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Death's Door Cheats & Tips

PC XOne XboxXS

Cheats, Tips and Questions for Death's Door

Last Updated: by Dennis

Death's Door is an isometric hack-'n-slash RPG, with Zelda-like dungeons and puzzles. You assume the role of a crow who is tasked with collecting souls and taking them to the afterlife. Your job as a reaper gets derailed when your assigned soul is stolen, forcing you to follow the thief into a world where souls have grown past their time and become immensely powerful. The game features tasks, puzzle solving, boss battles, and object searching. Death's Door is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Death's Door Trailer

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Finding Weapons Guide

There are five weapons to find in Death Door, and the video below will show you the location where you can pick up each of them. Each of the weapons are different and excel in certain situations.

Finding Weapons Guide

Discarded Umbrella: 0:03
Rogue Daggers: 1:09
Thunder Hammer: 3:10
Reaper's Greatsword: 5:03

Reapers Sword
This is your starting weapon and one of the most versatile weapons in Death's Door. Reapers Sword has relatively balanced stats, which makes it the perfect weapon for most situations.

Damage: x1
Swings: x3
Range: x2.5
Swing Time: x0.4

Discarded Umbrella
The Discarded Umbrella can be found in the Hall of Doors. This melee weapon is not a very useful, so unless you are trying to unlock the Academy of Umbrellas achievement don't bother picking this one up.

Damage: x0.5
Swings: x3
Range: x2.5
Swing Time: x0.4

Rogue Daggers
The Rogue Daggers are the fastest weapon in Death's Door, at least 50% faster than any other weapon. It is the perfect choice of weapon for getting close and launching several quick attacks on bosses that perform quick melee attacks. Against this type of boss, you will normally find it difficult to deal large amounts of damage before you need to retreat outside their AoE.

Damage: x0.8
Swings: x6
Range: x1.8
Swing Time: x0.35

Thunder Hammer
Although the Thunder Hammer is slower than other weapons, it does offer both power and great range. This heavy, powerful weapon is perfect for players that like to hit big and avoid taking damage.

Damage: x1.15
Swings: x2
Range: x2.5
Swing Time: x0.5

Reaper's Greatsword
The Reaper's Greatsword is an oversized Reaper Sword, which weighs twice as much as the default blade you are given at the start of the game. This weapon is the most powerful in the game and although it is capable of dealing plenty of damage, it comes at the expense of agility.

Damage: x1.25
Swings: x2
Range: x3
Swing Time: x0.5

Save your Life Seeds

Life Seeds are a small collectible, and the only way to restore your health in Death's Door is to place them in the various empty pots that are strewn across the world. Once these Life Seeds have been planted, they can be consumed to fully restore your health. Life Seeds are not easy to obtain, but more of them will appear throughout the game when you complete puzzles and discover hidden areas. Once a Life Seed has been planted it will remain there, so it is more beneficial to hold on them and only plant them once your health is low, or before you think you are about to encounter a boss.

Shiny Things Locations Guide

Shiny Things are a collectible in Death's Door, there are 24 of them in total. They do not give anything, except for the Ooh Shiny! Achievement, which is earned by collecting them all. Shiny Things are scattered in different locations throughout the game, most in difficult to find places. Take a look at the video below to see what items the Shiny Things are and also where to find them.

Shiny Things Locations Guide

Undying Blossom: 0:12
Incense: 0:41
Old Compass: 1:48
Sludge-Filled Urn: 2:47
Old Engagement Ring: 5:52
Old Photograph: 6:35
Rusty Garden Trowel: 7:30
Magical Forest Horn: 9:14
Malformed Seed: 10:04
Corrupted Antler: 10:52
Grunt's Old Mask: 12:19
Ink-Covered Teddy Bear: 13:52
Captain's Log: 14:51
Token of Death: 15:11
Death Contract: 15:54
Ancient Crown: 16:22
Shiny Medallion: 17:27
Makeshift Soul Key: 18:01
Giant Arrowhead: 18:44
Modern Door Scale Model: 19:13
Ancient Door Scale Model: 19:37
Surveillance Device: 20:25
Rusty Belltower Key: 20:55
Mysterious Locket: 21:26

Ancient Tablet Locations Guide and How to get the True Ending

There are seven hidden Ancient Tablets of Knowledge collectibles you need to find in Death's Door in order to unlock the true ending of the game. Some of these Ancient Tablets of Knowledge are not easy to find. Take a look at the video below to see the location of each of them.

