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Follow the dark path or use the light

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar



by masterme

          YMMMMMBMMBEM                   YFFYY YYMMMMB
Megaman Battle Network 6 - Falzar FAQ/Walkthrough
Guide written by and (c)2006 Tyler Lash aka master_me
e-mail me: [email protected] (joosaka13 - AIM)
This FAQ is dedicated to my brothers, both of whom
force-fed me Megaman for the first years of my life.
MMBN6 and all characters are (c) Capcom

| Table of Contents |

 Contents:                 Ctrl+f:
  -Version History             [vrhis]
  -Legal                       [legls]
  -Contact Info                [cntct]
  -FAQ                         [freqs]
  -Controls                    [cntrl]
   -Chapter I                  [wlk01]
   -Chapter II                 [wlk02]
   -Chapter III                [wlk03]
   -Chapter IV                 [wlk04]
   -Chapter V                  [wlkf5]
   -Chapter VI                 [wlk06]
   -Chapter VII                [wlkf7]
   -Chapter VIII               [wlk08]
   -Chapter IX                 [wlkf9]
   -Chapter X                  [wlk10]*
   -Chapter XI                 [wkf11]*
   -Chapter XII                [wkf12]*
   -Chapter XIII               [wkf13]*
   -Chapter XIV                [wlk14]*
   -Chapter XV                 [wlk15]*
   -Chapter XVI                [wlk16]*
  -After The End               [athnd]*
  -Bosses                      [bsses]*
  -Folder Building Strategies  [strtg]
  -Link Navi/Crosses Info      [crses]*
   -NCP Compression            [ncmpr]
   -Numberman Trader           [nmtrd]
  -Power-Up Locations
   -HP Memory                  [hpmmr]*
   -Sub Memory                 [sbmmr]*
   -RegUP                      [regmm]*
  -Special Thanks              [sthks]

* - Incomplete or Under Construction

| Version History [vrhis] |

August 17th, 2006 (v0.15)
 Started the guide. ASCII art added. Chapter I finished, content put up, legal
info added, controls added, and special thanks added.

August 18th, 2006 (v0.21) (night)
 Finished Chapter II. Made edits to Chapter I, looked over by Skeith, who 
pointed out a few typos and misleading bits of info. Bosses and Strategies
sections were added.

August 18th, 2006 (0.34) (day)
 Fixed the indentation. Using Word Wrap would still be so much easier...
Finished chapters three and four. Added bosses to the bosses section. Also,
I planned out chapter titles and added the headers for them. Secrets section
taken out and replaced with Codes section and Power-Up Locations section. section completed. ASCII art fixed so it doesn't take up so much room.

August 19th, 2006 (0.35) (night)
 Nnngh. Fixed a couple of typos. Fixed the first Aquarium map, checked the
other two and found them to have no errors. I'm at the same place right now
in Falzar and Gregar, so I'll play them side by side while I update.

August 19th, 2006 (0.39) (day)
 Added Heatman and Spoutman to bosses section.
 Added Heatman and Spoutman to link navis/crosses section.
 Added Heatcross and Spoutcross to link navis/crosses section.

August 20th, 2006 (0.42)
 Finished Chapter 6 and fixed typos.
October 22nd, 2006 (.49)
 Finished Chapter 7 G/F, merged walkthroughs, massive edits... yeah, it's been
a while now.
October 23rd, 2006 (.52)
 Finished chapter 8. Huzzah! The maps took a while, so the chapter in whole took
about two to three hours. The guide's starting to come along rather nicely; it's
looking to be about 300+ kb in size.

October 24th, 2006 (.54)
 Progress is very slow. Looked over pieces of older chapters and edited them
slightly. I also managed to finish each chapter 9.

October 25th, 2006 (.54)
 Split the walkthroughs and submitted them to GameFAQs. Nothing else was done,
other than I changed most of the boxes to take up less room.

| Legal [legls] |

 This is guide was written, composed by, and is copyright me, Tyler Lash. If
you see someone else claiming it as their own, please send me an email at
[email protected] so I can bring the idiot who stole my walkthrough to court.
...and yes, probably sue him for stealing this guide. Kekeke, millions.
Additionally, if you see this walkthrough anywhere other than these sites...


 ...please send me an email. (If you wish to be on that list, send me an email)
If you do end up sending me an email, please use such a title as "EXE6 Guide -
Stolen Information" and not a title such as "hey."
 Thank you in advance.

| Contact Info [cntct] |

If you have any info you wish to send me, or notice a pretty dramatic typo,
you can contact me at these places:

-- e-mail: [email protected]
-- AIM: joosaka13
-- IRC: - #AZ

Please name subjects accordingly if you wish to pm/email me. I will not respond
to "hey" or "lol wut ^ bro"

| Frequently Asked Questions [freqs] |

Q. Do you own Area-Z?
A. No, I'm friends with the owner, Kix (DavD). At this moment, I'm just a
contributer and moderator.

Q. Are you ever going to update?
A. Yes, eventually.

Q. romZ ploz?
A. I don't promote/use roms or warez, so sorry, the answer is no.

Q. What's are BMDs, GMDs, PMDs, BGMDs, and YMDs?
A. These are mystery datum you'll find on your quest. They can contain
updgrades, chips, and zenny.

   BMD - Blue - A fixed item. Can only be found once.

   GMD - Green - Random item from a select list in each area. Can be gotten
   multiple times, though they only reappear after you jack out and come
   back in.

   PMD - Purple - Basically blue mystery data, but it requires an unlocker
   subchip to open. Unlockers cost 4000z a piece, so I reccomend saving before
   unlocking a PMD. That way, if you don't like the item, you can just reset
   the game and spare yourself the lost cash.

   YMD - Yellow - Rare GMD. Contains vast amounts of zenny or a rare chip.

   BGMD - Battle GMD. These are in-battle GMDs that usually offer better
   prizes, like large amounts of zenny or a rare chip.

Want to send me a question? See contact for details.

| Controls [cntrl] |

Outside of battles:
D-pad - Move
A button - Confirm, talk
B button - Back, run
R button - Jack-in, Page right, scroll down
L button - Hint, Page left, scroll up
Start - Bring up menu
Select - Select regular chip

In battle:
D-pad - Move
A Button - Confirm, chip
B Button - Back, Megabuster
R Button - Info, cust when full
L Button - Run, Cust when full
Start - Pause
Select - View map when in cust

|o                     o|
||o    WALKTHROUGH    o||
|o                     o|

This guide, like everything else here, was written by and is (c) me.

| Chapter I: Cyber City Is Not A Rock Band! [wlk01] |

 So, we start off with the same introduction we get in every game. Read about
the current world, PETs, and a bit about our heroes. The screen fades to class,
and you immediately learn of some upsetting news - Lan is moving! Apparently,
Lan's dad got transferred, and now they have to move to Cyber City. Cyber City
you say? My, that's original. So, people wish them luck and such, and it's so
deep that even Ms. Mari is crying.
 Next Sunday, you see Lan and his family in front of their house. Everyone from
Lan's class is there, including Ms. Mari and the minor classmates who seldom
make an appearance. Everyone is choked up whilst they say their goodbyes, to
the extent at which Yai breaks out sobbing.
 Once the numerous cutscenes end, you finally gain control of Lan in Cyber City.
Leave the room and talk to your mom and dad, and then go outside. Go to the
central plaza to see a girl being attacked by a robo-dog.

-RoboDog Comp -


 ...Ugh, it's time for the dreaded tutorial from every exe game.
Virus Battle!
Set 1: Mettaur x2 - 40 HP
Set 2: Mettaur x3 - 40 HP
Set 3: Mettaur x3 - 40 HP
 Punch through the tutorial and wipe out the mets. You have to do this for
three sets of mets. It's pretty easy and requires no explanation, although the
games graciously guides you through the steps to victory.
 You'll automatically jack back out and talk to the girl you just saved.
There's a small exchange of words, and then the girl walks away. Jack back
into the dog to find 600z, and then back out. There's a guy selling subchips
behind Aster Land if you want to buy some.

MiniEnrg -100z
Unlocker -4000z
LocEnemy -7000z

 Talk to all of the people in town and you'll receive an email from dad.
Head back home and jack into your computer.

- Central Area 1 -

-Mini Energy

 Head up and around the large spiral in a counter-clockwise direction. You'll
find a mini energy in a BMD. Go back around and head northeast to the cafe. The
pale blue navi there is selling subchips.

MiniEnrg - 100z
LocEnemy - 7000z
SneakRun - 500z

 Walk up to the pink gate and feed it a Rflectr1. You should have one of those
by now, but if you don't, they're a common drop from Mettaurs. Head on through
the gate to reach Central Area 2.

- Central Area 2 -

-CopyDmg *

 Head up to the green navi behind the counter. He's selling some chips and HP
Memories, so stop on buy if you want some. I suggest buying some HP Memories
if you have the cash; try to at least buy one. Also, be sure to talk to the
green Mr. Prog.

HP Memry   - 1000z - 2000z - 4000z - 8000z
Spreadr1 L - 600z
Recov30  * - 1000z
TankCan1 R - 2400z
YoYo     L - 4600z

 Go northwest onto a blue path. At the end of it, you'll find a RegUp2. Go back
to the entrance. From there, head northeast, northwest, and southeast around
the spiral that is Central Area 2. As you're heading northeast, speak with the
pink navi. As you're heading southwest, go through the blue path coming off of
the main road. Take the left fork southeast and pick up the BMD containing a
CopyDmg *. Head along the main path until you reach the end. Speak to the green
navi to find out that you need some sort of a key to head on to Central Area 3.
...Where might we find such a key, though? Lan will buzz in. The two decide to
call it a day. Jack out, save, and go to bed.

| 3, 2, 1, Blast Off! [wlk02] |

 Ah, finally. Some actual story!
 The hero awakens. Speak to your parents and head outside. Walk over to the
huge gate in the northwest and enter the school. Lan walks into the school to
be ambushed by none other than a group of security... robots? Mr. Mach comes on
over the loudspeaker to tell Lan to come into the teachers lounge. Better do
what the man in the jumpsuit says. Before you gain control of Lan, you'll
notice a live inactive robot on the floor above. After a brief thought process
from Albert Ein-steen, you'll gain control of your duo once again. Head to the
teachers lounge.  Walk up to the man in the red jumpsuit and talk to him. This
is your teacher, Joe Mach. Call him Mr. Mach >_> He'll give you the Student ID,
so now you can enter the classrooms. Walk over to classroom 6-1 and enter it.
 Mr. Mach introduces Lan to the class. People clap for him, and Mr. Mach
comments on how nice and energetic the class's greeting was. Mr. Mach sends
Lan to his seat behind Mick, who simply rolls his eyes as Lan passes by. Man,
this kid has quite the attiturd. After the cutscene, go and talk to everyone
around the classroom. Mick comes over and tells Lan that when class begins,
Lan better show him his skills. ...A minute later, class begins. What a twist!

- Class 6-1 Comp -

-Thunder1 *

 Mick's navi dully points out Megaman to the class, and so Megaman comes up in
front of the class to do some busting. The teacher calls on a Mettaur virus,
but an OldStov comes out instead.

Virus Battle!
OldStov x2 - 80 HP
 This battle is pretty easy. They each have 80 health, so just pitter away at
their HP with weak attacks. Their only attack is a flamethrower that goes
across 3 panels in front of the OldStove, doing 20 HP. It's easy to dodge,
just watch out when the panels flash.

 The class goes wild! Megaman's the star of the class now! Head northwest for
a BMD containing a Thunder1 *. Southeast is 700z. Jack out once you've picked
them up.

