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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones



by Shaneth21

 _____________      ____________       ___________      _____________
|             |    |            |     |  _______  |    |             |
|    _________|    |___      ___|     | |      /  |    |    _________|
|   |                  |    |         | |     /   |    |   |
|   |_________         |    |         | |____/ ___|    |   |_________
|             |        |    |         |       /        |             | 
|    _________|        |    |         |    _  \        |    _________| 
|   |                  |    |         |   | \  \       |   | 
|   |               ___|    |___      |   |  \  \      |   |_________ 
|   |              |            |     |   |   \  \     |             | 
|___|              |____________|     |___|    \__\    |_____________|

 _______   ___      ___   ________   ___        _______   ___      ___
|       | |   \    /   | |  ____  | |   |      |       | |   \    /   |
|   ____| |    \__/    | | |    | | |   |      |   ____| |    \__/    |
|  |____  |  |\    /|  | | |____| | |   |      |  |____  |  |\    /|  | 
|       | |  | \__/ |  | |    ___/  |   |      |       | |  | \__/ |  | 
|   ____| |  |      |  | |  ____ \  |   |      |   ____| |  |      |  |
|  |____  |  |      |  | | |    | | |   |____  |  |____  |  |      |  | 
|       | |  |      |  | | |____| | |        | |       | |  |      |  | 
|_______| |__|      |__| |________| |________| |_______| |__|      |__|

                           The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones                   (GameBoy Advance)
Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones Walkthrough      All rights reserved
Copyright 2005, Shane Duckworth                 ([email protected])

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones copyright 2004-2005 Nintendo and 
INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. Fire Emblem is a registered trademark of Nintendo 
and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a registered 
trademark of Nintendo and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.

This document is my work, was written and is owned by me, Shane 
Duckworth. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged where not 
specifically mentioned. Only GameFAQs has permission to use this 
document. If you wish to use this document for your webpage or anything 
else you MUST first contact and ask me by sending me an email.

You may ONLY reproduce this guide for personal gaming experiences. You 
may not sell this to another gamer and take credit for the profit. I 
spent so much time working on this and only I should take credit for 
writing it.

You may e-mail me about this guide, questions or comments. I may not 
reply in about a week or two so be patient. If you find any mistakes in 
this FAQ and you e-mail me about them, I will check them up and if you 
are correct, I will add it to my FAQ and credit you at the end of this 
FAQ. If you can help me with finding the problems then please do since 
I am always busy.

Yo, another FAQ written by the great Shaneth! <-- Forget about the ego. 
This is out to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GameBoy Advance. 
This is based on the North American version of the game, usually called 
Fire Emblem 8 or just ďThe Sacred StonesĒ. Fire Emblem 7 or the first 
Fire Emblem for the GBA was just too draggy for my work towards a 
guide, but since FE8 has better stuff in it, itís worth my time. Enjoi!

NOTE: In this game, the currency is Gold. While listing the weapons, 
armor, items, etc., I will put G instead of Gold just to save space.

NOTE: This FAQ contains minor spoilers. Only spoilers that help 
gameplay are used in here; none hurt the storyline.

-Table of Contents-

1.	Version History
2.	Basic Controls
3.	Game Basics and Tips
4.	Characters and Recruitment
5.	Battle System
6.	Walkthrough
a.	Eirikaís story
b.	Ephraimís story
c.	The Twins United
7.	Sidequests
8.	Equipment
9.	Items

                          -1. Version History-

Version .10 - 6/28/05 started writing the intro, Version History, Basic 
Controls, and the Game Basics.

Version .20 - 7/2/05 wrote Characters and Recruitment and the Battle 
System sections. Pondered what to do next.

Version .30 - 7/27/05 wrote up walkthrough until chapter 9.

Version .40 - 8/10/05 wrote up Eirikaís walkthrough.

Version .50 - 8/15/05 wrote of Ephraimís walkthrough.

Version .60 - 8/17/05 wrote on conclusion of the walkthrough.

Version .70 - 8/28/05 wrote up sidequests started the equipment area.

Version .80 - 9/17/05 finished equipment area and wrote the items area.

Version .90 - 10/15/05 rushed through supports, disclaimer, and 
credits, finishing the guide as where it is.

Version FINAL - 10/17/05 proofread everything and submitted to GameFAQs

                           -2. Basic Controls-

Directional Pad - Movement of Cursor/Characters and to scroll menus
Start Button    - Skip conversations/bring up a tiny map in battle
Select Button   - Brings the tiny map on the World Map
A Button        - Confirm (commands), move character to a location
B Button        - Cancel/Close/go back. Hold down to make cursor faster
L + R Buttons   - L - move cursor to a location on the world map or 
move cursor to a character who hasnít acted in battle for that turn.
                  R - View a unitís weapons and stats/display help menu
||           ||
||           ||
||           || ------- Screen display
||           ||
||           ||
||___________|| ------- L+R buttons are on the shoulder
(-------------)         of the GameBoy
|     ()      | ------- Screen Light
| _||_        |
|  ||      (A)| ------- "A" button
|        (B)  | ------- "B" button
|             |
|___(s)_(s)___| ------- Select and Start buttons
                          |          |
                    (left button)(right button)

Yup. Thatís the same drawing from my FF: DoS guide. Itís worth giggles.

                           -3. Game Basics and Tips-

In order to survive the ways of Fire Emblem, you need to know the 
basics. This is a bit different, but Iím going to make a list.

