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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for more great content for Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.

Good codes game shark code for Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

Good codes

Here are some Good codes I always use
All of this codes have been tested and fine for me hopeit will work exactly the same for all of you.Make sure you save before doing anything.

Enable Code(m)
3F406898120E5A39 CD23B7B24883FB1A
(type in this code first before using any other code)

Infinite Goth
34466685FE4305FB B43DFD5ECAC3932C
(infinite money)

Typing one code lets say if you type Long Sword.You will have 99 Long Swords.

Short Sword D60E6D68 80E3605B
Long Sword 63C90CEF B7342875
Claymore 89435F28 DA7AD7FA
Sum Mannus D58A3C50 A3194731
Firedrake Sword 658FFBF9 815478B0
Ice Blade CB39BFF4 ADE686CA
Fafnir 3C5AF492 7E544C18
Sword of Tiamat BD8C098D 8B4C9EA4
Balmung 48E449BF 50C5E8CC
Notos 4ED20BA5 85990BB1
Laevateinn 41435230 2230AD33
Gram AC104D3A 27675BEF
Oracion 12DA6B41 0297C1B0
Fragarach 9EAFD124 9890A15B
Anbicion (90 PWR) 19160EF7 5A5D115F
Anbicion (normal) E3DAE642 B70D5C02
Wind Snapdragon 21FA6971 489662F6
Fire Snapdragon 3B2FF4F2 9D7CA073
Earth Snapdrago 76E5E2ED 4E67979B
Water Snapdragon 22959074 5B8404B2
Virtue Snapdragon D7A871F7 0DF7B25E
Bane Snapdragon 4C4520CC 2686A6AD
Matsukaze C318D537 61F9C15D
Kagari-bi D0814559 66296D6B
Yomogi-u 612E701F EEA58075
Yu-giri A0CDE869 2E584D35
Rapier B7BBE09A 54F6E677
Estoc 4B694B43 64B18EF4
Dragon Gem Sword 810A52D3 448ADCA3
Inca Rose 908E7631 2900BFEB
Peridot Sword 357E2361 D68EB8C6
Needle of Light A04EDC1E 9296A33C
Answerer F5C38303 3D4EFD02
Francisca 7D715104 641B2EC4
Prox A52C876F 3B5C591A
Earth Dragon Axe 5A6B3B0D F46C08B7
Frozen Axe E778F2ED 298C1BA8
Bloody Cleaver 8F7DA16A DA789CF8
Boreas 8E897480 1521318C
Halt Hammer BA0F3BA7 2B046397
Euros A8756805 B88B626C
Flame Flail 6B4BE71D 0DC861AE
Sanscion F8F48350 777D283E
Hammer of Tears 210D1455 0A5C518D
Mystic Hammer 8515C109 D02B4F95
Battle Fan 34674A1C 8AF5C815
Caldia EC84CFB8 7E0515D3
Hyacinth Fan C6269CD9 5054683A
Gypsy Queen 88234A16 76FCEF89
Scipplay's Staff 8E82D25F CC411DF5
Wind Wand 90B01A52 03D8293F
Fire Wand 07C5CEE5 F22F53BE
Earth Wand 37514454 DE32F76A
Ice Wand 4FB83171 2B9CF040
Ripple's Staff 6CA8727E 51E39CD3
Kerykeion 24FAE855 CC4305EA
Dowsing Rod C5EC04AA 217E635E
Sugar Cane 453FF91D 9713B05A
Pike 5FC8876E 1E566544
Trident D3150433 5C18FEEF
Zephyrus 264DA096 75CD9B4C
Volcaetus B71CA1AD 91C8F6F9
Earth Javelin 4CAD8028 B039A07D
Osric's Spear CED89E40 015EA92F
Longicolnis 73CED474 1F163B21
Brionac BE97F5A7 AB77DDD2
Leather Whip 75A53B32 290F1120
Beast Whip 5754F285 CCD38298
Holy Comet FE097078 7A6DA0B5
Rapture Rose AF73B0C9 5B1F48D8
Short Bow 82C64E72 31C67008
Great Bow 066AE56A D6A4F8D2
Thunder Bow 2615363B 2F99BDDA
Flame Bow 57889B68 AB56B765
Sandstorm Bow 3D588689 AC429C63
Tundra Bow 4B0A5D47 A5350550
Crescente BFDB2296 DD1A4145
Sherwood Bow F330CDEF 3EBFFB3A
Bow Gun EB1CF062 EB237415
Composite Bow 07CBACD0 283D8679
Tathlum 9D7F50AC 24E78478
Tower Shield DA78A0F5 362EFDAA

