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EA Sports UFC 5 Beginner Cheats and Tips

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats
EA Sports UFC 5 Beginner Cheats and Tips

EA Sports UFC 5 Beginner Cheats and Tips

EA Sports UFC 5 is a fighting game based on the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Our EA Sports UFC Beginner Cheats and Tips will help you become a complete fighter and dominate the game.

  • Take Advantage of Practice Mode

    Practice mode is an invaluable tool to learn the systems if you are new to EA Sports UFC 5. Take advantage of this feature to learn how to defend against takedowns and counter troublesome combinations.

  • Don't Forget the Training Manual

    If you are not sure about something during an offline match in EA Sports UFC 5 you can access the in-game training manual from the 'Start' menu under 'Learn'. It covers stamina, health, offense, and defense for both the standing and ground game.

  • Don't Become Predictable

    If you repeatedly throw the same combinations and become predictable you will set yourself up for a devastating counter that will knock you out. Always try to mix up your combinations and throw feints to make the opponent react and take them out of their comfort zone.

  • Change your Gameplan

    If you find your approach is not working you need to change the gameplan by trying something else. Your aim is to become as unpredictable as possible without becoming reckless. A good tactic is switching stances from orthodox to southpaw which can totally confuse your opponent and throw them off their game. Sometimes just a bit of head movement is enough to open up an opportunity to land some strikes or go for a takedown.

  • Target the Head and Body

    Resist the temptation to only target the head with your strikes. Always mix up your striking by throwing to the head and body to keep the opponent guessing. If you are new to EA Sports UFC 5 it is recommended that you spend time in the gym in order to practice your combinations and get your timing right before you fight online or have a match in Career mode.

  • EA Sports UFC 5 Beginner Cheats and Tips

  • Don't Waste Stamina

    It is important that you know how to pace yourself and pick your shots carefully in a match. The best way to learn how to do this is in Practice mode with health and stamina switched on. If you throw wild punches and kicks that miss your fighter will quickly gas out and be an easy target for a seasoned opponent.

  • Practice Transitions and Submissions on the Ground

    Knowing how to grapple and submit your opponent when the fight gets taken to the ground is crucial in EA Sports UFC 5. It is recommended you get familiar with this style of fighting as soon as possible so you have some idea of what to do if you get taken to the ground.

    EA Sports UFC 5 features a new submissions system that focuses on draining an opponent's submission resistance meter. This is achieved by successfully locking in a submission after draining their stamina. The best way to get an understanding of it and the ground game and develop strategies is to use the Practice mode.

    If you play EA Sports UFC 5 offline the game will provide an arrow prompt to help deny transitions and submission attempts. Once you learn their tells and movements you will be able to deal with them without using the prompts.

  • Pay Attention to Damage Icons

    EA Sports UFC 5 introduces a new feature where the injuries a fighter sustains even after escaping can affect their performance in the cage.

    Injuries from nose and mouth damage can impact a fighter's breathing, vision is affected by cuts and swelling around the eye, and significant damage can be dealt to the legs, heart, and arms from submissions and chokes. A fighter can reduce the damage level of an injury or make it disappear altogether by avoiding further damage in that area for 30 seconds.

    Always keep an eye on the briefcase symbol with a cross as this is the doctor stoppage icon. The more red it becomes, the more likely a doctor will stop the fight to save the fighter from further punishment.

EA Sports UFC 5 Beginner Cheats and Tips


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