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Foreclosed Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Foreclosed

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Foreclosed is a narrative-driven third person stealth game set in a Cyberpunk world. You play the role of Evan Kapnos, a man who due to circumstances beyond his control has his identity foreclosed, giving him a short amount of time to regain his life before having it and his cybernetic implants auctioned off by the court. This will not be easy as everything is working against you and corruption rules both the courts and the streets. Foreclosed is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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How to Choose your Augmentation

In Forclosed Evan is able to equip various augmentations with the Skill points that you earn during gameplay. It is important that you select your augmentation carefully as they can change how you interact with the cyberpunk world and equipping one that suits your playstyle can help you considerably. One augmentation you may want to consider early is the mind shield, which can help you avoid getting hacked, which would make you more vulnerable to attacks.

How to Overheat Enemy Implants

In the stealth-specific sections of Foreclosed you will need to remain undetected and knowing how to instantly kill an enemy in silence will help you immensely. To do this you have to overheat the implants in their head, the only way this can be achieved is if the enemy is unaware of your presence. If they are aware that you are in the area, you will no longer be able to instant kill them. In order to overheat enemy implants, you need to stealth towards them, so you are within proximity. When you achieve this, the prompt button to overheat will appear over their head. Tap your controller (Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, or the 2 key on PC) so you see an image of a chip on screen, then continue tapping the button until the gray chip turns fully red. Once this happens, the enemy will keel over dead.

Choosing Symbiotic Pistol Upgrades

Choosing Symbiotic Pistol Upgrades

Evan is in constant danger from an army of well-armed agents who are continually trying to take him down. He does however have a weapon called the Symbiotic Pistol by his side to help him fight back. This is a unique weapon that does not need ammo refills and can be adapted for multiple uses. The Symbiotic Pistol links directly to Evan's implants and creates a unique risk/reward game mechanic where you can balance firepower with the risk of overloading Evan's implants. Earning Experience points will enable you to level up and get Skill points, which you can then invest into specific upgrades for your weapon. It is recommended that the first two upgrades you get are the shooting speed and the ability to shoot through helmets and armor more effectively. Having these two upgrades will enable you to take down stronger enemies, which will increase your survival chances considerably.

Search for Secret Areas

Search for Secret Areas

Although Foreclosed is not an open-world game, it does feature alternate paths in some zones, which you can discover by straying from the beaten path. Exploring these alternate paths will lead you to a secret area where you will often find mini hacking sections or hidden terminals which can earn you Experience points when you interact with them. Getting Experience points whenever possible is useful as it will help you to level up. Remember to always check your surroundings for an ambush when you find these secret areas.

How to Find the Green Machinery

Scattered throughout the cyberpunk world of Foreclosed are green pieces of machinery, these devices can be found in the walls as you progress through the game and finding them will earn you a decent amount of Experience points. Whenever one of the pieces of green machinery is nearby, a sonar will appear on your HUD, which will have three bars on either side which turn green the closer you get to the device. Once all three bars are filled, you are right beside it.

How to Solve Puzzles

Foreclosed features a series of puzzles which you need to solve to advance the story. The puzzles themselves are pretty self-explanatory, their solution can always be found inside the room or zone you are in. For example, one of the early puzzles you will encounter will be a locked gate that needs to be opened. The problem is, before you can hack the terminal to open the gate, you must restore the gate's power. In order to do this, you must follow a pulse guide which leads you to three different power points. Once you manage to locate them, you can hack them to turn on the power.

Talk to NPCs

During the opening hour of Foreclosed you will encounter various NPCs which if you interact with them will explain to you why Securetech, the company Evan worked for went bankrupt and give you more background information abut the game itself. The story in Foreclosed is complex, and learning as much as you can about it will help you to navigate the cyberpunk world that is around you. In order to interact with NPCs you simply have to walk up to them and press a button on your controller, upon doing so they will spew out dialogue.

How to get Experience Points

Once you have obtained the Symbiotic Pistol you will be able to start gaining Experience points which you can then invest in upgrades for either the weapon or augmentations. In Foreclosed, Experience points are earned several ways, these include killing all enemies in an encounter, completing objectives, and finding green machinery. In fighting situations you will gain the Experience points once combat has ended which will be signified by a few frames of slow-motion along with a deep sound effect. The Experience you earn fills a bar which once full will earn you 1 Experience point which you can then spend in the 'Implants' menu.

Be Patient in Stealth Sections

There are a lot of stealth-specific sections, particularly early on in Foreclosed which need to be traversed carefully. These sections often take place from an isometric perspective and require you to avoid contact from the agents hunting you down while you decide which route to take. There is usually only one route you can take to make it through the section successfully, and the trial and error while you try to work out it out can be frustrating. The key is to remain patient, making sure you learn the enemies' movement patterns because being spotted will almost certainly mean being eliminated.


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