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Gauntlet Dark Legacy Cheats for GameCube

We have 5 cheats on GameCube

We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 2   Xbox   Gameboy Advance   Arcade

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How to kill the dragon

Get a lot of gold or use the cheat with the name 10000k and use the money to buy about 15 or so hammers then go to the mountain realm and defeat the boss or guardian whatever you call it the boss in the mountain realm does work and the boss is The dragon

Unlockable Characters

Find a hatch in a certain level and pass it's objective to unlock new characters
Unlock Ogre:
Beat the hatch with the Arctic Docks inside.
Unlock Tigress:
Beat the hatch with the Ancient Tree inside.
Unlock Medusa:
Beat the hatch with the Ghost Town inside.
Unlock Minotaur:
Beat the hatch with the Dappet Peak inside.
Unlock Unicorn:
Beat the hatch with the Toxic Spire inside.
Unlock Sumner:
Beat the hatch with the Battlefield Trenches inside.
Unlock Falconess:
Beat the hatch with the Dungeon of Torment inside.
Unlock Jackell:
Beat the hatch with the Temple of Magi inside.

Unlock Hyena:
Beat the hatch with the Haunted House inside.

Easy spider queen defeat you defeat the spider queen easily buy a lot of breath (any breath but I recommend fire)and get up REALLY close and start pummeling her with the breath.but I mean get up REALLY close or it wont work.(i got my charictar to level 81 doing this)well hope this helps.i REALLY do.

Enter any of the following as your name to get t..

Enter any of the following as your name to get to corresponding effect. For example enter INVULN to get invincibility.

Always have nine potions and keys - ALLFUL

anti-death - 1ANGEL

Fast runner - XSPEED

full turbo - PURPLE

invisibility - 000000

invincibility - INVULN

Pojo the Chicken - EGG911

reflect shot - REFLEX

shrink enemy and growth - DELTA1

super shot (large crossbow) - SSHOTS

Throw fast - QCKSHT

triple shot - MENAGE

x-ray vision - PEEKIN

O.K. , The first thing is a glich. If you have 8..

O.K. ,

The first thing is a glich. If you have 8 keys got a key ring and you'll take 1 key. So now you have 9 keys. You can go use one key.

Come back and you should be able to get another key repeat lather, rinse Ect.

Now to the cheat. Use the 10,000K cheat(Type in 10,000K as your name).

Go to shop and go to the bottom of the list and you can buy 10 Add 10 to whatever you want.

After you use up your money go out of shop and go back and repeat.


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