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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


Boss Guide

by El EmZ

e __________ T H E     L E G E N D    O F
| ______  /________ _____   _______     
|/     / / \\  ____ |\\   /   \\   _  \\      
      / /   | |   \\| | |     | | \\  |     / _ \\
     / /    | |_/|   | |     | |  | |    / /_\\ \\
    / /     |  _ |   | |     | |  | |   / ____  \\
   / /      | | \\|   | |   _ | |  | |  / /    \\  \\
  / /       | |___/| | |__/ || |_/  |_/ /      \\  \\_
 / /______/||______| |______||_____//___\\     _________________
/__________|    LINK'S AWAKENING
                                  BOSS   GUIDE

Written by Emily lynch A.KA. El EmZ

  OK this is my first of many walkthroughs so it's probibly bad
NOTE: Mini bosses at the end
P.S Ignore my spelling mistakes

                                                                  OK, here we goooooooooooooooooo!


BOSS1 This boss is in level one:Tail Cave

To beat Moldorm equip you shield or Roc's Feather,I reccomend that first time players use the shield
because you need a certin expertise to jump over that bastard (please exuse my languige I just hate Moldom)
Any who...just whack Moldorm's tail on the end which is the glowy bit
and after a few hits BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!  Moldorm is Moldorm Sushi Ala Link
and you get the Full Moon Cello and a heart contanir

Boss2 This boss is in level 2:Bottle Grotto

OK first equip your power braclet.When you first go in the boss 
will say ''Nah Nah you cant hurt me''and every time you hit 
him He'll say that. Now pick up the bottle and chuck it 
against a wall the Genie will pop out and throw fire balls, six to be precise.
Do this 3 times and the bottle will break.Is Genie dead? the answer is...NO!
He'll get ''hopping mad'' and throw firballs so just hit him until he 
is d-e-a-d!Now get your Heart Container and the Conch Horn

Boss3 In Lv.3 : Key Cavern 
                SLIME EYES
OK first use the Peguseas Boots to ram the wall
when the boss falls down slash slash slash him until he's
two eyes connected by a ropey thing then ram him
with the Boots.Now just slice the eyes until they 
both explode!Congrats you got the Sea Lily's Bell YAY!

Boss4 In Anglers Tunnel
             Angler Fish (What a creative name)
This is the shortest battle ever.Just 
slash the lanturn on the big fish's head a few times 
but watch for the tiles they hurt!When you defeat him(If you die at ALL on this boss play Barbie becuase this is to much for you!)
get the Surf Harp and swim away for new adventures!

Boss5 Catfish's Maw (what the hell is a maw?!)
                        SLIME EEL
Arm the sword and Hookshot and stay in a corner until eel boy's
tail pops out then just run around after it until his head comes 
out of the wall.Use the hookshot on his mouth and if theres a heart on it 
hit with your sword if not,RUN! cause he's gonna blow!OK just whak him a
few more times until he's toast(not literaly)and get the Wind Marimba DO DO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Boss6 Face Shrine
                         FACADE (Pronoused 'Fasade' not Fakade as I first thought)
Facade is a face on a floor ,wow, how interesting(sarcasem)
this guy is easyer than the fish(LV.4 remember?) just destroy the 
pot,sorry, pots, heheh anyway after a while Facade will throw tiles
(well he won't throw them)so just put up your shield.When their gone
Stand on the face and drop a bomb Facade will vanish but will be back just
drop more bombs and when Facade is dead he'll give a creepy message
but just ignore that eejit and get the Coral Triangle!Woohoo!

Boss7 Eagles Tower
              Evil Eagle 
This bastard  took me ages! when he flies low use your sword
when he flies high use the hookshot when he swoops use the sword
when he flaps his hold up your shield and walk towards Eagle 
after about a trillion hits he'll die(finaly!)and you'll get
the Organ Of Evening Calm!dan dan dan dan dan dan dan daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Boss8 Turtle Rock 
                    HOT HEAD
Just wait till he jumps out of the lava and attack with the magic rod
until he loses his skin(nasty)and hit him some more
it helps to have full hearts and the lv.2 sword after a while the boss will die
And you get the Thunder Drum.Gulp...Nighmares!

He has 6 forms:

1:Giant Gel:Sprinkle with Magic powder
2:Agahnims Shadow:Reflect the Magic Ball with your sword and run from the other thing
3:Moldorms Shadow: Same as lv.1 boss hit the tail
4:Ganons shadow:Ram with Pegusus Boots
5:Lanmolas Shadow:Hit him once with the magic rod ONLY!
6:Dethl:Jump over his arms and hit the in the dead center with the boomarang and
once he is dead,    congrats...                YOU BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                               #<mini bosses># (no order)

A big green thing that rolls a piller full of spikes
at you.Just jump the piller and block his way
with your sword until he explods

A bomb trowing cyclops.If you have an Bow great!
If not ungreat. Bommarangs work too.Just hit him
and run away if you don't have either of the above
If you do have those items just shoot him.

Big worms with big mouths.You'll need 6 bombs
for this.Drop a bombs in front of the snakes mouths three times each
and poof!

A big thing with a gynormus backside
Use the pegusus boots to chase him and slash his back
with the sword when he changes direction try to hit him 
again. Continue this until its dead

A big skeloton.Hit his arm with the sword
and he'll fall apart drop a bomb on him.
Repeat 3 times.(NOTE:In the lv.5 dungeon you fight him 4 times)

Basicly a living beanbag with a ball
Wait till he throws the ball then pick it up 
throw it at him a few times to kill him.

Spiders that have freaky eyes that shoot beams
Kill the bottom one first use the Bow to hit
its eye when it opens but watch for the beams
Do this a few times to both.Hookshots work too:o

A skeloton with a flute.
This guy will summon Big Keeses to kill you 
so just go to a corner an slash like mental
When there dead the Grimy Guy will freak out
and run away.

Pengiun with boxer gloves
Harder than the f***ing boss
It helps to have lv.2 sword but i beat him with the
lv.1 sword(im not bragging i got knock out 6 times)
When he does the uppercut sneak around him a slash him with the sword
this takes a long as the EVIL EAGLE in lv.7

Your on a ledge and have to throw the bombs
in front of the snakes.Three bombs to a snake.

                                                                      THE   END

Thank you for reading this walkthrough
And good luck!