1.	Once you lose a character, s/he never comes back. Theyíre gone for 
the rest of the game. If you want to keep that character, then turn 
off your GameBoy and restart the chapter. The game knows if you did 
this because in the characters stat menu, you can see how many 
battles s/he has fought, how many wins, and how many losses. Losses 
are how many times they have been killed. Smart, isnít it?
2.	Once a character reaches 100 experience points (EXP), s/he will 
level up. Leveling is what this game is about. When a unit levels, 
it will gain stat points at random. The leveling can be good and 
bad. Good levels are when 4-7 stats are boosted while bad levels are 
when 0-3 stats are gained. Constitution canít be gained by normal 
leveling. It can only be gained by promoting a unit with the use of 
a promoting item or by using a Body Ring. Body Rings increase the 
units Con stat by 2. In case if youíre wondering what Con is, it 
affects rescues. A unit with a 14 Aid stat can rescue anybody with a 
Con stat of 14 or lower. Donít ask me why you would want to gain 
constitution; I see no point in it unless you want a character to 
die. That brings us to rescues.
3.	Save frequently after every battle. You donít want to go 4 chapters 
and then have your main guy killed, having to start over 4 chapters 
earlier. I save after every battle and every time I arrange 
something on the World Map because I donít want to arrange it again.
4.	If a friendly unit it in dire need of help, you can send a unit to 
rescue them. Position the rescuer next to the troubled unit and 
select ďRescueĒ. This can prevent a unit from dying. While a unit is 
being rescued, the rescuerís skill and speed stats will drop, 
causing the unitís hit rate and number of attacks to drop. When you 
bring the unit to safety, You can select the command ďDropĒ and the 
unit will appear again and the stat decrement wonít occur. You can 
see if a unit is being rescued if you see a tiny blue character sign 
at the lower-left corner of a unit. Any units on a horse make good 
rescuers because their Aid stat is usually higher than 10 and they 
get an extra move unless they moved all 7 or 8 spaces in the rescue.
5.	Remember this little secret. The enemy will ALWAYS go after the 
weakest character in range of attacking. If there is no weak 
character, it will go after a character that canít attack, like 
priests and archers at melee. But, the enemy will always go for a 
character in reach. Remember this as if an enemy unit has a move 
rating of 5, position a character 6 spaces away from the enemy unit. 
On the enemyís turn, the AI will move that enemy unit towards the 
unit positioned 6 spaces away and will attack it, even if its weapon 
wonít do anything. Amazing how stupidly stupid it is. Itís different 
on hard mode because the AI is smarter and more insane.
6.	Remember the weapon triangle. Sword beats Axes, Axes beat Lances, 
and Lances beat Swords. Knowing what weapon an enemy unit has is a 
great advantage to your game. Send a unit with a weapon that will 
crush that enemy. (Ex.) A close enemy has an Iron Axe. Send a unit 
with an Iron Sword to beat it. If a unit with a weapon of the same 
type combats, no additions or subtraction will occur.
7.	Remember the magic triangle. Like the weapons, magic has the same 
properties. Anima beats Light, Light beats Dark, and Dark beats 
Anima. You can view which magics have what properties by pressing 
the R Button to view the magic. If two mages with the same books 
clash, no additions or subtractions will occur. If Magic clashes 
with a weapon, nothing will change stat wise.
8.	Never waste gold at the beginning of the game, or ever. Gold becomes 
much more valuable during the later parts of the game. One unit 
costs 9980G to recruit, but if you send a special someone to recruit 
him, heís free!!! Buy at least 6 of each of the Killer weapons 
(except the bow) because they increase the crit rate of a character. 
A crit hit deals triple the regular amount of damage. Youíll hate it 
when a unit hits another that has 18 HP for 17 damage and then 
scores a crit. Makes you want to break the game. Anywho...
9.	Donít diss some playable characters just cause they look evil, 
stupid, gay, or even perverted. They can be total monsters to your 
enemy. The most ugliest guy in the game, Riev is a boss. You can et 
him to join you in Extra Mode as a level 16 Bishop, along with other 
bosses and NPCs you met in the original story.
10.	If you want to get through a level fast, then turn the animation 
off. Itís quicker as you donít always have to see the same unit 
doing the same motion over and over and over and over and over 
again. Plus, turning animation off can be good because a harmful 
glitch occurs if a Wyrvern Knight attacks with a long range weapon 
and the skill ďPierceĒ occurs. The gameíll freeze and it can harm 
your game. Another baddy of the great Wyrvern Knight. Anywho, I left 
animation off throughout my whole game and beat it. I got a play 
time of 8 hours. With my animation on file, I had a play time of 12 
hours. If youíre wondering, I take my time and do a lot of training. 
11.	Use the terrain as your advantage. Hide in forests and mountains 
and youíll receive a defense bonus while in them. Sand, oceans, and 
pillars also give defense. If you wait in a terrain booster (as I 
call them), the enemy will charge recklessly towards that unit.
12.	Know how much endurance a weapon has. Endurance is listed right 
next to the weapon when you look at it in a menu. Once it has been 
used that many times, it breaks and is automatically discarded. 
Usually, strong weapons have low endurance while weaker ones have 
higher endurance. Keep this in mind because if you send a unit with 
shoddy weapons, itíll use all of the weapons. A unit canít fight 
without any weapons. If an enemy attacks an unarmed unit, that unit 
canít strike back at the attacker. 
13.	A handful of weapons can deal damage from 2 spaces away. Use 
these to avoid counterattacks by enemy units that youíre hitting. 
Most of  the magic books, bows, some spears, some swords, and some 
axes have a reach of 2. Their endurance is pretty low, but they are 
useful at all times. Longbows have a reach of 3 and few magic books 
have a reach of 3-10. Save these books because theyíre insane later 
in the game. Sadly, you only find them late in the game.
14.	Archers can be useful because bows have no weakness. The Longbow 
is the only weapon that has a reach of 3, making no counterattacks 
possible. The only exception is if the enemy youíre hitting has a 
Longbow equipped. They can also use a special weapon called the 
Ballista which is only provided by some battle maps. This, however, 
doesnít mean to beef up archers. To me, archers are crap and you 
should never use them. There is an upgraded class called the 
ďWarriorĒ that can use both axes and bows. They are much better than 
archers. They can equip Longbows, but they canít use ballistas. 
15.	Know your HP and stats. If you send in a weak unit to combat 4 or 
5 baddies, even if it has the right weapon, chances are that itíll 
get crushed. But donít just send in a strong unit to collect all the 
EXP. Share the EXP so that all your characters will be balanced so 
you have a variety of characters with a variety of weapons to bring 
along in battle. 
16.	Every point of damage counts. If a party member is the only one 
injured and has only took 2 points of damage, you should still heal 
the member. It has 2 pros: more HP for the unit and more EXP for the 
healer. If you donít heal a damaged character, the enemy AI will 
target that character as a weak one and will keep attacking the unit 
until it dies. Heal very often, even after a battle where you only 
took 1 point of damage. You wouldnít imagine the luck I ran into 
when I entered the arena with Franz. I forgot to heal and he was at 
21 of 24 HP. I was facing a Myrmidon who had a 64 hit rate, 7 damage 
rate, and 3 crit rate. I hit the myrmidon and he hit me back as a 
critical for 21 damage. RIGHT on the spot. I broke a GameBoy that 
night. Always heal frequently!
17.	Look around your enemies. If you see an enemy of a same class 
that has a different portrait than another (as in a portrait that 
looks like a human), try talking to them with a unit. You might be 
able to get them to switch sides. Few characters are like that. The 
only exception is Orson because heís playable in chapter 5x, but he 
turns into a baddy and is a boss in chapter 16. You can know which 
characters you can recruit by reading the next section.
18.	You should never have a team of just Axemen because if they 
combat a team of swordsmen, a lot of characters will be killed. 
Youíre guaranteed not to use a bunch of the characters because you 
can only bring a few characters into a battle/skirmish. Leave out 
weaker ones and never use them. I usually leave out archers because 
I think mages and shamans are WAY BETTER.
19.	I never use thieves, but they are pretty useful. They can use a 
lockpick to open doors and chests without keys. They can even steal 
anything but weapons from an enemy. That means promotion items, gems 
worth tons of Gold, healing items, and even keys. Keys are always 
dropped though. Youíll know if an item will be dropped if it is 
flashing green when you look at the enemyís stat window. Always keep 
this in mind as even some weapons are dropped as well. Promote a 
thief into a Rouge and he wonít need to use a lockpick.
20.	Summoners are extremely useful. Their powers are insane. They 
have an option called ďSummonĒ. This summons a disposable phantom 
with an axe that only has 1 HP. It isnít affected by the terrain 
either which makes the phantom wicked! The AI will always go for the 
weakest so you have yourself a distraction. They can also be used 
for breaking a bosses weapon. Hereís a strat: If a boss has a 
double-ranged weapon, position the summoner 3 spaces away from the 
boss, summon a phantom., and end your turn. The boss will keep 
attacking the phantom and killing it, wasting endurance of a weapon. 
Keep doing this and once the bosses weapon is broken, you get free 
hits! You only get 1 Shaman in the game and you should promote him 
to a summoner. If you promote Ewan into a shaman then thereís 
another summoner! With 2 summoners in your party, your game is 
busted as all hell! Second best class in the game. 
21.	There is only 1 dancer in the entire game. I think sheís useless, 
but Tethys is actually amazing. She can give another character 
another chance to act. An extra move can get a unit to a troubled 
one in time for a rescue. An extra move means the unit can attack 
twice in one turn. Once attack can make a big difference. And every 
point of damage can make a difference. If you are going to use her 
give her the only Swiftsole in the game to increase her movement 
range to 6. She can barely keep up with just a 4 movement range.
22.	Support characters a lot. Some characters have a relation to 
others and can use a command called ďSupportĒ. This command can only 
be used after a set amount of turns have passed. You can see 
characters flirt with each other and itís really fun. As an 
addition, if a supported character is at least 3 spaces away from 
the character who supported, the supported character will receive 
additional stat bonuses while attacking or when attacked. The stats 
grow higher if the support relation is higher. The rankings go from 
C to B to A. A is the max of course. A unit only gets 5 supports so 
use them wisely. In certain maps that use the ďSiegeĒ objective, 
just murder the boss and waste turns until a support option comes 
up. A list of supports is near the end of the guide.
23.	Some weapons reverse the weapon triangle. These weapons are 
called the Swordreaver (axe), Axereaver (lance), and Lancereaver 
(sword). They have a 15 endurance rating and can be useful. I never 
use them, but people say that theyíre underrated. I can believe 
that, but I never found a use for them. There is also an Axe called 
the Swordslayer, which is good against sword-users such as Myrmidons 
and Mercenaries. There arenít any magic books that reverse the magic 
triangle which makes my gaming issues insane and yummy.
24.	Some other weapons have special affects like effective against 
knights, and effective against magic wielders. If you ever wonder 
what cavalry is, itís any unit that is on a horse. I never really 
experimented much, but I donít think troubadours are cavalry. There 
are on a horse however.
25.	Some items are stat-boosters and are one use items. These ones 
can only be found by visiting villages, opening chests, and stealing 
them from enemies. I like to save these ones because gaining stats 
from levels is totally random. You have no clue how much HP youíll 
have, how much Strength, Speed, Luck, or whatever, even after you 
promote a unit. My advice, save them for the end of the game, but if 
you play extra mode, you can buy these items from secret shops in 
the World Map. Most of these items permanently increase the given 
stat by 2, but the Angelic Robe increase the HP stat by a whole 7 
points! As I said before, every point of damage counts and that 
includes your own hit points. Sad, as most people I know trash them.
26.	Donít be dumb and waste the stat booster items on characters you 
like. Spread the stats so youíll have a well balanced team. One unit 
should not have all the glory in killing enemies. However, if you 
are dumb (like I was) then I guess you could waste them on one 
character. I used mine on Marisa because I thought she was hot (I 
still do!). It was funny as my Marisa had maxed stats and was only a 
level 5 Myrmidon. INSANE!!
27.	You need a special item to promote a class and the unit needs to 
be at a level 10 or higher. Never promote a class unless it is level 
20. Youíll miss out on plenty of stats. Be wise in choosing classes.
28.	Level up weaker units in the Tower of Valni. Some units come weak 
and arenít strong at all. These guys are usually Ross, Amelia, and 
Ewan. They are trainee classes, but can turn into powerful dudes in 
your arsenal. The Tower of Valni is available after chapter 8. Never 
proceed to the second floor. Keep sticking to the ground floor 
because the boss always gives unpromoted classes 100 EXP every time 
you crush him. He gives about 50 EXP to promoted classes. He never 
moves and has only a melee weapon. Itís a great way to beef up 
archers and mages. Both Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins are full of 
undead monsters. Lagdou is only available after you beat the game. 
By the beginning of Chapter 9, you can have everybody in your team 
at level 20, which some are unpromoted characters.
29.	Donít underestimate items like Pure Water and Barrier. So you get 
+7 resistance and it decreases by 1 for each full turn passed. 
Thatís a decreiminating -7 damage when being attacked by magic. Pure 
Waters saved my ass against Riev because his spellbook is really 
strong. They can be used 3 times which makes it last pretty long.
30.	Get the silver card in the desert. It decreases all bought items 
by 1/2, but the unit that is shopping must have the silver card with 
them. This is fun in extra mode because you can buy 2 stat boosters 
for the price of 1. You can also buy weapons, 2 for 1. Saves gold.
31.	Use the Arena in the game. There are only 2 in the whole game and 
they arenít re-visitable like shops and armories. Thereís a trick to 
the arena. If you enter with a sword-user and your opponent is a 
lance user, reset the game before you start the fight and resume the 
chapter. You shouldnít be fighting. Move the sword-user out of the 
arena and enter with an axe-user. It should be the same enemy, but 
the level and/or weapon may alter. This is a great way to start the 
game off with powered units and tons of gold. Use the earliest arena 
in chapter 5 so you can have unpromoted level 20 characters. Not all 
should be that powered up thought. I would stop until you have a 
little over 100,000. It should take you no more than a day. Donít 
get too cocky and enter swords with swords combat. You just might 
lose and have to do ALL that training again.
32.	A special item in this game, similar to Afaís Drop in FE7 is 
called Metisís Tome. It does the exact same thing as Afaís Drops; it 
increases stat growth by 5%. Donít diss 5%. 5% is amazing! 5% can do 
a lot for stat growth. I usually give it to a unit who I donít use 
early in the game. If it goes to a unit with a low level and low 
stats, chances are, that character will be brutal later in the game. 
The tome can only be found in the sand in Chapter 15.