- School -

 Mick is out the hall alone, talking with his navi. Apparently, Mick was the
reason the OldStov came out, and he and his navi figure Megaman must have only
been able to delete it because the plan was leaked! Of course, they're the only
ones who know... Mick snaps at his navi, upsetting him. They go back and forth,
and Mick's navi leaves. Another navi, Blastman, enters Mick's pet, and offers
to get back at Megaman for him. Mick accepts. Blastman offers to teach the duo
not one, but an infinite number of lessons. Mick just has to sit back and watch.
 The screen fades to class. In the northeast, there's that strange robot Lan
and Megaman saw before! Aster explains that it's a copybot. Copybots allow a
Net-Op to send their navi into a physical body, so they can move in the real
world. This is tehchnology only found in Cyber City, which is in the midst of
creating a next-gen Net Society. Lan can't wait to try it out, so he
immediately plugs in Megaman. As soon as Megaman appears within the Copybot,
Lan screams "H-H-He's aliiiive!!" as if it's Frankenstein rather than his best
friend. Megaman goes up to Lan and starts pinching to prove that it's not a
dream, and goes a bit wild whilst doing it. You know gain control of Megaman,
so go around and speak to everyone in the class. Megaman will go back into
Lan's PET, and Mick will whisper something to Blastman.
 Suddenly, a scream - a Security Robot breaks into the back of the classroom!
Mr. Mach makes an attempt to fend it off, but gets beaten down by it. More
break into the classroom via front route.  It's time to put a very important
life skill to the test: Always stay in the middle of the room when robots break
in. That way, they can corner you and make your assured capture easier :) Mick
chimes in by mentioning that the fun's only just begun. "Hit it, Blastman!"
Flames shoot out of the robots! The students back away as the flames come
closer. Mick briefly explains that he doesn't plan on hurting anyone, and then
leaves the room. Once you gain control of Lan, head over to the copybot and
plug-in Megaman.
 Those may be pretty hot flames, but they can't hurt a robot! Run out into the
hall. In front of Classroom 1-2, there's a boy with a bucket of water on his
head. Talk to him to receive the bucket. Now, run back to the classroom and
extinguish the flames. A short cutscene will ensue, and you'll gain control of
Lan. Speak to Mr. Mach to receive the Teacher's ID and head over to the
Teacher's Lounge. Mick is there, and Blastman is turning the Security Bots
against the teacers now, too! Mick is pleading Blastman to stop, but Blastman
refuses. Blastman leaves, leaving Lan to take care of everything. A Security
Bot comes into the entrance of the Teacher's Lounge, blocking any exit they
had. Lan jacks into the main comp.

- Rob Ctrl Comp 1 -

-Spreadr1 M
-HP Memory

 As you enter, you'll see a Mr. Prog running back and forth. He'll give you
WaterDat, so you can save the other Mr. Progs. He warns you to look out for a
wave of flames. They're easy to avoid, just pay attention to the fire particles
and the direction they move. Dodge them by hiding behind the metal boxes. Head
southwest and take the first path going to the lower-right. Talk to the Mr.
Prog to douse his flames, and then head northeast for a Spreadr1 M.
 Go northwest, on the platform next to where the first Mr. Prog is. Go
southwest, and then northwest as soon as you can. Go northeast to save the Mr.
Prog and pick up an HP Memory in the northwest on your way.
 Go back southwest, and then southeast. When you reach the last platform,
go northeast and save the last Mr. Prog. Blastman messages you after saving
the Mr. Prog. He'll say a few words, and you'll gain control of Megaman again.
The fire back near the beginning is now extinguished, so head over there and
to RobCtrlComp2. (Note: It's easier to jack out and then back in, and then
head northwest. If you want to get some more chips and zenny, you might as
well do it in the second area)

- Rob Ctrl Comp 2 -

-Recov30 *

 As soon as you walk in here, you'll be the subject of another cruel cutscene
as Megaman is suddenly surrounded by flames. You'll take control of Lan for a
second in the real world. Talk to Mick three times, and then check the flashing
orange computer on one of the desks. Mick's navi has been hiding in there,
keeping a look-out for Mick (although he won't admit it). Lan whips out some
quick counseling, but it's not until Mick sets on fire that his navi decides
to save him. In the process of saving Mick, all of the other fires caused by
the Security Robots go out.
 Megaman is officially -saved,- and you once again gain control of him. Head
northwest, and then southwest at the first place you can. Go southeast and
you'll see a BMD in the lower-left. It's a RegUP2! Go northeast from there and
around to save a Mr. Prog.
 Head back to beginning. Go northeast instead of southwest. After dodging two
barrages of fireballs, go east to save a Mr. Prog. Go north along the edge and
take the third path going northeast for a BMD containing a Recov30*.
 Head back to beginning again. Go southwest, and immediately northwest.
Go southwest and then southeasy for another Mr. Prog, and then head back and
go northeast to save the last Mr. Prog. Head back to the beginning, save, and
head northwest across the skull panel to face Blastman. for tips on defeating
him, see the bosses section of this guide.


-EnrgBomb K

-Snake H

-Roll R

 So, that was easy, eh? Should've been. The first boss of any game is always
quite the pushover. You'll receive 1000z for beating him. Before you can finish
him off, he sets up a wall of flames between him and Megaman. He then
disappears, extinguishing all of the flames. Megaman will jack out, and
there'll be a follow-up cutscene.
 Lan seems to be onto the idea that this ordeal will change Mick. However, Mick
walks into the room at that moment with his fresh attiturd saying "Don't bet on
it." Although, he does give a front-up apology to Lan and Megaman. When Lan
asks Mick to be his friend, Mick calls him a freak. It's not his kind of thing.
SHUT DOWN, SON! Aster walks into the room at that moment, saying "Mr. Hikari,
I want to be your friend too!" Lan accepts, so long as Aster doesn't call him
"Mr." Mick says he doesn't want to be called Mr. either, but Aster says he
doesn't have any respect for Mick so he wouldn't have done so anyway. It drags
on a bit, and Mick ends up giving Lan some graffiti as an apology. It's
supposed to show Lan where the key to Central Area 3 is, so regardless of it's
quality as a piece of art, I think we can safely say "woohoo!"
 Aster and Lan exchange a few more words after Mick leaves. After the scene
ends, go to classroom 6-2 and jack into the chalkboard. You'll find a RegUP 2.
There's a also a PMD with a Snake H inside. Go to 1-1 next. There's an
Enrgbomb K and a FullEnrg.
 Go home and jack in to your PC. Check your HP's email for a Roll R chip from
Mayl. Make your way to Central Area 2; if you haven't, I suggest buying a
total of two of the three HP Memories that merchant has to offer. If you have
the money, go for all three.
 In Central Area 2, go up to the first underpass as your going northwest.
Inspect the lower of the two dark green panels. Megaman will look under the
panel to find none other than the KeyData we need to get into Central Area 3!
Head over there now.

- Central Area 3 -

-HiCannon L

-ElecSwrd E

 Head up whichever ramp pleases you. They both lead to the same place.
Apparently, all of the other exits are blocked off, so you're confined to just
this area. In the southwest, there's a ramp going up. At the top is a BMD with
a HiCannon L. In the northwest, there's a PMD with an ElecSwrd Einside. Anyway,
head northwest and observe the two Cybeast statues. A short cutscene will
ensue, and then Lan's mom will tell him it's time for bed. So, jack and go to
bed. It's been a longgg day.

| Land Ho! Penguin Ahead! [wlk03 |

 We start of with a custscene. Mr. Hikari is meeting with Mayor Cain, who is
also the principal of Lan's school. Cain asks Mr. Hikari about a "program," and
Mr. Hikari asks him how he knows about it, as it's supposed to be confined.
They talk about the program for a while, which is apparently a very powerful
one. The cutscene ends.
 Yet another cutscene ensues, this time at Lan's school. Mick's once again
late, but this time, there's a... penguin behind him. He tries to get rid of
it, but it seems to be pretty attached. He says he gave it some food yesterday,
but how strange of that pigeon to tag along with him! Mr. Mach tries to correct
Mick, but Mick changes his synopsis to "Pelican." Megaman thinks there's some-
thing strange about the penguin, and Lan chimes in with "Maybe it IS a
 After school, the penguin is squawking like crazy at Mick. Lan offers to go
get some food, since it's probably hungry. Head into the teacher's lounge and
talk to the man in the labcoat. He tells you to go get some fish from the
biology teacher's aid. Go to classroom 6-2 and talk to the kid near the
windows. He's in charge of the feeding, but he doesn't have any food for the
penguin. However, his grandpa loves fish. Head outside and talk to the old man
near the LevBus station. The icebox is stuck shut, and we'll have to bust some
viruses to get it open.

Virus Battle!
Pirahna  - 70 HP
Puffy    - 80 HP
StarFish - 60 HP
 This battle might be a bit hard.
 The Puffy should be your main priority. The lower its HP, the more spikes it
shoots at a time. Try to take out with one or two quick attacks. The Starfish
should go down next. It shoots a line of three bubbles that home in on you.
You can shoot them down with your buster easily. The pirahna is the easiest to
avoid, so take it out last.

 You'll receive "fish" for doing that. Head back to the classroom and feed the
penguin. We have to head over to Seaside 1's BBS now to figure out what the
deal is with this pelican. Go home and jack in to your computer.

- Central Area 1 -

 As soon as you get to Central Area 1, you'll receive an e-mail from the Net
Police cautioning you of some navis that have been attacked. ...Whatever. Go to
the cafe and talk to the pale blue navi running back and forth. He seems fine
to Lan, so just head to Central Area 2.

- Central Area 2 -


 If you haven't done so, I suggest buying three of the HP Memories. If you
don't yet have the cash, run around a bit and get some cash. Optional: As
you're heading southwest, go southeast down the first blue path and talk to
punk navi standing there. A virus battle will ensue.

Virus Battle!
Mettaur2 - 80 HP
Shaker   - 110 HP
Shooter  - 140 HP
 This battle might be a bit much. The Shaker attacks much like a Mettaur,
except you are temporalily immobile when he first falls on the ground. I highly
suggest taking him out first. Go for the Mettaur2 next, and then the Shooter.

 You'll get a SubMemry for defeating him. On your way to Central Area 3, take
note of the navi sprawled out on the ground.

- Central Area 3 -

Go northeast to where the pink navi is standing. The repairman that was
supposed to have come still hasn't fixed the leak, so it's our job to go find
him. Head back to the Cafe in Central 1.

- Central Area 1 -

 Talk to the pale blue navi again. He's lost his ToolPrgm, and now we have to
go find /that./ Oh, joy.

- Lan's House -

 Walk into the bathroom and talk to your mother. The toilet's broken, and
though a repairman already came to fix it, it's broken again! You'd think
Mayor Cain would put some extra money aside for some decent repairmen. Jack
in to the... toilet... and you'll see a Mettaur. Well, that makes sense, but
what's that on his head..? A PLUNGER!? Well, that makes sense too. Just not a
lot of it. Ehh, time to go bust some virus ass then.

Virus Battle!
Mettaur  - 40 HP
Mettaur2 - 80 HP
Mettaur3 - 120 HP
 Easy. They don't all off at once. Be aware that with each level of Mettaur,
the shockwaves travel much faster.

 For beating them, you'll receive "ToolPrgm." We know what to do with that.
The repairman will call you and ask about the ToolPrgm. You've got it, so now
he can do some actual work. He wants you to bring the program to Central 3.
Do what he says.

- Central Area 3 -

 Talk to the pale blue navi near the mess of water and you'll give him the
ToolPrgm. Suddenly there's a quake. The navi seems to think it's coming from
Seaside, so we better check that out as well.

- Seaside Area 1 -

 Head around the first spiral you start and enter the warp. You'll be
transported to the lower floor. The BBS is in the northwest. You'll read about
a missing penguin from the seaside museum. You'll automatically jack out.

- Cyber City -

 Head to the school's lobby. Mick will be standing there with the penguin.
Talk to him, and then head to the LevBus station.

- Seaside Town -

-WhiCapsl *
-Barr100 H

 Go around and then down the stairs. Mick and the penguin will be standing
in front of a Fist Sticks shop. You can jack into there to find a WhiCapsl*
and an unlocker. You can also jack into those vending machines near the whale
for a Barr100 H.
 One one of the docks, there's a SubChip merchant.

