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Pokemon Trading Card Game Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Trading Card Game

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Check out the heads trick to boost your chances of winning, plus a tip on where to find mroe energy cards.

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Grand Masters VictoryYou need to go to the deck ..

Grand Masters Victory

You need to go to the deck machine before you get your cards after you have beaten the Grand Masters. Otherwise you may find that you have to do battle again.

Legendary Decks

---Moltres Deck---
25 Fire Energy
4 VulpixLV11
3 NinetailsLV35
4 GrowlitheLV18
2 ArcanineLV45
2 MagmarLV24
2 MagmarLV31
2 MoltresLV35
2 MoltresLV37
3 Bill
2 Lass
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Removal
2 Switch
1 Potion
1 Super Potion
---Zapdos Deck---
25 Lightning Energy
4 VoltorbLV10
3 ElectrodeLV35
4 ElectabuzzLV35
2 JolteonLV29
1 ZapdosLV40
1 ZapdosLV64
2 ZapdosLV68
3 EeveeLV12
4 Bill
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Switch
3 Pluspower
3 Potion
1 Gambler
---Articuno Deck---
25 Water Energy
4 SeelLV12
3 DewgongLV42
4 LaprasLV31
2 ArticunoLV35
2 A..

Get the side of coin you want

If you want heads go for tails.if you want tails go for heads.

After you beat the Grand Masters go to the deck ..

After you beat the Grand Masters go to the deck building machine.

The deck building machine will show you how to build decks using the legendary cards

If you press and hold B you will walk alot of fa..

If you press and hold B you will walk alot of faster.

heads trick:

This neat trick lets you flip heads 75% of the time.Hope you have fast fingers! (HINT: It'll be 85% if you do this.
On first draw, only play an active pokemon, none on the bench).While prizes are being set, press A repeatedly.
If your opponent has any bench pokemon, you will go 1st.
Try this while attacking, too.

How to beat the legendary masters easily

If you want to beat the legendary masters easily all you have to do is'
For the first battle use a deck of water pokemon (your against a fire master) the best water deck for this is the water beetle deck from the water auto-deck machine from dr masons lab.
For the second battle use fighting/rock pokemon deck because one there super effective against lighting and two there resistant to lightening.
NOTE if you have all fighting pokemon you may not be able to do damage to zapdos (because it is flying)
For the third battle you should use all lightening deck because y..

View all prizes

On a turn where you would kill the opponent's Pokemon, do so, then draw a prize. At that point, turn off the game, and select continue duel. You will be left at the same point, where you must kill the Pokemon again, but this time, draw another prize. Do this until you've seen all the prizes.

More energy cards!

In the upper right corner of Doctor Masons lab there is a guy who will give you 60 energy cards if you don't have any. You can put all of your energy in decks and then talk to him and you will get the cards. You can do this repeatedly.

If you want more cards check this out.Go and tal..

If you want more cards check this out.

Go and talk to the gym leaders and then go to the computer and check the card box the professor and you can get more cards.

When you are Duelling somebody and you get an X ..

When you are Duelling somebody and you get an X (if you are using Geodude with Stone Barrage as the attack) you can turn your Gameboy off immediately.

When you turn it back on you can still attack, if it keeps on showing the X in the top left hand corner, just keep on switching it off and on and keep on going back to your game from the main screen.

Beat Coutney easier

To beat the fire Queen Coutney use the Blue Water Deck.

When you get your deck from the professor guy go..

When you get your deck from the professor guy go to each of the gyms and talk to the gym leader
Then go to a PC and look under mail.
Not all of the gym leaders are able to give you packs so you will only have 4 or 5

Deck to Start With

Stary with the Charmander & Friends deck because it will be easier to beat most trainers and gym leaders.

A very good deck

A very good deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game is:
2 Zapdos (you get them from winning the pokemon league)
46 Electric Energy
4 potion
4 super potion
4 energy search
Just use one Zapdos in play and it should go well!!!!


Here are some promo Pokemon cards-
Slowpokelvl9:give fire club dude energys
Mewlvl8:challenge hall award
Mewtwolvl60:challenge hall award
Mewtwolvl60:beat psychic club
Surfing pikachulvl13:trade with ishihara
Surfing pikachulvl13:trade with ishihara
Imakuni?:beat imakuni a #of times
Super energy retreival:beat ronald


Pick what prize you get!

You know when you knock out a Pokemon, you get to pick a prize? Well after you knock out one of you apponent's Pokemon, you pick your prize and if you don't like it, you turn off your game boy. ( Don't worries, this will not erase your data.)
Turn your game boy back on and it will return to your last turn before you knocked out your apponent's pokemon. Knock the apponent's Pokemon out again, and you can pick out a different prize! Do this untill you have found the one you like.
If there is absolutely one you don't want, well you'll just have to pick ONE of them.

To get booster packs go to the pc in the gyms an..

To get booster packs go to the pc in the gyms and look in the mail box and click it and you will get booster packs

Master ball and master code

000014D1 000A
10044EC8 0007
82003884 0001
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

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