                    -4. Characters and Recruitment-

This section displays all of they playable characters on your side of 
the party. It will tell you a description of the character, how to get 
them, and what you should do with them. If you donít agree, then itís 
your game to mess with, but pay attention because this is good stuff.

Class and Level
Short Description
-How to get
What to do

LV 1 Recruit
A girl who looks 13 and left her village to fight for Grado.
-Chpt. 9- Have Eirika, Ephraim, or Franz talk to her.
-Chpt. 13 Eirika- Have Eirika or Franz talk to her. 
A trainee that has potential. Level up in Tower of Valni and promote to 
a Cavalier. She looks better because she isnít covered with armor. 
Then, promote to a Paladin. I used Metisís Tome on her.
LV 2 Monk
A monk from Renias who has a red afro.
-Chpt. 4- From the start.
I never used him. If you do soop him up, make him a bishop.
LV 12 Hero
A boss in the original story who you killed.
-Play Extra Mode. You unlock him in the Tower of Valni.
Gerik should already be a Hero. No need for another one. Take 
Caellachís junk and store it someplace in the inventory.
Lv 2 Thief
A thief who if friends with Neimi.
-Chpt. 2- have Neimi talk to him.
Use him in the beginning for opening doors and chests> Itís also fun 
stealing stuff from enemies. If you do use him, promote him to a rouge.
LV 9-11 Wyrvern Rider
Brother of Glen who Valter murdered.
-Chpt. 10 Ephraim- Have Duessel speak to him.
-Chpt. 13 Eirika - Have Eirika speak to him.
Use Tana instead. If you want a Wyrvern Knight then heís your man.
LV 1 Berserker
LíArachelís servant and protector.
-Chpt. 11- Have LíArachel talk to him.
Iíd use Ross instead. If you do use this guy, he comes well balanced.
LV 8-10 Great Knight
The famous Obsidian. Also a general who betrayed the Grado empire.
-Chpt. 10 Ephraim- Have Ephraim speak to him.
-Chpt. 15 Eirika - joins on the third turn.
Iíd use him instead of Forde or Kyle combined! Heís just like a Seth.
LV 1-15 Lord
Princess of Renias; sister to Ephraim.
-Chpt. 15 Ephraim- Joins in on the first turn.
-    Prologue    - Main character.
Beef her up throughout the game. Canít do anything about it.
LV 4-15 Lord
Prince of Renias; brother to Eirika.
-Chpt. 5x- first turn.
-Chpt. 8 - end of first turn.
-Chpt. 15 Eirika- Turn 3.
Beef him up throughout the game. Canít do anything about it.
LV 1 Pupil
Student of the sage Saleh.
-Chpt. 12 Ephraim- Enter a village.
-Chpt. 12 Eirika - Enter a house in the western side of the map.
Promote him to a Shaman and then a Summoner. SECOND BEST CLASS!!
LV 11 General
Father to Eirika and Ephraim whose name sounds like the drink Faygo.
-Play Extra Mode. Beat the Tower or Ruins multiple times (I think).
Gilliam should already be more powerful than him, but Iíd use him 
because he defense stat is so damn high.
LV 6+ Cavalier
A secret painter who is Franzís brother.
-Chpt. 5x and 8. Comes in on first turn
I would only use him for the beginning. Donít bother with him 
afterwards and he is pretty useless. Make him a Great Knight.
LV 1 Cavalier
Fordeís younger brother who wants to be like Seth.
-Chpt. 1- from the start
I used him throughout the whole game. Make him a Great Knight.
LV 4 Fighter
Father to Ross and was once a great military leader.
-Chpt. 2- Have Ross talk to him.
Iíd use him pretty much for the beginning of the game. He becomes 
weaker in later parts of the game, but I used the arena to make him 
level 20. Definitely a wonderful Warrior when maxed out.
LV 10 Mercenary
The great character in the game who had previously hired Marisa.
-Chpt. 13 Ephraim- joins first turn.
-Chpt. 10 Eirika - have Innes talk to him.
Use him all throughout the game and make him a Hero.
LV 4 Knight
Slow moving dude whoís pretty cool.
-Chpt. 1- from the start
Definitely use him throughout the whole game. Make him a General.
LV 12 Dragon Master
The only Dragon Master in the game. Cormagís brother who was murdered.
-Play Extra Mode. Beat some level in the Lagdou Ruins.
I never used him. He does come with a Fili Shield which protects from 
arrows. If you didnít use any other flier except Tana, use this guy.
LV 10 Ranger
King of Frelia and friend of the sacred twins.
-Play Extra Mode. Beat a level in the ruins.
I never use rangers. They are like Warriors but with swords. I guess 
they are useful if you need to exterminate enemies from a distance.
LV 1-3 Sniper
Prince of Frelia and friend of Eirika.
-Chpt. 15 Ephraim- joins first turn.
-Chpt. 10 Eirika - have Eirika talk to him.
I never use archers. Theyíre useless. Trash this guy.
LV 9 Swordsmaster
Queen of White Dunes and Jehanna Hall
-Play Extra Mode. Beat Tower of Valni.
Marisa or Joshua should already be more powerful than Ismaire. Just 
take her stuff and donít use her.
LV 5 Myrmidon
A gambling spirit with no luck.
-Chpt. 5- Have Natasha talk to him.
I use him only for the beginning. If you want to promote him, make him 
an Assassin because Marisa should be a swordsmaster.
LV 10 Shaman
A shaman from Grado. He knows the ďriddleĒ of the Dark Stone.
-Chpt. 10- First turn.
Definitely make this guy a summoner. SECOND BEST CLASS!!!
LV 5+ Cavalier
Cavalier sworn to protect Ephraim and loyal to Renias.
-Chpt. 5x and 8- First turn.
I never use this guy. Even Forde is better than this dude.
LV 3 Troubadour
Princess of Rausten who can be really weird.
-Chpt. 11- Have Eirika or Ephraim talk to her.
I used her my second game and found she was quite useful. She is faster 
than Natasha and Moulder and should be turned into a Mage Knight.
LV 1 Mage
Weird girl who knows Artur. She calls herself ďProdigyĒ.
-Chpt. 4- Visit the small village in the southwestern part of the map.
I would use her throughout the game because sheís a good mage that 
should be promoted to a powerful sage. Anima magic is really popular.
LV 14 Necromancer
Childhood friend of Eirika and Ephraim who became EVIL!!!
-Play Extra Mode. I hear you have to beat the Ruins 3 times.
I never got him. Who would spend all that time wasting weapons just for 
the only NecroĒmasterĒ in the game? Only hardcore gamers would.
****According to John Teixeira, Lyon can summon phantoms as well as any 
other summoner. He also says that his summons are stronger. If so, they 
should only be used as distractions because they donít get EXP for 
defeating an enemy.
LV 5 Myrmidon
Tasty-looking girl who was once hired by Gerik.
-Chpt. 12 Ephraim- Have Ewan talk to her.
-Chpt. 10 Eirika - Have Gerik talk to her.
Best character in the game. What was I thinking during my first file? 
Once sheís maxed out, nobody can hit her, even with a lance!
LV 3 Priest
Middle-aged priest of Frelia.
-Chpt. 2- From the start.
Iíd either use him or Natasha. This guy comes at a higher level though, 
but I soop up Natasha because sheís a chick. Make him a Bishop.
LV 1 Manakete
Little girl who can trans into a dragon.
-Chpt 16- From the start.
Her HP starts off low, but sheís, according to some gamers, the ďbest 
characterĒ in the game. She hits pretty high, and levels up easily.
LV 1 Cleric
Yummy girl from the Grado Empire.
-Chpt. 5- From the start.
I used her instead of Moulder because sheís a female character. I like 
females. Iím attracted to them. Anywho, she can change into a Valkyrie.
LV 1 Archer
Crybaby who grew up with Colm.
-Chpt. 3- From the start.
As I said before, archers arenít good. Trash this girl.
LV 13 Paladin
Cavalier of Fado who betrayed of Renias.
-Chpt. 5x- From the start. Exclusive for that chapter.
-Play Extra Mode. Beat a level in the Tower of Valni.
I just take his stuff and let him die. Youíll get his stuff back in 
Extra mode. I use Seth or Amelia instead.
LV 1 Rouge
Rouge who was hired by LíArachel.
-Chpt. 14- Have Eirika, Ephraim, or LíArachel talk to him.
You have to buy him if you donít talk to him with LíArachel. With 
LíArachel, heís free. I never used Colm so I used this guy.
LV 16 Bishop
Ugliest character in the game.
-Play Extra Mode. Beat a level in the Tower of Valni.
You should use him if another bishop is maxed out. He scares me because 
he looks like a zombie. Yuck.
LV 1 Journeyman
Son of Garcia and a powerhouse when maxed.
-Chpt. 2- Have Eirika talk to him.
Iíd use him all throughout the game. His power is unimaginable when 
heís a level 20 Warrior/Berserker.
LV 1-4 Sage
A teacher to Ewan and a powerhouse.
-Chpt. 15 Ephraim- From the start.
-Chpt. 12 Eirika - From the start.
I used him for everything. Heíll probably have higher stats than Lute.
LV 11 Mage Knight
Another good-looking chick that you should use.
-Play Extra Mode. I think you have to beat the Tower multiple times.
I got her once. Sheís better than LíArachel as a Mage Knight.
LV 1 Paladin
Big powerhouse paladin from Renias.
-Prologue- From the start.
I used him throughout the game. Heís kinda like Marcus from FE7.
LV 1 Falcoknight
Commander of Freliaís Pegasus Knights.
-Chpt. 17- Have Tana talk to her.
Since I used Tana throughout the game, I never had any use for Syrene. 
If you want, you could beef up Vanessa and Tana to do the tri-attack.
LV 4 Pegasus Knight
Hot princess chick of Frelia.
-Chpt. 9- Have Ephraim or Eirika talk to her.
Use her for most of the game. Make her a Falcoknight.
LV 1 Dancer
Dancer from somewhere.
-Chpt. 13 Ephraim- From the start.
-Chpt. 10 Eirika - Have Innes talk to her.
I never used her. Some peeps say that sheís a great character for the 
party and should be in every fight. I find her ďDanceĒ ability great, 
but her movement rate very low without a Swiftsole.
LV 13 Wyrvern Knight
Knight of Grado who killed a fellow General Glen.
-Play Extra Mode. Heís unlocked in the Tower of Valni.
I never used this guy. His reputation is bad enough.
LV 1 Pegasus Knight
A knight loyal to Hayden and Frelia.
-Chpt. 2- From the start.
Iíd wait for Tana to come in. I never liked Vanessa.

