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Forspoken Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 5
Last Updated: by Richard

It's always handy to have a few tips when getting started in a new RPG like Forspoken, and this is where we aim to come in with a few helpful tips, tricks and lists of things to do in Forspoken for beginners to the game. But not only tips, if you need some extra help, well we have some Forspoken cheats too with a neat God Mode trick.

Forspoken Cheats

There are a couple of settings in Forspoken that can be classified as cheats in the game, one is effectively a God Mode and another is how to Level up Super Fast with God Mode activated.

Forspoken God Mode

To activate the God Mode cheats in Forspoken simply pause the game and go to the Gameplay balance menu via Settings. Now you can basically evade everything by going to the Difficulty Settings and activating 'Auto-Evasion'. Now with this setting activated you'll use 'magic parkour' to automatically evade attacks during gameplay. If it all gets a bit boring in that mode, simply deactivate it and just use it when you are really stuck.

However, after a recent update to the game, this God Mode has now been tweaked and it seems you don't auto-evade red attacks anymore, so you'll still need to be paying some attention to try to evade these yourself.

Red attacks are not the norm in the game, they are very powerful attacks and usually, happen later in the game from more powerful enemies, so this is still a good trick to help you out getting started with some easy level ups.

Level Up Fast and Increase Items Drop Rate in Forspoken

With God Mode activated, you'll now be scoring for automatically evading enemies in the game. Seeing as you gain EXP from evading, this effective God Mode setting will also help you level up a lot faster than normal, another side effect of this is that you'll get a better drop rate for items too.

You can check out the God Mode cheat in action with some more details on how it all works in terms of level-ups and item drops in this video below.

Forspoken Controls

Movement and Exploration Controls (PS5)

Left Stick - Movement

L3 (Click in on Left Stick) - Sprint

R3 (Click in on Right Stick) - Target Camera/Lock-on an enemy

Right Stick - Camera Control

Triangle - Interact, talk and pick up items

X - Jump

Circle - Magic Parkour

Square - Zip (when you have obtained it from Sila's Magic)

D-Pad (Up) - Cuff Scan

Hold D-Pad (Up)- Cuff Compass

D-Pad (Down) - Use Healing Draught

Hold D-Pad (Down) - Set Up Camp

D-Pad (Right) - Switch Spell Set Forward

D-Pad (Left) - Switch Spell Set Backwards

Combat Controls (Ps5)

Attack Magic

R2 - Activate Attack Magic

Hold R2 - Charge Attack Magic Spell

Hold R1 - Change Attack Magic Spell

Forspoken Difficulty Settings

There are four difficulty settings in Forspoken these are:

Focus on the Story - Recommended for players who just want to enjoy the game's narrative unfold

Explore the Open World - Recommended for players who want to visit every corner of the game world

Take Part in Challenging Battles - Recommended for players who are used to playing action games

Default - Recommended for players who want to enjoy a balance of all gameplay elements

Forspoken Tips for Getting Started

There are a few things you should take care of when you are just getting started in Forspoken, these things will help get your journey in the game off to a good start when you first arrive in Athia.

Unlock New Spells

Spells are cast using purple magic, and at the start of the game you only have a couple to choose from. It's a really good idea get more Mana and unlock more spells as early as you can in the game. Spells really come in handy throughout the whole of the game, and make great additions to your effective power against enemies.

Here are all of the spells that Frey can unlock in the game try to get at least one lethal spell, some of the support spells such as bind and tendril are also great when you are facing groups of enemies:

Burst Shot - lethal

Scatter Shot - lethal

Shield Shot - lethal

Bind - support

Burrow - support

Disperse - support

Implant - support

Prime - support

Leach - support

Screen - support

Tendril - support

Genesis - surge ability

Flow - parkour

Leap - parkour

Shimmy - parkour

For more details about each spell use the Purple Magic guide in the game for reference and to help decide which ones you want to aim to unlock first.

Mana Up

Getting a lot of Mana both early and throughout the game is essential and is the only way you'll be able to unlock new spells. Getting Mana can be a bit of a grind but we do have a few good ways to get building up your Mana reserves relatively painlessly!

Visit the Mana Pools

Every little helps as they say, and while wach visit to a Mana pool will only get you 1 Mana point, there are plenty of opportunities to get Mana via this method. Whenever you see a Mana pool, head over to it and get your free Mana point and before you know it you'll have quite a lot!

Complete the Locked Labyrinths

The Locked Labyrinths are another grat way to get some more Mana, complete these to get access to close by Mana pools. As well as the free Mana, the completing Labyrinths can also bag you all sorts of useful items which will be helpful in increasing your character's power and abilities.

Complete Challenges

Another way to get free Mana and other rewards is to complete challenges given by Monuments. Find the Monuments on the map and see if you are strong enough to complete the challenges. The good thing is you can always repeat this later to get more rewards and Mana!

Level Up Frey

Each level up of your character will give you various rewards, including some Mana! So while leveling up can get more difficult as you progress through the game, at least in the beginning, getting Mana by leveling up your character is a decent way to get an early Mana boost.

You can level up Frey by getting EXP, you get EXP by completing tasks in the game, interacting with NPCs and battling. Apart from getting the free Mana, leveling up is just good do to because you'll be stronger in the game.

Get a Bigger Medicine Pouch

The medicine pouch is really important because it allows you to hold the healing items that you will need to use during battle. A bigger pouch simply means more chances to restore your health in a big fight.

To get a bigger medicine pouch use the crafting bench that you will find in any of the Pilgrim's Refuges.

Stock up on Healing Draughts

You should always try to have a stack of Healing Draughts. If you want more go to a Pilgrim Refuge to get some and to take a rest if you need to and restore your health that way.

Improve your Gear

Winning or losing a battle could literally depend on your gear and it's level. Finding great gear really does make a massive difference to your ability and strength in battle. Hunt out the best gear on the map and use places like the Locked Labyrinths to get mroe gear that you can use.

You can also use the crafting gear for improving your gear and making it even better.

Participage in Spellcraft Challenges

Always try to have some of these challenges active, completing these Spellcraft Challenges will improve Frey's magic and stamina. Spellcraft Challenges can be activated after you have visited the Archives in Cipal and used the bookcases, or the Pilgrim's Refuges.

Chain parkour moves

Don't forget that you can chain parkour moves together by holding down the circle moves. There is a limit to how many you can chain together as Frey does run out of energy pretty soon when doing this but it's a nice feature in the game. Unlock more parkour moves to create better chains, some of which will help restore some stamina too.

Use parkour in battle

Parkour moves are also really cool to use in battle, combines with your magic, effective use of parkour in battle will help you defeat enemies quicker, and with more style! There are some great combos that you can try with parkour effects.


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