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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones


Ice Nine: Trust No one FAQ/Walkthrough

by Private Caboose


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   111     111        111          1    1 1   1   1    1 1  1
111111111  111111111  111111111    1     11   1   1     11  1
111111111  111111111  111111111    1      1  111  1      1  111111

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	 1  111  1 1   1    1    1 1 1 1 1   1 1 1 1 1 11
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	 1  1  1 111  111   1    1   1 111   111 1   1 111


                Ice Nine Walkthrough
                 by Private Caboose

Version 1.0 - Got the main part of this guide done. Need multiplayer
              info and patch codes.


T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

A. Game Description
B. Story
C. Controls
D. Menus
E. Weapons and Pickups
F. Basic Information
G. Tips
H. Missions
I. Codes & Secrets
J. Patch Codes
K. Multiplayer
L. Credits

A.  G A M E  D E S C R I P T I O N

Ice Nine contains 18 levels. Each has a different set of objectives.
Sometimes you will have to move quickly and quietly, sticking to
shadows for concealment and avoiding a firefight whenever possible.
Other times, you will be pitted against hordes of enemies with no other
option than to kill them all and escape safely. Before each mission,
Agent Kurtz will give you a quick overview of your objective. Pay close
attention to what he tells you; your safety, and the safety of the
entire world, depends on the success of your mission.

B.  S T O R Y

Ice Nine is set at the secret CIA training facility called "The Farm,"
located on Camp Peary in Virginia. A young trainee agent, Tom Carter,
is failed during his training, then recruted by his ex-trainer, Agent
Kurtz, to take part in a secret undercover operation designed to thwart
the theft of the destructive "ICE NINE" computer virus, capoable of
damaging the entire world's power supply.

You are Agent Tom Carter. As a covert operative for the CIA, you must 
perform mission handed down by Agent Kurtz. These missions will slowly
unlock a conspiracy within the CIA that leads right to the top. Are you
tough enough to take on the dangers that Agent Kurtz throws your way?

Stay strong, stay alert, and stay alive. Remeber, trust no one...

C.  C O N T R O L S

SETTING A - Game Controls

Control Pad Left - Turn Left
Control Pad Right - Turn Right
Control Pad Up - Move Forward
Control Pad Down - Move Backward
A Button - Fire Weapon
B Button - Jump
R Button - Strafe Right [Zoom Out in Zoom Mode]
L Button - Strafe Left [Zoom In in Zoom Mode]
Start Button - Pause Game
Select Button - Change Weapon
L Button + R Button - Enter Free Aim Mode
L Button + R Button - Enter Zoom Mode [Sniper Weapons Only]
Select Button + A Button - Holster/Un-holster Weapon
Select Button + B Button - Enter Night Vision Mode [Goggles Required]

Setting B - Game Controls

Control Pad Left - Turn Left
Control Pad Right - Turn Right
Control Pad Up - Move Forward
Control Pad Down - Move Backward
A Button - Jump
B Button - Fire Weapon
R Button - Strafe Right [Zoom Out in Zoom Mode]
L Button - Strafe Left [Zoom In in Zoom Mode]
Start Button - Pause Game
Select Button - Change Weapon
L Button + R Button - Enter Free Aim Mode
L Button + R Button - Enter Zoom Mode [Sniper Weapons Only]
Select Button + A Button - Enter Night Vision Mode [Goggles Required]
Select Button + B Button - Holster/Un-holster Weapon

Setting C - Game Controls

Control Pad Left - Strafe Left
Control Pad Right - Strafe Right
Control Pad Up - Move Forward
Control Pad Down - Move Backward
A Button - Fire Weapon
B Button - Jump
R Button - Turn Right [Zoom Out in Zoom Mode]
L Button - Turn Left [Zoom In in Zoom Mode]
Start Button - Pause Game
Select Button - Change Weapon
L Button + R Button - Enter Free Aim Mode
L Button + R Button - Enter Zoom Mode [Sniper Weapons Only]
Select Button + A Button - Holster/Un-holster Weapon
Select Button + B Button - Enter Night Vision Mode [Goggles Required]