                           -5. Battle System-

The battle system of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is like the first 
Fire Emblem for GameBoy and kind of like FF Tactics. Characters get one 
action and that action involves a distance travel and an attack. In 
Fire Emblem, the move must come before the attack. Otherwise, you can 
only attack and not move. Characters can only move as many spaces as 
their movement stat is. They can move less if you want them to.

Terrain will also affect movement range. Forests will affect movement 
by 1. Iíll make the best example I can.

 - - - - - - -       (c) character of a 6 move rate
(c)= = = + = -        -  regular terrain (plains)
 - - - - - - -        =  move trail of the character

The character has a move rate of 6, but is only moving 5 spaces. In 
order to pass through the forest, it take 2 panels out of the movement 
range. In order to pass a forest or a fort, it will take 2 panels to 
pass it. Passing a mountain or a peak takes 4 or 5 panels just to cross 
ontop of it. Watch out for terrain. I donít recall armories, or houses 
to deduct any panels. Armories might, but houses donít.

In order to attack an enemy unit, your attacking unit must be in range 
of that unit. Melee weapons can only be used a character is adjacent to 
the opposing unit. Other weapons such as long-ranged weapons, bows, and 
magic can be used from one or two spaces away. Position a unit with 
this kind of weapon property TWO spaces away from an enemy unit. A 
panel that is diagonal from a unit counts as 2 spaces. This isnít 3-D 
here. Itís a 2-D tactical system. Itís pretty smart, too!

If a one of your unitís HP is reduced to 0, that unit is destroyed 
(a.k.a. slaughtered). That unit is dead and canít act for the rest of 
the game. Itís best to restart the chapter and act again. Itís your 
choice, but in this game, I didnít se a scoring sheet for survival, 
funds, tactics, or any of that. 

Damage is calculated by taking the attacking units weapon ďMtĒ or 
attack power, adding it to the strength of the attacking unit, and 
subtracting the defense of the defending unit. So hereís an example.

Mt = 7
Str= 14
Def= 8

7 + 14 = 21 - 8 = 13. One strike of the weapon will do 13 damage.

The same is for magic except defense is resistance. Another example.

Mt = 10
Mag= 15
Res= 9

10 + 15 = 25 - 9 = 16. One hit would do 16 damage.

Skill is a major stat in battling. The higher a skill rating, the 
higher a units Hit rate will be. Without a hit rate, your unit wonít be 
able to hit your enemy. Donít worry, leveling up increases this stat.

Speed is also a factor that is important in battle. The higher a units 
speed, the more times it can attack. The maximum time a unit is allowed 
to hit is 2. With a ďBraveĒ weapon, a unit may be able to hit for 4 
strikes in one combat depending on the speed. Iím not sure, but itís 
either that a unit will be able to strike twice if:

The unitís speed is higher 
than the defending unitís
The unitís speed is at least twice
as much as the defending unitís.

Again Iím not sure, but most of the time, your unit will hit twice in 
one combat. The only time it wonít hit twice is if the weapon theyíre 
holding only has 1 endurance left in it. That leads to another thing: 
Always bring enough weapons for a fight because you donít want too many 
or too less. You donít want to go into a fight without any weapons. 

Anywho, here is the turns of the game in order from which they occur.


During the player phase, you control your units. Your units are the 
ones in the blue. You can move all of them, specific ones, or none at 
all. To end your turn quicker, place the cursor over a panel without 
any character on it or on a character that has acted and press the A 
button. Scroll down to ďEndĒ and it will end your current turn. It 
saves time. Turning animation off also saves time.

During the enemy phase, the enemy AI will move itís own characters like 
youíve moved yours. Enemy units will move and initiate attacks if they 
can. After the enemy has move, the AI will end the enemy phase.

The Other Phase only appears if there are units that are green on the 
field. Field stands for neutral characters. They, however, donít harm 
your units. During the Other Phase, the green units will move and 
initiate attacks if they want to. A note about characters in the green. 
If they defeat an enemy unit, they wonít gain experience. Some of the 
green characters are recruitable. Itís best to recruit them quick 
because theyíll hog tons of EXP. After the other phase, another turn, 
although not viewable will occur. I call it the ďCheckĒ.

During the Check, the game adds a turn to the total amount of turns 
youíve had throughout the game. Itíll tell you the amount of turns when 
you beat the game. Mine are usually high because I spend time doing 
supports. Anywho, I guess the Check can include the victory status. If 
the condition for victory is ďDefeat BossĒ or ďDefeat all enemiesĒ 
after youíve accomplished that goal, itíll skip through the remaining 
phases and immediately go to the Check, resulting in a victorious 
battle. The only victory not affected by the Check is the ďSeize 
Throne/GateĒ victory. The battle will end once the Seize command is 
issued. So the Check includes the turn count and victory condition.

Of course after each battle, youíll either appear back on the world map 
or be forced into another battle. Very few times will you have a 
following battle after a story fight. You will ALWAYS return to the 
world map after every ďskirmishĒ. These are battles that donít affect 
the storyline, but after chapter 8, random monsters will appear on 
places that are black dots. They wonít move, but if you touch them, 
youíll initiate a battle. These can be used to gain experience points, 
but I donít like them because 90% of skirmishes have fog in them, 
making it impossible to see the enemies. The Tower of Valni is so much 
better because you actually know what youíre fighting. 
             This concludes the Game Flow and Battle System.

                            -6. Walkthrough-

Hey peeps! Time for the real stuff. This section provides info for 
story mode, but Iím not going to tell you the story myself. Boss strats 
are included in here, so watch out for them. Well, on we go.

Objective - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Eirika, Seth
Recruits       - none

Move Seth towards the enemy and take out a fighter.
Move Eirika towards the enemy and attack. Have her hit both remaining 
enemies. Eirika should gain 1 or 2 levels. It is possible to die this 
early in the game if the leader hits twice in a row. Just be careful, 
use a Vulnerary and hide in some woods. Donít use Seth because Eirika 
needs the EXP.

Chapter 1 - Escape!
Objective - Seize Gate

New Characters - Franz, Gilliam
Recruits       - none

Trade the Vulneraries to Gilliam. Move Seth to the targeted position.
Move Eirika in for an attack while bringing Franz and Gilliam down 
towards the fortress. When reinforcements arrive, send Eirika and Franz 
down to kill them. Have either Eirika or Seth take care of Breguet. 
Before you seize the gate, you may way to waste about 100 turns for 
support conversations. Just move your cursor to an empty panel, press 
the A button, then Up, then the A button again. It should end your 
turn, but also go back to your turn. Keep doing this until it says 100 
turns in the status menu. Then seize the gate with Eirika.

Chapter 2 - The Protected
Objective - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Moulder, Vanessa
Recruits       - Ross, Garcia

Send Vanessa to rescue Ross while sending Moulder to approach the 
mountains. Eirika should be visiting the village. Garcia should be 
taking care of the enemies of the other side. Immediately follow up by 
having Seth move closer to the southwestern village in the corner. Have 
your other units move down towards the enemy. Drop Ross next to Moulder 
and have him heal Ross. Have Eirika visit the two northern villages and 
talk to Ross. Then send Vanessa back to rescue Garcia. Have Ross talk 
to Garcia to recruit him. Have Eirika buy an Iron Sword from the armory 
and clear out all enemies. If she ever gets hurt, heal with Moulder.

Chapter 3 - The Bandits of Borgo
Objective - Seize Throne

New Characters - Neimi
Recruits       - Colm

Move Neimi up on the first round. At the end of the enemyís turn, Colm 
will appear. Talk to him with Neimi. Send Ross with his Hatchet to kill 
the Brigands from long-distance, just so he gets the EXP. You will want 
Ross to pick up all the EXP here. Whenever he gets hit, use Moulder to 
heal him. Ross should kill every unit except for the boss. The boss, 
Bazba, is an axe-user, so you should have either Eirika or a Cavalier 
take care of him. Remember, leave the small guys to Ross. This is 
another battle which you can pass up turns for support conversations.

