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Deathloop Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Deathloop

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Deathloop is an action-adventure game that takes place on the lawless island of Blackreef, a former fishing colony that attracted members of the mysterious AEON Program. With cooperation from the military, these individuals came together to create a time-loop that lets them live forever. You play the role of Colt, an assassin who is stuck in a time loop who must find a way to put an end to the timeloop trapping the island in an endless cycle, all while being hunted by the island's inhabitants. Deathloop is available on PlayStation 5 and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to get Residuum

Knowing the different ways in which you can get Residuum is important in Deathloop as the resource is required to infuse the items you want to keep, and Slabs and rare weapons require a lot of it. There are three ways in which you can get Residuum, and they are listed below.

Residuum-Infused Visitor Objects
Scattered around the different areas of Deathloop at all times of the day you will see glowing objects which you can absorb a chunk of Residuum from by walking over and interacting with it. This is the most common way to get Residuum and is basically a reward for exploring during each outing.

Killing Visionaries
You can get a big chunk of Residuum that is in excess of 10K by defeating the Visionaries themselves and absorbing the resource from their body. Providing you know an easy way for taking out a target, this is the best way to get Residuum fast.

Sacrificing Trinkets and Weapons
The last way in which you can get Residuum is at the Loadout menu during the phases between each outing, or at the end of a loop before the next day starts. This involves Sacrificing everything that don't want to keep, this means getting rid of low level Trinkets, weapons, and gear.

Upgrade Slabs for More Abilities

Powers in Deathloop come in the form of Slabs which are stolen from the Visionaries you defeat. Slabs taken from fallen Visionaries can augment your arsenal with useful abilities such as telekinesis and teleportation. The first time you kill a Visionary you will only get the basic power, but each subsequent time you will get a buff for the power that will make a huge difference, such as make the power last longer, reach further, or enhance it's key attributes. You can upgrade each Slab a total of four times. Listed below are the Visionaries and their associated Slabs.

Location: Default
This Slab is given to Colt at the start, it grants you a second and third chance after dying before the daily loop gets completely restarted.

Shift - Charlie
Location: Condition Detachment - Updaam (Midday)
Gives you the ability to teleport over short distances.

Nexus - Harriet
Location: Hangar 2 - Karl's Bay (Morning)
This allows you to connect the fates of Colts enemies. Whatever you do to one foe will result in the others experiencing the same fate.

Havoc - Fia
Location: Fractured Image - Fristad Rock (Noon)
This ability when activated allows for increased damage while the damage done to you hurts your power reserve instead of your health.

Aether - Egor
Location: Array Y - The Complex (Evening) or Dorsey Manor - Updaam (Evening)
This is the power of invisibility and is ideal for easily sneaking past enemies undetected.

Karnesis - Aleksis
Location: Dorsey Manor - Updaam (Evening)
This is the power of telekinesis and will allow you to throw enemies around with ease.

In order to upgrade any of the Slabs during your loop, you need to complete the Ubiquity mission. Once completed you will unlock Residium which you then use to Infuse the Slab.

The Best Slabs (Powers)

All the Slabs you can unlock in Deathloop by defeating the Visionaries are useful in one way or another. Your dilemma is that you can only equip Colt with two of them. It is recommended that you choose Aether and Nexus, as having both of these will enable you to get through nearly all the game without experiencing too many problems. Aether is the power of invisibility and will allow you to easily sneak through areas and avoid cameras, turrets, and trip mines. Nexus enables you to link enemies together so that when you kill one, all the others experience the same fate. This ability will allow you to clear out entire areas with one shot and prevent you from being overwhelmed when attacked by multiple enemies. Both of these abilities are great from the start and can be even more effective when upgraded.

Prioritize Arsenal Leads

Prioritize Arsenal Leads

In Deathloop there are two types of 'leads' you can follow. These are Visionary Leads that will help you to track down the whereabouts of the targets you need to kill and Arsenal Leads which will lead to weapons and abilities. To begin with, it is recommended that you focus on the Arsenal Leads as they will enable you to encounter most of the Visionaries whose power you can steal by defeating them. It will also enable you to collect gear which will make completing the game easier and unlock lots of clues in the process.

