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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

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We've got several cheats including one on how to get Grays heart quickly.

More Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats and Tips

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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cheats

Unlock Spinach Seeds:
Ship 100 Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants and Carrots.
Unlock Strawberry seeds:
Ship 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers.
Unlock Pumpkin seeds:
Ship 100 Corns, Tomatoes and Onions.

General Useful Information

Money: sell Van's Favorite and your Harvest Sprite Invitations to Won for a lot of money. In the spring, the Sprites will send you an Invitation. Sell it. In a few days another will arrive. Sell that and repeat! Collect all the seasonal items, like grasses and bamboo, and sell them. The first year focus on making enough for animals and items for the house. The second year, store items to cook and give. The third year, focus on making friends and selling your crops and items. You can cook meals and sell the to Won for a great income! Won purchases things Zak won't pick up. He buys things for more than Zak does, too!
Animals: Take good care of them and don't leave them in the rain. It takes time for their eggs, wool, and milk to improve so be patient. P items occur after the ani..


Red Heart Codes

820044C8 FFFF = Doctor
82004508 FFFF = Cliff
820043C0 FFFF = Gray
82004354 FFFF = Rick
82004548 FFFF = Kai
820045D0 FFFF = Kappa
8200458C FFFF = Won
820045A4 FFFF = Gourmet Guy
820044D4 00FF = Elli
82004528 00FF = Ann
8200441C 00FF = Mary
820044A8 00FF = Karen
82004360 00FF = Popuri
820045B0 00FF = Goddess
82004408 00FF = Anna
82004374 00FF = Barley
820043F4 00FF = Basil
820044E8 00FF = Carter
82004514 00FF = Doug
820043CC 00FF = Duke
82004458 00FF = Ellen
82004554 00FF = Gotz
82004444 00FF = Harris
82004480 00FF = Jeff
82004334 00FF = Lillia
820043E0 00FF = Manna
82004388 00FF = May
8200439C 00FF = Saibara


Give cliff curry rice everyday. I started when I falled at getting gray. I got him into a red heart in a year and I think a month. He lets you get into the back of the inn and in the upper storage of ajas wine. Also it lets you do some funny glitches! :p

Adult Dog In A Month!!!!

Easy way to turn your little puppy to an amaeture dog in just a month :
1- Get a cow / chicken
2- Put your dog in the barn or in the coop ( Let it sleep with other animal )
3- Dah Dah, One month Later it turned into an amaeture dog
Have Fun and Hope I help!


Hey if you like docter give him herbs and plants. He loves those little things. Also get examened every once in a while. It gives you extra points.

code breaker!! hop

Item List

00 = Sickle
01 = Copper Sickle
02 = Silver Sickle
03 = Gold Sickle
04 = Mystrile Sickle
05 = Cursed Sickle
06 = Blessed Sickle
07 = Mythic Sickle
08 = Hoe
09 = Copper Hoe
0A = Silver Hoe
0B = Gold Hoe
0C = Mystrile Hoe
0D = Cursed Hoe
0E = Blessed Hoe
0F = Mythic Hoe
10 = Axe
11 = Copper Axe
12 = Silver Axe
13 = Gold Axe
14 = Mystrile Axe
15 = Cursed Axe
16 = Blessed Axe
17 = Mythic Axe
18 = Hammer
19 = Copper Hammer
1A = Silver Hammer
1B = Gold Hammer
1C = Mystrile Hammer
1D = Cursed Hammer
1E = Blessed Hammer
1F = Mythic Hammer
20 = Watering Can
21 = Copper Watering Can
22 = Silver Watering C..


Alternate dates are when your birthcday is on their original birthday.

Bold: Spring 4 (alternate date Spring 9)
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8. Saibara: Spring 11
Staid: Spring 15
Elli: Spring 16 (alternate date Spring 20)
Barley: Spring 17
Lilia: Spring 19
Aqua: Spring 26
Sasha: Spring 30
Popuri: Summer 3 (alternate date Summer 10)
Harris: Summer 4
Cliff: Summer 6
Basil: Summer 11
Timid: Summer 16
Ann: Summer 17 (alternate date Summer 22)
Kai: Summer 22
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Zack: Summer 29
Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Hoggy: Fall 10
Manna: Fall 11
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Karen: Fall 15 (alternate date Fall 23)

Gray's Quick and Easy Heart

Although people say that gray loves ores ( except junk ore), I took the time to give Gray most ores for one month, and found out that Gray doesn't like ores as much as he likes branches! (As in the ones that aren't chopped). And in 1 year, (minus that one month) I got him to the red heart, I just haven't gotten all furniture yet Smile


To get the stocking for your sock hook you need to become good friends with Ellen(the little old lady)she lives next to the library the way to tell your GOOD friends with her is if your able to go into her hous BEFORE 8:00am but once your friends with her you need to have a yarn maker in your barn and you need to give her YARN not wool on Winter 13th her birthday or alternatively Winter 10th.
I really hope this helps!!!

