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Game Reviews for Driv3r


Quick Reviews

Boo Hiss Driv3r Added 12 Feb 2005, ID #12989
I think driver 3 is now worse than driver 2 when I completed the game because it has no limos it dosen't have my favorite city (Las-Vegas) and I still don't like it even though it has guns in it because I got bored after I completed it.

I hope a Driver 4 comes out because I want Las-Vegas again, limos, planes, trains, Chicago (from driver 2 in better graphics) and cruise boats.
Dissapointed but its O.K Added 22 Jul 2004, ID #10149
I have been waiting for the realease of Driver 3 for ages and i thought it was going to brilliant, so when it came out i bought it and then I played it and I thought yep its another good game.

Then after about 10 minutes I said to myself there's no planes or helicopters and then I thought of course its only the first city but now I've completed it and I haven't seen 1 flying object.

I am really dissapointed because that was one of my favourite things about Vice City.

It's still a good game with great graphics and other new features.

I guess all games aren't the same.
The series continues... Added 20 Jul 2004, ID #10121
Okay, listen. I've been a hardcore Driver series fan since the movie that started it all. I enjoyed the realism of everything, and the challenge was good.

People complain about not being able to even beat one level. Well maybe you should suck it up and get some skills. It's not hard.

The parts in car are top-notch. The car handling is smooth and it really feels like you're driving a car.

This has been the best par of the Driver series ever since the first game came out.

The on-foot parts can be a bit frustrating at first, but you get used to them.

The graphics are beautiful and the 3 cities are wonderfully crafted.

The missions are challenging but not frustrating, with the exception of The Chase.

GTA fanboys may dislike this game, but that's because no matter what happens, ignorant GTA fanboys will always act elitist and troll other games.

All in all, this game is worth your 50$ and more.
Brilliant !! Added 15 Jul 2004, ID #10047
Driver3 is one of those games you need to play more an more with fantastic graphics an high detailed backgrounds

Most people see it an think GTA: Vice City that what I first thought

But there not all similar
Driver3 is based in real citys
an able walk around shooting people, which u couldnt in Driver 1 an 2
Driver is not as over the top as vice city
like Vice Citys army ...ect.
Driver has cops that need good driving skills to escape

I give this
it worth the cash

Happy Gaming
best game ever!!!! Added 3 Jul 2004, ID #9626
Listen, now first of all I wish a few people would get their facts straight.

There are three cities. You have to get somewhere in the game or cheat and there are over 70 vehcles, 3 hidden cars on all 3 cities.

Anyhow I think this game is tops.
Good graphics, good missions, GOOD!!!!!!
Driver 3 has got to be one of the worst games ever! Added 26 Jun 2004, ID #9473
Ok, I'm a big video game buff. I have 37 games for my PS2, 26 games for my N64, 13 games for my gameboys, and 103 games for my PC. I have also beaten Grand Theft Auto 3 four times, and I beat Vice City seven time, so i know a lot about those games. But the driver Series has got to be one of the worst games series out there. In Driver 1 I couldn't even get past the first level. In Driver 2 the graphics were horrible, and oh what the big deal if you can get out of your car but not have guns.

Now I thought Driver 3 was going to be awsome, I looked at all the screens, I saw the commercial, and it look beyond cool. Then I rented it. The beginning is awsome, it's made to be like a interactive movie. Then I start to play it and thats when the fun stopped. Again the grapihcs suck, (I just dont understand why Atari can't make awsome graphics like Rockstar can), the guy walks like he's on a grid, aiming and shoting reaction time is so slow, the cars are hard to handle, and after about 12 minutes I relized, that all I was playing was a Stuntman with guns. So I have to say that the Grand Theft Auto Series is way better then Driver will ever be. I am very disapointed with Atari.
driv3r Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #9363
In driver3 there's only 2 islands not 3, there's not 70 vehicles and it's not as good as everybody thinks!

I know because I got it on the 18th of june.
Driver 3. Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #9350
At long last after years of waiting, let's forget about the pretty dire Driver 2, I sit at my PS2 loading in my just delivered copy of Driver 3. Hmmm..nice intro..pretty cool looks good so far, now for the doesn't look like the screenshots I've seen the last few months, not as smooth, in fact the real thing is a grainy as an old episode of 'I Love Lucy.' Still, be quite and carry on.

Wait a second..whats this? Some of the worse pop ups I've seen for a long while..this isn't helping when distant cars are coming at me and are just about visible due to the poor graininess, still be quite and carry on.

Wait a second, what's this? the 'on foot' parts of the game, why does it handle like a plank of wood, why are the camera angles the worst I have ever, and I mean EVER seen in a game, why is the aiming sooooo slow and poor, this isn't helping when Im being shot at.

Boy, the 'on foot' parts really suck big time, I'd have preferred they weren't in the game and that the programmers had worked on getting the main game just right.

Not at impressed with it, the original driver is probably my fave game of all time, in fact I still play it. I'd have thought that the poor graphics and pop ups that were in the original would have been sorted for it's leap to the next console, but alas they haven't.

Very very disappointed.
Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #9343
Tanner is back in this third installment of the well-famous Driver series.

This time, Tanner is loaded with guns, a large amount of new vehicles to choose (and steal) from, and three new levels to terrorize, including Istanbul, Turkey; Nice, France; And a remake of the first Driver's Miami, Florida.

As I began playing this game, I couldn't help but notice the incredible lighing effects and shadows.

There were awesome reflections on the cars themselves, showing that Reflections really put time into this game.

The choice of cars used in this game were perfect (Yeah, I like muscle cars) and the cut-scenes' were life-like.

With all the joy I got from playing the game, I almost forgot the dissapointing parts of the game.

Even though you can shoot and run over people, you will never see any blood. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not a murderer, but I just like the game to have good realism to it).

Another point that dissapointed me was the fact that when you kill a person, thier body vanishes in less than 10 seconds.

Common Reflections, at least make the body stay there until you leave the area.

That's all I can think of as the "down-points" of this game.

If you like the run, shoot and drive type of game, I really suggest this title.

I give it 9 out of 10 stars.
DRIV3R IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME!!! Added 20 Jun 2004, ID #9283
I know it hasn't even come out yet (this was written on 20/06/04) but I've been doing research on Driv3r since I got my PS2.

I have been frustrated many times every time it has been prosponed but come Friday is the best day of my life!

It's even better than GTA! The graphics are great, you don't die when you fall in water, there are over 70 vehicles in the whole game, 3 cities to explore, more motorbikes and it's pretty much a better game.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on Driv3r and I hope you agree on what I have said.

Motorbikes and boats better than Vice city Added 19 Apr 2004, ID #8311
Driv3r will have boats and motorbikes with such hi-detail it puts Vice city to shame.

It will feature a long selection of bikes and boats that are fast and probably fun to drive, they will be used in missions and take a ride (free roam).

Driv3r is currently coming out on June 1st.
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