Chapter 4 - Ancient Horrors
Objective - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Artur
Recruits       - Lute

Once the battle starts, send Vanessa to the southwestern village to 
pick up Lute. Have Lute exterminate the enemies in the south. Have Ross 
kill all the enemies and reinforcements in the northwestern area. He 
MUST reach Level 10 by the end of this Chapter, just so he gets 
promoted a class and gets stronger. After Ross gets to level 10, stop 
sing him and use Gilliam or a Cavalier. Anybody can crush the boss, an 
Entombed monster. 

Chapter 5 - The Empireís Reach
Objective - Defeat Saar

New Characters - Natasha
Recruits       - Joshua

Ross should be promoted to a Pirate. His dad, Garcia, is already a 
fighter, so you donít need another one. Pirate can also cross water.

This battleís pretty complicated. Natasha is the only one who can 
recruit Joshua, and Joshua wonít attack Natasha. He will attack any 
other character that is in his movement rate. For starts, move Lute to 
the village to the east of you starting location. Move 3 or 4  
characters up the western slope while you should lure the enemies from 
the east bank out and take care of them. Once all the enemies except 
Joshua are defeated, send only Natasha up to recruit him. Now you have 
an extra swordsman. Enemy reinforcements should arrive from the 
southeast, east, and northeast. Take care of them fast because the 
pillage villages preventing you from getting free items. Donít kill 
Saar just yet. You saw the arena here, so lets train some characters.

ARENA - The arena is used for training characters and making some Gold. 
You will need Gold later, so make sure you do this. Also make sure you 
train Dart, Eirika and a lance user. Donít use Gilliam because heís too 
slow. Thereís a trick to this. Once you pay the guy to fight, look at 
the opponent he shows you, but donít start the battle. If you entered 
with Dart and the opponent is a sword-user, reset your GameBoy and re-
enter with the lance-user. If you entered with Eirika and the opponent 
is a lance-user, reset and enter with Dart. Once your character is done 
fighting, heal with Moulder or Natasha (whoever you want to use 
throughout the rest of the game). You can use Joshua instead of Eirika 
and Garcia instead of Ross, if you want.

This is a cool trick that allows you to reach level 20 with some 
characters. I only recommend training until your Gold reaches a very 
high amount (around 12,000). If youíre running out of staves to heal 
with, you can always buy some from the vendor. You wonít have to worry 
about weapons because theyíre provided by the arena. Make sure you do 
this because this guide plays along like you did.

Once youíre done training in the arena, defeat Saar.

Chapter 5x - Unbroken Heart
Objective  - Seize Throne

New Characters - Ephraim, Forde, Kyle, Orson
Recruits       - none

Do NOT use Orson in this battle. He may seem tempty to use, but donít 
use him. He turns evil and leaves you! AHAHAHA!!!! Itís true...Take all 
his stuff and give it to Ephraim.

This levelís pretty easy. First choose a Cavalier, Forde or Kyle. If 
you want a higher level Cavalier, choose Forde, but if you want Spike 
from Cowboy Bebop, choose Kyle. Send this Cavalier and Ephraim around 
slaying everyone. Make good use of the Vulneraries and Elixirs. Make 
sure you kill everybody and get all the chests. Have the Cavalier and 
Ephraim gang up on the boss, Zonta.
***Orson strat contributed by John Teixeira***
3)  Finally, a little bit of strategy that is kinda funny.  You say not 
to use Orson in  ch. 5x.  I agree, he should not attack.  However, if 
you want to see the CPU be REALLY stupid, take all of Orsons weapons, 
give them to anyone, and send Orson into a mad charge, attracting all 
of the enemy fire while Ephriam and Kyle/Forde just out of range of the 
enemies.  When it is your turn again, move Orson back and bring in the 
soon-to-be wrecking crew and cut down all of the stupid AI that 
attacked Orson.  Easy shielding at absolutely no cost to you.  If he 
dies, oh well, he betrays you anyway, who cares?  He only says 
something to the effect of he is retreating and dissappears.  the story 
line is still unaffected.

Chapter 6 - Victims of War
Objective - Defeat Novala

New Characters - none
Recruits       - none

Gigantic spiders haunt villagers in the east. If you brought Colm 
along, you can see further through the fog. Also, if youíre quick 
enough, you can end this battle without rescuing a single villager from 
the Baels. Make sure you hide your healer in a forest so they can avoid 
attacks. Donít send any level 20 character to the frontlines. If all 
your other characters are weak, then I guess you could. Itís a good 
idea to send Gilliam out because his defense rate is amazing. Once the 
spider starts charging down the mountains, hurry and defeat all enemies 
and Novala last. Seth should make quick work of Novala.

Chapter 7 - Waterside Renvall
Objective - Seize Gate

New Characters - none
Recruits       - none

There are big crossbows in this map called Ballistae. Only archers and 
snipers can use these, but I wouldnít use Neimi here. She sucks, haha!!

Send an axe-user across the bridge to kill the soldiers. Bring 
everybody except 1 unit across the bridge. Send that one unit up to 
kill the northern enemies. Once every unit is across the bridge, 
position them around the southeastern portion of the map. Send Gilliam 
up so that the archer wastes the Ballista ammo on him. He wonít be 
damaged. He can also take care of the enemies around there, too. Once 
the ballista ammo has been wasted, send another unit up to the archers 
location and kill his buds as well. Make your way to the castle and 
gang up on Murray. Heís easy. You can waste turns here for supports.

Chapter 8 - Itís a Trap!
Objective - Seize Throne

New Characters - none
Recruits       - none

Make sure you bring Colm and his lockpick along in the fight.

Ephraim and his friend make an appearance at the end of turn 1. Send 
Eirika and some horse guys along with her to join up with Ephraim. 
Reinforcements arrive around Ephraimís starting area, so keep them 
stationed around there. The other characters should head north and kill 
the enemies there. One drops a key to the door so you can use that 
instead of Colmís lockpick. Once all the enemies on each side are 
defeated, join the two teams up in the middle. Make sure Colm raids the 
chests in the map; youíll need the items. The boss Tirado is a General, 
much like Gilliam. His has insane defense, so have either Ephraim with 
the Reginleif or Seth with the Armorslayer finish him off.

                            CHOOSING A PATH

This part plays a good role in the storyline. If you want an easy game, 
choose Eirikaís path. If you want harder maps, choose Ephraimís path. 
Each one has itís benefits, but Ephraimís path seems a lot harder. 
There arenít any characters that canít be obtained in either path, but 
some are harder to recruit in Ephraimís path. Iím listing a walkthrough 
for both paths, starting with the easiest, Eirikaís. Here...we...GO!

                           a. Eirikaís Path

After the events in Chapter 8, a new level opens up. Itís a tower 
called the ďTower of ValniĒ. This is a great place to level up 
characters because the map is always there and skirmishes place fog in 
the map most of the time. In the tower, itís recommended to send only 1 
unit and a healer into the tower. You can send other characters for 
backup if you want, but make sure you soop up some characters here.

Chapter 9 - Distant Blade
Objective - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Tana
Recruits       - Amelia

Bring Franz along for this battle.

There is a new recruit named Amelia in here and she can be on of the 
best characters. Speak to her with Franz or Eirika to recruit her, but 
stay out of her movement range to avoid killing her by accident. If you 
donít recruit Amelia before turn 11, sheíll leave the battlefield and 
youíll have another chance to recruit her in Chapter 13.

This battle consists of mercenaries, who arenít very strong. Start off 
by sending Tana, equipped with an Axereaver, to the village near the 
middle of the screen. Pirate will try to attack her, but their hit rate 
should be low because of the Axereaver. Be sure to send appropriate 
fighters around the corners and alternate battling with them. Amelia 
appears in the southwest area of the map on turn 4. Franz should 
recruit her because of his high movement range. Once you reach the 
southeast corner of the map, start gathering your units around Binks, 
the boss. Donít get too close or heíll hit you with his Steel Bow. Send 
swordfighters first and if heís still alive, hit with axes. Heís easy.

Chapter 10 - Revolt At Carcino
Objective  - Seize Gate

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Marisa, Gerik, Innes, Tethys

Bring a high level paladin, like Seth, with you. If you donít like 
paladins, bring Tana along, but watch out for arrows. Also, bring a lot 
of healing staves if you want to use the arena here.

Get ready for the hardest battle yet. Your team starts out in the 
northwest area of the map. Recruitable characters start out in the 
fort-looking thing underneath your starting position. Have Seth or a 
pegasus knight rescue Eirika and bring her toward the neutral 
charactersí position. Once you reach their position, let Eirika off and 
make her talk to Innes. Then have Innes talk to Tethys and have Tethys 
talk to Gerik. Thatís 3 characters in 1 turn!

Now hear comes the tricky part. Make a group with Gerik and some 
buddies near the bridges underneath the fort-looking thing. Watch the 
myrmidon come up the path. Make sure she doesnít attack you or you 
attack her. When sheís in Gerikís movement range, talk to her with 
Gerik. Now you have a female swordsmaster. While you are doing all 
this, your other characters should have already cleared out the middle 
portion of the map. Have Gerikís group move around the southeast corner 
of the map slaying any reinforcements. Have your party regroup in the 
middle of the map.

