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Pokemon Green Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Green


We have 19 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Green please send them in here.

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The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Try to lower the Pokemon's HP as low as you can.
2. Try to make the Pokemon Fall Asleep.
3. Throw Ultra Balls at the Pokemon
4. If the Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to throw Ultra Balls.

Get onto Cycling Road without a Bicycle!

Okay, so you may have deposited your Bike in your PC or never even bothered to get one, and you really can't be bothered to pick it up so you can get on Cycling Road.
There's a simple solution. When you enter either of the guardhouses that separate Cycling Road from Celadon/Fuschia City, walk so that you that the counter is right next to you. When the guard stops you and says that you need a Bicycle, keep on pressing Left on the D-Pad and after he's finished speaking you will walk past him anyway.
A very convenient and useful glitch!

How to Obtain Every Kanto Legendary Pokemon

Moltres - Moltres can be found deep inside Victory Road. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It will be at Level 50.
Zapdos - Zapdos can be found inside the Power Plant. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It will be at Level 50.
Articuno - Articuno can be found deep inside Seafoam Islands. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It will be at Level 50.
Mewtwo - Mewtwo can be found deep inside the Cerulean Cave. It is the strongest Pokemon you can find within the game. It will be at Level 70.
Mew - Mew can only be obtained by an Event or by Trade.

230 free Game Coins

In the Game Corner in Celadon City, you can obtain 230 free Game Coins without even playing the slot machines. If you walk around inside the Game Corner pressing A, you will occasionally find some Coins on the floor. In total, you can find 180 Coins. In addition, you can gain an extra 50 free Coins from people around the Game Corner playing the slots machines. One of the guys to the far left will give you 10 Coings, and the two guys to the far right will give you 20 Coins each. You now have more than enough Coins to purchase an Abra without even having to play the slots machines or buy the Coins beforehand from the guy behind the counter.
You'll need the Coin Case to even be able to pick up

How to get to Glitch City

SAVE WARNING - Once inside Glitch City, DO NOT save your game. If you save your game within Glitch City, the save file will become corrupted and you will not be able to load it properly, forcing you to abandon your playthrough and start a new game. As utilizing this glitch involves Flying to Cinnibar Island, an area only explored during the latter half of the game, it means you'll probably have played for numerous hours that you don't want to lose, so use caution with this glitch.
Follow these steps for the only known way to access Glitch City, a 'city' comprised entirely of 'glitched' pixels:
1. Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. Pay $500 to play the Safari Game. Once inside, exit. The clerk will ask if you're "Leaving alreadY?". An..

How to clone items and Pokemon!

During the saving that takes place when switching the Box, first the Pokémon data on all the PC Boxes is saved, and then the Pokémon data on the player's party. If some Pokémon are deposited in the PC before switching the Box, interrupting the saving process (turning the power off) at the right moment (ideally, before the "S" in the dialog Box appears but after the Box has appeared) causes said Pokémon to be present both in the Box and the player's party.

Revisit the S. S. Anne!

There's a glitch which you can use that enables you to revisit the S. S. Anne. In order for you to actually be able to get to the S. S. Anne, however, you'll need Surf and the Soul Badge, so that you can use it outside of battle.
Okay, head down to Vermillion Harbour. The Sailer hanging around at the bottom will do what he usually does and stop you from going down into the harbour because there's no ship there. Walk up so you're directly in from of (or, technically, above) him, and face right. Save your game and turn the power off, and then start it up and select 'Continue'. Because the game is programmed so that you's automatically facing downwards when you select 'Continue', you'll end up facing down, but ON TOP of the sailor, rather than facing him. Face to the right toward..

I have a Pokemon green game for the gameboy syst..

I have a Pokemon green game for the gameboy system that is not on the list.
It is from the origianl line of red, blue and yellow. There is a bulasaur on the cover picture.
I can submit actual photos of the game....!

How do get deoxis I realy want to know and celibi.

How do get deoxis I realy want to know and celibi.

Hint: Saving Money

Instead of repeatedly paying to get in the Safari Zone, save the game after entering. Then, instead of paying again, just turn off the Game Boy and turn it back on.
Super potions cost 700 and revive by 50. However, in the Celedon City Department Store, lemonade costs 350 and revives by 80. Note: This is on the fifth floor, at the vending machines.

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.
Bug - Super Effective against: Grass, Poison, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying.
Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: (nothing).
Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.
Fighting - Super Effective against: Ice, Normal, Rock. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.
Fire - Super Effective against: Bug, Grass, Ice. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water.
Flying - Super Effective against: Bug, Fighting, G..

Infinite Steps in Safari Zone

This trick is very simple. Find a patch of grass within the Safari Zone. Stand on it and just tap the directional pad lightly just enough that you turn without walking. You should encounter Pokemon and you have the option to catch that Pokemon or run and continue until you find the Pokemon you want without putting your steps up.

Get through grassy areas without a single random encounter

Once you have obtained the HM Cut you can use it to teach one (or more) of your Pokemon the attack.
This ability cannot only be used to cut down certain trees but also to get rid of any grass so you don't have to bother with any random encounters.
However, when saving and loading or leaving and reentering the area you used cut in, the grass will have returned.

Making more than 100 items of the same kind

You need the HM Fly and Surf to do this glitch. Put the item you want to duplicate in the sixth slot of your inventory.
Go/fly to Viridian City. Talk to the old man that asks you if you are in a hurry at the beginning of the game. Answer no. Watch him show you how to catch a Pokemon.
Now you need to Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf on the right side of the island (right against the edge). You should be able to battle a weird Pokemon called MissingNo. It's appearance is strange. Do not allow it attack you and do npt capture it as it will ruin your game! Just run away or beat him with powerful quick attacks.
After that, look at your sixth item in your inventory and there should be a strange symbol next to it. Do not worry, it only means that you have more th..

Bypass Cycling Road Guard

To get onto the Cycling Road without a Bicycle, simply hold Left when you talk to the guard that warns you that you must have the Bicycle to enter Cycling Road. (If you already obtained the Bicycle, this still works if the Bicycle is in the PC.) In doing so, you will bypass the guard; if you continue onto Cycling Road, you'll still ride a bike.
Note: If you do this without a bike then you will only have one while on the road. When you leave the road, you will not keep the bike.

Jap blu

This game was the actual version of blue so technically, Pokemon blue is a fake ^^

a tip for those who dont uderstand japanese

If your having trouble understanding this game get an english copy of a Pokemon game and write down what everything is, when you play green just refer to the list and (optional)write down the japanese names.
I hope you found this helpful

95% certanty of catching a pokemon

Throw any pokeball and when it opens press BAB then after it closes but before it starts wiggling press ABA and you should have a 95% chance of catching a pokemon

How do I get more master balls.

How do I get more master balls.

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