Only Keep Useful Things

Any weapons, items, or powers that are not Infused by Residuum by the end of the day will be lost when you loop. The likelihood is you will have more gear you want, than the Residuum you need to save it. You will therefore have no choice but to sacrifice weapons, Trinkets and Slab upgrades. It is crucial that you make sure you only get rid of things that are not useful and keep the things you know you will need.

Understand the Loop

Understand the Loop

It is crucial that you know how the loop works in Blackreef, during the first 90 minutes of Deathloop the game will subtly introduce you to the rules you have to adhere to. Your success in the game is dependent on your understanding of those rules and how you can manipulate them to your advantage. Listed below are the rules:

1) A day on Blackreef is made up of four time periods (Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Evening). There are also four regions (The Complex, Updaam, Fristad Rock, and Karl's Bay).

2) From your bunker, you pick a time and a place to explore. While you are exploring time doesn't pass.

3) When you return to your bunker, time advances, and you can Infuse items (after you complete the 'Ubiquity' Visionary Lead).

4) Dying three times before you make it back to the bunker will result in you losing anything you haven't Infused, and you go back to morning.

5) The only way to travel between areas and times of day is Colt's bunker.

6) You will get one last chance to Infuse anything you have the Residuum for at the end of the day. After that the day resets, and you effectively die. With four time periods and four locations you then have 16 destinations to choose and navigate between.

Basically, Colt must kill eight visionaries in a single day to break free from the loop.

Follow the Story Until you Learn about Residuum

Resist the temptation to explore straight away, it is important that you follow the story until you are able to unlock Residuum, so you are able to save any guns or items you find when the loop resets at the end of the day. Follow the story prompts until you meet Dr Wenjie Evans, at this point in the game you will learn how to harness the power of Residuum to 'Infuse' any weapon, powers, and buffing Trinkets you find so that they loop around with you at the end of each day. Having the ability to retain items at the end of the day when the loop occurs will enable you to build an arsenal of gear that will help you to take down the Visionaries.

The Best Weapon

The Best Weapon

There are a total of 12 different weapons in Deathloop, and they come in four rarity tiers, these are Grey, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Basically, the higher the tier the more perks the weapon will have. All weapons can be upgraded using Trinkets, the higher the tier of weapon, the more Trinkets you will be able to attach to them. The best weapon in the game is arguably the Tribunal with the Silencer perk. The Tribunal is a lightweight semi-automatic pistol with low recoil and excellent accuracy at close to medium distances. It also has decent short to mid-range stopping power and is ideal when you need to do stealth runs. If you need a weapon that is capable of performing long range kills as well as being effective up close, you may want to consider the Rapier. The downside to this weapon though is it takes some time to reload.

Always Attach the Best Trinkets

In Deathloop Trinklets are used to modify both gear and character abilities to better suit your playstyle or deal with a situation you need to overcome. Trinkets can be found scattered all over the island of Blackreef or as drops from the enemies you defeat. There are three rarity tiers of Trinkets, these are Crude, Sleek and Exemplar which are coloured grey, blue and purple and roughly map out as 'common', 'rare' and 'epic' level drops. Make sure you swap out lower level Trinkets whenever possible as you progress through the game and then sacrifice them to gain Residuum which you can then use to save gear when you loop. Listed below are the all the weapon Trinkets in Deathloop and how they affect the weapon when attached.

Big Box:
Magazines carry more bullets.

Crack Shot:
Aiming down sights takes far less time.

Shots fired from the hip have minimal spread.

Increases rate of fire.

Lightning Strike:
The distance over which your weapon does full damage is increased.

Mind Leach:
Enemies suffer damage and lose more power when hit.

Mobile Marksman:
Move faster while aiming down weapon sights.

Quick Draw:
Equip and switch weapons in a flash.

Bullets tear through enemy ranks.

Sure Shot:
Increases range at which weapon is accurate.

Straight Shooter:
Accuracy of aimed shots is increased across the board.

Stopping Power:
Damaging an enemy slows the start of their health regeneration.

Speed Loader:
Reload speed is increased.

Shock Absorber:
Reduces recoil.


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