FullEnrg - 1000z
LocEnemy - 7000z
Sneakrun - 500z

 Nothing awesome. FullEnrgs might be nice if you're still having a little
trouble throughout some parts of the game.
 Walk up to the Aquarium. You'll see a pirate banging on the door, trying to
get in. Wait a second... a pirate? It doesn't seem to faze Lan. Anyway, the
Aquarium seems to be closed, so it looks like Mick is stuck with the penguin
another day. You decide to meet back there in the morning, it's Saturday
afterall. Head back home and go to bed.

| Why Won't You Dive!? [wlk04] |
 It's Saturday! That means no school! You'll receive an email as soon as you
get up. You'll receive your NaviCust from the Support Center! Read the tutorial
qiuckly and then head out. Get yourself over to Seaside Town and meet Mick in
front of the Aquarium.

- Seaside Town -

Go to the front of the Aquarium and meet Mick. Head inside.

- Aquarium -

-HP Memory

-Tornado L


 As soon as you walk in, /Plata/ (the penguin) will run over to the director
and they'll hug each other. They'll head off and you're free to roam the
Aquarium. In the next room, there's a big green screen. Jack into it for an HP
Memory. There's also a PMD containing a Tornado L if you want to grab it.
 Observe all of the exhibits, and a bell will sound. It's time for the dolphin
and Seal show! We might as well check it out. Head into the door near the green
screen. A fun little cutscene occurs; Lan gets to ride a dolphin! Lan loves it,
but Mick thinks it's horridly embarassing. Check the trash for a RegUP1.
 As you're leaving the Aquarium, you'll see that pirate again. He tells Mick
that the Dolphin and Seal show was nothing for entertainment value - he'll show
him REAL entertainment soon enough. Lan wants to get out, so he grabs Mick and
they leave.
 On your way to the LevBus, another cutscene ensues. Lan is pressuring Mick
into saying goodbye to Plata, when suddenly a woman on the floor below screams!
Piranhas are jumping in and out of the fountain! There are also sharks near
the dock, and the Aquarium's cages have all unlocked! There's no way the pirate
was involved in any of this! Mick rushes off to save Plata, and you should
 Go to the second floor of the second room for a cutscene. Crocodile Dumbdee
(Mick) is fending off an alligator trying to attack a group of penguins... with
a broom. The director's also apparently gotten himself caught in a cage, with a
crocodile blocking his way out. He tells us to save ourselves, but he
graciously tells Lan how he can save them. Make your way back to first room of
the aquarium and go behind the counter and down the stairs.
 Just what we need, a giant seal blocking our way! Talk to it, and walk to the
platform above the water for a cutscene. Leave this place and go downstairs.
Iris is there, casually observing the tanks. She quickly dissappears. Follow
her outside to find her on top of the giant whale. She'll point over to the
west. Follow where she pointed!
 A copyboy awaits you. Plug Megaman in and head back to the where the jellyfish
were. Megaman won't get stung, so just head on in and grab the ball. You'll
automatically plug him out of the copybot. Go back over to the Seal and talk
to it. Ol' Fanny'll chase the ball when you throw it, so now you can head on in
to the control room. Head in, watch a cutscene, and you'll find yourself in

- Aquarum Comp 1 -

-Lifesync * (A)
-HP Memory (B)

Go up and talk to the Mr. Prog. This is pretty simple - basically, you have to
go around picking up Mr. Progs and bringing them to their corresponding tank.

A few things to remember:
-Sharks will swim around and try to eat the Mr. Progs. Save before picking up
each Mr. Prog and soft reset (select+start+a+b) if they get eaten.
-If you a Mr. Prog in the wrong tank, a virus battle will ensue.
-You will not encounter any virus battle so long as you have a Mr. Prog with
you. That eases the frustration a little.

A quick map of the area (rotated 45 degrees clockwise):
|             ___   ___   ___                     |
|            |   | |   | |   |  _____             |
|     _______|_2_|_|_3_|_|_1_|_|     |_ ___|\     |
|    |_________________________       _|___  \    |
|                              |_   _|     |/     |
|             ___________________| |___   _____   |
|     _______|  ___   ___   ___   ___  |_|     |  |
|    |A______  |   | |   | |   | |   |  _      |  |
|            | |   | |   | |   | |   | | |_____|  |
|     _____  | |___| |___| |___| |___| |          |
|    |     | |  ___   ___   ___________|          |
|    |  1  | | |   | |   | |                      |
|    |_   _| | |   |_|   | |                      |
|     _| |___| |_________| |___________           |
|    |  _____   ___   ___   ___   ___  |  _____   |
|    | |     | |   | |   |_|   | |   | |_|     |  |
|    | |     | |   | |    _    | |   |  _   2  |  |
|    | |_____| |___| |___| |___| |___| | |_____|  |
|    |_______   _____   _______________|          |
|            | |     | |                          |
|            | |     | |          _____           |
|      ______| |_____| |_________|     |          |
|     |B_________________________   3  |          |
|                                |_____|          |
|                                                 |
|  |Key|    Basically, I've numbered the Mr. Progs|
| A = BMD   1-3. The numbers correspond to which  |
| B = BMD   box they belong in. Beware of sharks! |

When you're all done here, head through the gate to get to AquarumComp2.

- Aquarum Comp 2 -

-RegUP1 (A)

Although the map is different, the idea is exactly the same.

A quick map of the area (rotated 45 degrees clockwise):
|                   _           _____             |
|                  | |         |     |            |
|                  | |         |  1  |            |
|                  | |         |_   _|            |
|                  | |___________| |_             |
|                  |  _____   _____  |            |
|                  | |     | |     | |            |
|                  | |     | |     | |            |
|                  | |_____| |_____| |            |
|           _____  |  _   ___________|   _ ___    |
|          |     | | | |_|              | |   |   |
|          |  2  | | |  _               | |_3_|   |
|          |_   _| | |_| |___________   | |___    |
|            | |   |  _   _   _____  |__| |   |   |
|            | |   | | | | | |     |  __  |_2_|   |
|            | |___| | | | | |     | |  | |___    |
|            |  ___  |_| | | |___  | |  | |   |   |
|            | |   |  _  | |  ___| | |  | |_1_|   |
|            | |___| | | | | |     | | _| |_      |
|            |_____  | | | | |     | ||  _  |     |
|                  | |_| | | |_____| || |X| |     |
|           _______|  _  | |  _______||_____|     |
|          |  _____  | | | | |                    |
|          | |     | | | | | |                    |
|          | |  _  | |_| |_| |_______             |
|    ______| | | |_|  _______________|            |
|   |B_____  | |___  |_______   _____             |
|          | |     |  _____  |_|     |            |
|          | |_____| |     |  _   3  |            |
|          |______   |_____| | |_____|            |
|                 |  ________|                    |
|                 | |                             |
|                 | |                             |
|                 |_|                             |
|                                                 |
|  |Key|   Basically, I've numbered the Mr. Progs |
| A = BMD  1-3. The numbers correspond to which   |
| B = BMD  box they belong in. Beware of sharks!  |

Note: This map does not show the area of Aquarum Comp 2 you begin in. It shows
only what area you can access after going through the warp, X being the warp.

Clear through the area as before and head to Aquarum Comp 3.

- Aquarum Comp 3 -

-HP50 NCP (A)
-HiCannon M (B)

Same idea as the last two, except there four - count 'em, four - Mr. Progs.

A quick map of the area (rotated 45 degrees clockwise):
|                                                         |
|                  _____                                  |
|                 |     |                                 |
|                 |  1  |                                 |
|                 |_   _|_     _                          |
|                  _| |_| |___| |_______                  |
|                 |___________________  |                 |
|                  _   _   _   _   ___| |                 |
|                 | | | | | | |A| |  _  |                 |
|            _____| |_| | | | | | | |_| |    _____        |
|           |_____   _  |_| | | |_|  _  |   |  B  |       |
|                 | | |  _  | |  _  | | |   |  O  |       |
|            _____| |_| | | | | | | | | |   |  S  |       |
|    _____  |_   _   _  | | |_| |_| |_| |   |  S  |       |
|   |     |   | | | | | | |  _   _____  |   |_____|       |
|   |  2  |   | | | | | |_| | | |     | |_____| |_ ___    |
|   |_   _|   | | | | |  _  | | |     |    ___    |   |   |
|    _| |_____| |_| | | | | |_| |     |   |   |  _|_4_|   |
|   |_______   ___  | | | |  _  |_____|   |   | |_____    |
|           |B|   |_| |_| |_| |_____   _  |   |   |   |   |
|              _____________________| |_| |   |  _|_3_|   |
|             |  _____   ___   _____   _  |   | |_____    |
|          ___| |_____| |___| |_____| |_| |   |   |   |   |
|         |  _   _____   _____   ___   ___|   |  _|_2_|   |
|         | |_| |___  | |  ___| |_  | |       | |_____    |
|         |___   _  |_| |_|  ___  |_| |       |   |   |   |
|          ___| |_|  _   _  |___|  _  |       |  _|_1_|   |
|         |  _   ___| | | |___   _| | |       | |         o
|         | |_| |     | |_____| |___| |       | |        /
|         |  ___|     |_   _   _______|_____ -----      /
|         | |  _____    | |_| |_______|     | \ /      /
|         | |_|     |   |_____________   4  |  v      /
|         |___   3  |                 |_____|        /
|             |_____|                               /
|                                                  /
|  |Key|   Basically, I've numbered the Mr. Progs |
| A = BMD  1-4. The numbers correspond to which   |
| B = BMD  box they belong in. Beware of sharks!  |

Save after bringing back the last Mr. Prog.
Walk across the skull panel to fight Diveman; for tips on defeating him, see
the bosses section of this guide.


 Jump for joy - this scenario's finally over! Unlike last time, Diveman is
actually destroyed. Megaman will rush over to the controls and blast the
feeding chime. Ah, all order is restored! Now to take care of Blackbeard!
...wait, where's Blackbeard? He escaped while he had the chance, I guess. At
that moment, you'll a hear a scream from Mick. Better get over to the cages
and see what's up.
 Ohhh, THERE'S Blackbeard, and he's holding Mick captive! He talks about an
order from this organization he belongs to. He's not going to fail. He tells
Lan to go and open up the cages again, or else. Suddenly, Fanny's ball rolls
up next to him. You see a glimpse of Fanny, Plata, and two other penguins. The
screen blacks out for a second.


 Mick's saved, that's good, I guess. Blackbeard's been knocked over, and he's
pretty much going to stay there. Plata and Mick join in a small reunion, and
the screen once again fades out. Another short cutscene ensues. Lan, Mick,
Plata, and the director all in front of the LevBus station. The director
explains everything a bit, and thanks Lan. Plata doesn't seem to want to
leave Mick's side, so Mick plays a little trick on the penguin. The screen
once again fades out, and you're back in Cyber City's plaza.