Open the doors with a chest key and send a knight in because of his 
high defense. He should kill the people inside the gate without taking 
too much damage. Inside the gate is an arena which is very handy to 
beef up new units like Marisa and Gerik. Ameliaís way too weak and 
should be leveled in the Tower of Valni.

Once you reach the boss, Pablo, donít get within his attacking range. 
Make a group of all your strong units and a healer or two. Send them 
inside to gang up on Pablo. If your units get hurt, heal them with the 
healer. Pabloís tough, so if you donít finish him within one turn, 
heíll kill a unit for sure. After killing him, waste turns for supports 
and then seize the gate when youíre ready.

Chapter 11 - Creeping Darkness
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - None
Recruits       - LíArachel, Dolza

Bring some torches and a thief (for sure!) along.

This battle consists of fog and undead monsters. First off, split your 
party into 2 groups: one with Eirika paired with a thief and some 
average units and the other consisting of strong units. Send Eirikaís 
unit down the southern passage and the other unit through the east 
pathway. Make your way through slaying enemies. Once Eirikaís unit 
reaches the bottom of the map, send the thief up to the ladder-thing to 
the chest. Send Eirika to LíArachel to recruit her, then have LíArachel 
talk to Dolza to recruit him.

Regroup your team in the middle of the map to LíArachelís starting 
position. Have the thief nab the chest there and the one northeast from 
it also. After all the chests have been robbed, make your way outside 
the castle demolishing any leftover enemies.

Chapter 12 - Village of Silence
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Saleh
Recruits       - Ewan

This is another monster-infested area. Bring a bishop along.

Your party starts out in the southwest area of the map. Send in weak 
characters in first to gain some levels. Work your way to the top 
dispatching reinforcements if they come. Once you reach the middle 
portion of the map, send Saleh and a few other units off to the small 
area with the 2 houses and send Saleh in the westernmost house to 
recruit Ewan. Level him in the Valni tower later.

Send in some strong units out to the front line and slay some monsters. 
Make sure all reinforcements arrive before challenging the boss, the 
Maelduin. He has a Steel Bow with him, so donít get too close. Hereís a 
trick: send in a General or somebody with high defense and place him 2 
spaces away from the boss. Skip your turn and let him hit you with his 
bow. The next turn, slam him with weak characters. The characters who 
finished him off should get 100 EXP.

Chapter 13 - Hamill Canyon
Objective  - Survive for 11 turns/Defeat Aias

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Cormag, Amelia

Bring a lot of strong units for this one. Amelia only appears as a 
recruit if you didnít recruit or kill her before.

This chapter may look intimidating. Itís actually not that bad. Your 
party starts off in the middle of the map while enemy units will plunge 
from the east. They will keep replenishing from the forts so make sure 
you pop a unit onto a fort. Send most your strong units east to take 
out many units. Send the other characters into 2 groups and around the 
mountains for a pincer attack. Regroup your characters near the enemyís 

You might wanna keep Eirika and a few axe-users behind at the camp to 
recruit Cormag. He comes with a few wyvern knights and Eirika needs to 
talk to him in order to recruit him. Make sure he doesnít attack you 
first, or he might kill you or vice-versa. If you didnít recruit Amelia 
earlier, send Franz or Eirika to her and get her on your team. She 
appears on the frontlines of the enemyís camp.

Take out reinforcements pouring out of the forts every turn. If you 
feel like it, you can kill Aias, but heís pretty hard and has a wide 
variety of weapons to use. Defeating him earns you a Knight Crest, 
which isnít that important cause you can buy it later. Either stall for 
11 turns or defeat a worthy boss.

Chapter 14 - Queen of White Dunes
Objective  - Seize throne

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Rennac

Bring LíArachel along.

This battle takes a long time. Send LíArachel with some units through 
the eastern door. You can open the door and send LíArachel to Rennac to 
recruit him, but make sure you kill enemy units before you do. While 
doing this, send your other units into 2 groups. One going through the 
northern door and the other through the western door. Scrap up some 
weak enemies and regroup your units by the enemyís main camp. Rennac 
should have a Memberís Card, which can be used at the western upside-
down ďLĒ shaped patch of grass. Move him inside that tiny space and 
select the ďSecretĒ command. The shop sells some nifty stuff.

Reinforcements appear from the south if you didnít know. When youíre 
ready, penetrate the throne room and slaughter Carlyleís guards. Send 
in some lance-wielders and take down Carlyle. Waste turns for supports 
and then seize the throne with Eirika.

Chapter 15 - Scorched Sand
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Ephraim, Duessel, Knoll
Recruits       - None

Bring a lot of magic-users, as movement for them isnít affected by the 
sandstorm. Bring less or no horse-riders as their movement is affected 
by the sandstorm.

This is a tough fight. If you want the treasures, refer to the Scorched 
Sand Treasures map on GameFaqs. Your units start off near the top 
pyramid while Ephraimís unit starts off at the southwestern area around 
turn 2. Scatter your units around the map killing enemies, but donít 
challenge the bosses yet. When Ephraimís unit arrives, visit the 
village and then send them to support Eirikaís units.

Axe-users should be widely used because of the majority of enemies 
being wyvern riders. Make sure you heal your units properly. When your 
done killing all enemies, including reinforcements, take extra time to 
search the sand for treasures. You can also waste turns for supports.

Once you feel like challenging the bosses, gather 2 units around them, 
but keep your distance. They wonít move, but donít take them lightly 
either. Send appropriate fighters to battle each boss. Send axe-
wielders against Valter (the southern boss) and send Lance or Sword-
wielders to Caellach (the northern boss). Theyíre tough, but you should 
be able to kill them.

Chapter 16 - Ruled By Madness
Objective  - Seize throne

New Characters - Myrrh
Recruits -       None

Bring Rennac along for treasure robbing.

At the start of the battle, split your team into 2 groups. Send one 
with Rennac up the stairs slaying enemies. Send the other west and 
around the castle to the northwestern gate. Fight your way through and 
regroup in the middle of the map. Make sure Rennac robs the chests.

Send some units into the room below the middle of the map and kill all 
reinforcements that appear. After youíre done chicken huntiní (yes 
thatís ICP) go up to the bossí room and kill his guards. After killing 
them, gather your troops around Orson, that fat horse who ditched you 
in an earlier chapter. Axe-wielders should be able to take him down.

                           b. Ephraimís Path

After the events in Chapter 8, a new level opens up. Itís a tower 
called the ďTower of ValniĒ. This is a great place to level up 
characters because the map is always there and skirmishes place fog in 
the map most of the time. In the tower, itís recommended to send only 1 
unit and a healer into the tower. You can send other characters for 
backup if you want, but make sure you soop up some characters here.

Ephraimís path is a little harder than Eirikaís. The way he recruits 
characters is tougher than the way Eirika does because most new 
characters are recruits. Some recruits come unequipped, forcing you to 
give them supplies. His maps are a little harder to figure out. Either 
way, his path is just as fun as Eirikaís, but much more irritating.

Chapter 9 - Fort Rigwald
Objective - Seize throne

New Characters - Tana
Recruits       - Amelia

Bring Franz and a thief along.

Your party starts out in the northwestern area of the map. Do not move 
Tana a single space from where she is or sheíll get attacked by the 
mage lurking outside of her cellar. Start by moving your forces down 
making sure that you fight properly. Demolish enemy units and move 
around the corner. Donít worry if the priest puts you to sleep as it 
only lasts for a couple turns. Station a unit a few spaces away from 
Amelia and let the enemy come to you and be slaughtered. Then, move 
Franz up to Ameliaís position and talk to her to recruit her.

Be sure to guard Amelia as reinforcements come from the south. Level 
her later in the Tower of Valni. Send a few units and your thief to the 
northern area to raid some chests and free Tana. You can start using 
Tana by stationing her next to Ephraim and move a spear from the 

After the chests have been taken care of, move your units down to the 
throne area. Kill all enemy units and group your characters around 
Gheb, which sword-users should take care of.

Chapter 10 - Turning Traitor
Objective  - Guard Duessel for 10 turns/Defeat Beran

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Duessel, Cormag

Bring a bunch of strong units.

This battle is a tough one thatíll probably take a few restarts. Your 
party appears in the northeastern area while Duesselís unit is 
stationed in the southwestern area. Start by sending units west to the 
village in the west. Kill enemies and send a unit into the village to 
get a torch. Send uber-strong units south having a paladin haul 
Ephraim. Drop Ephraim off near Duesselís location and talk to him with 

Cormagís unit should appear in the southeast near this time. Stay put 
where you are and let Cormag come to you. When he gets close enough, 
send Duessel in and talk to Cormag. Then, finish of his wyvern allies. 
Regroup your party in the middle of the map. Oh yeah, and if you can 
finish off a ballista boat, you get a Secret Book, which increases 
skill. Position a few units close to the bridge and let enemies charge 
after you. Itís funny cause they all die.

Shop at the vendor or armory and make your way to the boss Beran. If 
heís too hard, then just waste turns until the turn count is over. If 
you feel like beating him, position a character 2 spaces away from him 
and let him use his longbow. Then send all your units in for a kill. 
Refrain from using distance-attackers because Beran can attack them 
with his longbow and most likely kill a unit of yours.

Chapter 11 - Phantom Ship
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - None
Recruits       - LíArachel, Dolza

This battle isnít tough. During the first turn, youíre on a ship by 
yourself. Then your ship connects with another ship, forcing you into a 
monster battle. Send most of your units east including a paladin that 
should rescue Ephraim. Leave a few units behind to deal with 
reinforcements. Send the paladin with Ephraim all the way to the 
easternmost ship and drop him off there. Have Ephraim talk to LíArachel 
when he can. Then have LíArachel talk to Dolza to recruit him.

