles, Etc..
All You Have To Do Is Step #3 Every Time You Need To Activate It Again, Which Is Every Time You Die In-game.
Anyways, Thats About It! Hope You Enjoy It As Much As Me And My Buddies Did! :D


At main menu hold L&R then press a,a,y,x,y,b,y,x,b then you have a machine gun!!!

Nude Zoe Nightshade

Go to the mission Night of the Jackle. After the part were you kill the people from the bus, go to the part where there's a bunch of town houses and a sniper at a balcony.
Once you kill the sniper go get hisgun and go to the bathroom. Important: open the door BUT DO NOT GO IN!!!
Get the sniper out and press and hold down the R button. use C to zoom in. Happy?!?
Well check her out. Enjoy!

First Four golds

lvl 1: Golden Gun
lvl 2: Golden CH-6
lvl 3: Unlimited Missles
lvl 4: Golden Accuacy{spelling?}

First off, to get cheats or multiplayer addition..

First off, to get cheats or multiplayer additions you need to complete a mission with a gold or platinum rank.

For those of you who don't no, to get platinum, you must get a gold on the mission and then find the gold 007 icons. This can give you up to 2 cheats per stage.

Some stages require you to blow somthing up, (notably the driving missions) to get the 007's to appear. Next is a tip to success.

I find it immensely easier to get a gold for the golden gun on the first stage and then a platinum for the multiplayer map: Rocket Mannor.

The golden gun will help u on most the stages with its added power.

I've got more data but you dont need an essay on the game.

Lotus Esprit car:Successfully complete the Stree..

Lotus Esprit car:

Successfully complete the Streets Of Bucharest level with a "Gold" rank.

Unlimited Golden gun ammunition:

Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a "Gold" rank.

Golden gun in multi-player mode:

Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

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