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Super Mario Advance Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario Advance

We have 30 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Advance please send them in here.

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Get YoshiWhen you get all the Yoshi eggs go to t..

Get Yoshi

When you get all the Yoshi eggs go to the last guy fight him now you can use yoshi in this game

Saved Data, Sleep Mode and Yoshi Mode

Clear ALL Saved Data:
Press L + R + A + B + Start + Select (when turning on the GBA).
Unlock Sleep Mode:
Select + R (Select + L to deactivate)
Unlock Yoshi Mode:
Complete Super Mario Brothers 2 (you don't have to collect ALL the red coins). In Yoshi mode you have to find 2 Yoshi eggs which are hidden behind the potion doors. There are 2 eggs for each stage.

99 lives

Ok there is two cheats to get 99 lives fast
When you get to the 3 different games after you choose super mario 2, move left or right to choose any level you want even if you warped
)go to level 5-3, destroy the three blue monsters, go up the ladder,move to the right, pick up the first plant, throw it , step onto the shell while it's moving, crouch down, when the bomb guys drop from the birds, ride on the shell back and forth, the points will go 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000,2000,4000,8000,1up
)go to level 2-2, run until you see a brown door right under you, don't go inside the door, go to the second pot, pick up the POW box, go out of the pot, go to the third pot, slam the POW box down on top of the third pot you should get three lives, go in the pot, repeat until 99

If you want princess coins instead of dragon coi..

If you want princess coins instead of dragon coins get all dragon coins on every level every world.

Infinite ladder climb

1. Go to level 3-2 w/ moon jump on. ( get moon jump cheat from gameshark)
2. Go undergroud to ladder one climb up the ladder and the instant you change screens, jump.
You should be in an infinite ladder climb.

Loadsa LivesWorld 7.1Go to the right of the scre..

Loadsa Lives

World 7.1

Go to the right of the screen at the top of the ladder until you see a mushroom block a shy guy pot.Pick up the

block and put it one space from the pot.

Wait for laods of shy guys to come out then pick one up,stand on the mushroom block and chuck the shy guy for 3 lives.


To Get to world 6,go to 4-2 and when there are 9..

To Get to world 6,

go to 4-2 and when there are 9 plants keep picking them until you get the potion, next go to a pipe that you can not enter throw the potion near the pipe then go in the door and enter the pipe and wala your at world 6

SEE YA!!!!!

You guys want a quick and easy way to get 99 liv..

You guys want a quick and easy way to get 99 lives like that. (snap)Then go to world 5-3. first kill the guys underground then climb up the ladder.

Pick up the first weed you see then throw it down and jumb on it.

Birds drop bombs and ur shell hits them and after a while they go 100,200,400,800,1000,2000,4000,8000,1 up!

After u get 99 lives jump onto the ledge above you and pick a potion then drop it in sight of the pipe. when in the door jump into the pot.

note:1. do not pick up ur shell becaouse then it restarts from 100!

2. sometimes u will be hit with bombs so it a good idea to get a heart then start!

Go to world 2-2 and get over the quicksand and y..

Go to world 2-2 and get over the quicksand and you will see a couple of vases go into the second vase and get the POW get out of the vase jump forward and throw the POW and you will get 3 lives do this again and again untill you have 99 lives.

on world 4 level 1 walk through the first door a..

on world 4 level 1 walk through the first door and pick the second root you will get a giant pow keep running with it and jump over the creatures when you reach the end let go of the pow and you will get 5 lives then go out the door and back in do it again and again and you will soon get 99 lives

note:You will see my name a lot the cheat masta

this cheat is a cheat!

warp to world 7get to world 5-2 and there is a p..

warp to world 7

get to world 5-2 and there is a pot near two Hoopsters and first go into the pipe and pick a magic potion out of the ground and jump out and throw the potion so the door lands on top of the pot and go into the pot and walla u r in world 7.

$Ching$Ching$ LoTs-O-cHeAtS!!!

Since nobody ever mentioned these cheats, I guess nobody knows em' so I'll tell you guys about them.
The first one is how to put your GameBoyAdvance in deep sleep during the middle of the game! To do this just Press SELECT and the R button at the Exact same time during gameplay. If it works, then it should look as if the GBA was turned off.(You can tell if it's off or on because if the Light is on then your okay.) If you want to get out of sleep mode, press SELECT and L at the EXACT same time!(When in sleep mode the game doesn't Reset.)

How To Beat Mostly All The Minions(or bosses)

Birdo-I don't know why people think it's hard to beat her. Just jump onto one of her eggs and pick it up. Then throw it at her. Repeat 3 times.
Mouser-Get ontop of his bombs and pick it up. Before it blows, throw it at him with perfect timing.Repeat this at least 4 times or more I forgot.
Mutaded Crab-Dodge his eggs and(like always) get ontop of it and pick it up. Throw it at him. Repeat like, 6 times I think.
3-headed Snake-Don't grab his fire! Grab the mushroom and throw it at him! A good idea is to hide behind them too while crouching.
Green Birdo(Fire Breathing Birdo)-Try not to go close to her. Find some mushrooms and keep throwing em' at her like 3 times.
King Wart- This idiot won't stop blowing bubbles at you! So wait for a ve..

