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Cafe World Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Cafe World

We have 5 cheats and tips on FaceBook. If you have any cheats or tips for Cafe World please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Cafe World Questions & Answers page.

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How to Get Fairy Dust

The only way to get fairy dust if you don't already have it is to request it off neighbors - it is in short supply, so you will have to search high and low for it.

Blockading Customers

A clever tactic is to physically block your customers in! This stops you from having to chase them around frantically.
Use chairs or tables to keep them blocked in, but remember to make sure the counters and stoves are pointing inwards so people can get to the food!

How to Unlock Coffee Machine

A lot of users have trouble unlocking the coffee machine. To do it, you need to complete the 'Upgrading I' mission, indicated by the icon with a white shirt and a light blue cravat.
You then need to complete 'Spruce Up Your Cafe I' and 'Spruce Up Your Cafe II' which opens up now, indicated by a white shirt with a dark blue cravat.
You should then see a coffee cup appear on the right hand side of the screen. Select it and a crate will appear. Move it into position and then click it to open it.
As long as you have enough neighbors, it will open.

Cafe Points

Below is list of ways that you can get Cafe Points (Experience Points).
Preparating Food:
Each ingredients you prepare while making a dish gives you Cafe Points.
Move Food to the Counter:
As soon as a dish is done move it to the counter before it spoils and you will get Cafe Points.
Cafe Missions:
When you see pop-up windows asking you to help a neighbor, you can get Cafe Points for helping them.
Friend Visits:
Click your friend's ladder and visit them, then try their daily specials for Cafe Points.


There are currently only 52 levels available but more will probably be added. The Cafe Points are the amount needed for the level total, not incrementally.
Cafe World Level 1 - 0 Cafe Points:
Cafe World Level 2 - 34 Cafe Points:
Unlock 4th stove, $500
Cafe World Level 3 - 70 Cafe Points:
Unlock Homestyle Pot Roast
Cafe World Level 4 - 170 Cafe Points:
Unlock Chai and Spicy Kimchi, $1,000
Cafe World Level 5 - 370 Cafe Points:
Unlock Tikka Maslal Kabobs
Cafe World Level 6 - 670 Cafe Points:
Unlock 5th Stove
Cafe World Level 7 - 1,070 Cafe Points:
Unlock Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Cafe World Level 8 - 1,670 Cafe Points:
Unlock Espresso, Thai Ice Tea, 3rd Employee
Cafe World Level 9 - 2,420 Cafe Points:
Unlock 4th Counter
Cafe World Level 10 - 3,320 Cafe Points:
Unlock 6th Stove
Cafe World Level 11 - 4,320 Cafe Points:
Unlock Spaghetti and Meatballs
Cafe World Level 12 - 5,320 Cafe Points:
Unlock Root Beer Float, Calamata Olives, $1,000
Cafe World Level 13 - 6,420 Cafe Points:
Unlock 4th Employee
Cafe World Level 14 - 7,720 Cafe Points:
Unlock 7th Stove
Cafe World Level 15 - 9,120 Cafe Points:
Unlock Tony's Classic Pizza
Cafe World Level 16 - 10,620 Cafe Points:
Unlock Arnold Palmer, $1,000
Cafe World Level 17 - 12,120 Cafe Points:
Unlock 5th Counter
Cafe World Level 18 - 13,920 Cafe Points:
Unlock 8th Stove
Cafe World Level 19 - 15,920 Cafe Points:
Unlock Voodoo Chicken Salad
Cafe World Level 20 - 18,020 Cafe Points:
Unlock Mango Lassi, $1,500
Cafe World Level 21 - 20,220 Cafe Points:
Unlock 5th Employee
Cafe World Level 22 - 22,820 Cafe Points:
Unlock 9th Stove
Cafe World Level 23 - 25,520 Cafe Points:
Unlock Chicken Gyro and Fries, $1,500
Cafe World Level 24 - 28,320 Cafe Points:
Unlock Orange Juice, $1,500
Cafe World Level 25 - 31,220 Cafe Points:
Unlock 6th Counter
Cafe World Level 26 - 34,620 Cafe Points:
Unlock 10th Stove
Cafe World Level 27 - 38,120 Cafe Points:
Unlock King Crab Bisque
Cafe World Level 28 - 41,720 Cafe Points:
Unlock Bubble Tea, $1,500
Cafe World Level 29 - 45,520 Cafe Points:
Unlock 6th Employee
Cafe World Level 30 - 49,820 Cafe Points:
Unlock 11th Stove
Cafe World Level 31 - 54,320 Cafe Points:
Unlock Kung Pao Stir Fry
Cafe World Level 32 - 59,020 Cafe Points:
Unlock Strawberry Smoothie, $2,500
Cafe World Level 33 - 63,920 Cafe Points:
Unlock 7th Counter
Cafe World Level 34 - 69,420 Cafe Points:
Unlock 12th Stove
Cafe World Level 35 - 75,120 Cafe Points:
Unlock Overstuffed Peppers
Cafe World Level 36 - 81,020 Cafe Points:
Unlock Iced Tea, $2,500
Cafe World Level 37 - 87,120 Cafe Points:
Unlock 7th Employee
Cafe World Level 38 - 93,920 Cafe Points:
Unlock 13th Stove
Cafe World Level 39 - 100,920 Cafe Points:
Unlock Fiery Fish Tacos
Cafe World Level 40 - 108,220 Cafe Points:
Unlock Grape Juice
Cafe World Level 41 - 115,720 Cafe Points:
Unlock 8th Counter
Cafe World Level 42 - 124,020 Cafe Points:
Unlock 14th Stove
Cafe World Level 43 - 132,720 Cafe Points:
Unlock Powdered French Toast

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