After the western units have dealt with reinforcements, send them east 
to regroup with the rest of the team. Stay close on 1 ship and let the 
enemy come to you. Defeat all remaining monsters.

Chapter 12 - Landing at Taizel
Objective  - Defeat the Cyclops

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Ewan, Marisa

Bring a lot of strong units with you.

This battle is extremely tough at the start, but it gets easier. Split 
your party into 2 groups and send them on separate ways; one going east 
and one going west. Position the units going east on the bridge and let 
enemies come to their death. Have the western units move slowly up the 
western bridge. Defeat all enemies and reinforcements and regroup your 
2 parties in the middle of the map.

Send 4 or 5 units up to the northwestern house to recruit Ewan, who 
should be leveled later in the Tower of Valni. Only Ewan can recruit 
Marisa and doing this is tricky. First of all, donít get inside 
Marisaís movement range. Second, make sure you lure out all enemies 
surrounding Marisa. Then, have a person with high defense give all his 
belongings to Ewan and position him at the end of Marisaís movement 
range. Position Ewan behind the high defense person. Marisa should now 
attack the person with high defense, hopefully not scoring a crit-hit 
and killing him/her. Then on your turn, move the high defense character 
back and send Ewan in to talk to Marisa to recruit her.

Also, make sure you make good work of the Arena. Use the arena trick to 
gain some fast levels, and this time, itís convenient because a vendor 
is located just outside of the arena. When youíre done leveling, gather 
your troops around the Cyclops and send some sword-users in for the 
kill. He has a hand axe so position your characters 3 spaces away.

Chapter 13 - Fluorsparís Oath
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Gerik, Tethys
Recruits       - None

Donít bring any pegasus or wyvern riders. Bring pirates or berserkers.

This battle is tough unless you have pirates or berserkers that can 
cross water. Your troops begin in the northern area of the map while 
Gerik and Tethys are stranded in the far east. Tethys can give Gerik an 
extra turn to attack an enemy. Gerik is also given a Hero Crest, while 
allows him to transform into a Hero or a Ranger, but isnít recommended 
because heís only at level 10. You need as many stat points as you can 

Start off by splitting your team into 2 groups; one going east and one 
going west. You may have to take a couple a restarts because Selena can 
kill a character with her Bolting spell. Anywho, head straight for the 
villages and get the items they have to offer. Kill all enemies who 
stand in your way. Stand your distance and wait until Selena wastes her 
5 Bolting spells. Lure out all enemies surrounding her and send in some 
strong units t finish her off.

Chapter 14 - Father and Son
Objective  - Seize throne

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Rennac

Bring LíArachel and a bunch of strong units.

Your team is split into 2 groups for this fight. Make sure to even out 
the teams before the fight. Send both teams straight forward and 
destroy the enemies in front of them. Keep a steady pace and take care 
of reinforcements from each side. Make sure LíArachel is on the eastern 
force and that the eastern force pushes harder than the western force. 
Make LíArachel and some strong units lead the way to the eastern gate. 
Have your units break through and have LíArachel talk to Rennac to 
recruit him. Thereís nothing you can do against the Druids equipped 
with Berserk except with Pure Waters and the Barrier spell.

After recruiting Rennac, regroup your split party above the middle 
room. Then, send a couple units and Rennac down to infiltrate the 
middle room. Raid the chests there. While youíre doing this, have the 
rest of your team take care of enemies from above. After the bottom 
chests have been robbed, send Rennacís group up to the northern chests 
so he can nab them.

After your done getting all the chests, send Rennac all the way east 
and into the small room. Position him on the southeasternmost tile in 
that room and visit the Secret Shop. You can then gather your troops 
around the boss, Vigarde. Heís a general with a spear, so send in a 
paladin with an armorslayer or some heavy axe-users. His defense is 
hard to break through, but he should be killed in 1 or 2 turns. You can 
then waste turns for support conversations.

Chapter 15 - Scorched Sand
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - Knoll, Eirika, Saleh, Innes
Recruits       - None

Bring along magic-users because they move better on sand. Donít bring 
any horseriders because their movement is decreased in sand.

If you want to go for the buried treasures, look at the Scorched Sand 
faq on GameFaqs. Ephraimís unit starts off in the southwestern area of 
the map while Eirikaís is positioned in the middle of the map. First, 
send a unit up to the village to get a master seal. Scatter Ephraimís 
unit around the map slaying enemies while Eirikaís unit should stay put 
and wait for Ephraimís units to arrive to help. Scatter troops around 
the map killing all the enemies except for the bosses. 

When youíre ready to face the bosses scatter forces around them. 
Scatter axe-users around the southeastern boss and gather you other 
units around the northwestern boss. Theyíre tough, so make sure you 
kill both bosses hopefully in one turn.

Chapter 16 - Ruled by Madness
Objective  - Seize Throne

New Characters - Myrrh
Recruits       - None

Bring Rennac along. Save Myrrh for the final battles.

First off, split your team into 2 groups; one with Rennac going north 
and the other going east. Destroy all enemy units in your way. Once 
Rennacís unit reaches the very top, send Rennac and two other units 
down to the chest guarded by 2 doors. Make sure itís before turn 6 
because a treasure hunter will appear and try to take it from you. 
After getting the chest, regroup your team in the middle of the map and 
lure some enemies out.

After most enemies have been lured and killed, send Rennac and a few 
units east to the 3 chests. Make sure itís before turn 16 because an 
enemy thief will appear and try to raid the chests, robbing you of 
treasures. Kill all reinforcements and gather your troops in the middle 
of the boss, Orson, that fat kid who ditched you in an earlier chapter. 
Position all your strong characters near him an go in for the kill.

                           c. THE TWINS UNITED

Both Eirika and Ephraim will be promoted to Great Lords increasing 
mobility and stats. The twins will be able to be played in the same 
chapter from this point onwards. A short story awaits ahead of you.

Chapter 17 - River of Regrets
Objective  - Defeat Lyon

New Characters - None
Recruits       - Syrene

Bring Tana, a pirate, or a berserker along.

Your party is positioned in the southwestern area of the map. Make a 
steady pace up and across the bridge. Have a person with a long range 
weapon attack the tree to lower it. Afterwards, send a bunch of units 
across it. Then, send Tana and a few other units after Syrene and have 
Tana talk to her to recruit her. Make sure you rescue all the peasants.

Have Tanaís group cross the northern bridge and regroup with the other 
group that crossed the tree bridge. Finish off all enemy reinforcements 
here, and then send your units to the castle in the east. Stand your 
distance, because a bunch of druids will emerge from the castle. Kill 
every single druid coming out of the caste and then gather all your 
units around Lyon. 

Make sure all your units are fully healed before you take on Lyon. 
Youíll want to fight with your strongest units, so send all your strong 
units in to kill Lyon. Use the advanced weapons you got before this 
chapter and it should increase your chances of killing him. Itíll piss 
you off if he kills a character of yours because you worked so hard to 
get to him. Donít worry as youíll always have unlimited chances.

Chapter 18 - Two Faces of Evil
Objective  - Defeat all enemies

New Characters - None
Recruits       - None

Bring a wide variety of units. This is an easy fight.

Your units start in the southwestern area of the map. This area 
consists of lava, in which if you wait on for a turn, itíll damage you. 
There are gorgon eggs here thatíll hatch in a few turns of approaching 
them. They give more EXP than a hatched gorgon does. Scatter your 
troops around the map killing eggs and gorgons. Itís really easy.

Chapter 19 - Last Hope
Objective  - Guard Mansel for 13 turns/Defeat Riev

New Characters - None
Recruits       - None

This is a hell of a fight. Only bring strong characters.

Donít even bother defeating Riev in this battle. This battleís way too 
complicated for it. If you want to raid treasures, then bring Rennac 
along too. Position characters close to Mansel and wait until the 13 
turns are wasted. If you want the treasures, send Rennac with a bunch 
of units to the area with the chests you want. The western chests hold 
better items. 

If you actually want to attempt to defeat Riev, send all your strong 
characters southwest to Rievís location, abandoning Mansel. If Mansel 
dies, then oh well, you lose the battle and you have to start over. 
Haha! Anywho, just stall for 13 turns or go for Riev. Heís really tough 
to kill and reinforcements keep pouring from his location.

Chapter 20 - Darkling Woods
Objective  - Seize Gate

New Characters - None
Recruits       - None

Only bring strong characters.

Your team appears in the southeastern area of the map. Send them around 
the corner and split them into 2 groups, each going separate ways. 
Defeat all the monsters and regroup in the far western area of the map. 
Beware of Riev because heíll move, unlike other bosses. So put a 
character with high resistance to the end of his movement range and 
lure him out. 

Send in all strong units to kill Riev. Then heal and position all your 
units around the Manakete. The only characters that you should use are 
Eirika, Ephraim, and Seth. If it poses a problem, fall back and start 
over until the damn thing dies. Then seize the gate.

FINAL CHAPTER - Sacred Stone
Objective     - Defeat Lyon

New Characters - None
Recruits       - None

Not much help here. Only bring tough characters.

There is nothing special about this fight. Just split your team into 2 
groups and have them go different ways. If you want the southern 
chests, send Rennac and a few other units to nab them. Kill and enemies 
and reinforcements and then regroup your team in the middle of the map.

Donít go up the middle path to Lyon. Instead, split into 2 groups and 
go around for a pincer attack. Only send strong characters in and hope 
to score a crit-hit with a legendary weapon. Itís enough to kill him.