Setting D - Game Controls

Control Pad Left - Turn Left
Control Pad Right - Turn Right
Control Pad Up - Move Forward
Control Pad Down - Move Backward
A Button - Fire Weapon
B Button - Jump
R Button - Strafe Right [Zoom Out in Zoom Mode]
L Button - Strafe Left [Zoom In in Zoom Mode]
Start Button - Pause Game
Select Button - Change Weapon
L Button + R Button - Enter Free Aim Mode [INVERTED]
L Button + R Button - Enter Zoom Mode [Sniper Weapons Only]
Select Button + A Button - Holster/Un-holster Weapon
Select Button + B Button - Enter Night Vision Mode [Goggles Required]


Control Pad - Move around map
A Button - Center view on player
B Button - Return to game
R Button - Zoom In
L Button - Zoom Out

D.  M E N U S


English - Begin the game in English
Epanol - Begin the game in Spanish
Deutsch - Begin the game in German
Italiano - Begin the game in Italian
Francais - Begin the game in French


Start Game - Begins a New Game
        Initiate - Begin the game on Initiate Difficulty [easy]
        Trainee - Begin the game on Trainee Difficulty [normal]
        Graduate - Begin the game on Graduate Difficulty [hard]
        Veteran - Begin the game on Veteran ddifficulty [very hard]
Load Game - Load a previously saved game
        Slot 1 - Load the game saved in this slot
        Slot 2 - Load the game saved in this slot
        Slot 3 - Load the game saved in this slot
        Slot 4 - Load the game saved in this slot
Multi-Player - Begin a Multi-Player Game
Options - Adjust various game settings
        Sounds - Adjust Sound volume
        Music - Adjust Music volume
        Gamma - Adjust Gamma [screen brightness]
        Crosshairs Active - Turn crosshair on or off
        Crosshairs Type - Change your crosshair appearance
        Auto-Upgrade Weapons - Automatically switch weapons
Controls - Adjust your control settings
        Sensitivity - Adjust Control Pad sensitivity [1-5]
        Type A - Use Control Setting A
        Type B - Use Control Setting B
        Type C - Use Control Setting C
        Type D - Use Control Setting D

E.  W E A P O N S  A N D  P I C K U P S


Combat Knife - Swift and silent. The Combat Knife is your basic weapon.
               It should only be used for surprise attacks or when you
               are fighting close range battles. Good whenever stealth
               is a must.
KH Supressed Pistol - Silenced Spec-Ops pistol. Use it to take out the
                      lone enemies. The pistol is a quiet weapon, but
                      it is lacking in the strength department as well.
                      Another good stealth weapon.
MZ5 Sub-Machine Gun - The MZ5-SMG packs a stronger punch than the
                      pistol. It can spray a roomful of enemies much
                      quicker than your other weapons, but you cant use

                      it on stealth missions.
K0D1 Sniper Rifle - Take out your enemies from afar. Press the L and R
                    Buttons together to enter Zoom Mode. Use the L
                    Button to zoom in and the R Button to zoom out. The
                    K0D1 is the best weapon for stealth combat [and in
                    my opinion, the best weapon in the game].
SP33 Shotgun - A slow but powerful weapon. The SP33 fire a spread of
               shots that will devastate anyone in your way. Only use
               it in close range combat; it won't hit over a large
P02 Grenade Launcher - The P02 fires grenades capable of taking out
                       groups of enemies. Be warned though, it is also
                       quite capable of taking YOU out as well if you
                       aren't careful. The shots land a short distance
                       in front of you and have a second or two delay
                       before they detonate.
SJ90 Rocket Launcher - The SJ90-RL has a scope similar to the K0D1
                       Sniper Rifle. It fires a large rocket over a
                       long range, but accuracy is limited by distance.
                       It also has splash damage, so don't be too close
                       when firing at someone.