- Cyber City -

 Jeez, another cutscene? This one's short, at least. Lan and Mick exchange a
few heart-to-heart words, nothing Lan x Mick though.
 Anddd another cutscene. Some punk navi and a mysterious guy are talking about
Blackbeard. A bit more of the story is revealed, but nothing huge.
 After the cutscenes are over, you'll find yourself in the plaza. There's
nothing much that's left to do, so just call it day and go to bed.

| Aqu - *cough* Spouting Nonsense [wlkf5] |

-HP Memory
-Speed +1 NCP


 Lan's having an odd dream; when the screen fades, you'll see Megaman running.
Suddenly, he stops, and the two Cybeasts appear. He becomes enveloped in this
strange dark aura. At that point, Mr. Mach wakes Lan up. For sleeping in class,
Mr. Mach has Lan stay after school.
 Anyway, once Lan finishes up the assignment and the last custsene ends, leave
the classroom. The director from the Aquarium will thank you and hand over
something called the "tag chip system." Give it a whirl. This is like the
regular chip system, for a few reasons:
-You choose the two chips from your folder
-They appear more often (regular is always)
 Anyway, give it a whirl. Note that there's no "regular memory" or anything for
tag chip system, but you can't go over 60mb.
 When you're all done with that, get over to the teacher's lounge. Mr. Mach
seems pretty impressed by your assignment. Shuko, the new student teacher,
walks in at that point. She introduces herself to Mr. Mach, none needed for
Lan who immediately recognizes her. She explains why she's working here, and
apparently the pays pretty... good? Wait, I thought she was a teacher? Oh well.
Anyway, she asks Lan to take a look at her class. Lan "accepts." Head to your
classroom and get packed up. You'll see Iris next to your desk, staring at a
wall. Haha, that Iris! Lan tries thanking her for the other day, but she just
kind of mumbles some stuff. She does, in the process, thank Lan. She also tells
him her name, which I've already revealed to you. Before Lan can ask anymore
question, Shuko calls him and orders him to her room. He says a quick goodbye
to Iris, and then you're free to leave.
 Before you head back to Shuko's, go to classroom 1-2. Jack into the
chalkboard. You'll find some neat stuff - an HP Memory and a Speed +1 NCP.
Also, if you want, buy the "btlrcard" from the Punk Navi for 2000z. I'll later
cover a section on the virus battler, but for now, just wait. If you want to
buy the card later, that's fine too. Go back to the teacher's lounge and enter
the red door.
 Talk to Shuko, and then the computer. You'll gain control of Spoutman! See the
Link Navis and Crosses section for info.

- Lab's Comp 1 -

-Fan *
-Firehit1 F

 Pick up the Fan * and the Firehit1 F. Continue through the warp and use the
SchPCode Shuko gave you on the cube that's in your way. We have to get to
the Aquarium PC. You'll find yourself in Central Area 1 - Go to Seaside Area 1.

- Seaside Area 1 -

-WhiCapsl *
-DublShot *

 Go southeast down the second spiral. You should end up StfToySpComp. Grab the
WhiCapsl * and the DublShot *. Leave the portal, go across the two arrows, go
southeast and then northeast around the spiral, and then make sure you have a
TrnArrw1 before going through the door.

- Seaside Area 2 -

-PnlRetrn *
-Vulcan2 D

 Go northwest and around all the arrows. Before going into Aquarium Comp, just
go a little bit further and grab the BMD for a PnlRetrn *. Also, drop down
one of the arrows for a BMD.

Quick map of a section of the area, v being the arrows and B being the BMD:

v v v v v
v v v v v
v v v v v v v v
v v v v v v v v v  v
v v v v v v v v v  v
v v v v v B v v v  v
v v v v v v v v v  v

The BMD will contain a Vulcan2 D.

 Now, go back to the Aquarium Comp. Talk to official navi, and strangely, the
entire place will flood. Looks like it's up to Spoutman to save the day. You
have you catch all the fish or it's Shuko's head.
 Go back out to Seaside Area 2. This can get pretty annoying...
 A few things to remember:
-To catch fish, you must first go into the whirlpool
-You only have a limited time to catch fish before you must go back down and
 repeat the process
-There are five fish to an area
-You will not encounter random battles while floating
 So, there's nothing much I can help you with. Basically, you just go into
the whirpool and swim around catching fish. If you get into the orange, you
might want to start heading back to the whirlpool.
 ...happy fishing!

When you're done with areas 1 and 2, go on to the southern corner of Seaside 2
and talk to the gate for a virus battle.

Virus Battle!

Set 1:
Mettaur - 40 HP
Pirahna - 70 HP
Shooter - 140 HP
 Pretty easy. None of them are high priority, although the Mettaur is hardest
to dodge. He also only does 10 damage a hit, so it all evens out. All of them
attack a row, so that's really the only problem. Just take them down as you
would in any battle.

Set 2:
Puffy   - 80 HP
Piranha - 70 HP
Shooter - 140 HP
 Same battle, except the Shooter is in the middle row and there's a Puffy to
replace the Mettaur. Take him out first, and then go for the other two.

Set 3:
Mettaur3 x2 - 120 HP
Puffy       - 80 HP
 A bit annoying. The Mettaurs attack one at a time, so try going for the Puffy
first. These Mettaurs, as I mentioned before, have much faster attacks than the
normal Mettaurs.


And that's it! Go on to Seaside3.

- Seaside Area 3 -


WideBlde B

 Before going fishing in this area, we've got a few items to pick up. First
off, go around the edge of the area. There's a PMD with a WideBlde B above you
in a large open space. Keep going around the outer edge and take the last
arrow. Take the third arrow panel southeast for a BMD containing a RegUP2. Go
back to the beginning now and catch the fish. When you're all done, head back
to the Aquarium Comp. Hand the fish over to the official navi. The water goes
away, and Shuko's head is still attached to her body. The director still gets
pretty mad at her for almost losing the fish data and for flooding the net, so
Shuko decides to quit her part-time job at the Aquarium (I KNEW her teaching
job didn't pay well!) and devote herself to being a teacher.

- Cyber City -

Talk to Shuko to engage in a battle with Spoutman. For tips on defeating him,
see the bosses section of this guide.


 You receive two things for beating Spoutman - your first cross, and free use
of Spoutman as a Link Navi. You'll go through a tutorial on how to use crosses.
See the Link Navis and Crosses section for more details.


 In my opinion, it's not half bad. You'll be using it a lot since it's your
first, and so far only, cross. You'll soon get an email from Shuko about
Spoutcross. Leave the school and you'll see Tab and Mick outside along
with a group of other people. There's a woman doing some sort of promotion,
acording to Mick. Tomorrow, there's a "CompuDancing Jamboree" in Central Area
3 to celebrate the opening of the Expo. We'll have to check it out.
 Tab's chip shop is now open, so if you have some spare change, buy yourself
some chips. You'll also notice there's a numberman trader. Check the section
I have on the numberman trader for a list of codes that net you its prizes.
You'll also see a 3-Chip Trader next to it.

| Aster Land's Current |
|    Chip Stock:       |
| GunDelS1 C - 1000z   |
| AirHocky N - 3800z   |
| DrilArm  G - 5000z   |
| LongBlde M - 6200z   |
| WideSht  P - 7000z   |
| BigBomb  V - 9000z   |

There's also a RequestBBS to check out. I'll include it in a later update.

When you're all done, head back home and go to bed.

| Beastly Arms [wlk06] |

 As always, we start off with a cutscene. A normal navi is walking up to an
official navi standing in front of the Cybeast statues in Central Area 3. The
normal navi reports that Central Areas 1, 2, and 3 are all clean. The official
navi finds it hard to believe, especially since there was a navi incident just
a few days ago, but the normal navi assures him it's been taken care of.
 Back to the heroes - Lan's awake and ready to go to the Jamboree, but before he
can jack in to his computer , his mom calls up to him and says he has a guest
waiting downstairs. Go downstairs, though she's already left. Sherlock deduces
that is must have been Iris, so let's head outside and see if she's still
 Go to the plaza and talk to her in front of the bird. Lan tells her she should
come to the Jamboree, but Iris tells him -he- shouldn't. Mick calls in and tells
Lan to get over to Central 3 - they've already got a performer on stage in front
of the statues. The "performer," Circusman, starts dancing. The navis watching
the dance all mention they feel like their energy is being drained, and Mick
notices his navi's HP is suddenly dropping. Soon, all of the navis fall down,
and these yellow balls rise from their chests. Circusman... eats them >_> Those
are quite obviously very fattening.
 Circusman walks over to the edge of the giant gaping hole in the middle of
Central Area 3 and spits the yellow balls into it. The entire net begins shaking
as the cybeasts rise out of the hole. Circusman opens up his chest and attempts
to absorb the Cybeasts, but can only suck in one of them, which will differ
between the two versions. NetPolice surround him before he can attempt to
suck in the second of the Cybeasts. He decides to jack out because of his weak
state, just in time for the remaining Cybeast to take down the NetPolice.
 The screen fades out to Lan and Iris. As soon as you walk inside, you'll get
an email from the NetPolice. Whatever. Jack in to your PC and get over to
Central Area 3.

- Central Area 1 -

 ...wait, what's this? The entire net is dimmed and navis are sprawled across
the ground everywhere. Also, you'll notice some new viruses around, notably
Quakers and Swordys. They've got some decent chips to give out. Also, you'll be
running into some poison panels, which drain your health at a rapid rate.

- Central Area 2 -

 Same story here. You'll see some Armadills here too, their chips are nice as
well. When you're done here, go to Central 3.

- Central Area 3 -

 Spooky! The net's quaking here! Run over to where Circusman was. The Cybeast
that corresponds to your version will be sitting there. Lan and Megaman, having
no idea what they're getting into, try to take on the Cybeast. The Cybeast lets
out a massive burst of power, knocking over Megaman. Jack out for now.

- Cyber City -

 Walk into your kitchen and talk to your dad. He's no help :( He just tells you
to leave it to the adults. Nngh, go back into your room. Lan decides to
eavesdrop on his parents, hearing something about /absorbing/ the beast using
a navi.
 Megaman wants to go onto the net and at least limit the damage the Cybeast is
causing. Lan's a bit skeptic, but gives in. Jack in.

- Central Area 1 -

 Talk to the official navi. He'll give you a set of weapons called "soul
weapons" that you can use to clean up the areas.
 In Central Area 1, you'll just have 2 Knives, 2 Swords, 1 Axe, and 1 Gun.
 Walk up to the red figure - we'll call these fragments. Press "a" and select
the first weapon, a knife. Knives hit the space directly in front of you. Use
it and the red fragment will be destroyed. Continue on a bit to see a red and
a yellow fragment. A yellow fragment can take two hits, unless you hit it from
behind, in which case it'll be destroyed in one hit. In any case, walk behind
the red fragment and use a SoulSword. Use a soulknife on the remaining red one.
Continue on to the cafe. Use a SoulSword on the red and yellow fragments at the
entrance. Walk up to the red in the middle of the group of three and use a
SoulAxe to destroy all three. With one weapon left over, you'll gain a bugfrag.
Continue on to the next area.

- Central Area 2 -

 Talk to the official navi at the entrance. You'll get 2 knives, a sword,
4 axes, and a gun. Walk up to the first group, which looks like this:


 Axe the yellow and the red to the right of it. Axe the remaining three and
continue on to the next group. Axe them and use a soulknife on the remaining
red. Go to the next group and axe the two yellows; afterwards, use your two
swords to kill off the rest. You'll walk away with two bugfrags this time.
Continue to Central Area 3.

- Central Area 3 -

 Talk to the official navi for 3 knives, 4 swords, 4 axes, and 2 guns. You'll
notice blue fragments here - they can take 3 hits, but like yellows, they can
fall in one hit if it's from behind. With that in mind, walk up to the group
with a red and two yellows and position yourself here:

Y Y <--

 Use a sword to take out one of the yellows and reduce the other one to a red,
and then sword the remaining two. Go to the next group.


 Sword that yellow from behind, going across the gap. Use an axe and a knife on
the remaining two. Go the next group.

Y R B <--

 Gun the blue from behind to kill it one shot. Use an axe and a knife on the
remaining two. Go the next group.


 Axe the blue and the red, then use a sword on the on yellow and the red behind
it. Use a knife/axe/gun on the remaining red, and you'll receive two bugfrags.
 You can now get to your Cybeast, which is waiting in front of the entrance of
Sea Area 1. A cutscene ensues where Megaman tries to absorb the Cybeast as
Circusman did with the other, though the increible power drastically weakens
him. Crud. There's nothing that can be done to help him except wait it out.
...or is there? You'll get an e-mail from Iris telling you to go to Seaside Area
3 to get some HealWatr.

 Go to the school and grab your only Link Navi. Make your way to Seaside Area 1.

- Seaside Area 1 -

 NOT AGAIN! Talk to the official navi for 4 knives, 4 swords, 3 axes, and 3
guns. Head around the spiral to see a group as so:


 Sword the red and the yellow, and then sword the next red and yellow. All
three fragments will be destroyed. Skip the blue for now and keep going around
the spiral until you run into a red. Knife it and then gun the yellow across the
gap. Walk around the spiral and enter the warp.