Afterwards, you have to fight the almighty demon, Fomortiis. Heís 
extremely tough for a final boss. What you should do is make THREE 
groups. One going up the middle and the other around the sides for a 
pincer attack. Donít move the middle group until the side groups reach 
Fomortiis. When youíre ready, send all your characters in for a final 
kill. Send Eirika, Ephraim, and Seth in first, and then make finishing 
touches to the demonís hit points.

Then, sit back and watch the epilogue. At least you beat Fire Emblem.

                            -7. Sidequests-

1 - Creature Campaign

This sidequest can be done after you beat the final chapter. Go to the 
main screen and select ďExtrasĒ and choose Map. This opens the creature 
campaign. This sidequest leads to extra monster battles. It also gives 
accessibility to Secret Shops visitable from the map too. You can also 
unlock 10 new characters by finishing the Tower of Valni and Lagdou 
Ruins. Itís worth it just to play some of the enemy bosses.

I wonít go into complete detail of the Tower of Valni, Lagdou Ruins, or 
monster skirmishes. Itís just random enemies generated and you kill 
them, but itís actually harder than it sounds. 

2 - Metisís Tome

Not much of a sidequest, but this items if found in Chapter 15, 
Scorched Sand. Itís hidden under the sand and buried somewhere. It has 
the same effect of Afaís Drops in Fire Emblem 7. Stat growth increases 
by 5% to the character you use it on. I usually wait until after 
chapter 15 and use it on someone like Ewan, Amelia, or Ross. Since they 
can gain a total of 59 levels when at their first level of their 
training class, using Metisís Tome on them has a HUGE impact. Youíll 
usually end up with a busted character in your arsenal.
                              -8. Equipment-

This section covers weapons and items all listed in alphabetical order. 
Itís only the stuff you need to know. Level is what user level the 
character has to have in order to use it and endurance is the amount of 
uses it takes before it breaks. Remember, itís only stuff you need.
|SWORD                          Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |
|Armor Slayer---------------------D------------------------------18---|
|Brave Sword----------------------B------------------------------30---|
|Iron Blade-----------------------D------------------------------35---|
|Iron Sword-----------------------E------------------------------46---|
|Killing Edge---------------------C------------------------------20---|
|Light Brand----------------------C------------------------------25---|
|Silver Blade---------------------A------------------------------15---|
|Silver Sword---------------------A------------------------------20---|
|Slim Sword-----------------------E------------------------------30---|
|Steel Blade----------------------C------------------------------25---|
|Steel Sword----------------------D------------------------------30---|
|Wind Sword-----------------------B------------------------------40---|

|SPEAR                          Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |
|Brave Lance----------------------B------------------------------30---|
|Heavy Lance----------------------D------------------------------16---|
|Iron Lance-----------------------E------------------------------46---|
|Killer Lance---------------------C------------------------------20---|
|Short Spear----------------------C------------------------------18---|
|Silver Lance---------------------A------------------------------20---|
|Slim Lance-----------------------E------------------------------30---|
|Steel Lance----------------------D------------------------------30---|

|AXE                            Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |
|Battle Axe-----------------------B------------------------------20---|
|Brave Axe------------------------B------------------------------30---|
|Devil Axe------------------------E------------------------------20---|
|Dragon Axe-----------------------C------------------------------30---|
|Hand Axe-------------------------E------------------------------20---|
|Iron Axe-------------------------E------------------------------45---|
|Killer Axe-----------------------C------------------------------20---|
|Silver Axe-----------------------A------------------------------20---|
|Steel Axe------------------------E------------------------------30---|

|BOW                            Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |
|Brave Bow------------------------B------------------------------30---|
|Iron Bow-------------------------E------------------------------45---|
|Killer Bow-----------------------C------------------------------20---|
|Short Bow------------------------D------------------------------22---|
|Silver Bow-----------------------A------------------------------20---|
|Steel Bow------------------------D------------------------------30---|

|STAVE                          Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |

|ANIMA BOOK                     Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |

|LIGHT BOOK                     Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |

|DARK BOOK                      Level                        Endurance|
|                                                                     |

                              -9. Items-

This section covers items, both usable and non-usable items. This will 
show the item and a brief explanation of it.

|ITEM                                       Description               |
|                                                                     |
|Angelic Robe------------------------------Permanently raises HP by 7-|
|Antitoxin-----------------------------------------------Cures Poison-|
|Black Gem-------------------------------------------Worth 15000 Gold-|
|Blue Gem---------------------------------------------Worth 5000 Gold-|
|Body Ring-----------------------Permanently raises constitution by 2-|
|Chest Key-------------------------------------Opens a treasure chest-|
|Door Key-----------------------------------------Opens a locked door-|
|Dragonshield-------------------------Permanently raises defense by 2-|
|Elixir-----------------------------------------------Restores all HP-|
|Elysian Whip--------------Promotes Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders-|
|Energy Ring----------------Permanently raises strength or magic by 2-|
|Fili Shield------------------------------Protects fliers from arrows-| 
|Goddess Icon----------------------------Permanently raises luck by 2-|
|Gold Gem--------------------------------------------Worth 20000 Gold-| 
|Guiding Ring--------------------Promotes magic users and troubadours-| 
|Hero Crest-------------Promotes Mercenaries, Myrmidons, and Warriors-| 
|Hoplon Guard---------------------------------Negates enemy crit-hits-|
|Knight Crest--------------------------Promotes Knights and Cavaliers-|
|Lockpick--------------------------Opens doors and chests for thieves-| 
|Master Seal---------------------------Promotes most unpromoted units-| 
|Member Card----------------------------Allows access to Secret Shops-| 
|Metisís Tome-----------------------------Increases stat growth by 5%-| 
|Ocean Seal------------------------------Promotes thieves and pirates-| 
|Orionís Bolt----------------------------------------Promotes archers-| 
|Pure Water-----------------------------------------Raises resistance-| 
|Red Gem----------------------------------------------Worth 2500 Gold-| 
|Secret Book-------------------------Permanently increases skill by 2-| 
|*Silver Card--------------------------Reduces all item costs by half-| 
|Speedwing---------------------------Permanently increases speed by 2-| 
|Swiftsole------------------------Permanently increases movement by 2-| 
|Talisman-----------------------Permanently increases resistance by 2-| 
|Torch----------------------------Increases visibility in foggy areas-| 
|Vulnerary---------------------------------------------Restores 10 HP-| 
|White Gem-------------------------------------------Worth 10000 Gold-| 

                              -10. Supports-

This section shows each character and who can support them through 
support conversations. Itís really hard to read unless you strain your 
eyesight. I might list the turn count later in an update. Each 
character only gets 5 supports, so use them on characters who you like.


Amelia - Ewan, Ross, Franz, Neimi, Duessel

Artur - Joshua, Neimi, Tethys, Cormag, Lute

Colm - Marisa, Neimi, Rennac, Kyle, Moulder

Cormag - Artur, Duessel, Tana, Seth, Natasha

Dolza - LíArachel, Myrrh, Ewan, Rennac, Garcia

Duessel - Amelia, Knoll, Cormag, Ephraim

Eirika - Ephraim, Seth, Saleh, Forde, Tana, Innes, LíArachel

Ephraim - Eirika, Tana, Myrrh, Duessel, Forde, Kyle, LíArachel

Ewan - Amelia, Tethys, Ross, Dolza, Saleh

Forde - Franz, Kyle, Ephraim, Vanessa, Eirika

Franz - Amelia, Seth, Forde, Gilliam, Natasha

Garcia - Seth, Neimi, Dolza, Gilliam, Ross

Gerik - Ross, Innes, Joshua, Marisa, Tethys, Saleh

Gilliam - Franz, Syrene, Garcia, Moulder, Neimi

Innes - Gerik, Tana, Vanessa, Eirika, LíArachel, Joshua

Joshua - Natasha, Innes, Artur, Gerik, Marisa, LíArachel

Knoll - Lute, Duessel, Natasha

Kyle - Colm, Lute, Ephraim, Syrene, Forde

LíArachel - Dolza, Joshua, Rennac, Eirika, Ephraim, Innes

Lute - Ross, Artur, Knoll, Kyle, Vanessa

Marisa - Tana, Gerik, Tethys, Colm, Joshua

Moulder - Colm, Syrene, Vanessa, Gilliam

Myrrh - Dolza, Ephraim, Saleh

Natasha - Knoll, Cormag, Joshua, Seth, Franz

Neimi - Artur, Gilliam, Amelia, Garcia, Colm

Rennac - Tethys, LíArachel, Colm, Dolza

Ross - Lute, Amelia, Garcia, Ewan, Gerik

Saleh - Myrrh, Eirika, Ewan, Gerik

Seth - Cormag, Eirika, Natasha, Franz, Garcia

Syrene - Kyle, Vanessa, Moulder, Tana, Gilliam

Tana - Ephraim, Eirika, Innes, Syrene, Cormag, Marisa

Tethys - Ewan, Gerik, Artur, Rennac, Marisa

Vanessa - Moulder, Forde, Innes, Lute, Syrene

                              -11. Disclaimer-

I know this is listed at the top, but I'm going to list it twice 
because I put so much time into this.

Copyrighted work 2005, Shane Duckworth
All rights reserved

The listed sites below have permission to use my FAQ.

Using my FAQ without permission is a violation of copyright laws. If 
you wish to use my FAQ then you must first contact me through e-mail. 
You can email me at [email protected] 

                              -12. Credits-

CJayC for the wonderful site that helped me whenever I was confused 
with my games.

Nintendo and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS for a great strategy RPG game that 
kept be busy and motivated enough to create a guide for it.

John Teixeira for summon info on Lyon and the really retarded, but good 
working Orson strat.

You the Reader for reading my FAQ.

And everyone else who I forgot to mention! Thanks guys!