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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Cheats and Tips

PlayStation 4, PC
Last Updated: by Dennis

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is a fantasy role-playing game that is part of the Final Fantasy series. It is a remastered version of the PS2 classic that includes several new features and enhancements. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age remastered is based on the international version of the game that was only ever released in Japan in 2007 which included an updated job system. New features include a fast forward button and the ability to view the map while wandering around. Check out our Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age cheats and tips to find out how you can progress quickly through the game.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you in the game. These includes switching party members and using the Gambit Slots.

Save Often

Although the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age has a quicksave function it is not particularly reliable therefore it is advised that you save the game manually whenever you can, prefably at a moment where there is no imminent danger.

Replay Levels

You may need to backtrack and do some grinding when you encounter enemies that are easily beating you. You will usually find that the difference between 'impossible' and 'manageable' is only a level or two.

Correct Gear

The key to success is being equipped with the correct gear so make sure you explore everywhere, loot everything, and visit the shop vendor whenever you are passing so you can get your hands on it. You will find defeating the enemies a lot easier when you have decent weapons.

Combat Log

Make sure when you are in battles, particularly boss fights you keep an eye on your Combat Log as it will let you know when the enemy is charging up for a special attack. Knowing this attack is coming will allow you to counter it accordingly.

Boss Fights

Being able to get 5 or 6 hit chains towards the end of boss fights will make a substantial difference in whether you defeat them or not. Ignore the visuals and focus your attention on the bottom right of screen. Remember that touching a save point will end your chain.

Use the Gambit Slots

Gambits are rules you program into each character to determine how they act in battle. Make sure you open up the Gambit Slots, buy all the gambits, and most importantly use them. Remember that unless you give them specific instructions the members of your party you are not controlling are pretty much useless. Experiment whenever you can with different combinations and different orders and make the necesary adjustments whenever you get a new Gambit Slot or a new ability.

Sell the Loot Inventory

Unless it is Teleport Stones, Gysahl Greens or old weapons and armour you should sell everything else that you accumulate in your Loot inventory as it is basically junk which will bring in money that can be used to unlock new items in the Bazaar.

Switch Party Members

It is important that you have a balanced team in terms of levels so although you may have a core team of characters you favour it is in your best interests to switch up your party members from time to time. There may be situations you will need to fall back on your reserve characters and if they are too far behind your core team they won't be much good to you.

Guest Members

Although you should not rely on guest members as they do not stay around forever you should use them to your advantage.

Buy Grimoires

Every time a Grimoire shows up at the Bazaar, buy it. It will turn into an item that makes enemies drop better loot.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, we also have a Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age page where you can submit your own questions for other players to answer.


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What should I spend License Points on?
Don't waste LP unlocking squares that lets you equip specific gear unless you already have that equipment in your inventory.
How can you regain MP?
If you have not learned the ability charge which regenerates MP over time you can regain MP by turning on High Speed mode and running around in circles.
Can you change a characters class?
you cannot change a character’s class once you have picked one.
What are the best gambits?
Focus on getting the ones for ally HP going below certain percents, enemy weaknesses, and allies getting hit by nasty status effects.
How do you get elite monster hunts?
Stop at the Clan Hall in the northwest corner of Rabanastre. If you talk to Montblanc regularly he will hook you up with rewards and elite monster hunts.

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