How to have money easily

Became friends with Won, By giving him Gold ores from the Spring Mines at Lvl 3, Every-day. To be ready of sick, Upgrade up the the last bag of your bag and all of your blue grass and healthy medicines for cures. After long days, weeks or even months you can sell to won and played his game, if you had two or more records sell it to won for 157, 000 and to a winining draw sell from Mayor Thomas's lumber when you help him at winter and Van's favourite bottle for 57, 000!!!



The Beloved Freak

Give Kappa cucumbers until he gives you a blue power berry... After that, keep throwing cucumbers for months or days. He'll give you a wish or something great if you keep throwing cucumbers. And throw cucumbers on his birthday Spring 8 just like Harvest Goddess'.

introducing: Be Patient

Hi guys, it's not definitely a cheat, I just want to share my game.
In 1 year (spring, summer, fall, winter) of playing I got all this thing:
Cliif: red heart
Doctor: red heart
Gray: green heart
Rick: green heart
Full heart harvest sprites
Three rings
Relaxation ion from doctor
Flower made by cliff
Broach from rick
Necklace made by gray
Mystrile tools: fishing pole, hoe, hammer, sickle, axe, water can.
House: completely built to 2nd extension w/ bathtub and complete cooking paraphernalia
Upgraded chicken house w/ mayonnaise maker
Upgraded cow/sheep house w/ yarn and cheese maker
Adult hourse and dog
Popular in the town
Gained 1,000,000.00G
Etc. (forgot the others)
And for the ..


I have the heart events of the eligible bachelors that you can marry:
DOCTOR: (All his heart events happen in the Clinic)
Black: Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9am-4pm
Purple: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Open-Close (9am-4pm)
Blue: Anyday that the Clinic is open. 9am-4pm
Yellow: Friday, Saturday, Monday 9am-4pm
If you don't marry him, he will mary Elli.
Black: Blacksmith on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:10am-1pm
Purple: 2nd Floor Inn on Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Friday 5pm-8pm
Blue: Walk out of your farmhouse from 6am-12pm on Thursday
Yellow: Blacksmith Thursday 10am-1pm
If you don't marry him, he will marry Mary.
KAI: (His heart events only occur in t..

Van's Favourite

Hi. Sometimes you might get in the mail a thing called "Van Favourite". You can give it to Van and he will lower the prices. But! For those of you who do not have a Gamecube. Sell it to Won. He will give you 45000-55000 gold.


Yes it's won! The greedy guy! Try being friend with him and he will buy from you,play apple game with you and...GIVE YOU APPLE!! actually.....he try to bride you because you ave heard his secret..!

Easy Money

Once the option of selling, to Won is available, shortly after the next visit, you should be able to enter challenge mode. (special apple shuffling challenge, 100 G's) Beat challenge mode, subsequently, until you receive a mystery flower from him. Take it and sell back to him. (highest value, 87,000G) Play as often as you wish. I built a cottage in less than a year, using this method. Hope this helps you too.

Docter's fav. Items are grass, and milk.

Docter's fav. Items are grass, and milk.


When you go to sleep on real life(not in harvest moon), tape the are button which is the run button. Make sure it's really tight because sometimes, when you wake up, you'll find your character sleeping instead of running. Use also your charger. Make your character run in wall which time does not pass. When you wake up in the morning, your steps should be 100 000 or higher!

$Money!$ (PC only though)

The day before the horse races take your basket and drop it in the town square then go to the horse races the next day (make sure your pockets are empty) your basket will be sitting on the path to the beach, next just save your game and bet 99 medals if you lose, load your game then keep trying intil you win all 3 races, remember only bet. When the races are done go to the mayor and keep picking the necklaces and putting them in your basket and your pockets intil there full then leave. So when you get home ship them! So the next day at five o'clock you'll have lots of money.

Gray's love (not really a cheat but it's useful so deal with it)

I can almost marry gray so heres my secret??????
He likes ore (msryile the most but any other kind exept junk is good) his b-day
Is winter 6 if you got him to a blue or green heart on the well I can't remember the name but that holiday he will ask if he can have that holiday at you're house say yes (of course) after the dinner he will give you a ring he's a nice guy well hope it helps
E-mail me at [email protected]

Cliff's likes and dislikes

Cliff's favorite item is Curry Rice and he hates buckwheat chips.

Cliff's GREEN heart event

I haven't seen anyone who posted cliff's green heart event, so here it is.
It is during winter (only when it is snowing) and you walk straight from the woods (take the path from gotz house) to the town center and cliff will be there. He will stagger, and collapse, and he will be at the hospital for the next 4 or 5 days I believe.
It must be snowing. You'll see why when you see his heart event.

