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The Sims 2 Pets Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

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We have a cheat that will give you $12,000 Simoleons and we'll tell you how to make easy money by buying paint in the smith.

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We have 9 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims 2 Pets please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : PC : PlayStation 2 : PSP

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All The Sims 2 Pets Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


If your sim has a lot of expensive furniture, and full security, you already know that the thief will stop coming, but you will get 2 new thieves named "Cat Burglar" and "The Ninja" stealing all of your pricey items.

When you go to SIMTHING 4 EVERYONE there is a gnome for sale that's description reads something like "A must have for all invaders". Buy that and place it anywhere in your home. (I know, it's really ugly) but have that gnome, and full upgraded security and you can say goodbye to all 3 invaders (actually you will be robbed 80% less; it is IMPOSSIBLE to never be robbed in this game). Now you can keep your house in full luxury style without being robbed EVERY SINGLE SIM DAY.

Also, leaving your pet at home does no t keep away invaders. (Maybe if you have an aggressive pet?)

How to get many simoleons fast!

It's easy.

Here are the steps (not a glitch, real)

1. Buy an easel in the store.

2. Keep painting 'til you reach Level 10 of painting.

3. Once you've reached it, try selling your painting. It will give you about 500 simoleons.

4. Paint for 3-4 Sim Hours, then you'll get 1,000-12,000 simoleons.

Hope this helped Smile

Easy Money & Pet Affinity

For easy money, buy a painting, get the LAST painting medal and paint for 2 game hours and a half (not real hours). So you can get lots and lots of money

Do this many times, until you have enough $ to buy a penguin from the treasure shop. Place the penguin, go to it, pet it, and you can get easy pet affinity.

Cheat Codes For The Sims 2 Pets

You can use gameshark or codebreaker. I use codebreaker. It is up to you. Now you don't need to paint. It is up to you (I said twice)

[M] Must Be On (if you use codebreaker it says it is from a different game, but it works fine)




Access all Career Levels



Access all Tricks



Access all Medals



All Tricks Mastered



Maximum Social Points



Maximum Career Stats



Maximum Simoleon



Earn $10,000


Have $50,000


Infinite Collectibles



No Status Erosion



Vet job

I don't know why on the vet job of removing fleas I can't get to the next level. I get all the fleas under the time limit and the lady says good job but next time I come to work I am still on level one. I have done this like 20 times now and I'm still on level one!!!

Easy get money!!

If you want to have a lot of simoleon just buy a paint in the smith 4 everyone and paint in your house for 2-12 hours-sims time.

Dog AND cat + How to stop socializing!

Love dogs and cats and don't know which to choose from? Well you can get them both! Here's how, it's simple! First, buy one of the two. Then, board your first pet at Amy's pet sitting place and buy the other pet! After, teach them the same tricks and you'll have two cool pets!

If you just skipped past Joan's explanation on socializing, then here's a hint. If you're bored of socializing,

Just press the B button and you'll stop instantly! Cool huh?!

More Pet Affinity

To get more pet affinity train your pet or buy a penguin for $15000 and pet it and you will get more pet affinity.

Get lots of simoleons by .....

On Sims 2 pets for Gba there is NO cheat to get codes for money like on ps2.So I'm tellin you all a simple way to get up tp $12,000 on sims 2 pets , GBA .

If you build your creativity skill to level 10 (by painting) you can earn from $1000 - $12,000 in one go !!!!

Just keep painting for 2-12 hours sims time.

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