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Metriod Fusion Cheats for GBA

Cheats and Tips for Metriod Fusion

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Our cheats include how to kill the spider, running with charge beam, speed booster jump and glowing Samus.

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We have 19 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Metriod Fusion please send them in here.

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Unlock Samus without her Helmet:
Complete the game with at least 48% of the items collected and a time under three and a half hours.
Unlock Samus without her Suit:
To see Samus Aran without her suit complete the game with ALL items (100%) and a time under 6:30. Or alternatively complete the game in under 2:00 with at least 50% of the items.

Glowing Samus

While using the Speed Booster press down and Samus will glow for a few seconds.

SA-X vs Reality

Some people think that at the end of the game, when you absorb the SA-X in it's parasitic form, you become the SA-X itself. Well folks, you don't. Use some logic.
When Samus absorbed the SA-X, she killed it, as opposed to changing into it. The SA-X is a parasitic being, an X parasite. Samus is part human, part Chozo, and part Metroid. Because she is a Metroid, she kills whatever X she absorbs.
Now, this rumor how you morph into the SA-X probably comes from the color change of your Gravity Suit after absorption. That happens because the SA-X has so much DNA and data to hold and keep straight, that it promtly infiltrated everthing- it reprogrammed Screw Attack, Space Jump, Speed Booster, High Jump, JumpBall, Power Beam, Spazer Laser Beam, Wave Beam, Morph Ball, Bomb, ..

Wall Jump

This is easy. Just spin jump at a wall, then as soon as you hit it, hit the opposite direction on the D-Pad and A. You will pop a spin jump off the wall, then.


I know a lot of good ways to beat different bosses.
This is more of a hint though, now I'll tell you easy ways to beat most the bosses.
Ok here they are:
Boss #1-You will all through a hole to begin the battle the first thing you should do is shoot it with a rocket when it forms then if you can again try it again.
When it fires the Laser Blades of it's claws you can easily jump over them as soon as you do that you can shoot him 3 or 4 more times.
When he uses a flame throwing attack jump and grab the ledged area on the left/right sides. He should then curl into a ball and roll towards the wall to knock you down.
Just before he gets there jump off behind him and shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!
Keep doing this and you can k..


To fly you have to have speed booster.
Run intil speed speed boster activates then press down while running.
If you have done it right you should be ducking and still be flashing.
Press A+left or right while ducking to fly left or right intil you hir something
Press A while crouching to fly up
You can get up and move then duck again to get into a better position as long as your still flashing

How to kill the spider

When you get down to the spider , he will shoot fire and move arond so oyu have to move around too, if he moves left first go left too becasue he will not get you and throw you down, you can kill him by shooting missles into his mouth when he tries to shoot fire

Abilities With Speed Boost

Hint 1:After you have acquired speed boost ability, you can now run until he turns pink and glows.When this happens, you can smash every creature in your path.
Hint 2: After Samus turns pink while running, you can press down and he will squat. By doing this, you can remain pink for several seconds.
Hint 3: After doing hint 2, you can blast upward like a rocket. All you need to do, is jump while pressing up.
Hint 4: After doing hint 2, you can blaster left or right like an indy car. All you need to do is jump while pressing up, and then quickly press either left or right.
Hint 5: To do this next hint, you need to have acquired speed boost, space jump, and screw attack abilities. After turning pink, while running, jump and use yous space jump abi..

Missle Tank...

A Missle Tank is located where the SA-X was first seen- blasting her way out of a wall while you were riding down an elevator. All you have to do is get up around that area again, then run back two hatches until you get to an obstructive object requiring Morph Ball to squeeze through the space. Now run back, shooting the hatches, until your Speed Boost builds up, and keep running through the hole in the wall where the SA-X was- and you will blast through the wall into a Missle Tank!

High-pitched Charge

Note: This does not work with all beams.
Simply walk through a hatch while you are in the midst of charging your beam, but not after the beam is fully charged. If you are using a beam that works with this glitch (the Wave Beam doesn't work with this), you should suddenly hear the beam strike a high sound pitch than typical, then return to normal after exiting the hatchway.

So, what IS a Shinespark? Or a Shine? Or a Shine Charge?...

Shine: this is when your Speed Booster activates after running over long distances. This is the same thing as a Shinespark, except you are running instead of rocketing through the air at supersonic speeds.
Shinespark: this is when you crouch while Shining, then you jump into the air stright up and press a direction on the D-Pad to blast off at high speed in that direction. Shinesparks go only in one direction, and can't be slowed or controlled.
Shine Charge: this is when you crouch while Shining to preserve the Shine. You can run around for a few seconds at normal speed with the Shine Charge activated, allowing you to get from one destination so you can reactivate the Shine again when needed, though you will have to do this in the form of a Shin..

Beam Functions

Power Beam: this is the default beam weapon.
Charge Beam: This widens your Power Beam's focus and triples it's power, and allows you to charge the beam, along with any others that you collect, to release a more powerful blast that can be activated by holding B.
Wide Beam: this beam is much stronger than the Power Beam, and has a very wide focus, several times larger than the Power Beam's.
Plasma Beam: this beam is slightly less wide than the Wide Beam, but releases streams of green plasma that are a little stronger than the Wide Beam's rings. The plasma can penetrate through most things that it can damage, piercing right through a target and hitting any other targets within range.
Wave Beam: this beam isn't much stronger than the Pla..

Omega Metroid

A good thing about Omega is that it's slow. Your best chance of beating him is using your speed. He should be easy enough without this hint but for those of you who can't beat him, this is the answer...
Right as soon as you've got the ice beam shoot 3 non-charged blasts at him, run back, charge the beam as he is walking towards you, then run and shoot that beam and an un-charged beam,run back and repeat this prosess and you'll be going braging to your mates about clearing Metroid Fuision.
Oh and mention me in it suttly won't you?


Well, you have to morph it into a ball and then keep going to your left and when you get to a wall (not hatch) use your bombs then blast your way to the top when you go through the hatch. Next use your bomb then go through the water where serris's skeleton. Then find a eye shooter thingy kill it then WAZAM your with serris.

Speed booster jump

When you go into speed booster hit down and then jump and it will be like a super jump

Running with charge beam

You need to have charge beam and then you open a door go in it while still charging charge beam don't make it fully charged and it will work

Hit enemies while hanging

Once yuo acquire the charge beam, you can fire on enemies that are on platforms while you are hanging off the platform. First, charge your beam until it cannot charge. Then, you catch the ledge. Release your charge. This will cause most of the beam to hit the ledge, but a small portion will go on top of the platform, hurting any enemies on it. This works better with wide beam, for the portion that stays is a lot bigger.

Charge beam bomb

When you get the charge beam charge it up and do a sumersalt jump and land on an enemy if you do it right you should see a small explosion and the enemy should eeither be dead or hurt.

How to beat 3 bosses

Giant plant boss. found in:2nd time in sector 2.
How to Beat: Samus falls through pit blocks and falls into a plant and the plant sucks her health, so you have to keep pressing A to get up on a ledge.
Then you shoot the plant, avoiding the spores being shot at Samus. after you destroy the 1st layer the spore-shooters disaper and the plant shoots at you.
Keep shooting the plant, avoiding the beams and a beam core-X remains. shoot it and then recover the plasma beam.
>Security robot(2nd time) found in: 2nd time in sector 6 how to beat: Samus enters a room. Use a power bomb and expose a ladder.
Stay on the ladder. Shoot the security robot and use the plasma beam to destroy the missles. A beam core-X remains. kill it and recover the w..

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