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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Cheats and Tips

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Check out our cheats to see the recommended powers to defeating each of the bosses. We'll also tell you how to unlock Boss Rush mode.

More Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 10 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Kirby & the Amazing Mirror please send them in here. For more Codes for Kirby & the Amazing Mirror go to:
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Action Replay Codes
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror GameShark Codes
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Code Breaker Codes

You can also ask your question on our Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Questions & Answers page.

All Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Codebreaker Codes

Enter the following Codebreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

1E - Enable Code (Must Be On)

0000D408 000A

10152E48 0007

1 - Hold L+A For Moon Jump

72020FF8 0201

82020FB2 0400

2 - Infinite Phone Calls

32020FBC 0003

3 - Always 3 Kirby's In Reserve

3203AD44 0004

4 - Invincible

32020F3C 0006

5 - Infinite HP

32020FE0 000A

6 - Max HP

32020FE1 000A

7 - Infinite Lives

32020FE2 0063

8 - Power Modifier

32020FE3 00??

9 - Yellow Helper Kirby Power Modifier

3202118B 00??

10 - Red Helper Kirby Power Modifier

32021333 00??

11 - Green Helper Kirby Power Modifier

320214DA 00??

12 - Have Full Map

3203897C 00FF

13 - Have Mirror Complete

82038970 FFFF

14 - Access ALL Extras

42038972 FFFF

00000008 0002

Kirby the amazing mirror

Water kirby 123456789

Star rod kirby 101155234

Cloud kirby 18651554853146

Star kirby 10210021000

My favorite fighting move

This is my most widely used move for when you have the fighting ability: repeated punch, up-kick, down-kick,(

Boss Endurance

You can unlock Boss Endurance in the Sub-Games menu after completing the game 100%.

In this game, you must defeat all of the bosses (including the mini-bosses) in random order without dying ONCE.

After every boss, you're sent to a break-area where you can take a maxim tomato (but use them wisely, because you only have four)!

You also have your cell phone to call the other Kirbys.

Spray Cans, Mirrors, Extra Lives, & Calling Friends

To get different colors for your Kirby, you have to open little chests. They are gold and red. This little color thing that looks nothing like a spray can to me will come on out. It looks more like a battery. Whatever. Well, whatever color it is, that's your color. To actually change your color, click on your file.

Scroll down to Collection Room. There should be that little color thing there! Click on it, and you'll see your Kirby change color! Then click B, scroll back up to Start Game, and click One Player! When you get there, you'll be a different color! Smile

To get mirror pieces, you need to defeat bosses. To get see if you've been to a place, click start after you've gotten a map piece. Then click Select until you come to a picture of your Kirby with a bunch of yellow and/or red boxes. If it is flashing yellow, you've been there and done everything you've needed to do there.

If it is just yellow, you have been there but have not finished doing everything you need to do. If it is red, you have not yet been there. If you want to see if there is a boss with a mirror piece in an area, go to the box place (in start). Then look at all the boxes.

If you see a box that says "Boss" and has a picture of a mirror piece...YOU NEED TO GET THERE TO GET THE MIRROR! Once you get all mirrors, you need to go inside the fixed mirror (yes go inside) and defeat all the bosses. First, though, under the mirror there will be a sword...not just any sword.. A FIRE SWORD!!! Walk into it and you'll pick it up. It's awesome. It can do almost anything. is very hard to beat the bosses! Good luck! Smile

Lives...goodness...everyone keeps asking me how to get lives. If your walking around and see a treasure box...OPEN IT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! Gees! There are some valuable things in there! You can get map pieces, life points, batteries to call your friends, colors, and extra lives. Extra lives look like little mental Kirbies. What?! They do! So OPEN THE STUPID CHESTS!!!

Another thing people always ask me is how to call your Kirby friends. Hit the R button. You'll see your Kirby holding a little phone and talking to someone. Your Kirby friends will appear, sometimes bringing life points or extra lives. You can also walk into them, and you will get extra lives. They will help you fight, but they can only follow you so far. Have fun! Hope all this helps! :D

Bosses: Recommended Powers





(SPARK and BEAM will directly hurt him. Otherwise, push him to the electricity on either side of the room.)

Gobbler: SWORD, STONE, or you can just squirt him.


? ? ? (Dark Meta Knight Battle 1): SWORD, SMASH, FIGHTER

Master & Crazy Hand: SMASH, STONE, HAMMER, SWORD

Dark Meta Knight (Battle 2): SWORD, SMASH, STONE, TORNADO

Dark Mind: MASTER

Dark Mind Final Form: MASTER, WARP STAR

(After you beat Dark Mind here, you fight him on the WARP STAR)

I got a hint for you guys and girls, All of t..

I got a hint for you guys and girls,

All of the spry cans are in different levels. Get all of the mirror shards and beat the

Final boss then search the areas with master kirby for the last of the spray cans.

At least that is how I did it. And when you lose master kibry sword-like it falls in a

hole-press and hold L and a star will take you out of the area for no battery power.

Did that help you out?

If it did look in the gameboy and gba forums for kirby's dreamland in in it will be a

Fourm called *Kirby and The Amazing Mirror* and tell me if it did.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror cheats

Unlock Boss Rush mode:

Get 100% on a file

Use Metaknight's Sword:

Defeat the final bosses

Open the Power Center:

Find and hit all of the Portal Switches in the different areas

Sound Test:

Find the CD Treasure then find Musical Scores to unlock new tunes in it

Different Kirby Colors:

During the course of the game find cans of spray paint

Once you start a new game the places that have c..

Once you start a new game the places that have clouds with stars above them are places you haven't been to.

Master power

After defeating Dark Hand that switch at the beginning Meta knights sword will appear in the the switch.

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