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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

We have 8 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Gameboy Advance

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

play as legendary drizzt

This wiil only work on easy through hard. You can only use drizzt on extreme by beating extreme with another charecter just hold L plus R while loding.


Load the character with the item you want to duplicate, then drop the item. Import the same character and you will still have the original item, plus you can pick up the other one from the floor.

Invinceability,skip levels,gaunlet

Push L,R,Y,right,start. press thease at the same time and a screen will pop up and give you options.

How to play on extreme and keep all your Items

How to play on Baldurís Gate for the Game cube on extreme and keep all your items
In order to do this cheat you need to be able to save and least 2/3 more times on your memory card
Okay, here is what you canít change, in order to play it on extreme you have to complete the Gauntlet, then your given the option to play the extreme version, when I first played it I hadnít worked out this little Loop-Hole and I got killed by a rat.
Okay first the Gauntlet, donít start playing from the start menu, load up your normal game, then hold L + R + Y + Left and press Start. If you entered the code correctly, your character will speak.
A cheat menu with "Invincibility", "Level Warp" options will be unlocked, okay go to the level warp option and look at the top of the list and select the Gauntlet, now you have one of two options, you have to complete this to get the extreme levels, but there is no reason why you can't use the above cheat and become invincible while you do it.
Okay so you have fought your way through the Gauntlet past lots of enemies and killed that big metal dude at the end, so save it (not over your other saved game) and you will be back at the start screen, On the start screen there is now an option for you to play the game on extreme mode.
The only problem is that if you just go in to the game you will start with all your magic, all your score and no weapons, armor or gold and thatís annoying, so what you do is you start a new game, Pick one of the characters you donít normally go as and start the game, jump past the cut-scene until your in the bar, unfortunately you now have to wait for the voice to stop speaking, once he has you need to speak to the bar maid.
Get that conversation over quickly and go to the save pedestal and save your game ( again not over you other game or the Gauntlet) Okay now it's saved, exit the game and your back at the start menu, click on the extreme mode and you will be asked to choose a saved file to load from, select the one you have just saved and load the game up, again jump past the cut-scene and on to the bar, listen to the voice. . AGAIN,
Talk to the bar maid, once you have done that, Press start and go to the options menu go down and select the add a player option go over to the blank window and press Y to add a new person, select the character from your normal game and then click accept, once you have done this you should now have a two player game.
Okay now go back in to the option menu and go to the add a player option select the character that you started extreme with and delete it, hit accept and if you have done it right you will be playing in the extreme mode with your original character with all the money and items and magic that your normally have. Have fun
There is one or two more things, playing it on extreme enables you to find a lot of better weapons and armor until you find the grand daddy of armor the plate mail +5 as well as the +5 plate mail gloves, + 5 plate mail boots, +5 plate mail helmet, you will also find a +5 shield.
All these items will make your harder to kill. There are a few other Items you will find, but I don't want to spoil the suprise, You will have to play extreme a few times until you get them all but itís worth it. As long as you follow most of the above cheats from just after the Gauntlet bit you will be able to load your character again and again.
Have fun and put this cheat to good use.

Good Hint

To get a lot of money get a guy with alot of good items or money (leave the existing file). Start a new game(on 2 player it doesnt matter if you only wanna play one player) and import the player (the good one, we will call him goody). Drop all goodys items and buy stuff with the money he has got(drop the items he buys as well) and let the crummy player (lets call him player 1) pick them up. Then get player 1 to sell all the items he has got. Then import the other crummy player(lets call him player 2). Then you import goody and get rid of player 2. Drop all of goodys items again and let player one pick them up. Kepp doing this until you get alot of money.(spend it on potions/good armour or good weapons)

If you have any problems contact me at "[email protected]"

Level 20 and 100,000 gold

Hold down L and R fully during normal gameplay, also hold down X. Then press right on the d-pad a voice will say something along the lines of "time to break some rules" or "let the cheating begin" Your character will be at level 20, have 100,000 gold and 500 stat points.

Unlock Cheats

During gameplay hold L + R + Y + Left and press Start.

Unlock Cheats

During gameplay hold L + R + Y + Left and press Start.

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