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Days Gone Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Days Gone

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Days Gone Cheats and Tips

Days Gone is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help in the game.

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game that is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after the start of the pandemic that turned a portion of humnaity into vicious zombie-like creatures. Former outlaw-turned-drifter Deacon St. John discovers his wife Sarah, having been assumed dead, may still be alive and goes on a quest to find her.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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How to Find Objects in Missions

In the detective-styled missions of Days Gone you will need to interact with specific objects in order to further Deacon's progress. If you are unsure as to what this object is that you are supposed to find you can push the L3 button on your controller to make Deacon survey his surroundings. All you then need to do is simply wait while the camera pans around until your controller begins to vibrate. This indicates the direction you need to go, and as you get closer to the object you need to find the pulsing from your controller will get stronger.

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How to Spend Skill Points Early

As you progress through Days Gone completing missions you will earn Skill points which go towards upgrading the Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, and Survival Skill Trees. To begin with it is recommended that you prioritize the Melee Combat skill Tree and the Field Repairs skill in particular as it enables you to repair your melee weapons from scrap. You will find this skill extremely useful because aside from Deacons boot knife all melee weapons degrade and need to be repaired if you want to continue using them to take down enemies. The machete and axe in particular are worth the scrap cost to fix.

Save Fuel by Rolling Down Hills

Fuel in Days Gone is a valuable resource that you should try to conserve whenever possible as the last thing you want to happen is to be lost out in the field with a bike that has an empty fuel tank. Although finding gas cannisters and petrol stations is fairly easy you can do without the aggravation of having to search for them. One way in which you can save your fuel is to simply take you finger of the throttle and let your bike roll down declines and only rev the bike to use fuel when you need to accelerate up inclines.

Buy the Best Weapons

Completing missions in Days Gone will enable you to build relationships with encampments, which will lead to you being able to buy better weapons and as you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade them from junk firearms to military grade ones. Invest in weapons that best suit your play style and buy the best available ones. This will mean silenced pistols and corssbows if your playstyle is based on stealth and assault rifles and submachine guns if you prefer the all guns blazing approach. The best weapon in Days Gone is without doubt the 'Chicago Chopper' which is based on the Tommy Gun. This lethal weapon can kill enemies with a single bullet, has a bullet capacity of 55, and the firing rate of any normal submachine gun.

Get the Focus Ability

Ammunition in Days Gone is scarce so you will need to be conservative in the way in which you use it. It is therefore recommended that one of the first skills you should priotise getting is Focused Shot which will enable you to press the R3 button on your controller when you are aiming down the sight of your weapon to slow down time for a few seconds. This will allow you to considerably increase your accuracy and get a perfect headshot. This skill is particularly effective when paired with a crossbow or sniper rifle. The Focused Shot skill does come with a cooldown so you need to ensure you use it wisely.

Play it as a Stealth Game

Resist the temptation of playing Days Gone as an action game and shooting everything in sight. This approach will not get you far as you start with weak weapons and limited ammunition and the last thing you want is Freakers converging on you from every direction as well as human enemies that have guns. Days Gone is primarily a stealth game and especially during the early stages it pays to play it as such. Try to conserve ammo for the human enemies and only use firepower on Freakers when you are surrounded and need to escape, otherwise dispatch them with melee combat. The best way whenever possible is to perform a stealth takedown with your boot knife. Make sure you attach a suppressor to your weapons to reduce the noise you make, you can buy them from the merchant in camps.

Upgrade your Bike

When you first start Days Gone your bike will be frustratingly slow. In order to upgrade it so you improve it's capability you will need to visit the various camps and complete a few missions so that you can buy upgrades. Completing missions will increst Trust with that particular camp and eventually gain you access to the Performance tab at the mechanic. Prioritize the engine as your first upgrade, followed by the fuel tank upgrade. Once you have these two upgrades for your bike you will be able to traverse the map faster and travel longer distances on a single tank of fuel.

Always Restock your Ammo and Fuel at Camps

It is important to remember that whenever you are at an encampment between missions you visit the merchant there in order to restock ammo for your primary and secondary weapons and sidearm, and also to get fuel for your bike and repair it if it has been damaged. It is recommended that you keep your bike in top condition at all times otherwise you run the risk of having to stop what you are doing on the road and search for fuel or scrap to repair it which you will find is an annoying distraction you could do without.

Remember to Quick Save

Get into the habit of using the quick save feature before leaving your bike behind for whatever reason. Creating a save state will ensure that if you die while away from your bike you will spawn near it and won't lose too much progress. In order to quick save you simply have to park up while sitting on the bike and hold the Triangle button on your controller. You will only be able to quick save when you are near your bike or in a safe area that is not too close to an Infestation Zone.


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