Once you have collected all seven Ancient Tablets of Knowledge, you need to take them to the Village of Free Crows where you will find a small shrine with indents at the back. Each of these indents will light when matched up with the corresponding Ancient Tablet of Knowledge and once all seven have been placed the doorway will open, and you will be able to go in and get the true ending of the game.

Ancient Tablet Locations Guide and How to get the True Ending

Ancient Tablet 1 & 2: 0:02
Ancient Tablet 3: 7:10
Ancient Tablet 4: 9:57
Ancient Tablet 5: 15:32
Ancient Tablet 6: 18:33
Ancient Tablet 7: 25:39
Unlock True Ending: 25:54

Destroy Barrels and Pots

Although there is not as much treasure inside barrels and pots as a Zelda game, they are still worth destroying as occasionally you might get a Life Fruit or soul - the game's currency. Not only will destroying barrels, pots and destructible bits of terrain give you a chance to get resources, it will also refill your special bar in the top left of your screen underneath the weapon wheel. This is important because when filled, you will be able to use your special attack.

Crystal Shrine Locations Guide

Crystal Shrines in Death's Door can be found off the beaten path and give you the opportunity to increase your max health and max magic power. There are 16 Crystal Shrine locations in total scattered throughout the game, and not all of them are easy to find. There are eight of Vitality, and eight for Magic and you will need to find four shrines in either category before your health or maximum magic power increases. Take a look at the video below to see the location of each of the Crystal Shrines in Death's Door.

Crystal Shrine Locations Guide

Vitality Crystal 1: 0:02
Vitality Crystal 2: 1:02
Vitality Crystal 3: 1:53
Vitality Crystal 4: 3:40
Vitality Crystal 5: 4:39
Vitality Crystal 6: 5:49
Vitality Crystal 7: 7:12
Vitality Crystal 8: 8:41
Magic Crystal 1: 11:18
Magic Crystal 2: 12:27
Magic Crystal 3: 13:29
Magic Crystal 4: 15:02
Magic Crystal 5: 16:32
Magic Crystal 6: 18:43
Magic Crystal 7: 20:54
Magic Crystal 8: 22:02

Life Seed and Pot Locations Guide

Take a look at the video below to see the locations of all 50 of the Life Seeds and pots in Death's Door. The video begins from Overgrown Ruins and ends in Estate of the Urn Witch. It is crucial that you pick these up, as they can be used to replenish your health when it is low.

Life Seed and Pot Locations Guide

Overgrown Ruins: 0:02 (6 Life Seeds, 5 Pots)

Mushroom Dungeon: 4:24 (5 Life Seeds, 4 Pots)

Flooded Fortress: 6:15 (5 Life Seeds, 5 Pots)

The Stranded Sailor: 10:50 (2 Life Seeds, 1 Pot)

Castle Lockstone: 12:15 (5 Life Seeds, 4 Pots)

Camp of The Free Crows: 14:48 (3 Life Seeds, 1 Pot)

The Old Watchtowers: 15:56 (4 Life Seeds, 5 Pots)

Lost Cemetery: 20:01 (4 Life Seeds, 6 Pots)

Ceramic Manor: 25:36 (7 Life Seeds, 6 Pots)

Inner Furnace: 29:43 (5 Life Seeds, 5 Pots)

Estate of The Urn Witch: 35:14 (4 Life Seeds, 8 Pots)

Pick Up the Movement Speed Buff First

In Death's Door, you defeat enemies and collect hidden orbs in order to collect points, which are then used to upgrade your combat skills. To spend the points you need to return to the Hall Of Doors, Reaping Commission Headquarters, where you need to talk to the large crow behind the desk. How you spend your points is entirely up to you, your options include upgrading your melee ability, your magic and ranged ability, and your overall movement speed. It is recommended when you first start out that you pick up the movement speed buff, as you will be doing a lot of running backward and forwards across the map.


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