    Y Y
--> B Y

 Oh gee. This could be tough! Axe the Y/B/Y twice. Walk behind the Y/Y in
the back and sword them. One of them will be destroyed and you'll be left with


 Axe them. Take the warp back up and go around the second spiral. When you get
to the warp, take the two arrows southwest. Go northwest to where the blue was
and knife it from behind. Go around to the other end of the spiral and you'll
see two yellows. Knife the first one twice and then sword the second from
behind. You'll get two bug frags.

- Seaside Area 2 -

 Talk to the offical navi to get three of each weapon. Go southeast past the
cube. At the very end, you'll see two arrows going southwest (which is where
you already are.) Gun the blue in the northeast corner of your screen. Go back
to the cube and pay it 100z to pass through. Go to the red and yellow fragments.
Use an axe and a knife to finish them off. Go up along the edge to find more


 Axe the R/Y. Knife the remaining red and sword the two yellows from behind.
Go up to find a lone red. Knife it. Keep going to find another group:


 Go down the arrow and position yourself behind the blue, yellow, and yellow so
you can use an axe. Use an axe to kill of the top yellow and the blue. Use a
sword on the two reds. Keep going to find two blues - sword them from behind.
You'll get two frags. Go on to the next area.

- Seaside Area 3 -

 OH GEE. Four blues and a yellow are sitting there as soon as you walk in! Talk
to the official navi, which is actually standing. He'll give you three knives,
five swords, four axes, and 3 guns.
 This might be tough - it's all about one-hit kills. Ignore the blues, but axe
the yellow and the red. Take the arrows going southeast. Sword one of the blues
from behind and gun the other. Take the arrow going back and sword the two
remaining blues. Go around the top edge until you find a blue and a yellow.
Knife the yellow twice and then sword the blue. Go all the way southwest and
take the arrows going southeast. Once again, go all the way southwest and then
take the arrows going southeast. You'll find a VERY large group waiting for you.
   _ _

 You should have 1 knife, 2 swords, 3 axes, and 2 guns. Sword the yellow and
the blue.
   _ _

 Sword the two reds in the front.
   _ _

 Knife the red on the side.
   _ _

 Axe the reds in the back.
   _ _

 Axe the yellow and red combo from behind, and you're done! Whew! You'll get
three bug frags this time. Continue on past where the flames were. Grab the
heal water and you'll get caught in a cutscene. Circusman will appear and attack
you with a few groups of viruses.

Virus Battle!
Mettaur3 - 120 HP
Quaker   - 80 HP
Sniper   - 220 HP
 With the exception of the Sniper, you've dealt with all of these before. Take
out the Mettaur3, then the Quaker, then the Sniper. Nothing hard.

- Lan's HP -

 Jack out and then back in. Go to Lan's HP, which is where Megaman is currently
lying dormant. Talk to him and use the HealWatr. According to Lan's dad, the
Cybeast is rejecting the HealWatr. You'll see a giant flash, and then Megaman
in beast out! Pretty soon, he'll faint again.

- Cyber City -

 Ten hours later, Megaman is still down. Lan's pretty downbeat because of it.
Lan's dad has just walked into his room. According to Lan, Megaman beat the
Cybeast. He's sleeping right now, and Lan figures he should do the same.
 Once Lan wakes up, he checks his PET to make sure Megaman's okay. Megaman
seems to be fine, so all's good! You'll get an email from Lan's dad, which
includes a tutorial on how to use Megaman's Cybeast powers. Run through it. See
the Link Navis and Crosses section for more info on Falzar Beast.
- Cyber City -

 When you're all done with the tutorial, Mick will walk into your room.
Circusman was spotted hanging around Central Area 3. Jack in and get over to
there now.

- Central Area 3 -

 Walk up to the Cybeast statues - Circusman is there! You'll engage in battle.
For tips on defeating him, see the bosses section of this guide.


 One less clown we don't need. He gives away part of his ringmaster's plan,
first by announcing there's a ringmaster. We playing already knew that, though.
Quickly, you'll snap to another cutscene. Circusman's operator is trying to
excuse her defeat. The boss calls it a victory even though Megaman sealed one
of the Cybeasts, so Circusman's operator is saved.

| Tangle With The Tengu [wlkf7] |

  A few days later, we find Lan in school walking up to a group of kids huddled
 around a poster for some Expo Pavilion, which is apparently recruiting an
 Operator Navi - hey, wait! We're an operator navi! Continue through the
 cutscene to figure out that an operator navi is nothing more than a navi in a
 copybot that operates humans; oh, the irony. I guess we can do that too,
 though. Of course, Lan has to figure out what a pavilion is first... if only,
 if only, he hadn't slept through class all of these years. Mick pulls an
 arrogant stunt claiming it has something to do with a lion, but his navi
 quickly pops up to correct him. First of all, it's not even ALIVE, let alone
 a lion. A few snyde remarks later, as well as a few "idiot synchronicities"
 later, Lan and Mick run off.
  Before they can go anywhere, an old man pops up behind them. The old fogey
 throws some riddles at them, pulls a ninja, and then introduces himself as
 Master Feng-Tian, a humble social studies teacher. Bewildered as he is, Lan
 asks him how he managed to pull the stunt he'd done moments before; he simply
 answers by telling him he was "one with the wind." Remember that, because
 someday when you're eighty years old and living in a Motel-6, it'll be
 important. It'll be important.
  Read through the rest of the cutscene and run off to the Central Area
 NetCafe to enter the contest. Also note before jacking in that Aster Land now
 has Chip Order available. Check it out.
 - Central Area 1-
 - Roll2 R
  Before going to the cafe, check your HP's email for a Roll2 R from Mayl.
 Continue on to the cafe and speak to the yellow and pink navis. For the first
 part of the contest, entrants must find a cyberseal; where have we seen one
 of those? Probably Seaside Town; head there now.
 - Seaside Town -
 -5 BugFrags
 -Charge+1 NCP (blue)
  First off, head to the area behind the reception desk. Speak to the man
 you'll immediately see to initiate a battle.
Virus Battle!
Piranha 2 - 120 HP
Piranha 2 - 120 HP
Puffy 2   - 120 HP
 This shouldn't be hard. If you have any MachGuns, this is the place to use
them. Otherwise, just go for the Piranhas and then the Puffy. Beasting out
works wonders here. Falzar's featherbuster, with a bit of extra attack, can
wipe these out very easily.
  For winning, you'll receive 5 bugfrags. Continue on to the main control
 room and jack in. In the upperright you'll find an Aqua Navi; talk to it,
 say yes, and you'll face yet another virus battle.
Virus Battle!
Shaker   - 110 HP
Puffy2   - 120 HP
StarFsh2 - 120 HP
 Nothing hard. Go for the Shaker, then Starfish, then Puffy. Once again,
beasting out is great here.
  For winning, you'll get a blue Charge+1 NCP. Jack out and head to the back of
 the aquarium. Jack into the green screen where we had gotten the HP Memory
 earlier. Speak to the yellow and pink navis, who now tell us to hunt down a
 fish that can't swim. Remember the fish stick booth we'd jacked into earlier,
 right in the center of Seaside Town? Yeah, go back there again. Talk to the
 navis to get your next clue, "I am always looking at crayfish." Go back
 to Central's school and into class 6-1. Inspect the crayfish box, then
 talk to the kid staring at it; inspect the camera on the wall in the right
 corner of the room and then jack into it.

- SecurCamComp -

-Jungle NCP (green)

-HP Memory

  Grab the BMDs and then talk to the girls again. You'll receive an ExpoFldr as
 well as an HP Memory. Nice! You may want to steal a few chips from the
 ExpoFldr, especially the LifeSwrd PA (Sword, WideSwrd, LongSwrd) which is in
 S code. If you do so, grab the AreaGrab S too. Also, if you still use
 CrackShots, you may want to replace them with the two DublShot *s.
  Jack out to receive an email from the Aquairum director. Grab a few cupcakes,
 put a smile on your face, and open your windows to let the sun shine in - we
 get to testify against Captain Blackbeard!
 [start app; "angry roaring"]
 [end app; "angry roaring"]
  You'll now notice a second choice on the LevBus, "Green Town." We have to
 testify today, so we better leave soon.
 - Green Town -
 -HP Memory
 -BlckBomb F
  In the upperright, you'll see a statue. Jack into it and grab the two BMDs
 for a RegUP2 and 2400z. In the lowerright, a merchant is selling subchips.
LocEnemy - 7000z
SneakRun - 500z
Untrap   - 800z

  Untraps become particularly useful when zenny-hunting via random GMDs, though
 they're a bit expensive. Buy what you feel like buying and then proceed to the
 entrance of the court. As you pass by, you'll see a rather shady character who
 attempts to arrest you. Lan ignores him and continues to the building. As
 soon as you enter, three guards will attempt to arrest you. "W-Wait! I came
 here to testify!" "Well, why didn't you say so?" After stating his name, the
 guards claim he's not on the list. The director quickly steps in to cool
 things down. He puts Lan on the list, and then tells him he has to go get
 permission to enter the court from Green Area 2's netcafe. You heard the
 man, let's go. Jack into the computer on the left with the word "truth"
 on it. Grab the HP Memory. The HP also has a subchip merchant:
FullEnrg - 1000z
Unlocker - 4000z
Untrap   - 800z

  Buy an unlocker and use it on the PMD for a BlkBomb F, which you'll be using
 quite often in Green Area.
 - Green Area 1 -
 -Yoyo *
 -Spreadr2 C
 -Lance W
  If you're using jungle, you should know that's not the reason you're seeing
 so many wood viruses. In any event, whip out HeatCross if you have it,
 otherwise bust out some chips like FireHit1 F or FireBrn1 F. The BlkBomb you
 just received will be able to wipe out most enemies with ease, provided you
 set it off with a FireBrn or FireHit, or HeatCross if you have it. Otherwise
 just use CopyDmg on one enemy and throw it at another for a sure kill of both.
 Blastman, of course, will simply RUIN anything and everything here. If you
 picked up one of his chips from either the NMTrader or a random encounter,
  After you're finished modifying your folder, head lowerleft to find a
 merchant selling some neat stuff.
  HP Memory    - 4800z - 8400z
  Custom1  (B) - 4600z
  MegFldr1 (G) - 3000z
  FlotShoe (P) - 3800z
  ChpShufl (G) - 6600z
  Attack+1 (P) - 2000z
  HP+200   (Y) - 4200z
  Take the first warp you see and then enter the next to enter BookComp. Grab
 the SubMemry and a Yoyo *. Head back and take the second warp. Take the
 upper warp for a PMD with a Lance W. Head back and take the other warp.
 Take the lower path. You'll find a Spreadr2 C and a path to Central Area 3
 from Green Area 1.
  Go back and take the upper path. To pass on to the next area, we must figure
 out the punishment for hitting a Mr. Prog on the head. Jack out and then back
 in. Go up and talk to the Aqua Navi. Say yes and pay him 1000z to join. Talk
 to the other navis to find out that the punishment is "something infuriating;"
 good enough. Head back to the gate and proceed on to Green Area 2.
 - Green Area 2 -
 -Speed+1 NCP (green)
  Head northwest to the NetCafe. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Talk to the
 green navi there to receive "AuthData." Leave the pub through the upper exit
 and head southeast. The third platform houses a green Speed+1 NCP. You can
 jack out at this point.
  Head through the gate to meet with the director as well as the prosecutor,
 Ito. Read through the rest of the cutscene and then walk into the large doors.
 Speak to everyone in the room and then walk up to the large computer in the
 center of the room, the Judge Tree. A sketchy cutscene ensues, and Lan is
 once again on the verge of being arrested - this time with stun arms! The
 shady guy from before quickly stops the robots in a Chaud-like fashion. He's
 now presumed Lan to be not a criminal, but just an idiot. Once the cutscene
 finished, another begins. The court's finally in seesion. Lan admires Ito
 as he speaks, in a fanboyishly lame fashion. Lan's called to speak, and
 completely botches his speech. Blackbeard gets arrested anyhow, saying
 something about how it wasn't apart of the "deal;" it seemed to be directed
 at Ito - conspiracy, by chance? Another cutscene begins. Once it's finished,
 you'll get an email from Feng. After you read it, take the LevBus
 back to Central. You'll see your dad walk out of the school and a short
 cutscene takes place. When it's finished, go to bed.
   The next morning, another cutscene takes place inside the school. Apparently,
 Dr. Hikari boosted the power of the blackboards, and now they're... ehh,
 power-boosted. Lan falls asleep soon enough, though he's woken by a strange
 noise coming from the closet. You'll also get mail soon from your mom,
 something about your dad getting arrested. Man, the Hikaris sure have a
 god-awful criminal record. Anyway, head home. Talk to your mom and then take
 the LevBus to Green Town.
  Before entering the court house, talk to Feng. (He's on the stump to the
 left of the entrance.) Say yes to him, and then talk to the book to take
 control of Tenguman. See the Link Navis and crosses section for more info.
  Our mission here is to fend off birds and pick up a bunch of hidden scrolls.
 If the birds ever get near you, press A to fend them off. You can only do that
 five times though, unless you pick up a leaf to recharge. Anyway, head to the
 warp that takes you to the path that goes to Area 2. Take it, and immediately
 above you will be a scroll. Take the lower path and you'll come across two
 scrolls, one in the northwest and another in the southeast. You should have
 three now. Next, go back and take the upper path; make a run for the southeast
 path and you'll come across the fourth and (thank god) final scroll.
  Area 2 is twice as annoying. First, make a mad dash to the cafe, trying not
 to use more than one (if any) blasts of wind. Before you take the moving
 panels, go southwest and take the last path going northwest for a scroll. Now,
 go to the cafe. There should be a scroll on the third 3x3. Take the last 3x3
 to make a loop around, picking up the leaf. As you're going southwest, dash
 for the two leaves and finally the third scroll. Take the second set of
 stairs to go into the large central square, and in front of the tree next to
 the moving panels is the final scroll. Jack out and talk to Feng to fight
 Tenguman. Refer to the boss section for tips on how to beat Tenguman.
  Well, that was sure nice to make up for what we went through with those
 stupid birds, right? Anyway, we now possess Tengucross! See the Link Navis and
 Crosses section for more info.

