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F1 2021 Cheats & Tips

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Cheats, Tips and Questions for F1 2021

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F1 2021 is the official video game of the 2021 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships. The game features a story mode and new circuits including Imola, Portimao, and the newcomer Jeddah. The Marina Bay, Melbourne and Montreal circuits have been included in the game as originally intended, despite the cancellation of these races in real life due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The Shanghai circuit is also included in the game, as it forms part of the brand new Braking Point game mode. F1 2021 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Select the Correct AI Difficulty

Once you have determined the correct difficulty setting for your experience, you need to select the AI difficulty of your rivals in the race. It is recommended that you begin by selecting 50 and work it out from there. If the race is competitive, and you barely win or lose, then you have chosen the right setting for you. Easily winning the race by more than a 20-second margin indicates you need to increase the AI difficulty by 5. If you find yourself coming in last by some margin, you need to decrease the difficulty on the slide.

Use Time Trials to Practice

Take advantage of the Time Trials feature in F1 2021 in order to get practice braking, cornering, and accelerating in your car. In Time Trials there is no tire wear or temperature control, competitors, or even fuel levels to worry about, so you are able to focus entirely on just getting the basics right. You can race against a phantom car that is faster than you, which enables you to learn from their movements and mimic them to improve and get faster lap times. By going through each of the different tracks and setting solid and consistent lap times will enable you to know where the braking points are and how to find the best grip.

Experiment with Different Setups

In order to get very fast laps, you will need to be driving with assists off. Once you have complete control over the car, you will be able to experiment with different setups to find one that suits your driving style for each of the different tracks in F1 2021. The easiest way in which to do this is to look at the leaderboards in Time Trials to see what setup the top players are using, or by going online and searching for setup guides for each track.

Find the Right Difficulty Setting

There are three different race styles to choose from in F1 2021 - Casual, Standard, and Expert. In order to get the most out of the game, it is essential that you select the right difficulty setting for your level of experience. If you are new to racing games and have no experience with previous F1 games in the series, it is recommended that you begin with the Casual style with most of the assists such as Traction Control, Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) and Gearbox on. The Standard style will give you a more authentic experience and once you have got to grips with the game and want to take full control you can select the Expert option which opens up all the custom controls and features that are available in the game. There are also presets like Beginner, Amateur, Professional and Elite from which to choose from.

Play Formula 2

If you are a beginner and struggling to get to grips with all the gadgets and gizmos that come with a Formula 1 car, you may want to consider playing Formula 2 where the cars have a lot less aerodynamic grip and power. Not only are Formula 2 cars great for practicing without traction control, the cars are also all equal in terms of performance, which means it is easier to gauge how fast you are compared to the AI.

Learn from your Mistakes

One of the best assists in F1 2021 is Flashbacks. This option is particularly useful for beginners, as it allows you to look 15 seconds back in time and find out what caused your car to go spinning out of control. Formula 1 cars are difficult to drive, and you are moving so fast that being able to analyze a situation afterward where you made a mistake will help you to avoid making the same mistake in a future race.


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