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Donkey Kong Country 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Donkey Kong Country 2

We have 5 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Donkey Kong Country 2 please send them in here.

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This code allows you to go to the 'Jukebox'
You choose which song you want to listen to... And that's it.

Play as Donkey Kong

Beat the game two times in a row and type in cheats kong. This will only work for Gameboy Advance.

Unlimited ----

Banana coin thingies (i forgot what they were called, lol): go to the first ever level of the game and enter the captain's quarters (which is near the beginning of the level). Run to the left end of the room and jump as high as you can. You should get more than one coin, if you didn't, you could always jump again and get the rest.
Lives: go to the first stage of crocodile cauldron. (make sure you beat this level before you try this cheat) at the very beginning of the stage, you should see a small kind of cliff. Use your team jump to go on the top of it and and grab the treasure chest. Throw it at an enemy, and claim your lives. Asap, press start and return to the world "map". Repeat as much as you like.
Remember, this is not an official or stolen cheat. It was 100% invented by me. U're welcome!

General gameplay tips (SNES version)

Aside from beating the actual levels, there are DK coins and Bonus Levels to find in every level. While they aren't easy to find, they aren't hidden arbitrarily! Here are things to watch for when playing through this game:
- lone bananas. If there's a single banana in a strange place, it hides a secret.
- path of bananas. An obvious clue, definitely follow it if you're going for those DK Coins and Bonus Levels!
- vertical movement. Often goodies are hidden just above or below the screen - remember, DKC2 is not just one-dimensional! Always try to reach suspiciously located places.
- Cranky's hints. They actually help, even if they're usually a tad cryptic (I remember a few particularly clever ones).
- Levels aren't particularly big. Try to think: "Where would they hide a clue in a small level?" This method of thinking makes the game a lot easier.
One thing I really like about this game is that every secret has some sort of hint leading to it. It isn't an inane collectathon like some games nowadays - it's the exact opposite: the game makes you think. Keep that in mind when playing. Good luck!

Cheat Codes

Start with 10 Banana Coins:
Enter ‘RICHMAN’ as a cheat code.

Start With 50 Banana Coins:
Enter ‘WELLRICH’ as a code.
Start with 15 Lives:
Enter ‘HELPME’ as a code.

Start with 55 Lives:
Enter ‘WEAKLING’ as a cheat code.
No Dk Barrels During Game:
Enter ‘WELLARD’ as a cheat code.
No Dk or Half-way Barrels During Game:
Enter ‘ROCKARD’ as a code.
Level Select:
Enter ‘FREEDOM’ as a cheat code.
To cross Klubba’s bridge no Kremkoins are needed.

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