Pistol Ammo - Ammunition for the KH Suppressed Pistol.
MZ5 Ammo - Ammunition for the MZ5 Sub-Machine Gun.
Shells - Ammunition for the SP33 Shotgun.
Rifle Ammo - Ammunition for the K0D1 Sniper Rifle.
Grenades - Ammunition for the P02 Grenade Launcher.
Rockets - Ammunition for the SJ90 Rocket Launcher.
Drug Rounds - Used to render a target immobile for a short period of
Access Cards - Green, Blue and Red access cards are used to enter
               certain areas.
Gel Rounds - Non-lethal knockout rounds.
Small Health Kit - Restores 10% of your health.
Medium Health Kit - Restores 25% of your health.
Large Health Kit - Restores 50% of your health.
Lite Body Armor - Adds 10% to your armor.
Medium Body Armor - Adds 25% to your armor.
Heavy Body Armor - Adds 50% to your armor.
Night Vision Goggles - Press Select Button + B Button to activate the
                       Night Vision Goggles. As you might expect, they 
                       allow you to see in the dark. [Liek OMFGZORZ!1!]

F.  B A S I C  I N F O R M A T I O N


Health Counter - Upper left corner. Guess what this does? That's right,
 		 it tells you how much health you have left.
Armor Meter - Under the Health Meter. Tells you how much armor you have
              left. This meter is empty when you start a mission. Get a
              Body Armor pickup to fill it.
Ammo Counter - Upper right corner. Tells you how much ammo your current
               weapon has.
Timer - Bottom right corner. On some missions, a timer will appear
        telling you how much time you have left to finish the mission.
Enemy Counter - Bottom left corner. Tells you how many enemies you've
                killed or how many enemies you must kill. [which one
                it is, though, depends on the mission]
Civilian Counter - Above the Enemy Counter. On one or two missions, you
                   will fail after killing a certain number of
                   civilians. This tells you how many you've whacked so
                   far. [it is only there in a few missions, not all of
Special - Location varies. Sometimes, other things will come up on your
          HUD. They could be messages like "Target Tagged" or "Mission 
          Failed - You Killed A Civilian" or other things like that.


In the Map Screen you can check on your mission objectives and take a
look at the layout of the level you are on. See the CONTROLS section 
for the Map Screen Controls.


Green Dot - Your location
Red Dot - Location of an enemy
Blue Dot - Location of Agent Hannah, Active Security Cameras or a
           Camera Activation Switch.
Purple Dot - Special Human Objective
Red X - Bomb placement site
Green Laptop - Laptop


At the beginning of a mission, you will be given the option to save 
your game. There are four Save Slots. Chose on to save your game in.


If you've saved your game, you can return to the mission you saved
before by choosing Load Game at the Main Menu. Select the Save Slot you 
wish to load from.


When you die or fail to complete an objective, your current mission 
will end. You can begin the mission at the starting point when this

G.  T I P S

-Pay close attention to your mission briefing. Kurtz may give you 
specific instructions, such as knocking a target out instead of killing
them, or avoiding detection instead of blowing everyone to Hell. If you
forget your mission parameters, go to the Map to check them.

-Bump into doors to open them. If you need to do something before you
can get in, a Special alert will appear on your HUD to let you know.
[See the Basic Information section to learn about Special alerts]

-Search levels for hidden caches of ammo, items and weapons. It'll be 
easier to complete the mission if you have more ammo, armor and

-You will need to jump over obstacles to get to an objective sometimes. 
Press the B Button and a direction to jump over an obstacle.

-Enemies can pop out of hiding above or below your default line of 
fire. Hold the R and L Buttons to enter Free Aim Mode, and use the
Control Pad to move your crosshair. Release the R and L buttons to exit
Free Aim Mode. You CANNOT enter Free Aim Mode with a Sniper Rifle or a
Rocket Launcher.

-There are objects in the game that can be destroyed by shooting them 
or slashing them with the Combat Knife. The grates that block your 
progress on certain levels can be shot out or cut open. Shooting 
explosive barrels will cause a grenade sized explosion that will kill
anything in the splash range.

-If you are kiled during a mission, don't forget that you can still 
retry from the start of that mission.

