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Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors

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We have cheats that will give you strong characters and we'll tell you how to unlock Frieza.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors please send them in here.

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Unlock Frieza

Defeat Frieza as Super Saiyan Future Trunks.

Strong characters

A good and strong character is super sayan 3 Gotanks.

Android #16:Have Goku in the first position of y..

Android #16:

Have Goku in the first position of your team when you fight

Android #16 and Android #18 and defeat them.

Android #17:

Play as Android #20 and defeat Android #17.

Android #18:

Have Krillin in the first position of your team when you fight

Android #16 and Android #18 and defeat them.

Android #19:

Play as SSJ Vegeta and defeat Android #19.

Android #20:

Play as Android #19 and defeat Android #20.

Burter and Jeice:

Play as Goku and defeat them.

Captain Ginyu:

Play as Vegeta and defeat defeat ..


To answer any questions about the gogeta rumor, there is no gogeta. Same goes for Tien and Yamcha because even if you could get them, they wouldn't be worth using. Plus there are no signature moves for these characters so thats a dead give away.

Predicting the enemy

Second round of story mode becomes toupher.I noticed patterns in the computers strategy.
When not gathering power, the computer will move to attk position and stay there for a while then it'll move to the back row. Then it will either use an attk like super ki ball or gather power. This is more the villains strategy then the good guys.
Also certain chracters cheat. No. 17 is one of them. It is impossible to predict him. When you think he's going to use beam, he uses damage, and vise versa.
I just use my super attk on him as much as possible since he didnt block me much.

To get Ginyu & Ginyu Goku

To get these characters you must beat Ginyu Goku & Jeice with Vegeta regular form in the front position or first to battle with anyone after him. Then once you have Ginyu regular form you need to beat Goku with Ginyu regular form & then you should have ginyu Goku as one of Ginyu's forms!

How to unlock the buu's in order!!!!

Fat Buu-Beat him with Goten or Young Trunks w/o super saiyin
Evil Buu-Beat him with Fat Buu
Ultimate Buu-Beat him with Gotenks w/o SSJ3
Super Buu-Beat him with Fat Buu OR SSJVegeta
Kid Buu-Beat him with SSJVegeta OR Fat Buu

Gohan + characters and Hints during battle

if you want to get even with Captin Ginyu (from when he swamps bodys with Goku and uses super Kamaha) you should pick energy or whetever it sais for your deck type and not defeat.why? because you will find super kamaha during a win battling the saiyans before Captin Ginyu.
Now for battle, all your opp. will use is 3,4,5 stage attack all day. then they will charge now while they charge make sure you have ever endurance or shockwave or even deppending on your enemy it matters i have only got ten to Frieza then i restarted my game any way after they charge dont use your defnce move yet they will only use a 5 stage attack wait until the second turn if you forget how many turns have went by since the enemy was in gather power mode look at how fast the hcarge up around..

SSJ2 Gohan

To get ssj to Gohan, when you fight skinny buu for the 2nd time use ssj1 gohan.

Another few enlightments on things...

There is a card that turns you into a big monkey here's some more detailed info:
Name: Tail
Users: Gohan only
Card nr: 029
Damage type: Physical
Damage: 35
Accuracy: 100%
C.cost: 26
Rarity: uncommon
Description: Gohan's tail cut off by Vegeta.

If the picture isn't showing just click this link:

#28, 29 and 30

I tried every possible code and hint and have to say that these 3 are just empty spaces to fit in with the other lists.

frieza strategy

The main cards in your deck for the key to defeating frieza is as follows:
Spirit Bomb
Super Kamehameha
4 stage atk
Full btl Jacket
Tien hit 20x2
Yajirobe hit 10x2
Kamehameha, the rest are up to you.

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