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Sonic Advance 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Advance 3

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We have cheats that will enable you to unlock characters like Knuckles, Amy and Cream and change the light.

More Sonic Advance 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Advance 3 please send them in here.

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

All chaos emeralds

You can beat the game with all the chaos emeralds without collecting them in the special stages and Xiaochen get to the special stages he just needs the code
Code is 14780

CodeBreaker Codes - Includes Unlocking ALL Characters and Levels

Master Code (North America)
0000E830 000A
100B9B14 0007

Enter the following CodeBreaker Codes to enable the corresponding effect.
The following code makes Sonic invincible only while he's moving.
A30015DC 0000
8300160C 000F
Infinite Rings
This code gives Sonic an infinite amount of Rings, as the title states.
8300094C 03E7
Infinite Lives
The following code gives Sonic unlimited lives.
33000954 0009
Infinite/Low Time
This code makes it so that you have infinite time to complete stages, and at the end it gives you a low time.
8300094E 0200
Tails Never Gets Tired
The following codes makes it so that Tails never gets tired when he's flying.
33001708 00D5
730018D4 000A
830018D4 00D5
Cream Never Gets Tired
The following code makes it so that Cream never gets tired while she's flying.
33001704 00D5
Unlock ALL Characters
The following code enables ALL characters to play as in the game.
33000540 001F
Unlock ALL Levels
The following code unlocks and enables ALL levels to play in.
83000558 7F09
Super High Jump
This code makes it so that you can jump extremely high.
D0000020 0001
830015DA FB00

How to beat the Boss for Zone 5

Play as Knuckles and climbs the walls, and every once in a while jump on one of the bricks. Watch out for his ball of spines.
Hope it works,

More air in water use sonic first then cream the..

More air in water use sonic first then cream then go to act 2 go forward till you crash into a wall next to a spring hop on the spring then go forward again then get the shoe in the capsoul then go in the water! Then there will be a bubble around sonic then sonic will have a bubble like in sonic 1 to or 2 or 3!


Unlockable Characters
Unlock Knuckles:
Beat Sunset Hill act 3 with Sonic as leader

Unlock Amy:
Finish Zone 4 act 3 with sonic as your leader

Unlock Cream:
To unlock Cream finish Zone 6 act 3

Unlock Bonus Stage:
When you have beaten ALL special stages go to the Main menu and press Up, R, Down, L, Right, Left
Unlock Sound Test:
To unlock a Sound Test beat the final zone

To unlock cream go to stage 7 act three and comp..

To unlock cream go to stage 7 act three and complete it using sonic and tails

Unlock all the characters

To unlock Knuckels, Cream and Amy beat the second zone third act with sonic your leader. Then beat fourth zone third act with sonic your leader. Then beat sixth zone third act with sonic your leader.

Change The Light

On the "PRESS START" screen, press R to change the light for the game. On the top-right corner,you will see that the type of light you have. There are 3 types. GBA light,GBA SP light,and GBA player light.Enjoy that cheat!

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