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Dragon City

Game Reviews for Dragon City


Quick Reviews

My issues with dragon city by liz purvis; age 9Added 13 Mar 2018, ID #606
I enjoy playing Dragon City, although there are some pretty major flaws. Basically if you don't spend real money on this game, it's almost impossible to excel in the game. For instance, if you want to buy a legendary dragon it costs like, god... Over 400 gems. Also you need vast amounts of food to bulk your dragons up and, from my own personal experience, if I didn't buy food, i'd still be slowly growing crops and I doubt i'd be able to play in the PVP games.
The game also has this dickish habit of freezing mid-battle, which results in a loss for you. Even if you've already won and the game freezes after the battle, you still lose the battle, which is some bull crap.

All cheats Earth + Fire = Volcano/Fire Rock Earth + Water = Mud/Waterfall Earth + Nature = CacAdded 14 May 2015, ID #589
All cheats

Earth + Fire = Volcano/Fire Rock
Earth + Water = Mud/Waterfall
Earth + Nature = Cactus/Tropical
Earth + Electric = Star/Chameleon
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog/Venom
Earth + Ice = Alpine/Snowflake
Earth + Metal = Armadillo
Fire + Water = Cloud/Blizzard
Fire + Nature = Spicy/Firebird
Fire + Electric = Laser/Hot Metal
Fire + Dark = Vampire/Dark Fire
Fire + Ice = Cool Fire/Soccer
Fire + Metal = Medieval/Steampunk
Water + Nature = Nenufar/Coral
Water + Electric = Lantern Fish/Storm
Water + Dark = Pirate/Petroleum
Water + Ice = Ice Cube/Ice Cream
Water + Metal = Mercury/Seashell
Nature + Electric = Gummy
Nature + Dark = Rattle Snake/Carnivore Plant
Nature + Ice = Mojito/Dandelion
Nature + Metal= Jade/Dragon Fly
Electric + Dark = Neon
Electric + Ice = Florescent/Moose
Electric + Metal = Gold/Battery
Dark + Ice = Penguin
Dark + Metal = Zombie
Ice + Metal = Pearl/Platinum

Fun But FustratingAdded 4 Dec 2013, ID #542
Well as with alot of games I really like it alot I just find it annoying that when you get to level 28 and above everything starts to cost alot and the need for food oh my god. This is fun trying to make certain dragons and making some never expected ones. The downer it will take me life to get dragons to level 25 and then the legendary habitat,pure habitat will take forever to.

AniqAdded 11 Aug 2013, ID #528
The general idea behind it revolves around breeding dragons and fighting enemies using their strength. Although the main theme of the game is dragons, the majority of the game is spent managing your empire to ensure you can focus on breeding and unlocking new dragons. For example, once you have hatched a dragon, you need to create the appropriate habitat for it to live in, and grow food to live.

About dragon cityAdded 26 Jun 2013, ID #510
This game dragon cityi2011 I started it after that me my friends challenged each other the highest leveler will be the king of dragon city and right now I am the king I'm on level 45 working hard to reach 50 this game is my life the one who created this game ill tell him that it's the best game in facebook

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