-If you find your movements too sluggish, try increasing your 

-If you find yourself turning too quickly, try lowering your 

-At the end of a successful mission, you will recieve a score. If you 
finish the mission with a High Score, you can register your initials.

-Your enemies are smart. They can hear your footsteps and gunfire as 
you get closer to them. Be very careful on missions that require 

-Think before you shoot. You may want to go kill everything or pop a 
shot in a civilian's head as target practice, but DON'T! Killing 
civilians loses you points [200 IIRC] and may cause you to either 
undershoot the score requirement in some missions or fail the
mission as soon as they die.

-Civilians must be protected at all cost, or you risk a mission 
failure/point deduction.

-Finishing the game on different Difficulties will unlock things. 
You may unlock new modes, extra levels, or Unlimited Health and Ammo.

H.  M I S S I O N S
This is not a terribly in-depth walkthrough. The enemy locations are 
impossible to tell in this guide, because they move around. The targets
also seem to be different whenever you redo the missions with targets.
This will, however, provide details on how to complete your missions 
and things you need to know about the mission you are on.

MISSION 1 - Down On The Farm
        Easy mission. First, make your way to the grate, breaking all 
        of the enemy targets that you can. Until you get to the grate, 
        you only have your Combat Knife. After you break the grate, get
        the KH Suppressed Pistol and make your way to the next door, 
        again breaking all of the enemy targes that you can. You will  
        have to find a switch to open the door, so go ahead into one of
        the wood houses and press the switch. Next, you will get an MZ5
        SMG. Break all of the enemy targets you see while making your
        way to the exit. If you break 6 civilian targets at any time
        during this mission, you will fail and have to do it over
        again. You must get a certain score in order to win this

MISSION 2 - The Silent Hand Of Death
        This is a little more difficult. This time, you have ten 
        minutes to break all of the enemy targets you can, and make it
        to the exit. Only in this one you have to do so with a K0D1 
        Sniper Rifle. Same rules as the last mission, 6 dead civilians
        is an instant mission failure and you must get a certain score
        to pass.

MISSION 3 - Fox & Hunters
        Now the missions get a little less easy. You must first hit 12
        agents, then you must hit Agent Hannah before she leaves the 
        city. Now for the hard part; If a civilian sees your weapon,
        you lose; if Hannah sees you twice, you lose; If you use your
        knife instead of the rifle, you lose; and if you hit a
        civilian, guess what? You lose! Anyway, you have to shoot the
        guys that are wearing RED pants, and the guys that have the 
        guns. Then you have to shoot Hannah just once. Luckily, you can
        check the position of Hannah and all of the Agents, by using
        your map. After you have done this, holster your weapon and 
        leave the city. This time, there is no required score. [don't
        forget to holster your weapon. If you get seen with a weapon
        after you do all that, you gotta do it all over again]

MISSION 4 - Working For The Man
        Another easy mission. You have to go around and shoot everyone
        you see with your Gel Rounds. You have to clear out the first
        floor in order to proceed to the second floor, and so on. After
        you've cleared out the first floor, look for an elevator. It
        will only open when you have hit eveyone on the first floor. 
        Take the elevator, then clear out the second floor. Take the
        next elevator. Now when you clear out this floor, look for a
        door that is different than all of the others. Go in there, 
        then make your way to the CIA servers to finish the mission.
        If you need health, run into one of the cabinets with a red +
        on it. It gives you a small health treatment [+10%]. You may 
        notice that sometimes the cabinets will give you more than 10%,
        but it will still say that you only got 10% back.

