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Breath of Fire II Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Breath of Fire II

We have 4 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Breath of Fire II please send them in here.

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Alternate ending

When you are inside the grand church looking for the man who started the St Eva church, you will find a man surrounded in machinery, he will tell you to kill him, kill all the bits of ,machinery but not him (do not use g dragon or you might kill him)
He will go to your town, now go to guntz and talk to the mechanic, she will go to your town, together, they will build township
If you kill him, you will get the more boring ending

Shamans and where to find them + the cool combos

Fire: this is found during the game, you can't miss it
Air: this is also found during the game, you can't miss it
Water: this is recieved when you beat the witch in the witchs castle or either you find it around there
Earth: when you pray at namada, donate to the church 20 times, when you come back to rands mothers garden, you will find her
Angel: when you beat the church (not grand, the one below cotland) go back there after a while, and put the door back to it's original position. (it can move) and she will be in there
Devil: this is found when the people bomb the dragon, go to the place where it's left claw used to be, and go in, talk to the person there and you will get the devil shaman
Fun Combos:
Ivan: none
Bow: my fave is holy and devil
Katt: devil + wind/water/fire/nothing
Rand: earth + fire
Nina: angel and air I believe,
Spar: earth +water
Sten: fire + wind
Jean: Water + Holy
Bleu: none
these are just persinal favourites, try experimenting all together to find the one you like


Life Bracelet:
Once you have fought Barubary with Ryu alone and he has given you a hint on where to find the Life Bracelet go immediately right with Katt and smash the rock straight ahead. Keep going right and reach across the gap with Sten and you will find the Life Bracelet inside the treasure box.

Life Armour:
At the fishing spot northwest of the Gate directly next to the cave you will find the Life Armour which is the strongest armour in the game.

StarBringer Sword:
If you stand on a blue ‘Chance’ square in the Thieves’ Tomb and keep fighting there you will find the StarBringer Sword (StarrSD).
Easy money:
Ask the priest that saves the game to give you a donation and if you have less than 100 coins you will get 10 coins from him until you have reached 100 coins. Once you have the 100 coins deposit them and retun and ask him for some more. Make sure the priest doesn’t give you more than 100 coins at a time as he will take them of you as a donation.

StarBringer Sword:In the thieves Tomb find the S..

StarBringer Sword:
In the thieves Tomb find the Star Bringer Sword on a blue square.
Life Armor:
Go to the fishing spot North West of the Gate next to the cave you
will find The Life Armour which is the strongest armour in the game.

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