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Follow the dark path or use the light

Destroy All Humans!

Game Reviews for Destroy All Humans!


Full Reviews

ford gt 40 king27th Jun 2005, ID #99
Destroy All Humans is a game where you play as clones of an alien called crypto. Your mission is to take over the world. You are also trying to find another clone of crypto who is lost somewhere in ..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review
crypto10377th Jul 2005, ID #104
You are Crypto 137 sent on a mission to rescue yourself(crypto 136)who crashed on earth and is now being held hostage by none other than the humans.With over an arsenal of weapons and a ship it's no..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review
Crypto-1374th Aug 2005, ID #144
Destroy all Humans is a game devolped by Pandemic Studios and THQ.Destroy All Humans is one of the best games I seen years that was so addictive.I couldn't put the controller down the first three da..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review
the bummer 0913th Jul 2006, ID #355
Destroy All Humans is about an alien that is sent on a number of missions/goals to destroy planet earth. It has a large amount of weapons to choose from and it has a medium amount of levels for a ga..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

What I think of Destroy all humans!!! Added 29 Oct 2013, ID #34465
I think that this game is cool because you can kill humans in the most gruesome ways and the storyline is really good and I find the missions quite heart beating and I hope destroy all humans 2 is better and the missions aren't as harder which they probably will be
And I would recommend this game to someone
Aliens! I`m gettin outta hERE! Added 8 Dec 2007, ID #28504
This is about Crypto137 on a mission to Collect all the Furon DNA back. He meets some of the Feircest and Dangerous People on Earth--- including Armquist,Huffman,Silhouette and.....well OMG the Majestic!

Sound: A bit annoying when you are trying to hear Pox in a mission-----6
Gameplay: Great, Especially on Attack of the 50Ft President!-----10
Lastability: roughly 7 hours-----7
Extras: COOL Extras!!!-----10
UnWussyness: If you said this game is babyish, You`re Incrediculous!-----10
Overall------------------------ 90.625% [I calculated it]
Ahhhh!!! LITTLE GREEN SPACE MEN!!!!!! Added 10 May 2006, ID #21185
Destroy all humans is a good yet dissapointing game.

This entire game is so good that you\'ll end up hating the human race. (Unless you are a human?????) (Don\'t ask!?!)

When I bought the game my thoughts about it were \"This has to be the best game I\'ve played!\" But after you\'ve decintergrated everyone you get bored after a bit. No doubt it\'s fun but it\'s to easy. Not worth using cheats!!!!!

If you have any idea how short the game is you\'ll know what I mean. The game is predictable.

But at least you get to vaporise, terrorise and demolish the entire human race!!! Oh what fun!!!!!!!

But if you wish to by the game or already have it; it\'s worth the money by about...30-40%.

Penguin Out!!!!!
I love this game! Added 13 Aug 2005, ID #16681
When I bought Destroy All Humans! I knew I would love it. And it\'s true. I love it!

The storyline is enjoyable and understandable (I always knew what was going on and why) and sometimes even humour crept into it. I think the graphics are good too but they could be a tiny bit better, especially for a Playstation 2 game. I use cheats when it got hard at the end because defeating Silohette was hard!

But now that I have finished it, I love going around and destroying all humans! The HoloBob was a good idea and I could go on playing it for weeks and weeks. Good ideas for guns and they are very imaginative. Crypto is a cool guy.

The missions were fun but of course there were some which get you worried and confused over. Basicly you get stuck! But I overcame them, and using SuperCheats to help me made me feel better. Thanks SuperCheats for you hints and tips and cheats.
Overall, a great game. I highly recommend it guys!

The Mega Cheater
Added 13 Jul 2005, ID #16061
this is a very unique game but incredably entertaining this game is pretty hard though but it is so fun you can\'t stop you can buy upgrades with dna that you get from brains of humans its wierd but fun i recommend this game to everyone
Destroy all humans!!! Added 19 Jun 2005, ID #15555
Destroy All Humans! The game where you can become the evil alien wrecking havoc on earth. You are paving the way for an invasion from the aliens. Using your alien technology, infiltrate mankind and complete your final goal, destroy all humans!

Graphics: They look stunning, all the buildings and weapons look beautiful. 9/10

Gameplay: Brilliant, destroying and killing humans is fun! 10/10

Playing time: Endless, you can never kill enough people and you can find new ways in which to do it. 10/10

Overall: 10/10 one of the best games you can buy, if you can buy it, buy it!!!!!!!!!!
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