MISSION 5 - No Picnic
        A fairly difficult mission if you aren't skilled in First
        Person Shooters. If you are, then this should be easy. Okay,
        first you have to find yourself a pair of Night Vision Goggles.
        They are underneath one of the lights outside of the wooden
        houses. Next, you must kill ALL of the guards. Do so while
        making your way to the exit. Now, you may get P02 Grenade
        Launcher in this mission. Don't get too excited; it sucks in
        this mission because of the short range that the grenades are

MISSION 6 - Overtime At Langley
        Ugh. Worst. Mission. Evar. It's bloody hard on higher
        difficulties than Initiate. You have to shoot everyone on your
        current floor, then get the access cards, then go to an
        elevator. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. On the second and
        third floors, you have to do it without hitting a security
        camera or being seen by a security camera. If you shoot near a
        security camera [like under it for example] it will still
        break, and you will still lose. To deal with that problem, you
        must cut the power on those floors, by hitting a switch. So,
        find the switch, shoot the enemies, get the access card, go to
        the third floor.The switch is located in a room southeast of
        the elevator. Now do the same thing on the third floor, but
        instead of going to a new floor, you have to go to Hannah's
        office. The switch is directly across from the elevator. Now
        that this is over with, you should be ready for anything else
        you have to do in this game.

MISSION 7 - Spyhunter
        Very easy mission. You don't even have to kill anyone. You've
        got four and a half minutes to get to Hannah and her contact.
        If you look on your map, it's the blue dot. You have to go up a
        ladder onto the roof behind them, and jump down towards them,
        and then you win. Although you don't HAVE to kill anyone, it
        makes it easier if you kill all of the snipers and all of the
        Agents that you can. Oh, and don't kill Hannah or her contact,
        or you will lose.

MISSION 8 - Takedown
        Now you get to kill Hannah's contact. Just take down all of the
        Agents that get in the way [again, you don't have to, but this
        will be hard as hell if you don't]. Brady, the contact, is the
        one that looks different than all of the Agents, and he can
        take quite a few hits before he dies. Just get up close to him,
        and shoot him with your MZ5, and he should die. The reason you
        should get close is because he can't really hit you with his
        P02 at close range, and will most likely kill himself with it.

MISSION 9 - Fugitive
        Well, if you are on Graduate or Veteran, all I can say is good
        luck; you'll need it. Anyway, kill all of the Agents you see,
        and get the access cards. After you get each card, you'll have
        to find a switch to open a door before you can go any farther.
        About halfway through the level, you'll get Night Vision
        Goggles. It's not too hard to finish from there. Since you get
        an SP33 in this mission, take the time to try it out and
        practice using it. Use that and the MZ5 to finish this mission.
        Again, the cabinets with red +'s on them will provide you with
        a Health Kit, except this time, you get a Large and a Small

MISSION 10 - Break & Enter
        You have to kill all of the Agents in Hannah's mansion, then
        get the Red Access Card from the last Agent you kill. After
        that, use the card to get into Hannah's room, so you can
        take her laptop [the laptop is marked on your map]. Now an
        alarm will sound and you will have one and a half minutes to
        get out or you fail the mission. Oh, use the K0D1 for this
        mission, you won't believe how easy that makes it.

MISSION 11 - Into The Rat's Nest
        All you have to do is get out of the sewer. You don't have to
        kill the Agents in here either,	but I suggest that you do,
        unless you plan on failing a lot. You get the SP33 in here, so
        use that and your K0D1 to take out the Agents and escape.

MISSION 12 - Escape From D.C.
        Ahh, an easy mission again! Use the K0D1 to take out all of the
        Agents in the city. You could use the SJ90, but the K0D1 is
        your best bet. After you take out the Agents, look for the road
        block from mission 3. Exit through there and you are off to
        another annoying mission.

MISSION 13 - The Ice Queen
        Now, you must kill all 21 Agents, find a Drug Round, and snipe
        Hannah with it. The drug round is in a small room containing
        boxes and on Initiate, I believe it has Lite Body Armor as
        well. You have to do all of this before Hannah leaves The Farm,
        or you lose. Also, if you kill Hannah you lose. Anyway, DO NOT
        MISS WITH THE DRUG ROUND! I do not believe you can get another
        [if you can confirm this, or you find that you can indeed get
        another, contact me]. You can also drug Hannah before you kill
        the agents, if you wish, but you only have four minutes to kill
        them afterwards. You'll want to use the K0D1 on this mission as

MISSION 14 - Overtime With Full Payback
        Now, you have seven minutes to kill 25 Agents. It's not as hard
        as it sounds though. Just stick to using the K0D1, and you
        should be fine. And you won't die if you go in water, so feel
        free to do so as you please. Use the K0D1 or SJ90. Again, the
        K0D1 is the better choice. You could also use the SP33 if you
        want to get in close, but that's usually not a good idea.

