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Naruto Ninja Council Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Naruto Ninja Council

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Our collection of cheats includes how to unlock Kakashi Hatake, how to perform the Lightning Blade Jutsu and how to get easy kills.

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We have 15 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto Ninja Council please send them in here.

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Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Kakashi:
Beat the game with Naruto and Sasuke
Unlock 2nd Mission:
Beat the game once
Unlock Sound Test:
Collect ALL 100 Leaf symbols
Unlock Picture Gallery:
Beat the game once
Unlock Full Picture Gallery:
Beat the Night missions and collect ALL 100 Leaf symbols With ALL 3 characters.

Easy kills

When yiu are naruto if you use harem justu you can easaly kill the first person, you kan also kill kiba and akamaru in 2 hits if you purposly stop the bar in the red and kill him in to hits when kakashi use the summining jutsu on sabusa

Lightning Blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to do the Lightning Blade Jutsu first unlock Kakashi and the play story mode as Kakashi.Then work your way to the last stage and you have to fight Zabuza.Now heres what you do you use the Summoning Jutsu and Zabuza will get hurt but he wont stay down so he will attack when the Jutsu is happening.After that the screen will turn white and when it comes back Zabuza will be held by Kakashi's Ninja hound and Kakashi will do the Lightning Blade Jutsu.Try it it works.

Real Lightning Blade Jutsu!!!

Ok heres what you do unlock Kakashi and the go to Free mode in the Ninja Acadimy stage 1 and befor you go to the boss there stay at the area where you fight that ninja that is tough to beat agenst the wall.Now don't jump and pass him by crawling.Once you crawl through you can find a giant scroll in that room get it and Kakashi can do the Lightning Blade jutsu any time when you charge up his jutsu pass the Summoning jutsu and thats it.Also Naruto and Sasuke has a fourth jutsu after you get the scroll.Good luck fellow ninjas in training.

How to get the real lightning blade and how to kill people easil

Well to get the real lightning blade when you are at the point where you have to fight temari ( this will work for any of the 3 people.) you have to be in the little hole thing before you meet temari and you see a thing with 3 lines (wall) then crawl through the littlest one. You will see a snake then when you walk to the right you will see a scroll appear. That is when you get the move lightning blade for kakashi lions barrage for sasuke and demon fox chakra. People to kill easily: first when you are naruto you can use the harem jutsu on ebisu to kill him in 1 hit, when you are doing naruto barrage on kiba mess up on purpose to kill him in 1 hit. And fox's chakra on haku. Now for kakashi use summon about 2 times on zabuza to kill him.

Burning down trees without Fire Scroll.

If your in the Leaf village forest you don't need the Fire Scroll if your playing as Sasuke.Just us his Fire Jutsus and they will burn the trees down.

Sound mode.

If you collect all 100 of the leaf symbles you will unlock Sound mode.

Complete Visual Mode

To complete Visual mode complete Story mode (both day and night story modes) with all three charactors Naruto,Saskue,and Kakashi.

The fourth jutsu for the players

You will find the fourth jutsu for the people at the ninja academy. The fourth jutsu for naruto is the nine-tailed fox chakra.the fourth jutsu for sasuke is barrage of lions and the fourth jutsu for kakashi is lightning blade.

Fast way to beat the ninja acadamy level

If you are on the ninja acadamy level get the wind style scroll then use it to jump over the pillers on the very top level

Glitch Maybe?

Use Sasuke.Then use the Lion Barrage.When he is about to slam his leg into the person quikly press select twice.
Then Sasuke will jump back a bit and then hold his shoulder.A picture will pop up as always and it show the marks of the curse seal on his body.
Then a few flashes will go by and Sasuke will be coming down from the air using the chidori and it will strike the enemy.It might just be a glitch or it might acually be a cheat.Try it out and tell me if it works.
It's pretty cool.

Stop Rock Lee's attacks

After Rock Lee calls Guy he does one of two attacks Primart Lotas or the Hrrr attack these attacks can be stoped if you punk Lee when he charges at you.

How to get the leaf symbols

When you start on each level there are 7 leaf symbols in each level until you get to the 5th level then there is about 8 or 9 leaf symbols in each level. I hope this hint helped you get all of the leaf symbols!


Heres a few good pointers for battles.Use Kakashi for Temari.He is the fastest and can jump over her Wind Scythes.Use Kakashi for Zabuza.Use the dog technique.It will hurt him and will also allow you to use the chidori!Two jutsus with so little chakra.
Use Naruto for Kankuro!Naruto can use Kage Bunshin!He will make a kage bunshin and they all jump up and throw kunai.Kankuro uses puppets.Its a good far distance technique!Use Naruto for Ebisu!Then use the Harem Jutsu!It will kill Ebisu auto matic!
And use Naruto for Kiba!Let the Naruto Barrage fail!Naruto will fart and it will give you a chance to get Kiba with the real Naruto Barrage!
You can also use Sasuke for Kankuro!Use his Fire Element!Fire will blow out!If you get the jutsu perfect Sasuke will blow ..

Unlock Kakashi Hatake

To Unlock Kakashi just beat story mode with both Naruto and Sauske and then you will unlock Kakashi in story mode and free mode.

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