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Fire Emblem Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fire Emblem

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Want to unlock more characters or get the Uber spear? We've got the answers you're after here. We'll also show you how to control your enemies.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Fire Emblem please send them in here.

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Unlock Side Quests

These are ALL unlocked by doing certain tasks in the game. Chapters can vary depending on what you have previously done.
Unlock Chapter 7 Side Quest:
In less than 15 turns finish Chapter 7.
Unlock Chapter 13 Side Quest:
Go to the north western village on Chapter 13.
Unlock Chapter 16 Side Quest:
In Chapter 16 Keep one green soldier alive.
Unlock Chapter 18 Side Quest:
In less than 16 turns finish Chapter 18.
Unlock Chapter 22 Side Quest:
Recruit Hawkeye in Chapter 22 and have him gain 700 Experience Points.
Unlock Chapter 23A Side Quest:
Lord's level sums equal 49 or less.
Unlock Chapter 23B Side Quest:
Lord's levels are 50 or more (Chapter 23b will allow you to recruit a new c..

Unlockable Characters

The E stands for Eliwood and H stands for Hector
Guy Chapter 13: Talk to him with Matthew
Merlinus Chapter 13x: Protect him for 7 turns
Erk Chapter 14: Talk to him with Serra or Priscilla
Priscilla Chapter 14: Visit the southwest village
Merlinus Chapter E16/H17:If you did not recruit him on chapter 13x, then he will join automatically
Raven Chapter E16/H17: Talk to him with Priscilla
Lucius Chapter E16/H17: Talk to him with Raven
Canas Chapter E16x/H17x: Visit the village
Dart Chapter E18x/H19x: Joins automatically if you did not kill him on Chapter E18x/H19x
Fiora Chapter E18/H19: Talk to her with Florina
Legault Chapter E19/H20: Talk to him with Lyn, Hector, Eliwood
Heath Chapter E21/H22: Talk to him with Lyn, Hector, Eliwood..

Unlock Jaffar

To unlock Jaffar as a playable character, you must talk to Nino in the level where you guard the prince and make her join your team. Then you get her to talk to Jaffar. He will not join you yet. Keep him and Nino alive until the match ends. You will then go through a bunch of talking until you are offered a side quest. Take it and you will have Jaffar.

Control your Enemies

If you set out a mine and make a enemy step on it right when the flame comes up turn off whatever you are using to play it and then turn it back on and resume your game and you can control your enemies and even discard their weaponry or move them where you need them even boss's!!!! Im not lyin!!!

Getting the Uber Spear

The Uber Spear. This is the most fearsome weapon in the
Game, and you can only get one without hacks. In the chapter,
Unfulfilled Heart, the boss is Vaida. That spear she has equipped is
The Uber Spear, and boosts the following stats by: HP:17, Strength:5,
Skill:4, Speed:9, Defense:4, Resistance:14(!). To get it, you must
Wait a few turns and let the Wyvern Riders gather at the castle to the
North. After 3-4 turns, use the mine, and take control of the enemy. Make a chain of Wyvern Riders to get the US from Vaida to Merlinus. You can also use the Shaman to the northwest to trade the US to and get
It upon killing him, but then you lose a tome of Luna, which is a
Valuable item. If you mess it up, you will need another mine, or a
Restart. ..

Extra Chapters: Hector's Story side quests

CHapters that are unique to Hector's Story (as compared to Eliwood's)
Chapter 15 (forgot the exact name)- defense of Castle Laus
Chapter 19x pt. 2: a glimpse in time
To do this chapter, your game must first be started in Lyn's story. Get Nils to level 7 before the end of her story and then continue into Hector's story. Complete chapter 19 in less than 16 turns to unlock 19x, Imprisoner of Magic. To then access 19 x pt. 2, you must kill Kishuna. Note tha Kishuna, if attacked, disappears during the Enemy Phase after you attack him. Eliminate his guards with the appropriate attacks and take him out. He has high avoid, so you must have characters with high skill, luck. And critical power. A swordmaster, ie. Guy leveled up to a lv. 20 myrmidon using 18x 's arena and..

Easy Way To Beat the Last Level With WEAK LORDS (Spoilers?)

This way is very simple. You only need:
1-3 very good healers (Pent, Sarah, and Priscilla are my best choices)
All the stat improving items from earlier in the game. (Recommended)
Around 3-5 units that can take heavy damage and dish out heavy damage. (Harken, Vaida, Oswin, Marcus, and Dorcas/Bartre are good choises.)
2 Strong horseback riders/fliers.
Nills is highly recommended
Before the battle give all of the items to Athos. (If you have them) Now he is a lot better.
During the battle... Well I just have a good way to go at the end of this level... So just kill all of the people that come out of the side room. Before you kill the last cloned boss to come out, send all of your units to the top of the stage by the big door. Except for some strong units ..

The mine glitch. How to use it and using it to your advantage

The Mine Glitch. This glitch enables you to take control
Of the enemy units for one turn. Upon using the mine, and having the
Enemy trigger it, quickly soft reset the game and start again. Now
You can control the enemy units! This also works in fog of war maps,
But you have to click around some to find the enemy units you wish to
Move. This can also be used to have the enemy drop their weapons, or
Even have them merch them to Merlinus! This is how the Uber Spear is
Now that you know how to use it you can use it to your advantage.
1. Get free weapons to Merlinus
2. Get the Uber Spear
3. Get recruitable enemy character faster by moving them closer to your ally that recruits them and get the weapons that couldn't ..

Using a dead Pent/Louise

If Pent or Louise happens to die, while the other is rescued then the one being held will appear in the top right corner of the map and keep all their stats and items, but will disappear when you move them or after you attack an enemy

Skip to chapter 24

Just skip to chapter 24 with good gear and all the people are alive

using dead people

In the beginning of the game when you have Lyn as your lord it's ok if your people die because you get them later in the game when you start Eliwood's quest on chapter 11

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