Cheats for the festivals in rose square

Save the game right before you enter rose sqaure for the festival you choose to compete in. If you lose during the festival.
Don't save. Turn off the game, start over and win the festival but don't get hooked on it if you keep losing. Wait til the next festival comes and try this cheat again.

Item list

00 = Sickle
01 = Copper Sickle
02 = Silver Sickle
03 = Gold Sickle
04 = Mystrile Sickle
05 = Cursed Sickle
06 = Blessed Sickle
07 = Mythic Sickle
08 = Hoe
09 = Copper Hoe
0A = Silver Hoe
0B = Gold Hoe
0C = Mystrile Hoe
0D = Cursed Hoe
0E = Blessed Hoe
0F = Mythic Hoe
10 = Axe
11 = Copper Axe
12 = Silver Axe
13 = Gold Axe
14 = Mystrile Axe
15 = Cursed Axe
16 = Blessed Axe
17 = Mythic Axe
18 = Hammer
19 = Copper Hammer
1A = Silver Hammer
1B = Gold Hammer
1C = Mystrile Hammer
1D = Cursed Hammer
1E = Blessed Hammer
1F = Mythic Hammer
20 = Watering Can
21 = Copper Watering Can
22 = Silver Watering Can
23 = Gold Watering ..

Befriend Won on 1 day!

Give Won 30 gold ores and you'll be bestfriend! That guy is soooooooo cheap... >_>

Earn 50,000 each Day


Harvest Goddess

If you've played FOMT then you'll already know this one, but in case you haven't, here it is:
Throw a flower in the spring every day until the Harvest Goddess has given you a power berry as a reward for visiting so often, and if you carry on throwing stuff in she'll grant you a wish where she asks you if there is a guy you like. Tell her which one you like and she'll increase his affection for you.

How to get Rick a red heart by the end of the year

Ok here is what you do, you will have to by a chicken from Poultry Farm and then when it lays a egg put it in your incubator, when the egg hatches, let it grow up and then when it lays a egg, take it to the hot springs and give the spoiled egg to Rick and by the end of the year Rick will have a red heart!!!

Fence that lasts

If you want a fence that lasts do not use your rocks or smash them.
Then pick them up and put them in place. It is now a fence. It will not wither like the wood dose.
And that means you have wood for upgrades.
Hope I helped

Docter in one year

To get the Docter in one year you must give him 7 grasses a day.In winter give him a white grass and 6 things of milk.If you started on the first or second day of spring,he will have a red heart between winter 26 and winter 30.

Sprite Birthday

All Sprites love flour. Giving a Sprite flour on his birthday boosts his heart level by two instead of one heart.
Sprite birthdays
• Aqua - Spring 26th (Aquamarine)
• Bold - Spring 4th (Purple)
• Chef - Fall 14th (Red)
• Hoggy - Fall 10th (Yellow)
• Nappy - Winter 22nd (Orange)
• Staid - Spring 15th (Blue)
• Timid - Summer 16th (Green)

Trick for money!

To get money in havest moon more friends of mineral town, you buy chickens, cows, and sheep, now that cost alot, so do this at different times so you can still have money! After you have a couple, keep feeding them and all and selling their stuff, and let them outside every now and then to raise their hearts!
Once they have all of their hearts, put them in shows then sell them! You get more money! And sell:
Cows before their five years old because at five years they die!
Same for sheep!
And chickens before three years because they die at three years!
I started out with no money then after I spent no money and keep all of what I made, I had $1,000,000,000! And I got everything I needed! But when your getting the money from selling the animals st..

To get doctor

This is a gs code for doctor 7e10001

Get everyone to like you!

Take your dog out and show it to everyone but Popuri, Rick, Mayor Tomas, And the Harvest Sprites. It does the same as giving everyone gifts!

A fence that dose not rot

Want a fence that will not rot
1st keep your stones
2nd put them in a fence
This is not a cheat and will not rot good for animals
And that means you keep your wood for expansions

How do you get Gotz to build you something when ..

How do you get Gotz to build you something when he says he hasn't felt that creative urge yet!!!

Be Best Friends with the Harvest Sprites

The best way to be friends with them is giving them flour everyday. Flour is very cheap. It only cost 50. They all like flour so they wouldn't say that they don't like it. Just to tell you, they do an incredible job of harvesting, watering, and caring for the animals. You don't have to do any work but don't forget to give them flour or their hearts will go down!

I just want to ask, lastly..Will I always dig up..

I just want to ask, lastly..
Will I always dig up a specific tool on a specific level
(example:fishing rod exist on level 29 the first time I dig. I did not save and just turn it off. Next time when I dig again, will it still be a fishing rod and not something else?)
And if I did save, will I be able to dig a second tool of a different kind or same from the same level
(example:i dig level 29 and get the fishing rod. Will I get like say a hammer on level 29 again or I need to dig other levels?)
Hope you understand...
A big thank you to all who had answered my question previously and to the person/people who answers this

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