   Sometime soon, you'll get an email from Feng explaining Tengucross. When
 you're done, anyhow, proceed on to "Jury Duty" to find out what to do next.
| Jury Duty [wlk08] |



-Guardian O

  Head to the Courthouse now. Enter the courtroom to find the Judge Tree making
 its final decision; for hacking into the Judge Tree, Lan's father is sentenced
 to 100 hours of "zapping" which is to take place in an hour. According to
 Megaman, we've gotta find more facts to defend Dr. Hikari. Talk to Ito next to
 the Judge Tree, who apparently thinks Dr. Hikari is guilty as well. He'll give
 you the key item "Report" and explain his position, which is namely because
 Dr. Hikari has no alibi for the time of the hacking yesterday; but wait,
 didn't we see him in front of the station yesterday at that time? Good job,
 Lan! Ito says we need more concrete proof though, so we're off to go find
 something that proves Lan's father wasn't in Green Town at the time of the
 hacking. Ito offers to delay the punishment, so we're free to roam. Head to
 central town.
  Enter the school and talk to Mr. Mach. He happens to know that the
 maintennance Dr. Hikari did on the blackboards yesterday was at 3:00 PM, an
 hour before the hacking - it also took two hours, so that means he must have
 been at the school at 4:00 PM. Now, all we need to do is prove that it was him
 who did the maintennance; Mr. Mach can't seem to remember what Dr. Hikari even
 looks like though, so he'll be of no use. We have to find someone else in the
 school who saw Dr. Hikari do the maintennance. Remember the camera we saw in
 6-1 the other day? That's where we'll want to head; it must have captured the
 maintennance that took place on tape .
  Jack in and examine the blue copmuter northeast of the portal. Of course,
 there's a few viruses inside it.

Virus Battle!
MegaCorn - 180 HP
KillrEye - 100 HP
MegaCorn - 180 HP
 Immediately take out the KillrEye and then whip out HeatCross if you're playing
Gregar. Otherwise, a blackbomb with a firearm should work well. Tengucross is
also acceptable here.
  According to Megaman, the virus popped out when he tried searching for the
 4 o'clock data; he figures it to be a trap. Of course, after the viruses were
 deleted, the data disappeared; at that point, Wonderboy and his dee-dee-dee
 brother realize that someone must have been trying to frame their father. The
 virus was just to get rid of whoever realized that...
 ...because of course, we all know that viruses can kill humans.
  Lan seems to think Blackbeard was the real culprit. at that time, a Mr. Prog
 comes up to Megaman to see if he can help. He seems shocked that the data is
 missing, though he seems to remember a pretty tall navi poking around at about
 10:00 PM. That doesn't really tell us anything though, sadly. He asks if we
 at least want the data from the day before yesterday, as something else unusual
 happened that day. We see Mick walk into the classroom, followed by a security
 bot. He says there's something strange in the closet and tells the bot to look
 inside; he then shoves it inside the closet and locks it. Well, that explains
 the strange noises we'd heard earlier in class. "Hehe! I got a security bot!
 I'm gonna tell everyone!" It's apparently just a prank pulled by Mick.
  It's probable that no one let out the bot, so maybe we should go do that now.
 Walk over to the closet and let him out. It seemed to know Lan was there and
 immediately started thudding against the door. Lan lets him out and the bot
 comes crashing through, panting (robots breathe?) and talking about how awful
 it was in there. Mr. Mach walks in, telling Lan that the robot has been missing
 for two days and asks him if he put it in there. He knows that the bot records
 everything it sees, so one look will tell him the cuplrit. Lan asks where the
 vidoes are, and Mr. Mach gleefully tells him it's in the teacher's room. We can
 go in there, but we're not to pull any pranks.
  Check the large main computer where we fought Blastman. Jack in and go to
 the place where we fought Blastman, which is directly northwest for those who
 don't remember. The bot, even though in the closet, was able to see everything
 going on the classroom. We see Lan's dad at the blackboard, doing the
 maintennance he was said to be doing. Take that, real cuplrit! Speaking of the
 real culprit, the robot also managed to capture the villain on tape. Ah, so it
 was Ito! ...wait, Ito!? You'll receive "ImgData." Jack out and head over to
 Green Town's courthouse once again.
  Talk to the official in front of the courtroom. The court is not in session
 today. Lan demands to know where his father is; he says he has an alibi, and
 the official says he'll allow an exception for Lan to go to the Punishment
 Room. The Punishment Room is the door to the right of the courtroom. Dr.
 Hikari is already locked into a chair; the robots say that the zapping is to
 begin in twenty minutes. A man yells over to Lan, telling him silence is
 golden in the punishment room. Lan pleads for him to listen, that he has an
 alibi for his father. However, the man refuses to listen, as this would be the
 first time ever that the Judge Tree was wrong. He says that Lan can still show
 the Judge Tree the alibi if he really wants the punishment to stop, so Lan of
 course goes ahead. Walk to the end of the hall and through the door to enter
 the courtroom.
  Ito is standing in front of the Tree alone; Lan goes up to him and tells him
 that he's found the real culprit. Ito doesn't try to deny it, and even tells
 Lan that he too is a part of the organization Blackbeard had been talking
 about. His role is to take out nuisances, which happen to include Lan's father.
 Ito orders the Judge Tree to sentence everyone in Cyber City as guilty, and
 sure enough it goes right ahead. Five security bots come out from the
 Punishment Room, ready to zap Lan. It's obvious what we do now: RUN!
  The screen flashes to show people being attacked all over by out-of-control
 security bots. However we do it, the only way out of this is to take out the
 Judge Tree. Walk around and back into the Punishment Room. Jack into the chair
 in the last cell to find a BMD with a FullEnrg subchip and a PMD with a
 Guardian O. Jack out and go back to the entrance. Walk over to where the old
 man is and walk through the door next to him to find an entrance that takes you
 outside. We need a password to enter the other door outside, "The law governing
 NetNavi rights is what law number?" Jack into Green HP and talk to the blue
 navi. He tells you that it's law No. 153. Go back to the door and enter that
 number. Enter the building.
  You'll wind up at the Judge Tree's roots; go around and climb up the ladder.
 You'll now be in the courtroom, standing on top of the Judge Tree. Ito reveals
 a few pieces of his plan, so now we're left to foil it being the meddling kids
 we are.
 - JdgTreeComp1 -
-ComingRd *
-StepSwrd L
  The object here is to walk around the platforms, stepping on each switch. The
 only catch is, you can't step on the same panel twice. Once again, I've made
 maps in which the path is shown. Also, most of the enemies here are of the wood
 element; you may want to recreate/reequip the fire folder you may or may not
 have made earlier when you first came to Green Town.
  Note that there is a general key for all of the maps:
  B = BMD
  X = Destination
  + = Single empty square (to avoid confusion)
  > = Go right
  ^ = Go up
  < = Go left
  v = Go down
  _ _ _
 |_|^|<|_ _ _ _ _ _ _
        _ _|^|
       |B|>|^|        _ _ _
       |^| |_|_ _ _ _|_|_|_|
       |^| |_|v|<|<|<|<|<|<|
       |^|   |v|         |^|_   _
       |^|   |v|        _|^|_|_|_|
       |^|<|<|<|      _|>|^|v|<|<|
                     |>|^|_|v| |^|
                    _|^|<|<|<| |^|
                   |_|_|_|_|_| |^|
                  _ _ _ _ _ _ _|^|_ _
                 |^|      _ _ _    |_|
                 |^|_ _ _|B|<|_|_ _|_|

 - JdgTreeComp2 -
  Same thing here.
 -Yoyo N
 -HP Memory
          _ _ _
    _ _ _  |^|  _ _ _
   |_|_|_|_|^| |v|<|<|
   |>|>|>|>|B|_|v| |^|
   |^|<|<| |>|>|>|>|^|
      _ _|_|^|<|_ _
           |^|_ _ _ _ _
        _ _|^|<|<|<|<|<|
       |>|>|v|_ _ _ _|B|
       |^| |>|>|>|>|>|^|
      _|^|_ _ _
     |^| |>|v|^|_
     |^|_ _|v|^|<|
             |^|_ _ _
             |^|<|<|<|_ _ _ _
                  _|^|_    |_|
                 |_|_|_|_ _|_|
- JdgTreeComp3 -

  ...yet again, follow the arrows.
     _ _ _ _
  |_|_|_|_|_|  _ _ _ _
      |^|     |_|v|<|<|
      |^|       |v| |^|_
      |^|       |v| |^|_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      |^|_ _ _ _|v| |^|_|_|v|<|<|<|<|<|<|
      |^|<|<|<|<|<|_|^|<|v|<| |>|>|v|_|^|
                |>|v| |^|v|   |^|+|v|+|^|
                |^|v|_|^|v|   |^|<|>|>|^|
                |^|>|B|^|v|     |^|<|
                |^|<|<|<|<|       |^|
                           _ _ _|>|^|_|_ _
                            |^|  _  |_|
                         _ _|^| |_| |_|
                        |_|_|^| |_| |_|
                        |_| |^| |_| |_|
                        |_| |^| |_| |_|
                        |_| |^| |_| |_|
  Once you reach the boss area, get ready to fight... Colonel? Apparently, he's
 behind this plan. He's the one who set up Dr. Hikari, saying that he's only
 doing it because he thinks it's right. He says he and Megaman are now enemies,
 and then rushes at him. Another navi is attacking him at an incredible speed.
 He leaves Judgeman to take care of us - or shall we say, us to take care of
 Judgeman! For tips on defeating him, see the bosses section of this guide.
  Megaman rushes forward to shut off the Tree. By doing so, he also returns the
 security bots to normal. Lan then runs over to his dad's cell - one more minute
 and he would have been toast. Ito apparently got arrested, and didn't even
 attempt to resist. He refused to say anything, though messed up the Tree's
 program quite a bit. A few days later, it was fixed, and the Judge Tree's first
 trial after the incident was held, where Ito was decidedly guilty and stripped
 of his rank.
  Back at Central Town's school, we find Mr. Mach talking with Mick in the hall.
 He's punishing him for hiding the security bot; he tells Mick he must stand in
 the hall with a bucket of water on his head for a long period time.
  Another cutscene takes place at what appears to be the organization's
 headquarters; we see Baryl talking to another person about Ito. He mentions
 something about how close Cyber City was to being theirs. The cutscene
 continues on for a bit and some more plot is revealed.

