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Dungeon Defenders II Achievements for Xbox

Achievements for Dungeon Defenders II


There are 18 Achievements for Dungeon Defenders II worth 1000 points
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10 Defender Initiate
Reach level 5 on a hero.
10 Dig Dugged
Defeat 50 Witherbeasts before they finish burrowing.
100 Heroes United
Reach level 50 on the first two heroes in your hero deck.
15 Defense Prodigy
Reach level 15 on a hero.
150 Defender of Etheria
Complete the campaign. Defeat the Harbinger!
150 Etheria Defense Force
Create a Hero Deck with four level 50 heroes.
150 Special Delivery
Defeat 1,000 special enemies.
20 Triggered My Trap Cart
Activate 100 environmental traps.
25 Veteran Defender
Reach level 25 on a hero.
30 Bomb Squad
Defeat 100 Kobolds before they light their fuse.
30 The Defender
Reach level 25 on the first two heroes in your hero deck.
50 Buster Cannon
Deal 5,000,000 damage with Cannonball Towers.
50 Champion Hero
Reach level 50 on a hero.
50 Clever Girl
Deal 5,000,000 damage with Explosive Traps.
50 Shoots Da Fire
Deal 5,000,000 damage with Flamethrower Towers.
50 Talon Guard
Create a hero deck with four level 25+ heroes
50 The Zapper
Deal 5,000,000 damage with Lightning Strikes Auras.

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