MISSION 15 - Sacking The Boss
        Whoa. An easy mission for the last Initiate level. You have to
        go to the switches [in the game, they have green crosshairs
        around them. on the map they are the blue dots]. And you have
        to avoid Kurtz while doing this. Do not kill him, you will
        fail. After you do that, find one of those rooms that are
        filled with monitors [the ones you got the access cards from in
        Mission 6]. If you are on Initiate, your game ends here. Go to
        a higher difficulty to continue. Otherwise, read on.

MISSION 16 - Crashing The After Party
        Easiest. Mission. Evar. You have to kill 15 of the 16 enemies.
        You should just stick to the K0D1. It will make your life
        easier, because it can kill in one hit. If you die at this
        mission, you may want to seek mental help; the enemies have
        only KH Suppressed Pistols and MZ5's.[well on Graduate,
        Initiate and Trainee at least]. Plus, you get a K0D1. How much
        easier could they make this mission?

MISSION 17 - Is Someone There?
        This could be a difficult mission, but you shouldn't have too
        much trouble with it if you finished Overtime At Langley and
        Fugitive without too many problems. You have to plant 3 bombs,
        then make it to the exit. The reason that this is difficult is
        because of the fact that you cannot use non-stealth weapons.
        Which means that half of your arsenal is now useless. But
        luckily for you, the K0D1 is a stealth weapon. Use that and
        the KH Suppressed Pistol.

MISSION 18 - Downfall Of The Empire
        If you thought that Fugitive was a kick in the ass, wait till
        you try this one. You will get blown to hell by snipers with
        SJ09's if you aren't careful. Use the Night Vision Goggles to
        make your way to the Access Card, then use it on the locked
        door. Now, you'll have to get to the elevator. There is a
        rocket sniper in here that everyone always seems to miss on
        their first try, so move to the other side of the room as fast
        as you can. Get in the elevator and go down to the final part
        of the game. You have to collect 3 laptops and make it to the
        exit. And you have to do it before the time expires. Once
        you've done that, congradulations on finishing one of the best
        GBA shooters ever. Now, try beating Veteran [without using the

I. C O D E S  A N D  S E C R E T S

Bonus Missions - Play the game on any difficulty except Initiate
Unlimited Ammo - Beat the game on Graduate
Unlimited Health - Beat the game on Graduate
All Weapons - Beat the game on Graduate
Mission Select - Beat the game on Graduate
Veteran Difficulty - Beat the game on all other difficulties
Play Bonus Missions on Initiate - Use Level Select to pick the missions
J. P A T C H  C O D E S

* * * * N O T  C O M P L E T E * * * *

No GameShark, Action Replay, or CodeBreaker codes yet.
You'll have to beat the game without cheating for now!

K.  M U L T I P L A Y E R

* * * * N O T  C O M P L E T E * * * *

Well, it's kinda hard to play Multiplayer with anyone, when you
consider the tiny number of people that actually have this game right
now. As soon as I get some details and a chance to play Multiplayer, 
I'll update.

L.  CR E D I T S  / L E G A L  I N F O  /  E T C

-Nintendo, for creating the Gameboy Advance SP and the DS
-Torvus Games and bam! Entertainment for FINALLY realeasing this game
-CJayC for putting this FAQ up

You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any
questions, comments, or would like to contribute anything. If you want
to use this on your site, contact me first. You may not get a reply for 
a while; i don't check my email every day.

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Private Caboose. Do not use it without
my consent and do not claim that it is yours. If you want to use any
information from this FAQ, contact me first and I might let you use it.
The only sites currently allowed to use this guide are:

If you see this on any other sites, please contact me immediately.