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Firmament Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Last Updated: by Richard
Firmament Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Firmament is a first-person steampunk adventure game. It is a mind-bending game that will test your puzzle-solving skills and patience as you discover the story of this seemingly abandoned world as you explore and unlock the mysteries of 3 unique Realms... and beyond. Take a look at our Firmament cheats. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Firmament Trailer

Firmament Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Full Guide

Use the videos below as a guide if you are struggling to solve the various puzzles that you are presented with as you progress through the game exploring the realms.

Firmament Guide - Part 1

00:00 - Intro + Welcome

01:19 - My Ghost Guide Is Apparently Lying To Me

05:42 - These Snowy Mountains Are Gorgeous

09:05 - Using A Giant Ice Block To Get Around

13:40 - Our Home Base Between The Realms

20:06 - Platforming On A Large Ice Cube

25:42 - My New Favorite Form Of Travel: Pinballs

29:02 - The Factory Across The Field Of Ice

Firmament Guide - Part 2

00:00 - Intro + Recap

01:07 - Riding A Giant Block Of Ice To Solve The Factory

03:28 - I Broke The World With My Poor Crane Usage

09:07 - We Made It To The Arch For A Surprise!

13:02 - I Raised A Spire And May Have Doomed Us All

15:57 - A Brand New Realm Means Brand New Challenges

18:55 - Breaking My Brain Trying To Turn The Lights On

22:23 - Access To Another Arch Means Another Upgrade!

24:57 - Breaking The Second Realm Before We Travel To Another!

Firmament Guide - Part 3

00:00 - Intro + Recap

00:57 - This Train Pod Puzzle Nearly Broke Me

12:29 - Getting Across Four Pillars Of Plants

18:04 - Raising The Final Spire!

21:55 - Powering Up Our New Spider-Bot!

25:18 - Driving Camel Across The Land To Open Pipes

31:03 - Entering The Spire And Beginning The Awakening

Firmament Guide - Part 4

00:00 - Intro + Recap

01:05 - Returning To Juleston

04:43 - The Yellow Lands Of Acid

09:03 - Getting The Sulfur Trains Back On Track

14:04 - My New Suit Lets Me Swim in Acid!

18:50 - Filling The Acid Vats To Empty The Reservoir

23:15 - Another Battery Puzzle Solved!

26:16 - Connecting Another Ball To The Spire


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