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Baten Kaitos Origins Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Baten Kaitos Origins


We have 8 cheats and tips on GameCube.If you have any cheats or tips for Baten Kaitos Origins please send them in here. For more Codes for Baten Kaitos Origins go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Baten Kaitos Origins Questions & Answers page.

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The Heartflask Side Quest

This feature is one of the most time consuming events in Baten Kaitos Origins and requires a complete Magnus Gathering (going through five different stages which means five different Quest Magnus). The earlier you get the Heartflask side quest the easier it is to complete. The Heartflask side quest is given to you by Georg who is found in the Nihal desert when you have a 'Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean' game save on your GameCube Memory Card.

Mother holo holo bird

The holo holo bird mother is the hardest boss in the game. And when you reach her you will need this guide. Ok first your people need to be level 25 or over.(NO LESS!!) Then take all of your armor magnus out! I never use armor magnus because you can't weild a good weapon at the same time. Then when you enter battle immedialty attack the chicks!!! Attack one chick at a time so that the mother won't attack as often(chicks are weak against fire). Then when 1 or both of the chicks are dead, the mother will spend the rest of her time laying eggs(when the mother lays eggs she hurts herslef!) Try to kill the eggs before they hatch. If not don't worry!! But make sure that both of the chicks are'nt alive at the same time(this is the key to the battle). GOOD LUCK!!!!
NOTE:Make sure to store TONS of recovery magnus!!(not too much though ;))

Unlock New Game+

When you have defeated the final boss view the credits and remaining scenes and you will be given the option to 'Save'. 'Save' and you will be returned to the 'Title' screen. Select 'Load Game' and load your 'Save' file and you will begin a new game with your group intact.

Strongest Ex Combo

The Strongest Ex Combo is called the Apotheosis. It is usable by Sagi and is made with the following cards in order:
-Weak Attack
-Medium Attack
-Strong Attack
-The Godling's Rapture
It is easily capable of 5000+ damage.

Coliseum Rank Ups

To be able to rank up in the coliseum after rank 1 you must first complete ALL the matches in your current rank and have accumulate enough RP. Complete the following quests to unlock the corresponding rank.
Unlock Rank 1:
Reach Alfard a 2nd time and get the Dog Tags
Unlock Rank 2:
Read the letter in the shop in Sheliak (Diadem)
Unlock Rank 3:
Read the letter in the shop in Cebelrai (Sadal Suud)
Unlock Rank 4:
Read the letter in the shop in Komo Mai (Anuenue)
Unlock Rank 5:
Read the letter in the shop in Vega
Unlock Rank 5 - Qualifier:
Received after Rank 5 has been completed
Unlock Champion:
Complete the Champion Battle
Unlock Champion - Advanced:
Complete the quest in the champ's room and then complete ALL advanced battles.

Hasseleh Opening

Start off by walking to the door on the other side of the port, enter the Thornwood.
Go forward then turn off to the left into the small area with the glowing bean. Guess what... Yes thatís right you want it absorb it into a black Magnus and use it on that small vine up ahead and it will glow into a vine bridge. Go to the next screen, here you talk top the man, he tells you "The boulder is blocking the way oh no!" what ever will we do...
Simple, get another yester bean. Find yester bean (forgot where it was) then chase the balloon gator that steals it until you get back to the first screen. Push that green spiny ball off the ledge onto the path then continue the balloon gator chase until it pops itself. Get back to that giant rocks and use the yester bean on the vines near it continue northward.

After you run from the Empeors Castle

Once you've escaped into the sewers go though the trees nearby (there's a small opening you can squeeze though) then talk to every body around the roadblock when Sagi asks you what to do say Fight! And beat the soldiers up.
Now once thatís done walk around to where the guard was that was in the cut scene right after you came out of the sewer and continue south. Once there talk to the man working on one of those lev cars or whatever they are he'll say he needs Mecha Oil.

To get the Mecha Oil go North back to the first map and kill the guard thatís guarding the door near the guard. Enter the house and talk to the maid until she gives you a Magnus then talk to her again and absorb the Mecha Oil into a Blank Magnus.
Now go back to the man working on the lev car and give the oil to him he will move the lev car. Go into the building it was blocking and go all the way north then, go up the stairs walk towards the little girl and walk around her. Walk up to the guy looking down into the house where you got the Mecha Oil and talk to him he will fall into the house though the ceiling.
Now go past where he was and jump down to the roof below the one youíre currently on (Be sure to pick up the Magnus on the roof your jumping to) now continue south and go to the next map. Continue on until you can jump onto the street, do so. Now go south until a cut scene starts you will get in some fights then a girl named Milly will join you after one fight with her a Boss will appear. Kick it's ass of then continue on East to the next map. Talk to Milly and get on the airship thing.

Changes in the Battle System

In Baten Kaitos Origins the card-battling system has been changed. For starters there is only one deck for all of your characters. In this deck your basic attack cards will be labeled 1-3. Use these in order for a combo. To use special attacks labeled 4-6 you first need to build up a magnus meter by fighting and using combos. Special attacks are character specific. Then there are cards labeled 0 and also R. These involve equipping a weapon to the character and can be put anywhere in a combo for a relay combo or be used at the start of one to extend it.

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