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Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

We have 4 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon please send them in here.

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


Alternate costumes:
Win Battle 2 in Chapter 3. Then, keep pressing A around the brown mountains that appear from the gray mountains in the northeast corner of the map to find Anri's alternate costume.
Win Battle 1 in Chapter 3. Then, keep pressing A on the wall where the Dark Elves were located to find Khris' alternate costume.
Successfully complete the game after all the cards have been collected. Start a New Game+ and speak to the woman in the hut near where Gong is obtained to get Tao's and Narsha's alternate costume.
Adam: Found in the entrance hall of Runefaust Castle.
Alef: Hidden in a chest in Prompt.
Amon: Have Balbaroy join your party.
Anri: Found on a bookshelf in Manarina Castle.
Arthur: Get the Orb of Light, then speak to Arthur in Manarina.
Balbazak: Have Earnest kill Balbazak.
Bleu: Win the battle with Kane to go Rudo , then talk Karin, then Krin, then Karin two more times.
Chaos: Have Adam kill Chaos.
Colossus: Have Luke kill Colossus' center head.
Dark Dragon: Have Mawlock kill Dark Dragon.
Darksol: Have Max kill Darksol.
Demon Master: Have Narsha kill Demon Master.
Diane: Hidden in the pigpen at the first Pao location.
Domingo: Talk to the pigs in town at the second Pao location.
Dullahan: Have Domingo kill Dullahan.
Earnest: Found on a bookshelf in Urbanatol.
Elliot: Have Max kill Elliot.
Ghoul: Have Max kill Ghoul.
Gobgovitch: Have Narsha kill Gobgovitch.
Gong: Have Gong join your party then talk to the woman inside the cabin.
Gort: Have Gort join your party, then talk to his granddaughter in the basement near the center of town
Hanzou: Hidden in a tree near the pub in Runefaust.
Hellhound: Have Guntz kill Hellhound.
Kane: Have Max kill Kane.
Khris: Speak to Khris' fan after the fourth battle of the game.
Kokichi: Watch Kokichi's flying suit demonstration, then talk to his assistant.
Laser Eye: Have Anri execute the final hit in Battle 3 in Chapter 3.
Lyle: Hidden inside a chest in the northwest corner of Rudo.
Marionette: Have Gort kill Marionette.
Master Mage: Have Mae kill Master Mage.
Max: Successfully complete the game.
Mishaela: Have Max execute the final hit in the last battle in Chapter 6.
Musashi: Talk to Kane in Prompt, then search the large building with two doors and look on the wall between the doors.
Pegasus Knight: Have Zylo execute the killing hit to the last Pegasus Knight in Battle 2 in Chapter 3.
Ramladu: Have Narsha kill Ramladu.
Rune Knight: Have Max kill Rune Knight.
Silver Knight: Have Tao or Anri execute the final hit in Battle 3 in Chapter 3.
Skeleton: Have Anri kill Skeleton.
Soul Eater: Have Zuika kill Soul Eater.
Tao: Talk to Anri in Manarina and get turned into a chicken by the mad scientist. The wizard who changes you back has the card.
Torasu: Search the bookshelf near the left elder in Prompt castle.
Yogurt: Search the control panel of the front carriage in the Pao caravan in both settlements.
Zylo: Search the church sign in Bustoke.
Hint: Narsha, Zukia, Mawlock:
These are the new three characters you can get in the revised verison of the game, You start with playing with Narsha in Epilogue 1, and you get Zukia during the fight as well. Mawlock appears after Epilogue 3. They join the Shining Force during Chapter 4 after..

To Get Easy Money And Also Level Up Max

The trick is you actually need to save all the money to Nova. After that, go to battle and just pick Max. Just fight till Max dies cause he just going to be revive anyway with a cost of cutting halves of your money.
Just say you have 50000 gold. If you don't save all your money at Nova and went to battle with only Max to level him up, then your money is going to cut to 25000 only.
After Max revive, check your money and you see that you actually getting money by killing monster. So, save the new money you gain from that battle at Nova and repeat the step. It just that simple really.


Unlock Chaos Card:
Deliver the final blow to Chaos with Adam.
Unlock Dark Dragon Card:
Deliver the finishing blow with Mawlock.

Easy level ups

When you get a character to hold four medical herbs,healing seeds e.t.c, make the other characters give thiers to the character you want to level up.each heal gives you ten experience so use ten for a instant level up.useful for at the start of the game in the first battle.

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