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Evertale Cheats & Tips

Evertale is a role-playing game that is a hybrid between Pokemon and Final Fantasy. You play the role of a Crestbearer, which is basically a Pokemon trainer who captures monsters in a way that is almost identical to the way you do it in Pokemon. The game is set in the world of Erden which is currently suffering from a curse known as Pandemonium, and only the Crestbearers can stop it. You begin Evertale with a single sword-wielding character and then add up to 8 monsters and other warriors to your party. There are 200+ monsters which you can catch, train, and evolve. Check out our Evertale cheats and tips to find out how you can become the best Crestbearer in this fantasy world.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include...

Follow the Story Mode Quests

Like most role-playing games it is advised that you follow the accomplishing quest lines which are indicated in Evertlae by an arrow on the screen that points you in the direction of your next goal. Try to avoid the temptation of skipping through the story texts as the information these give will be helpful.

Getting Additional Characters

Another reason why you should follow the Story mode quests is that they allow you to obtain additional characters and monsters for your party, these characters will come in useful as they will make it easier for you to grind later in the game. Completing the Story mode quests will also enable you to grab some decent weapons easily.

Explore New Areas

Whenever the arrow indicating a quest area leads you into a new town or area in the region you may want to consider spending some time there to explore around for treasure chests and rare monsters before proceeding.

Choosing Characters

It may take you a while to gather a full party roster of 8 characters and monsters in Evertale. You are free to choose what companions join you on your journey, you will not however be able to have the same character or monster in the party at once.

Team Cost

Although you are free to choose which characters or monsters you want in your party you need to ensure that the maximum cost of your team does not exceed the limit. If you click on the 'Units' and 'Team Management' buttons in-game you will be able to see the total cost of your team at the upper right side of the screen. You will also be able to see each character or monster's individual cost underneath their icon. Remember also when putting together your team that weapons and accesories also have their respective costs.

Team Elements

In Evertale there are four basic elements which use the rock-paper-scissors method in giving one element an advanage and disadvantage against another element. These elements are fire which is strong against wind, but weak against water, wind which is strong against storm but weak against fire, and water which is strong against fire but weak against storm. There are also two special elements, light and dark that work against each other but do not have any strengths or weaknesses against any of the other elements. When putting together your team it is advised that you have a balanced team and ensure you have characters that represent each of the elements as elemental affinities will greatly impact damage dealing and recieving in battle. You will find having too many characters in your party bearing the same element will be a disadvantage if you encounter an enemy that has characters that belong to an element your team is generally weak against.

Team Skills

Another factor you need to consider when putting together are the skills each of your party members possesses and how each will be beneficial for the entire team in battle. You may want to consider choosing characters for your party that have skills that when used in tandem or groups with certain characters will boost their overall effectiveness.

Side Quests

Whenever you encounter an NPC that has a gift box icon atop their head it is to indicate that they provide a side quest that will grant you good rewards for completing a relatively simple task. Always enter into dialogue with these NPC's so you can find out their request which can usually be accomplished somewhere close to where the are.

Capture Rare Monsters

Whenever you visit a new area on the world map it is always worthwhile spending time looking for moving bushes as these animated patches indicate random encounters where it is possible to engage in battle and capture a rare monster. You can only capture one rare monster from these moving bushes and once captured the animated patch will disappear.

Find Treasure Chests

Although you should proceed with the quest lines that point you in a specific direction you may want to consider spending time roaming around each area so you can grab any treasure chests that may be around. Treasure chests are worthwhile looking for as they contain a lot of rewards that would otherwise be difficult to obtain such as evolution items, experience items, and soul stones.

Sell Duplicate Monsters

You will inevitably obtain dupicate monsters during the course of your journey. Any duplicates you do get can be freely sold away to earn you some silver which you can then use to buy weapons or accessories at town shops.

Spending Summoning Crystals

In Evertale summonng crystals are not easy to get, this makes them valuable and as such you should not waste them. Although you can get a rare character or weapon with 100 summoning crystals it is advised that you save them so you can spend 1,000 summoning crystals on the 10x summons which guarantees at least 1 SR or SSR character.

Participate in Events

Evertale also offers various game modes and time-limited events that you can participate in. These are worth participating in as they allow you to earn things such as evolution materials and event specific exchange shop tokens. Evertale also offers real-time PvP battles which gives you the opportunity to test out your team against other players.

Daily Missions and Achievements

Don't neglect the daily missions and achievements as there are plenty of bonuses you can claim through them. You will find a lot of the objectives can be easily accomplished simply by playing the game normally. To find out what you need to aim for to complete them click the medal icon at the upper left side of the main screen to be able to browse through objectives on both tabs.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, we also have a Questions & Answers page for Evertale where you can submit your own questions for other players to answer.

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