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Demon's Souls (2020) Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Demon's Souls (2020)

Last Updated: by Dennis

Demon's Souls is an action role-playing fantasy game that is a remake of the 2009 game of the same name that was released on the PlayStation 3. Set in Boletaria, a great kingdom that has fallen into disparity. King Allant has aroused the Old One from its long slumber. With it, a great fog has descended into the land, bringing forth great soul-devouring demons. You must travel to five regions of Boletaria, killing the powerful demons controlling those areas and absorbing their souls to increase their power so they can face King Allant. Demon Soul's is available on the PlayStation 5. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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Pay Attention to Messages

If you are playing online for the first time you will notice glowing scribbles on the ground which during the tutorial area will inform you of the controls. Once you are past the initial tutorial area these scribbles will become actual messages from other players that contain warnings about the dangers that lie ahead and how to tackle them. It is important that you pay attention to these messages as they can be very helpful. You can leave your own messages by pushing the DualSense's touchpad and navigating to the message screen. This is worthwhile doing because if another player 'Likes' your message, you will recieve a minor health boost in real-time.

Interact with Bloodstains

During online play you will come across plenty of bloodstains. If you interact with these bloodstains they will show you how one player died in the area you're stainding in. This can be very helpful if you are not familiar with the area as it gives you some clue as to what dangers are awaiting you and enables you to prepare for them accordingly.

Keep your Shield Up

The environment in Demon's Souls is full of traps and enemy ambushes which will kill you quickly. It is because of this that you should always keep your shield up and constantly pay attention to the surroundings around you when you venture forward. If you have your shield up and you are caught off guard by an enemy your shield will mitigate most of the damage giving you a better chance to step back and counter attack.

Choosing the Best Starting Class

In Souls games the starting classes will not lock you into a particular style of play for the entire game. Regardless of who you initially pick you will be able to build your character however you choose later. All of the equipment on display at the character select screen will also eventually all be made available to you. If you want an easier start then it is recommended that you pick the Royalty character. Royalty is a particularly powerful class for getting through the starting areas of the game due to their magic power and the Soul Arrow ability. They are also equipped with a small Buckler shield and a Rapier which makes them effective during close range combat. If you are new to the game you should consider choosing the Soldier, this class is basically a tank which will enable you to soak up more hits while you becomme familiar with the game. The soldier comes equipped with a broadsword for close-range combat and a short spear which is useful for when you need to be cautious.

Dying in Demon Souls

Shortly after making it through the tutorial stage of Demon Souls you will be killed by the Vanguard Demon. This is supposed to happen and dying will be a common occurance as you progress through the game. It does however have it's benefits, each additional run you make through an area you have done before should be easier as you will know enemy placements and you will be able to sharpen your combat skills a little bit each time. It also gives you the opportunity to collect more soul currency and if you manage to reach the location where you last died you will be able to retrieve the souls you lost.

Get the Cling Ring for Extra Health

The Cling Ring in Demon's Souls is a mysterious ring forged in the shape of an eye which when you die will increase the maximum amount of health you have by 75% when you are in Soul Form. Usually when you come back in Soul Form you only get half your maximum health. You will be able to find the Cling Ring by going to the Boletarian Palace which is the game's first level. Climb the innards of the castle until you come across some wooden artillery and a fog gate to the side which will have a knight standing in front of it who you will need to kill. Just past that door, there will be another that leads to an indoor staircase. Follow the staircase down to the bottom and defeat the seven enemies that are there. If you now go to the corpse that is in front of a portcullis you will be able to find and equip the Cling Ring.

Use Photo Mode to Pause the Game

In previous Souls games you were never safe, even when you went into your menu to browse your inventory to equip a new weapon or armour the game would still be running in the background making you vulnerable to any enemy attacks. In the remake of Demon's Souls this is not the case, in this game you can completely freeze the action by going into Photo mode. To access this feature you simply have to press the touchpad and navigate to the camera icon to activate Photo mode which will pause the game.


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