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Metroid: Zero Mission Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metroid: Zero Mission

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking Hard mode, unlocking the original Metroid game and unlocking Time Attack.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Metroid: Zero Mission please send them in here.

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Do or complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect
Unlock Hard Mode:
Beat the game once on Normal

Unlock Original Metroid:
Beat the game once

Unlock Sound Test:
Beat Hard Mode Once
Unlock Gallery:
Each time you beat the game differently images will be added to the gallery
Unlock Fusion Gallery:
Link up with Metroid Fusion

CodeBreaker Codes (North America)

Entering the following CodeBreaker codes will enable the corresponding effect.
Quick-Charge Speed Boost
Speed boost charges in anything larger than a 1-tile-wide area.
330013D9 FFFF
Instant Weapon Cooldown
Not that it makes much difference when you can fire 10 shots a second anyway.
33001418 0000
Moonjump (Even when Already in Air)
D0000020 0001
330013EC 00F0
D0000020 0001
330013ED 0000
Second Shot is Super Missile
Useful when in a tight area, like in a morph ball.
83000A56 0D02

Gold Gallery Font

When you have ALL 8 endings the font for 'Gallery' on the 'Main' menu will become gold to signyfy that ALL the endings have been obtained.

Time Attack

To get time attack first beat the game on the C file. Then go to it and click until you see the start screen. You push in up, left, right then down and click new time attack.

Morph Ball Flight

To fly in the Morph Ball form, you need to have gotten to the bomb and then just go into Morph Ball form. Lay a bomb and just as it explodes, lay another one and so on and if you did it right and keep pressing B, you will start to get higher and higher until finally you reach the roof of the room and get knocked straight to the bottom, or the highest point under you directly that you can land on. To move left and right, just press that button in the air and hold the opposite way on the +Control Pad and, if done right, you will get moved the direction you want by the force of the bomb.

Get to Ridley before Imago

When you get to Ridley(the area, not the boss)and you have a fork just in the elevator room, go to the right. It may look like a dead end, but at the left of that room, there is a three tile platform, with two squares and something that connects them. Stand on that connector and shoot a missle straight up. Shoot the beam and do a Morph Ball Super Bomb Jump(lay a bomb, lay another when it blows up and continue doing that)until you land inside the newly formed area. Then go backwards from how you usually go, and you can skip Imago, but get to Ridley. It may be a little tough without Super Missles, but you can go get them at any time.

Items in Ridley

When you're in Ridley, in the hall with 2 mechabirds and three bug pipes, have you ever wondered where that stupid item is? To find it you go to the left end of the hall, and right before the first ledge, drop a bomb, a hole will appear. Drop into it and run right and you will come to an energy tank. Violia!
In the one vertical hallway with the two blue balls going around a floating pole with a missle tank at the top, if you manage to get the tank and get to the other door, through the hallway and to the super missle tank, there should be a little part of the celing that drops down, jump toward it. You should grab on to it. swing up and roll right and then come up and there will be a block shoot it and grab the missle tank, now go through the door. Gointo morphball mode and ro..

What to do when you get shot down by space pirates.

If you do not know already, after you have defeated Mother Brain, the whole planet will start to self-destruct. Just follow your natural instincts and GET OUT. You should see your ship. GET IN (please). It will show a short video and will show you getting shot down by space pirates.
You will crash down on another place (I am sorry I forgot the name) and worst of all, you will be stripped of your power suit only an emergancy pistol for a weapon. It is not strong and can only stun enemys for about 1-2 seconds.
Make sure it is charged fully though. When you are out of you ship, keep going left until you see a morph ball opening. Go into it. You will not be in morph ball but you will be crawling.
Also, make sure you are not seen and do not walk over any la..

Defeating Ridley and Kraid

Kraid: to defeat Kraid, you have to fire a Missle at the eye on his forehead, then fire Missles into his mouth when he shrieks. As you progress, Kraid will start blowing away some platforms with the spikes he shoots from his stomach; you will have to stand on these from there and do your best to destroy Kraid. Meanwhile...
If you run out of Missles, don't fret. Kraid throws sharp claws at you that detach from his fingers, and you can destroy these for health and Missle replenishment.
Ridley: Ridley is ridiculously easy to dispatch... Simply, when the battle starts, race to middle of the room and fire Super Missles straight up at him as fast as you can, and when you run out, use Missles instead. His tail is completely invincible, however, and he will u..

Defeating the Charge Beam Bug

The first time you battle the Charge Beam Bug, you will be returning on your way after snagging the Missles.
When the bug's head emerges from the ceiling, fire a Missle at the eye. It will then be stunned for a moment, then dive down after you. You should stand directly underneath the bug, then run left or right as soon as it begins to dive, or otherwise the bug will anticipate your evasion plan and try to home in on you. You will need to shoot the bug's eye three times to kill it. If you fail to kill the bug and it flees, there will be two chances left in the game to find and defeat it.

Ancient Chozo vs. Regular Chozo

Regular Chozo statues that you see around Zebes are plain and boring. But when you see the Chozo holding the ancient artifacts that aren't compatible with your suit until you obtain the Fully Powered Suit, you will find that not only does their beak look different, but they have... The shoulders of the Varia Suit, unlike regular Chozo! This is actually rather odd, so I thought you guys would like to see this.
When I say Varia Suit, I am referring to the new-age Veria Suit with the bulky should-guards; the regular Varia you find in this game has the same flat shoulders as the Power Suit. When you obtain the Fully Powered Suit, you'll see what I mena- look at the suits shoulders when you do.

What ARE those Yellow Hatches for?

Have you noticed there being yellow hatches about Zebes? If you have, you should know that the very final powerup in the game is the only now that can really open them, the Power Bomb. Figures, and you thought you had to beat the game to open them.

How to get the Super Missle Tank in Crateria

First off, you need at least Speed Boost and Gravity suit. Go to the room it is in and at the part where you enter, go to the plateau above it and go so that you are standing on it, but as far off as you can while still on it. Run to the right. Just as you are about to hit the pillar, press down. If you did that right, you should be standing in front of the pillar while flashing pink. Now, do a Gravity Screw Attack until you are at the part where the sky starts to change color. When you are at that part, press up then quickly shift it to right. After you are in the ait without doing a screw attack and still holding right, press A. You should do a Speed Boost Tackle and land on the part where the Super Missle Tank is. You should break the blocks seperating it from you and collect the Supe..

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