| TOMAHAWK SLAM! [wlkf9] |

 -OilBody NCP (red)
 -ColorPt *
 -Charge+1 NCP (white)
 -1 BugFrag
 -Speed+1 NCP (pink)

  Watching the news, we found out a rather interesting bit of information; all
 of Cyber City's weather is controlled by a machine called "Mr. Weather" in Sky
 Town - so as Lan says, they forecasts are really just notices, so the news is
 always right 100% of the time. Of course, it's Megaman who has to explain it to
 him, though he should have known since Mr. Mach already explained in class. Lan
 soon receives a mail about Round Two of the Expo Pavilion Navi Selection Test,
 which will from here on out be referred to as the EPONST. The EPONST takes
 place in Sky Town, so that's where we're going to go next. Get on the LevBus
 and go there now. Oh, and Asterland has two new chips:
  FullCust * - 7800z
  NumbrBl  N - 12600z

  Talk to the man in the suit standing in front of the large "SKY" building to
 find out where to go. Also talk to Dingo, who's standing next to the elevator.
 He's opening a NetBattle class soon enough down on the HeliPad. After you've
 talked to both to them, take the elevator upstairs. Head around until you see
 a long path with four electronics, two on each side. Jack into the first one,
 a fan. Inside you'll find 1600z and an OilBody NCP. Jack out and walk up to the
 air conditioner. You'll find a ColorPt * and a RegUP1 inside. There's a heater
 next, with 1000z and a white Charge+1 NCP. Lastly, you'll find... a shower. Eh,
 an electric shower? Whatever, jack inside. Northeast you'll find a punk navi.
 He's selling RushFood. Feel free to buy some; they're very expensive at 3000z
 a can, but they open up permanent shortcuts to various areas. Inside here,
 you'll also find another RegUP1 and a BugFrag. Jack out and walk inside the
 building about two feet away. Talk to the blue navi.
  The blue navi gathers the group of people who made it to round two of the
 EPONST and explains the objective. This round, unlike the last one, tests our
 strength rather than problem-solving. This round takes place in Sky Area on the
 net, but before we get started, we have to go register with Mr. Weather first.
 Aside from being the star of Sky Town, he's also its mainframe system, deciding
 and controlling the weather. Follow the navi to Mr. Weather. Talk to it; it's
 the giant machine with the orb-head and hands extruding from its sides. He
 gives you an umbrella and tells you to go on the net and speak to the four
 judge navis, who will send viruses after you. We'll receive a total of four
 "WinCards" and then we must take them to the big plaza in Sky Area 2. Before
 we do any of that though, there's a new cross available to us. Go over to
 where we took the first elevator. Behind it, there's a set of stairs. Take
 them down and then jack into the control panel beneath the elevator. A pink
 Speed+1 NCP is in there. Jack out and head southwest to Dingo. Tell him you
 wish to take his class.
  You read for some fun? Good, because we won't be having any. We get to operate
 Tomahawkman. Examine the control panel behind him to take control of him. See
 the Link Navis and Crosses section for more info.

  Tomahawkman explains what we'll be doing; we're going to go through Sky Area,
 finding four totem poles and undergoing a set of trials.
- SkyArea2 -

 -HP+50 NCP (blue)
  In the Helipad HP, pick up the two BMDs for a blue HP+50 NCP and an unlocker
 subchip. Walk up to the portal and enter Sky Area 2.
  Immediately ahead of us is the first totem pole. It'll ask if you want to take
 its test; say yes. By pressing the "B" button, you must destroy thirty totem
 poles. They have three stages of "growth;" if you're unable to destroy them by
 the time the reach the third stage of growth, you'll take damage and have to
 start over. Also, you'll have to consistently switch direction to reach totems
 behind you. To do this, press L and R. Occasionally, you'll notice an eagle
 pop out; these usually come up when you're on the verge of losing. Destroying
 one of these totems causes a swarm of eagles to come out and destroy every
 totem pole on the field.
  The first one isn't all too hard. Always go for the large clumps of totems or
 the highest ones. Anyway, once you're done, head south a bit and you'll see a
 BMD. Grab it for a RegUP3. Go northwest a bit and take the moving panel. You'll
 see two moving panels next to each other; take those as well. Go down the
 stairs to find another totem. This one, you need to destroy fifty. You'll
 also see gold totems this time. These grow much faster than regular totems,
 so destroy them ASAP! Go past him into Sky Area 1.

- SkyArea1 -

 -HP+100 NCP (blue)


 -Fish NCP (blue)
  Immediately head down to the tree and take it down. Go southwest and talk to
 the navi to receive a blue Fish NCP. Head back to the entrance and then go
 southeast this time. Go northeast and take out the cloud. There's a SpinBlue
 inside the PMD there. Go back to the bottom of the stairs you just took and
 continue southeast. Continue along the path until you get to a fork. Going
 southeast leads to a dead end, so take the northwest path. You'll soon come
 across the third totem pole, which requires you to destroy 70 totems. There
 are also blue totem poles now, which grow even faster than the golds. Still,
 this is not too much harder than the last two.
  Rather than proceeding northeast, go northwest and speak to the BugFrag
 BblWrap  Q - 24BF
 Mine     S - 36BF
 PoisSeed P - 48BF
 GrabRvng Q - 65BF
 NeoVari  N - 80BF
 BgDthThd V - 100BF
  The only worthwhile chip really is BgDthThd, as it's one of a few gigachips
 necessary to complete your library. However, this early in the game, it's
 unlikely that you have that many BugFrags, so you're probably better off
 waiting to buy anything. Go back and head northeast. You'll reach another
 fork; go northwest to grab a BMD with a blue HP+100 NCP. Head northeast next.
 The last totem pole is waiting for you in the cafe. This last guy wants you
 to destroy 100. There are also red ones now, making it once again even harder.
  Jack out after defeating all of the totems. Talk to Dingo to fight
 Tomahawkman. For tips on defeating him, see the bosses section of this guide.


 You'll get a Tomahawkman T for defeating him. You'll also get Tomahawkcross!
See the Link Navis and Crosses section for more info.


  You'll soon receive an email from Dingo explaining Tomahawkcross. When you're
 ready, move on to chapter 10 of the guide.

My apologies.
 That's all for now. I'll finish the rest of the guide soon enough, something
like a chapter a day. Keep looking for updates!

| After The End [athnd] |

To be finished in a later update as well.

| Bosses [bsses] |

Bosses are listed in the order of which you fight them for convinience.

-Boss: Blastman-
HP: 400/800/1400/2000
Element: Fire

-Fireballs: Blastman will summon Fireballs to sweep the area. These, as in the
 overworld, can be avoided by making use of the metal boxes. He'll glow and
 throw his arms up for a few seconds, and the sparks will tell you which way
 they're coming. You must've gotten enough practice out of battle, so this
 should be no problem to dodge.
-Flame Tornado: Flames will come out of Blastman's chest, shooting off 3 panels
 ahead. These pierce the metal boxes, so beware. This attack is much like an
 OldStov's, and with only one coming at you, it should be easy to get away.
-Fire Tower: Towers of fire will come out from the ground straight ahead from
 Blastman until reaching the end of the row.

 Blastman is fairly easy, especially for your first boss. Just lay attack after
attack on him. His attacks leave him fairly open, so it's easy to whip out a
Sword/WideSword. Just keep it up and he'll soon be deleted.

-Boss: Diveman-
HP: 500/1000/1500/1900
Element: Water

-Torpedoes: Diveman will hide under water and fire off torpedoes. They only
 come two at a time, so they're pretty easy to dodge.
-Giant Wave: Diveman will summon a giant 2x3 wave to strike your area. This
 is easily avoidable by hiding in the back row.
-Bombs: Diveman will fire off two homing bombs, with about a half a second
 in between each bomb.

 Diveman can be a bit annoying. Area Grabs with (elec)swords and chips that
home in on Diveman are the best chips to use. He only comes up at three times-
when he's launching bombs, summoning a wave, or just randomly. You've only got
about a second to hit him, so you might want to combo him by making use of
stunning chips. All in all, he's not tough, just keep at him and he'll go down
in no time.

-Boss: Spoutman-
HP: 600/1300/1700
Element: Aqua

-Water Shotgun
 Same as the one you used. The gun breaks the first panel, and the second panel
 will freeze you if for any reason you're on an icestage.
-Water Hose
 Aquaman brings out a giant hose and sprays a number of your panels. The panels
 he's about to spray will always flash, so watch out.
-Drip Shower
 The exact same as the chip, except much slower. To explain, I've drawn out
 a quick diagram of the new version:
  _ _ _ _ _ _
  _ _ _ _ _ _
  _ _ _ _ _ _
  _ _ _ _ _ _

 It goes -very- slowly, so you'll just have to dance around in a circle. It
 goes around two times.

 This is a lot of dancing moreso than battling. Spoutman moves pretty fast, so
Machguns and Firehits can really help. Thunders are of enormous heko here,
doing decent damage and stunning him. His attacks come fast as well, so be on
your defense. Like the other bosses, he'll go down pretty quickly.

-Boss: Circusman-
HP: 700/1200/2100
Element: None

 Two hands will come on both sides of you and attempt to crush you.
-Ring of Fire
 Circusman will have animals jump through rings of fire and attack you. They
 fly down each row one at a time.
-Haunted House
 Circusman will fly above you and try to trap you in a small hut he
 transforms into. You'll get hit over and over again before he releases you.
 Later versions will blind/paralyze you.

 This is surely harder than the other bosses. He's still a bit of a pushover,
though. The main problem is he jumps around rather than warping. If you're using
a chip such as Quake or Machgun, he'll be harder to target. The only attack to
watch out for is the Haunted House - the other attacks are pretty weak and
petty. It's a great battle to try out your Beast Out, though. Chips are homing
and mostly pretty easy to lay on him, so with Beast Out, he should be pretty
easy. Don't be afraid to use Beast Over if he has less than 300 HP. To be safe,
make sure you have 150+.

-Boss: Tenguman-
HP: 800/1200/1500
Element: Wind

-Tengu Thrust
 Same as his charge attack, even the paralysis.
-F. Tornado
 Two tornadoes are summoned on one row, one on the opposite row.
  _ _ _ _ _ _
 They then fly to opposite side.
  _ _ _ _ _ _
  T = Tornado
  M = Megaman
  X = Destination
-Tengu Drive
 Tenguman will fly down the first two rows.

  Lifesword is INSANE here. Areagrab him and then pull out lifesword on him,
 which should do 800(!) damage, killing his v1 in one fell swoop. I HIGHLY
 reccomend doing this, which is most easily pulled off by setting widesword as
 a regular chip and LongSword/Sword as tag chips. AreaGrab is not imperative,
 though it makes targeting Tenguman a whole lot easier. Other versions would
 have to take two, sadly. To make up for Lifesword, Tomahawkcross and
 Tomahawkman's chip do some great damage two with the same range. Tenguman can
 get hard if you don't take him down quickly, but other than that, he's very
 easy if you use LifeSword - very, very easy.
-Boss: Judgeman-
HP: 800/1100/1500/1900
Element: Elec

-Electric whip
 He lashes out a whip, which stretches three panels.
  _ _ _ _ _ _
 J = Judgeman
 W = Area of effect
-Death Books
 Two books are summoned, which will chase you down one row and one column.
-Book Shield
 Gateman, anyone? A single book is summoned, which stays on your row and will
 use any of three virus attacks at random: bubble star, fire arm, and golem

  I suggest using a Lifesword set up, with a widesword preset as well as a sword
 and longsword set as tag chips. Areagrabs can also help here. Along with the
 Lifesword (most likely in S code), you may want to add some Risky Honeys in S
 code to stun him (using white pills) and deal a bit of damage on their own.
 Cornshots also work well, though they don't come in S code. This guy is pretty
 tough, though he shouldn't be all too hard.

| Folder Building Strategies [strtg] |

Megaman Battlenetwork, although an action rpg, is also in part a strategy game.
Here, I've got a few strategies that will help you pull through the game in its
toughest moments. These are based mostly around folder-building and executing
an attack.

