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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

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Want to know how to get unlimited bug frag or make your folder flow? We also have Navi Compression codes for you to enter.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel please send them in here.

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Unlock Codes

Navi Compression Codes
Highlight the indicated Navi Customizer Program when you have entered the Navi Customizer screen and then hold Right and enter any of the following codes to compress it. After it is compressed, the Navi Customizer Program will be one block smaller. To decompress the program repeat the code.
B, L, B, A, B, L, B, B, A, A

L, L, L, R, R, B, A, R, B, L

A, A, B, R, A, B, R, L, L, R
A, B, B, R, A, A, B, R, B, R

B, A, R, A, B, R, L, R, R, A
B, A, B, L, A, B, R, L, R, B

L, L, R, A, R, L, B, L, A, R

A, L, A, A, R, B, R, B, A, R

Folder flow

To make your folder flow you must select chips that are easy to select together
For example: mrkcannon1 S,widesword S,and lifesyncs
By doing this you can defeat tough opponets like dark colonel quickly.

Where are all the forms of Bass!?

I only found the two that are in the nebula area and I figur if I fight all his forms I can get Bass Cross on the GBA version of Megaman Battle Network 5 TC thanks to who ever answers my question.

Unlimited Money!

First go to End Area 2 talk to the yellow Mr. Prog begin the liberation mission begin with shadowman go up with shadowman and turn right you'll see item panel go to the panel liberate it.You'll get 2400 zenny keep doing it you'll get unlimited money if you keep at it. Note:Only shadowman can do it

After getting Granpa's Letter ...........

1)get Granpa'sLetter from Lan's Dad's computer
2)go home and talk to Lan's Mom, then look out the window that shows a doghouse, you will find writing
3)go to oran isle, go to the air cleaning unit and jack in, talk to the mr.prog. He will say that he remembers a dog burying something in the far corner, go to the upper right corner, examine, and you will get MemoryData.
4)go to End City, talk to Higsby whose standing outside the castle, then continue go to the castle, then you will stop by the man whoes standing near Higsby, talk to him, then jack into End Area 2 through the statue outside the castle, go to End Area 3, go to the statue which like a castle shape, you will see NumberMan standing there, then jack out and talk to that man again and continue ..


Get dark wideshot and press unite then ok. You can use it for one turn then it's gone. Charge it by using b. If you charge it too long you will get attacked by your darksoul.

When fighting Nebula Grey,have AirShoes program ..

When fighting Nebula Grey,have AirShoes program installed because some of his attacks deals with the panels you stand on.

Easy Money

One of the best ways that I have found when it comes to gaining money is doing the liberation missions over and over again. It may get boring after a while, but it racks up money quickly. Another way is to use the navicust program Millionaire. (I think it's called that. I know for a fact the name is something along those lines)

Easy Way To Beat Enemys

(Note This will work for any enemy including navis, however you have to be able to chaos union.) Use The Dark Invisible Chaos Union you will be Invunrable and you megaman will use lots of good chips to delete your enemy.

Chips with ??? as an attack

The SP and DS chips all have a set attack value. These values can be increased in battle directly or indirectly. Directly would be by using Attack Plus chips. Indirectly would include chips like Roll SP and Roll DS. Roll DS base attack is 30, just like Roll and Roll SP. As a battle progresses, Roll DS attack increases by five points every time Megaman is hit with an attack, making the maximum attack of Roll DS 80. Roll and Roll SP work the same way, however those chips absorb holy panels on your side of the field, increasing the attack by five per panel. Also, the chips Django, Django SP, and Django DS have set attacks. Django's is 120, and the SP form is 150. However, just like the Roll chips, the attack of the Django chips can increase by either 50 or 60 points. This is very helpful, b..

Folder flow

To make a folder flow you need to pick chips with the same letter code such as
Widesword S,markcannon S,and lifesync S.
By fixing your folders flow you can get the chips you need in battle quiker which will help you delete the darkloids faster.

the best soulunison for beating nebula grey

The best soul unison for nebula grey are
The souls of Tomahawkman and shadowman

How to get unlinited bug frag

You can get bug frags by green mystery data in battle and outside in the net area. But the amount in the area is always 1 frag but in battle depending on the area in battle you can get 1-3 frags just in the acdc to undernet areas. In acdc you get 1 in battle in oran the same but in sci lab and end areas it is 2 bug frags. If you are lucky and not to run into colonel omega you can get 3 frags in the under net to nebula(yes here to) and in nebula areas you will have to fight alot of strong viruses and they are not easy.

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