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Sonic Advance Cheats and Tips

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We have several cheats for you to check out including codes to unlock Sonic and Tails together and Super Sonic.

More Sonic Advance Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Advance please send them in here. For more Codes for Sonic Advance go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Sonic Advance Questions & Answers page.

All Sonic Advance Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

CodeBreaker Codes - Incudes Infinite Lives and Unlocking Characters

Master Code (North America)

0000FFE5 000A

1000122A 0007

Enter the CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Best Time Possible

This code give you the best possible time at the end of each level.

83005034 0001

Infinite Rings

This code, as the title states, gives you infinite rings.

83004FEC 03E7

Infinite Lives

This code gives Sonic infinite lives.

33005024 000A

Quick Score Gain

This code makes your score accumulate very quickly.

83005030 FFFF

Maximum Score

This code gives you the max possible score at the end of each level.

83005030 967F

83005032 0098

Play As Different Characters


33005084 0000


33005084 0001


33005084 0002


33005084 0003

How to gwt sonic to follow sonic in game

In character selection when you get to sonic press up tails down knuckels amy R


Play as Sonic & Tails Together

At the Character Select screen highlight Sonic and press Up, then highlight Tails and press Down. Highlight Knuckles and press the L Trigger and then highlight Amy and press the R Trigger. Finally highlight Sonic and press A.

Unlock Moon Zone:

When you have beaten the game with all four characters and collected the seven Chaos Emeralds beat the final zone with Sonic. When you have defeated Robotnik, Sonic will go to the Moon Zone as Super Sonic.

Chao Food Points:

The following are the correct amount of points a food item raises or drops








Blue Lump:

0M, 1B, 2S, 5F, -1R, -1P, 3ST


2M, 2B, 4S, -3F, 3R, 0P, 2ST


1M, 2B, 3S, -2F, -2R, 3R, 1ST


-1M, 1B, 0S, -1F, 3R, 4P, 2ST


2M, 2B, -3S, 4F, -1R, 4P, 2ST


-3M, 0B, 3S, 1F, 3R, 2P, -1ST


1M, 2B, -2S, 3F, 3R, 0P, 1ST

Tails follows you as sonic.....

When you are at character select, press up on sonic, down on tails, L button on knucles, and R button on amy.

After you do this, select sonic [you will hear a ring] and choose a level [tails will be with you].

Good luck!

Defeating the extra Boss

On the Moon zone the Boss that comes is quite hard to beat so I will tell you how to beat it.

When you are Super Sonic press the A button and then the B afterwards to hit him in the head. If you are low on rings hit those butterfly robots to get rings. I hope this helps.

Heres how to defeat Eggman in all stages (Acce..

Heres how to defeat Eggman in all stages (Accept the moon zone.)Note: this is all with Knuckles. Neo green hill: Just jump on the top of the thing. Secret Millitary base: Glide torward it and at the end, just punch.Casino Paradise:Duck at the bottom on one corner wait and then jump! Ice Mountain:Jump on the icesicles as soon as they appear, then jump out of the water and then glide! Angel island: Just jump on metal Knuckles, then when he turns blue jump away from the missles, and glide.(See how Knucles is shocked at first, its funny!!! Cosmic angel zone:On the orbs jump on the bouncy ones in the middle close to the fat Dr. Eggman, then jump!(Watch out for thos stupid bll thingies. X-zone:Boss1: Jump onto the things, then glide trough him,(Cool Music! Boss2: Jump on him, then at the end, punch! Final boss:For the ball shooter,be careful! he shoots at differant angels! The ray: avoid by jumping on Eggman when the ray is fired. The claw:Its tricky,jump when its aiming(be careful!)Or after its fired. keep it up! Ending:Knucles saved by Sonic,gives him a thumbs up, with his arnes crossed looks up. At end he jumps in 3d does a cool gliding pose up close! hope you liked my hints!!!

Here is the mother is the tips from Sonic himsel..

Here is the mother is the tips from Sonic himself! First put it on easy and put time up off (opsinal) Smile Choose tails as a character (my sidekick) and go to the first level, act 1.

Get at least 200 rings, then go into the hidden space board level thingy. Then do whatever.

Then when you go back, all the boxes and rings will be back. So then go back and grab lots more rings.

Then when the next act starts press a+b+start+select and then go to the chao garden. Mine is soo cute.

It is called tails because its best things are flying and swimming. I give this caz i found it and i am still trying to get the TV thingy for my chao.

Extra tip: Get one of those magnet shields while doing this. it makes it easier and i manage to get about 419.

O and if you are thankful, tell me by sending me an e-mail at [email protected] (my mum wont let me change it and i've wanted to change it for 6 years.

I am 12) Please e-mail me coz no one ever e-mails me.

When your in character select, for game start,..

when your in character select, for game start, press up on Sonic, down on Tails, L on Knuckles and R on Amy and choose Sonic as your character. Now as well as being Sonic you can be Tails aswell.

Here is how to play as Super Sonic. Collect..

Here is how to play as Super Sonic.

Collect all seven chaos emeralds and beat the game.

Then you will play as Super Sonic.

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