 - Try to develop a certain strategy with a folder. Make it so the folder is
made to perform one combo in a matter of turns that will easily wipe out the

 - Keep your folders unicoded. That way, you can whip out the chips five a turn
and much faster than your enemy. Don't ever go above three. The less codes,
the better!
 - If you're stuck on one boss or getting tormented by the same enemy, go
around the area you're in and collect some decent chips. Getting frustrated
never helps. It just nets you a new game boy, and shards of an old one.
 - Take advantage of elemental weaknesses whenever possible!

 - Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. Don't pack your folder too
tight with damaging chips. This is also true vice versa, so beware.

 - When pulling off a combo, make sure you don't leave yourself vulnerable to
an attack by your enemy that may mess it up.

 - Make your folder fluid. Don't pack it just with chips that average 100
damage a piece, actually make it do something!

 - Putting on a show can make your opponent think a combo is much more than it
really is, and frighten them into doing something stupid.

| Link Navi/Crosses Info [crses] |

| Link Navis |

Whenever you begin a netbattle class with any one of the five teachers, you will
gain the ability to operate their navi. Below, I've listed every power of the
individual navis.

- Link Navi: Spoutman -
-300 HP (Max 800)
-1 Attack
-Out of battle, can take down Water/Fire gates
-Doesn't slip on ice
-Charge shot: Water Shotgun
 Shoots a water gun two panels ahead. It hits the panel behind as well. Aqua
 elemental. First panel hit is cracked. If second panel hit is ice, then the
 Enemy is frozen. Does 20 + Atkx20
  _ _ _ _ _ _

  S = Spoutman
  E = Area of effect

-Special chip: DripShwr A - Aqua, 30/40/50/60/70
 "Send rvlv shwr 3fwd hit 8pnls"
 Spoutman will jump three panels ahead and spew water all around him.
  _ _ _ _ _ _

  S = Spoutman before using DripShwr
  A = Spoutman while using 
  E = Area of effect

Each time it hits the enemy, it deals 30/40/50/60/70 damage.
It's also stunning.

- Link Navi: Tenguman -
-300 HP (800 HP max)
-1 Attack
-Out of battle, can take down Fire/Tornado gates
-Float, Air Shoes
-Pull enemies to front column with B+Left
-Charge shot: Thrust Tengu
 Tenguman's nose stretches across three panels:
  _ _ _ _ _ _

  T = Tenguman
  N = Area of effect
  The nose pierces objects. The tip causes paralysis.

 Wind elemental; does 40 + attack x 10
-Special chip: FTornado - 20/30/40/50/60
 "Attk enmy w/spnning twister!"
 All objects and enemies on the field are attacked three times.
 It does 20/30/40/50/60 damage to each enemy hit.
- Link Navi: Tomawhawkman -
-400 HP (800 HP max)
-1 Attack
-Out of battle, can take down Tree/Cloud gates
-Super Armor
-Heals on grass panels
-Guards against status effects
-Charge shot: Tomahawk Swing
 Tomawhawkman unleashes his axe in a lifesword range.
  _ _ _ _ _ _

  T = Tomahawkman
  S = Area of effect

 Wood/Sword elemental; does 100 + attack x 20
-Special chip: ETomahwk - 130/160/190/210/240
 "Unleash a giant axe attck"
 Tomahawkman swings his giant axe down on the ground, releasing a large
shockwave across one row that destroys all panels it hits.
  _ _ _ _ _ _

  T = Tomahawkman
  S = Area of effect

 It does 130/160/190/210/240 damage to each enemy hit.

| Crosses |

After defeating the navi of any of the five netbattle class teachers, you will
gain the power to fuse with that navi and gain a number of set powers for
Megaman. Crosses last until you are hit with whichever element they are weak

- SpoutCross -

-Double damage from elec
-Charge shot: Water Shotgun
 Shoots a water shotgun. Unlike Spoutman's, this gun keeps going until it
 hits an object. Neither hit will crack/freeze. Aqua elemental. 20 + Attackx10.
-Ability to charge aqua chips for double damage
-No slipping on ice
-5% health recovered when you use a charged aqua elemental chip

- Falzar Beast Out -

-Only for three turns!
-On third turn, you'll enter tired mode. If you select the beast-out icon again,
 you'll go into beast-over mode. Rockman warps around randomly attacking
 enemies. He'll use the chips you sent him, but that's the only control you
 have of him.
-As soon as beast-over mode is over, Megaman will enter extreme mode. Your
 buster attack will be set to 1 attack, 1 rapid, and 1 charge. You will also
 lose HP at a very rapid rate.
-All chips used are homing
-Feather Buster:
 Each hit does as much damage as your normal buster. It's a rapid attack, so
 just hold B and it'll autofire. Hits as so:
  _ _ _ _ _ _
  _ _ _ _ _ _

-No charge attack
-FloatShoes and Airshoes
-Non-elemental chips have +30 attack
-Charge non-elemental chips to use the homing Falzar Claw, which slashes as so:

First hit:
  _ _ _ _ _ _

Second hit:
  _ _ _ _ _ _

 M = Megaman
 E = Area of effect
 V = Virus/Navi (also in area effect)

 Does 50 + attack x 10.

- TenguCross -

-Double damage from sword
-Charge shot: Air Racket
 Widesword range, pushes enemies to back row
 Does 40 + 20 x attack
-Wind chips do +10 damage
-B+Left pulls enemies to front column

- Tomahawkcross -

-Double damage from fire
-Charge shot: Tomahawk Swing
 The same as Tomahawkman's attack, it has a short delay and swings in a
 Lifesword range. Does 40 + Attackx20.
-Ability to charge wood chips for double damage
-Guards against status effects

| Codes |

- NCP Compression [ncmpr] -

In the Navicust, highlight the program you wish to shrink. Hold right and
input the code to take one block away from the selected NaviCust piece. To
decompress a piece, just reinput the code.

ARBABRRBAL        AirShoes
BLALBRALBA        AntiDmg
BBBAABAABB        Auto Recover
BRBBBBBARR        Battery
LRBBALRABA        Beat
RLABLRLAAB        BodyPack
BAABBBALBA        BusterPack
AAABRLBAAL        BugStop
RRABLRARLA        Chip Shuffle
ALABBAAABA        Collector
LBBRBAALRR        Custom1
RALLAABRBA        Custom2
BLBRLLLABA        GigaFolder1
BBARABLARR        First Barrier
ARAABARRBA        Fish
RALABLBBRB        Float Shoes
ABLRRBRLBA        FolderBack1
BBARBLARBL        FolderBack2
LLABLBABLL        Humor
ALARBRARLB        Jungle
ARLALALLAB        MegaFolder1
LALRBLRLRA        MegaFolder2
RBARALBBBL        Millionaire
AAALAABLRA        NumberOpening
LRABARBBLR        OilBody
LAABRRLRLR        Reflect
BABARRLLAB        Rhythmical Poem
RLBAABALLR        Rush
RBBBAAABRL        Shield
ALAAALLABR        SlipRunner
BBBABBAARB        Sneakrun
ABLLAALRBA        SuperArmor
BRBRRABBRA        Tango
RRALLRAABB        UnderShirt

- Numberman Trader [nmtrd] -

Simply enter the code on the left into the number trader at Aster Land to
receive the prize listed on the right.
 Code:           Prize:
 71757977        AirWheel3 O
 51702791        AquaMan *
 69544569        BambooLance *
 70741543        Beat
 24616497        BlastMan *
 97049899        BlizzardBall H
 28271002        Body Pack
 19790420        Buster Pack
 92070765        ChargeMan *
 94305487        ChargeMAX
 51378085        CircleGun V
 44892547        ColonelArmy *
 32310827        DiveMan *
 60884138        DrillArm M
 79814666        DustMan *
 30424514        ElecMan *
 08789369        ElementTrap *
 84387543        EraseMan *
 45566783        Full Energy
 39345472        Full Energy
 87341489        Full Energy
 38116449        Geddon *
 10414878        GroundMan *
 14212857        GunDelSol3 W
 12404002        HeatMan *
 37889678        HP+50
 49951337        HP+100
 24823665        HP+200
 54654618        HP+300
 08749780        HP+400
 55031325        HP+500
 68008194        LocEnemy
 37495453        LocEnemy
 16336487        LocEnemy
 98766899        LocEnemy
 88674125        MegBoomr M
 12046210        RapidMAX
 75641392        Recovery300 Y
 32132348        Rush
 09256524        SpinGreen
 77837421        SpinRed
 41976910        SpinYellow
 15511679        Sneakrun
 74198795        Sneakrun
 79459146        Sneakrun
 55910601        SlashMan *
 69548756        Tango
 00297421        TenguMan *
 23722234        TimeBomb3 M
 67520179        TomahawkMan *
 97403000        Uninstall G
 04789479        Unlocker
 41161139        Unlocker 
 82564319        Unlocker
 99910954        Unlocker
 09000465        Untrap
 22812406        Untrap
 59485971        Untrap

| Power-Up Locations |
- HP Memories -

 HP Memories increase Megaman's overall health by 20 points each. He begins with
100 and can obtain a max of 1000.

Central Area 2
|1000z | 2000z|
|4000z | 8000z|

SeaSide Area 3

|2500z | 5000z|
|7500z |10000z|

Green Area 1

|4800z | 8400z|


Rob Ctrl Comp 1
Aquarium HP
Aquarum Comp 1
Classroom 1-2 Chalkboard
Jdg Tree Comp 2


Prize for coming first in the Expo

- Sub Memories [sbmmr] -

 Sub Memories increase the number of total individual subchips Megaman can hold
by one a piece. He begins with four and can obtain a maximum of 9.


Seaside Area 1 (past Aqua gate)


Central Area 2 - Punk Navi

- RegUP [regmm] -

 RegUPs increase the max MB a chip in your folder set as a regular chip can


Aquarum Comp 2 . . . . . . - RegUP1
AirCndtr Comp. . . . . . . - RegUP1
Shower Comp. . . . . . . . - RegUP1
Central Area 2 . . . . . . - RegUP2
Classroom 6-2 Chalkboard . - RegUP2
Rob Ctrl Comp 2. . . . . . - RegUP2
Seaside Area 3 . . . . . . - RegUP2
Green Town . . . . . . . . - RegUP2
Jdg Tree Comp 3. . . . . . - RegUP3
SkyArea2 . . . . . . . . . - RegUP3


Aquarium - Trash where Dolphin and Seal show occured - RegUP1

- Expansion Memory -

 ExpMemrys increase the total space in your navi customizer. You start with 4x4
upon receiving the Navi Customizer. The first you receive (in no particular
order) increases the space by four panels (4x5) on the right side, and the
second increases the space by five panels on the bottom for a max gridspace of

Jdg Tree Comp 3

| Special Thanks [sthks] |

Kix/DavD - This guy is seriously cool. He's the owner of Area Zero. That's
 just really cool, and there's nothing that can change the coolness value of
 that. Ever. Oh, and thanks for believing I could actually contribute
 something to a growing site. We've made it pretty far with this project.

SolCrossForte - This guy is moderately cool. He helped me
 think up a few of the chapter names.

Skeith - For testing out this guide. That, in whole, is truly awesome.

Me - For writing and composing this guide. Man, I'm AWESOME.