Spells Books
(Spell book cheats are the same as weopons)

Thunderbird 6801BF3C A70883C2
Thunder Flare 7C098FB4 5AAA90E8
Air Blade D7C60228 C6577498
Teleport 67660826 903CC30C
Summon Tempest 7C60EFE5 BEF884B3
Harnella's Influence67F0F98D 2D075FAD
Haste 322182BD 3E62517F
Salamander E52C5AE2 318457BE
Firestorm 45693230 8DE0289B
Fireball BBEFA5A1 52BB2E8C
Clear Sky 0FAAF61B 34617DAF
Ray of Paralysis D5E9812A 884AA719
Zoshonels Influence94B5FBA6 C8014E7E
Molten Blade 08970E10 9D65BB31
Acid Vapor 2C4A1791 30B56D25
Crag Crush BDC8835E 87E6268A
Petrifying Cloud 43A5F178 2FCD2700
Hurdle Wall 01458037 3BA2A68F
Berthe's Influence B213901B F19F00FA
Constrain 6B15A537 CF8FC1ED
Fenrir 97AFF4E7 555B7C0A
Ice Javelin 5E4EB0D5 75B9ED7A
Ice Field B83CA5CC FC6E0E50
Slumber Mist 21A4531F A9E3D206
Grueza's Influence E3E03CC9 C92FB2F3
Poison Squall 2B707F0A B45418C9
Purify D2377550 C6404582
Star Tiara (dummy) B2170C4D 3DC62324
Exorcism EA897B9E 493C79A8
Lightning Bow B1ED97EE 7B56E4EB
Divine Radiance F49B661A 7EC30F36
Tranquillize 076AD29A 44E7B0C1
Faith CE201B79 4B599C1E
Cleanse 1AF50C2F E760EACF
Heal D73BB4BD FC5FC8A5
Heal Plus 6C3FE786 CFDCBC3B
Full Heal 487A1548 4D0D8E6B
Resurrection 73C697B4 2707C5B1
Ignis Fatuus CDA969AD 2CC724D3
Fiend's Grip 86435F4C 930A8DC4
Nightmare 9EBDBBE3 8828CC21
Pain 9FB5ACF9 EDE91541
Brain Sap 62326359 F369E6E2
Enfeeble 188ED5B2 D129839F
Cursed Existence 2847ED99 25FC1652
Fluid Magic 6D8829AD 96F0E57F
Time Flux BF73C4A1 B1853B86
Necromancy B7771063 B17A8956

I will also post in a walkthrough(full version!)so pls read my walkthrough if any of you have any problems with this game.

Thats about it.On 1st of December I will post in more codes.
TQ All Supercheats Fans And
P.S.any of you who has read this page pls give me ratings and ill give you more codes.

Added by: Elite94
Nov 28th 2008, ID#12482 | REPORT

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6 comments, latest first.
Oct 29th 2017 Dennis Basil L. Nanolan
I just started playing this game after 6 years but i decided to find a cheat for the snapdragon but when I inputted the codes the only code that worked is the goth all others are not how can I use this codes in vba emulator?
ID #742211
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
how to use the cheats in VBA pc please tell me
ID #529608
Sep 3rd 2014 Guest
thx it work for me gba lite
ID #444207
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
how to use it
ID #442809
Apr 30th 2012 Guest
the only code that works is the infinite goth code and nothing else
ID #138322
Oct 22nd 2010 Guest
This codes aren't working in VBA emulator ...give codes that is compatible in VBA emulator
ID #15874