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Custom Robo Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Custom Robo

We have 16 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Custom Robo please send them in here.

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Custom Robo Cheats

Arcade Mode:
In Story mode successfully beat a new journey.
First Person Mode:
In Story mode successfully beat a new journey.
Useable CPUs in VS battle:
In Story mode successfully beat a new journey.

Grand Battle:
In Story mode successfully beat a new journey.

Parts Index:
In Story mode successfully beat a new journey.
Beat Silver Battle Royale Tournament for the first time.
Beat the Bronze Handicap Tournament for the first time.

Beat the Gold Singles Tournament for the first time.

Dark Star:
Win any 50 Vs. Mode matches with any one Robo.
Chickenheart Grand Battle:
Z Bosses Room - Stand above the pillar on the ..

Rahu I , Rahu II, Rahu III

This is specifically how you get the whole set of rahu, You must first have succesfully beat story mode,In grand battleyou must have beat every tournament,and got at least silver trophies in every one (including the z syndicate tournaments located in thier hideout). The first set of rahu is the hardest probably because it includes the legs and bomb unlike any other set of rahu. You select the tournament isabella's mansion before or after you beat it if you have beat it don't skip the scenario before you fight the first opponent look to the left and you will see a place where it seperates the tank from the wall. Inside of the tank is rahu I go all the way left into the crevice then up note:the screen will move then go right and you will be in the tank continue clicking the a button and yo..

X Lazer

When your in Boogey's Cafe notice that Boogey isn't behind the counter. Go behind the conter pressing A while going down the wall behind the counter.Then you will find the X Lazer.


Here's some awsome unlockables!
First person mode/ Grand Battle/ First peron view / CPUs in VS
mode/ Parts indexs/ Arcade mode=Beat a new journey
Rahu1= In Grand Battle, go to the outside world, go to
Z-Headquarters, go to Issabellas room, go in the tank on the left,
press A on the right side of the tank.
Rahu11= In the outside world, go to the bronze handicap match, keep talking to Lucy and she'll give it to you.
Rahu111= In the outside world in the silver battle royal, go to the broken cart below the holleseum and press A.
That's all for now but I have a lot more for next time!

Your watch

At Mira's party (in a New Journey), when she asks you about your watch say:
Do you like it, after that, keep saying "I insist". Eventually, She will take it!

oil can parts grand battle

To get oil can parts first go to your front yard then enter the door on the far left . Talk to everybody there,then enter the door in the far back left of the room you just entered and talk to everybody there.(make sure to talk to the robot in far back right corner and in the window behind that robot there is another girl outside on the left hand side of the window you need to talk to through that window also press the a button in front of the closet located in the bottom left corner of that room and also talk to the guy laying on the floor) After completing all of this go to the parts ganerator right outside and get your new parts .

Can robo

The can robo, can be obtained (along with can gun, bomb, pod, and can legs).
In Lucy's office (in the Grand battle). Talk to a robot in the second room.
They are the weakest parts.

New Stage

The Dark Star Stage can be obtained if you play versus mode 50 times.

Battle computers in Versus mode

Just complete a New Journey and you can verse comuters.

Unlock: Rankansen

To get this robo, defeat all of the Amusement park Tournaments (bronze trophies in all of them, in Grand Battle).

Planet Zebes.

Try doing this: After you get class S ranking go to hub park and talk to the nameless couple. The girl will mention the planet Zebes off of the Metroid Games.

Beat Ruhu 3

To beat Ruhu 3 easily, use a body with high def and dwn, use dragon or flare, any pod and bomb and high jump. When you have these parts on go to the battle. If you are using the Dragon gun, hide and attack because it goes right to ruhu 3. If you knock him down he will get up right away. It may take more than 2 tries so don't get mad.

Glitct: Walt and Carman

When you are in the training gym battle tounenment. When you have to talk to everyone, you go to your neighbours, Carmans name is woman.

Ok letís go for all you most know for finish the..

Ok letís go for all you most know for finish the game at 100 %.
Firstly, all easy ways to overcome certain enemies:
The first enemies who is rather hard is of course the first of the two twins. Would be Eliza and Isabella, your adversary is one of them. It thus has illegals parts so a little difficult. The best trick than I know to beat her is to take the following parts:
For the body: Javelin, Glave or Halberd. These bodies are very good in my opinion because they can teleports a good number of times. Therefore, by taking one of these three bodies you will be able to avoid it's attacks easily. For the gun, choose one who shoot very fastly, this is good. For the remainder, take the best part you have. Then, Rahu 3. Use one of the bodies I talk to you. And..

Crystal Strike

Its miner agaim. To get Crystal Strike (illigal part) you have to be in the grand battle. Then go to the flying computer battle, then go to computer No.4 and when you defeat him keep talking to it until it gets fed up and gives you crystal strike. P.S please rate me.
P.S.S Hope I helped(by the way crystal stike is one of the best wepons in the game.

Good Combos

If you want a speed combo try this:
Basic Parts:
Seeker G

Illegal Parts:
Ray Legend
Penumbra 3/Orca
Treble/Grand Cross

For power try this
Metal Bear/Ox
Trio H
Geo Trap

Rahu II
Wyrm/Rahu II
Penumbra III/II
Treble/Waning or Waxing Arc

Here is a good combo if you use it right

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