99 lives

In world 1-1 when you go into the second door you will find a line of purple jumpy things. Take out a root and throw it it may take a while but eventually you will have 99 lives

99 guy no gameshark (not ulimeted)

On world 1-1 there is a cave were you throw stuff to get an extra guy. But in that cave when you go up the vine there is 5 jumpie things and the third weed is a big one,throw it and kill ALL of them. You will get one up after you kill them once go down the vine then go back upthey will be back again and keep useing the big weed. You will keep geeting one ups. Keep doing this process until you have 99 guys. It takes for ever but it all pays off.
Happy Cheating


when u r in world 1-2 when u r in the cave pick up the big shy guy and throw him on the ground and keep doing it to get lives

Go to 1-3 go across all the opsickels, but don'..

Go to 1-3 go across all the opsickels, but don't go through the door keep on going and you will see a vase go back where two blue monsters are roaming and on the bottom one weed will be a poshin take the poshin to the vase and go beside the vase as far as you can but don't go over it and throw the poshin it should be over the vase go in the door and push down it will say World 4 after it does weard things. Then if you can get to 5-3 there is a nother vase if you can go in it that is the other warp there should be a poshin near by do the same thing I said before.

warp to world 7:On world 5-3 right above you is ..

warp to world 7:

On world 5-3 right above you is a pot and some weeds find the magic potion in the weeds and throw it so it lands on top of the pot.Then walk through the door so that its in submode (that's when its dark}then just go down the pot

and there you go warped to w.7.

Go to level 3-3 and select Toad. Go to the under..

Go to level 3-3 and select Toad. Go to the underground part. When you enter the door, find a shell then toss it to defeat the ninjis(purple enemies). Go to the right to find a big POW block. Carry it across the room until you see the first spark enemy. Then throw it. Keep running to the end of the room. If you did it, you'll get up to 5 lives! Keep doing this for 99 lives!!

This is a wierd cheat that I experienced by acci..

This is a wierd cheat that I experienced by accident!! When you are on level 5-1... Fall down the second hole, kill all your guys.

Do this five times, I mean the whole process of killing all your guys. After the fifth time, start the game over and your characters will be DIFFEREN'T COLORS... Mario's Face is white and his clothes are black.

If you turn the game off and then turn it back on again, the characters will be back to normal.

Extra Credits for Mario Bros. Classic(Single + M..

Extra Credits for Mario Bros. Classic

(Single + Multiplayer)

Complete Yoshi mode

Multiplayer cheat

e.g. if 4 players r playin, and only 3 have a cartridge, p2+p3 for example, when they turn thier gameboy's on,where the gameboy logo is displayed, press select + start.

The nintendo logo will dissapier. there will be less load time.

On world 1-3, near the door where you go into th..

On world 1-3, near the door where you go into the place where the key is there is a pipe you can't go down, but if you drop a magic potion near it and go down in subspace it will warp you to world 5-1.

Get Yoshi EasyGo to Yoshi Island 2 pass the koop..

Get Yoshi Easy

Go to Yoshi Island 2 pass the koopas and the first 3 boxes then hit the next 2 and in 1 is yoshi

Get Flypower easy

go to donut land 1 then jump on the first guy(once) when he comes back jump on him one more timetoget an extra feather

If your stuck at 1-4 to 3-3 this cheat will get ..

If your stuck at 1-4 to 3-3 this cheat will get you to 4-1 right now! I'm at

7-2. On 1-4 you will find a magic potion and you will not get a mushroom.

If you keep the magic potion go until you see a pipe. Throw it on the pipe and a door will appear!! You will be at 4-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can warp from world 1-3 to world 4-1. When y..

You can warp from world 1-3 to world 4-1. When you go to world 1-3. Go along like you usually do then when you see a log above two blue shy guys.Pull the bottem left grass. Then take the bottle to the jar past the door.Throw the bottle near the jar. Then go in the door the bottle made.When you go in the door you will see another jar. go in it and you will be warped to world 4-1.


When you have to get a key to unlock a door, instead of holding it and dodging the floating thing, simply get it and throw it in front of you. Keep doing this and you will get there in no time.

max lives in 5 min. or less

1. Go to lv 1.1 and go to where the 6 jumping guys are and kill all six for a 1up.
2. Go to lv 5.3 and stand on the shell after you throw it and let the shell do all the work.

You apparently can't get Yoshi in this game. I'v..

You apparently can't get Yoshi in this game. I've tried it over and over again. I suggest that you people that send bogus cheats get a life! We don't need you people using up our time on nothing!!

Egg finding

To unlock the egg finding game simply beat the game. You can do any worlds and levels in any order but it's far easier to just start off with world one and continue that way, so it's not confusing.

Yoshi's challenge

To unlock it simply beat the game and save it after you have done so.

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